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Last 50 tweets from @elonmusk
The Gathering for Gardner Dragon is probably one of the most captivating examples of the hollow-face optical illusion, but this big version in a street of Beijing is even more mesmerizing [source of the gif:]
Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin
Opinion: Some German Environmental Groups Overlook Coal’s Impact On Water While Focusing On Stopping Tesla…
Replying to @cleantechnica
Yeah, doesn’t make sense
Fanmade Tesla custom V11 UI concept shows how simple it would be to address one of drivers’ biggest complaints… by @ResidentSponge
Almost all input is error. Car should do the right thing automatically.
In reply to @giffmana
True. Maybe someday when we have GPUs that do sparse tensor computations efficiently, then sparsity can really reduce computation
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on Landing Zone 1
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Falcon 9 launches 105 spacecraft to orbit and lands at Landing Zone 1
Solar energy is renewable. We will have a steady, limitless supply of sunlight for another 5 billion years. In one hour, the Earth’s atmosphere receives enough sunlight to power the electricity needs of every human being on Earth for a year [read more:]
Replying to @wintonARK
Turns out … yes
Yo @elonmusk any further update as to when Tesla's will launch in India? They're pretty awesome and deserve to be in every corner of the world!
Replying to @PPathole @Tesla
Still working through a lot of challenges with the government
In reply to @Model3Owners
Of note, the Tech recommended ensuring the black grill on the front of your car is clean and clear, as snow/ice build up there can cause the flap to not open/close properly.
Replying to @Model3Owners
Great explanation!
Today is the birthday of Sergei Korolev (Jan 12, 1907– 14 Jan, 1966) who was a lead Soviet rocket engineer designer. He is regarded as the father of practical astronautics. He was involved in the development of the R-7, Sputnik 1 and launching Laika and Yuri Gagarin into space.
Replying to @engineers_feed
He was truly exceptional
Bizarre anti-environment move by govt of California
Tesla Community in California, Please help stop the Solar Tax by @GavinNewsom ! Make your voice heard! All the information is posted here! @Tesla @TeslaSolar @elonmusk Please RT and get the word out.…
Tesla Owners in Russia Ask Elon Musk to Open an Official Office in the Country…
Replying to @vincent13031925
Tesla is working as fast as possible to support Tesla owners worldwide. Sustainable energy affects everyone on Earth, as we all share one atmosphere.
I am a quarter of the way through War and Peace, and I don’t like a single character in it.
Wrote some notes summarizing my first impressions of web3:…
Replying to @moxie
Solar Power Will Account For Nearly Half Of New U.S. Electric Generating Capacity In 2022…
Replying to @cleantechnica
Most people have no idea how fast sustainable energy is growing!
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Drive anywhere in the US using the Supercharger network, now in all 50 states
“Civilization could die with a bang or a whimper.” - @elonmusk
Replying to @APompliano
If the alarming collapse in birth rate continues, civilization will indeed die with a whimper in adult diapers
15 years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. Now, there's 6.3+ billion smartphone users.

Tech adoption has been incredibly fast and is getting faster. This can either help humanity or destroy it. Both outcomes should be considered with every new thing we build.
Replying to @lexfridman
Mind-blowing that over 80% of humans have a smart phone
Starship launch & catch tower
The new Model S is the best road trip car ever. Adaptive air suspension makes the ride super smooth, ventilated seats are awesome, sound system is incredible, range is superb and charging is wicked fast. Did 350 miles yesterday and not tired at all. #Tesla #ModelS $TSLA @elonmusk
Replying to @BLKMDL3 @Tesla
It’s our best car ever, along with the Plaid X
Over decades, the way electric vehicles are built has changed dramatically.

At first, there were gas car conversions. Take a car like the Lotus Elise and convert it to be electric, throwing a big battery in the pack.

This turned out to not be the best way to build an EV. 🧵
Replying to @WholeMarsBlog
It was a mistake to try to use the Elise. In the end, only ~5% of the Elise parts ended up being used. Tesla Roadster is a totally different car.
In reply to @elonmusk
Monthly sub price staying the same?
Replying to @heyitsyashu
Monthly subscription price will rise when FSD goes to wide release
In reply to @elonmusk
Just in the US
Replying to @elonmusk
FSD price will rise as we get closer to FSD production code release
Tesla FSD price rising to $12k on Jan 17
Replying to @elonmusk
Just in the US
Tesla FSD price rising to $12k on Jan 17
FSDbeta 10.8 is the best version we’ve had yet. Mindblowing! $TSLA #FSDbeta @elonmusk
Replying to @BLKMDL3
Beta 10.9 should be ready in about a week. Beta 11 with single city/highway software stack & many other architectural upgrades probably next month.
Starlinks with “lasers” deployed to orbit
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Watch Falcon 9 launch 49 Starlink satellites to orbit →…
Trying to get a rapid test but all these fucking nerds keep buying them up so they can load DOOM on them!! 😡
Replying to @Redicnomad
Masters of Doom is a great book
“Any idiot can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that barely stands.”
- Unknown
I’m not saying the people working in technical fields are smarter than people who work in marketing. But it’s worth noting that @elonmusk does the job of an entire marketing department by tweeting while he shits.
Replying to @ScottAdamsSays
GM sold 26 electric vehicles in Q4’21. 🤯🤯🤯 @elonmusk
Replying to @teslaownersSV
Room to improve …
The Earth is almost never shown like this, and in the meantime, this is our planet from the side of the Pacific Ocean.
Replying to @engineers_feed
Earth should be called Water
This is where Leonardo of Pisa, a scion of the Bonacci family—hence “filius Bonacci”, or just “Fibonacci” for short—in 1202, introduced the Hindu–Arabic numeral system to Europe [image:]
Replying to @Rainmaker1973
Major improvement!
The world just set a record for sending the most rockets into orbit. The total number of global launch attempts has doubled during the last decade. In 2021 a total of 144 orbital launches were attempted, of which 133 were successful [read more:]
Replying to @Rainmaker1973
Tonnage to orbit is the more fundamental metric
The financial-media ecosystem’s widespread (and generally accepted)
conflation of price volatility with risk
massively dis-serves the investing public.
Replying to @wintonARK
Absolutely. This is just bad math.
Ship 24's common dome has been sleeved and there is no methane header tank included. Will it be moved to the nosecone @elonmusk?

View via @BocaChicaGal
In reply to @elonmusk
Raptor reached 268.9 bar today, exceeding prior record held by the awesome Russian RD-180. Great work by @SpaceX engine/test team!
Replying to @elonmusk
Raptor 2 now operates routinely at 300 bar main chamber pressure
Replying to @jack
Reminds me of when I hex edited Ultima V to get out of the final maze
In reply to @Tesla
@Tesla #Model3 is the number 1 car sold in Switzerland for 2021: all vehicles including ICE and PHEV.
Great job @elonmusk and team
Replying to @ClaudioOmbrella @Tesla and 7 others
🇨🇭Yay Switzerland!! 🇨🇭
in 1993, the President was ~30 years older than me.
in 2002, the President was ~30 years older than me.
in ~2018, the President was ~30 years older than me.
today, the president is still ~30 years older than me.
Replying to @auren
There is no way to be in touch with voters when you’re three generations away from voting age
Let’s make the roaring 20’s happen!
Great work by Tesla team worldwide!
Production & deliveries in Q4 exceeded 300k vehicles…
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