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Last 50 tweets from @elonmusk
@elonmusk @oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg This is awesome I keep hitting the refresh button on my Twitter is anybody else with me?... Elon the fact that you spend time with these controlled people proves you're doing all you can LOL enjoy your Memorial Day weekend you said enough for them to digest for weeks take a break
0 30
Replying to @PassionPlanet1 :
@PassionPlanet1 @oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You’re right. These guys can buzzkill themselves (pun intended). Signing off …
1 78
@elonmusk @oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You're very smart so I want you to think about this for a second. Do you think it's in the interest of powerful people to A: support a free press that exposes their lies, or B: tear it down so their lies are easier to tell? Now ask yourself why the polls would look bad.
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0 59
Replying to @joshuatopolsky :
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
I agree with @elonmusk that the media should be held accountable to tell the truth. Many reporters are honost but Fake news outlets like Hollywood Reporter should not be spreading lies. Go Elon!
2,552 15,121
@elonmusk @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg I’m for real: when was the last time you spent time with a reporter in a newsroom who was doing anything other than interviewing you? I think it’s important you come by and see the process.
2 48
Replying to @oneunderscore__ :
@oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You’re missing the point & living in a bubble of self-righteous sanctimony. The public doesn’t trust you. This was true *before* the last election & only got worse. Don’t believe me? Run your own poll …
28 221
@oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You really think I haven’t spent time in a newsroom? I’ve spent time in too many. Bleak.
11 142
Replying to @elonmusk :
@oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You’re welcome to come by SpaceX, but please stop assuming I’m against all journalists. This is not true. Something needs to be done to improve public trust in media.
15 185
@elonmusk @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg I really, really want you to spend some time in a newsroom, dude. We’d love to have you in some time. You’d learn a ton, just like I’d learn a ton about rocketships at your shop.
0 60
Replying to @oneunderscore__ :
@oneunderscore__ @ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @ashleyfeinberg You really think I haven’t spent time in a newsroom? I’ve spent time in too many. Bleak.
11 141
@2sunsky @oneunderscore__ @ashleyfeinberg @elonmusk Dude, the article he praised was written by a literal cult.
2 57
Replying to @ParkerMolloy :
@ParkerMolloy @2sunsky @oneunderscore__ @ashleyfeinberg Sadly, it had better critical analysis than most non-cult media
7 126
@elonmusk Guy, buddy, pal, friend, you’re literally propping up an actual cult whose leadership has been indicted for trafficking
0 11
Replying to @RBryant2012 :
@elonmusk @DMC_Ryan @ConsumerReports How come the Model 3 doesn’t connect to WiFi? Let me lower your data cost.
0 15
Replying to @MacTechGenius :
@DMC_Ryan @elonmusk Ryan... pls ask him... AWD = will it have sport level brakes? (Minus red calipers).
0 10
Replying to @davinalexmma :
@davinalexmma @DMC_Ryan No, but dual motors mean increased regen braking & will ride tire traction limit. You won’t notice sport brakes unless you’re on a racetrack & have the sticky 20” tires.
5 157
@elonmusk Elon, might you be willing to answer 1 more thing about the brakes on Performance Model 3? I'm still hoping to get those red brake calipers you kindly said "maybe" to, but I'm also curious if the brakes are larger than on RWD. With all that power it'd seem like they need to be!
3 81
Replying to @DMC_Ryan :
@DMC_Ryan Also, firmware fix for upgraded brake performance on standard Model 3 started rolling out yesterday. Should improve braking distance by ~20 ft for repeated heavy braking events. Thanks @ConsumerReports for excellent critical feedback!
110 945
@elonmusk Elon, might you be willing to answer 1 more thing about the brakes on Performance Model 3? I'm still hoping to get those red brake calipers you kindly said "maybe" to, but I'm also curious if the brakes are larger than on RWD. With all that power it'd seem like they need to be!
3 81
Replying to @DMC_Ryan :
@DMC_Ryan Yes, Model 3 Performance will have red calipers & sport level brakes
22 315
@elonmusk Weekend with Grimes?
2 26
Replying to @dfsullivan :
@dfsullivan ♥️🖤🚀🎶👻🐇🧚‍♀️💫
23 269
@elonmusk @nitantbhartia @ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl Will TinTin A & B be the only demo units Starlink deploys before start of full 🛰production & deployment? Or will there be a few more? Do you have an (aspirational) timeline for when Starlink would begin commercial service?
2 28
Replying to @SmileSimplify :
@KTmBoyle @washingtonpost @elonmusk @JohnCarreyrou A system that just relies on the wisdom of the crowds is a strawman of the proposal. I can imagine an implementation that requires the submission of concrete evidence and uses a PageRank-like algorithm to recursively weigh voters based on their own reputation. cc: @decentralion
1 47
Replying to @ali01 :
@BoredElonMusk @elonmusk I firmly believe you're both the same person, and there's almost nothing you can to do stop me from thinking so.
6 379
Replying to @AntVenom :
@AntVenom @BoredElonMusk Sometimes even I think we’re the same person!
80 1,578
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
It’s never been harder to be a parody account.
2,469 19,909
@elonmusk @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla I'm being rude and nonsensical? You called @upulie's work bs when you have no practical knowledge of what she does and then went after her qualifications. Not cool, sir.

As for the women who work at SpaceX and Tesla, hey, I know some of them.
1 64
Replying to @omcintyre :
@omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla @upulie Nanotech *is* bs imo. When you take something that has nothing to do w gender & make it about that, you devalue genuine gender issues.
14 307
@CalebHarmon5 About to ship. @BoringCompany holding flamethrower pickup parties in a week or so, then deliveries begin. Check… for details.
Not A Flamethrower
22 203
@elonmusk Let's hope your business acumen is better than your musical taste.
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1 12
Replying to @DriverX_ :
@elonmusk Part of me wished this had been a meme and the song was darude sandstorm 🤷‍♂️
2 134
Replying to @Br1__Rodriguez :
@elonmusk @iloveshw Elon, are you bored or something? :D
0 26
Replying to @sjanus_pl :
@rjcc billions won't fix a micropenis
1 25
Replying to @firefire100 :
What's the point of being a billionaire if you're still subtweeting?
153 1,671
Replying to @rjcc :
@rjcc Because Twitter is fun
1,668 18,592
Elon Musk @elonmusk plans a media credibility site. The media’s response may support his argument. This is great analysis by @theknifemedia…
69 365
Replying to @MDMGeek :
@ceciliakang @elonmusk I've never found this convincing. If a newspaper considers its newsroom and opinion section so distinct, why is content posted from both posted on the same website?
1 41
Replying to @petehague :
@petehague @ceciliakang Exactly. And NYT could have anyone post an Op Ed. Why, of all people, are they choosing to publish this “non-journalist” who is also pro gasoline cars? Is this just published as counterpoint? I assume NYT does believe in climate change?
16 228
Nanotech is so 2008. Picotech is 1000 times better.
2,954 20,997
Replying to @elonmusk :
Nanotech is so 2008. Picotech is 1000 times better.
2,954 20,997
Yeah, that’s exactly right. But after suggesting public critique, I was stunned to see the level of contempt many in media have for their readers. This is way worse than I thought.
I perhaps didn't fully clarify my respect for good journalists - they fill a vital role. I'm just fed up (and they should be too) with the crap ones. And I think all @elonmusk has been saying is that those people should be called out for the hacks they are.
93 1,150
1,182 9,219
@AlexCJoachim @RitNagar @jbinero @hubertlepicki @elonmusk @Jason @nytimes @BretStephensNYT Yep, another example of frustrated journal with no integrity and no self criticism. It reminds me the same ones in countries under regime/authoritarian rule who writes pamphlets against opposition leaders.
0 32
Replying to @dimas_______ :
@dimas_______ @AlexCJoachim @RitNagar @jbinero @hubertlepicki @Jason @nytimes @BretStephensNYT The arguments journos are using against the public are word for word the same arguments despots use against democracy
132 706
Well said. NYT journo is outraged that “dumb” public wd dare critique him while attacking me for being sensitive to criticism. Uhh...
@hubertlepicki @elonmusk @Jason @nytimes @BretStephensNYT If your news channels and articles are so true why do you need to fear something that rates your credibility lmao. Ironically they are saying “He can’t handle criticism” while burning on Elon making a joke. 👏👏
59 901
890 7,349
@SaxMike71 @ebol94 @teslainventory @Tesla @elonmusk Its a rough estimate. You normally do not want to drain a Li-Ion battery below 15% of full capacity as over time it will reduce the cycle life much quicker than keeping it above 15%.
0 7
Replying to @TKhopshanosov :
@TKhopshanosov @SaxMike71 @ebol94 @teslainventory @Tesla A Tesla has a usable reserve of 5 to 15 miles range even after the battery reads “empty”. This will not hurt the pack.
22 346
@elonmusk @ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl How’s the global internet project coming along?
4 37
Replying to @nitantbhartia :
@nitantbhartia @ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl Pretty good. TinTin A & B are both closing the link to ground w phased array at high bandwidth, low latency (25 ms). Good enough to play fast response video games.
80 643
@elonmusk @ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl Us, kids can put 'aspiring rocket scientist' though, right? Just to let everyone know before hand.. heads up.
  · Twitter Lite · en
0 10
Replying to @ssBlueStockings :
@ssBlueStockings @ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl It’s cool for kids & if used in a fun way, but if you called yourself a “rocket scientist” in aerospace, they would think you’re 🙃
7 271
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
@Jason @nytimes @BretStephensNYT @nytimes So @elonmusk picks a fight with journalists, citing their lack of integrity and bias. They strike back: with lack of integrity and bias.
723 5,746
@elonmusk help!!!! Middle of Arizona headed to LA, air conditioning stopped working in the Model 3!! SOS!!!!!
0 23
Replying to @JuBeBallin :
@JuBeBallin I just sent a note to Tesla service to take care of your car right away & our HVAC engineering lead to fix root cause
13 339
@elonmusk @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Aww how sweet, does your wife know you hit on minors over twitter?
0 5
Replying to @Pocketsdog :
@Pocketsdog @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Does the psych ward know you smuggled in a mobile phone?
63 764
@elonmusk @Pocketsdog @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Please, Elon, Master of the Universe, tell me: why do you only want to live a 100 years, as you once said? I mean, if you're dead, you're dead, but still... I like you better alive and also alive, when I'm 100 :) <3
4 29
Replying to @aquastellaris :
Wow, amazing Tesla hypermile drive happening
Current #tesla hypermile update. 374.3 miles in, 33 kWh remaining @ 112 Wh/mi should give us a total of 669.54 miles on a single charge. Going to go for 670+! @Tesla @elonmusk
131 1,286
687 7,793
@elonmusk @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Many women work at SpaceX including their top exec, the president and coo.
0 29
Replying to @tedhu :
@tedhu @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Gwynne has been prez of SpaceX for 10 years & well-deserved
Meet mechanical engineer and mathematician Gwynne Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer at SpaceX Inducted into the #WomenInTech International Hall of Fame in 2012…

  · Media Studio · en
18 62
29 373
@elonmusk @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Go eat an alien's dick please and thank you. You don't bash people who are trying to give you advice you fucking shit head
0 9
Replying to @Pocketsdog :
@Pocketsdog @omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla Stop trying to charm me. It won’t work. Ok, maybe a little 😊 Are you a real person or a bot?
17 373
@medickinson @elonmusk @thephysicsgirl Yes, I heard that "rocket science" is used in the same way. So, please, don't use rocket in your bio, it's BS.
8 518
Replying to @ninoles :
@ninoles @medickinson @thephysicsgirl Using “rocket science” non-ironically in a bio is never a good sign, especially if you work on 🚀🔬
13 303
@CrampedEyes @elonmusk @SpaceX @Tesla I have been and continue to be supportive of the work. But his personal attacks against women are not something I'm going to ignore. I still believe in what SpaceX and Tesla are doing, but that doesn't mean I have to pat Elon on the back at every turn.
2 56
Replying to @omcintyre :
@omcintyre @CrampedEyes @SpaceX @Tesla What are you talking about? You’re being incredibly rude & nonsensical.
17 441
@kNewsSpace @elonmusk Um I'm don't think it will come end first, that would be bad for the engine. The older SpaceX S2 reuse video showed Top first with a heat shield.

Sure, the plan can change and putting the Ballute on the top is easier.
Reusable Falcon 9 Launcher from Space-X!
7 40
Replying to @ishanspatil :
@ishanspatil @kNewsSpace Wow, haven’t watched that video in ages. When we made that, no one in the space industry thought it would actually happen.
14 301
.@elonmusk Wondering what you think about the quality of reader-supported news businesses versus advertising ones? Do paying readers in effect judge quality/reputation based on their willingness to pay?
  · TweetDeck · en
15 368
Replying to @Jessicalessin :
@Jessicalessin Generally higher quality reporting, especially if not under pressure to publish fast. Consumer Reports is great (and often critical of Tesla). Heard good things about The Information too.
89 1,571
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