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Last 50 tweets from @elonmusk
Spectacular timelapse of a SpaceX launch over downtown Los Angeles.
In reply to @Erdayastronaut
what’s gonna happen to our good friend SN-5? Will it fly again? Will it get 3 raptors and fly a little higher? Will it Hopper and just watch the others fly?
Replying to @Erdayastronaut
Not sure yet, but hopefully. Will need leg & other repairs. Probably SN6 flies before SN5. We need to make flights simple & easy — many per day.
I think we are not sufficiently creative in imagining what alien life forms could look like.
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Spot the tiny humans!!! This shot really puts it into scale!!! A full blown Starship and SuperHeavy will be hard to fathom!!!!
In reply to @Kristennetten
Elon should ignore Bernie rather than respond
In reply to @elonmusk
Could you just fold yourself into a pretzel 🥨 to please everyone? 😉
Replying to @Kristennetten @PPathole and 1 otherfalse
In reply to @PPathole
On top of that, Elon would lose a big chunk of ownership of Tesla so it'd be a terrible idea and maybe he would require the SEC and Tesla BOD permission, and it would be an awfully complicated process that'd hurt a lot of people.
Over time, since we give all employees shares, my ownership is diluted automatically. From the first financing round, where I owned ~60% of Tesla to today at ~20%, it has declined by a factor of 3.
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Videos like this will always amaze me...

Astronomer Jan Koet captured this video in 2007 of Saturn appearing behind the Moon. Nothing like seeing the movement of planetary bodies through space to remind us that we're living in a Solar *System*

In reply to @elonmusk
Bernie is an unaware puppet, Elon. He's NOT working for them but by going against you, he furthers their goals. Singling out the green energy guy while there are many oil barons around is the most BS I've ever heard from Bernie. Please don't be a puppet, Bernie, willing or not
I wonder if he reads his Twitter feed
In reply to @BernieSanders
That bs was pushed by oil & gas interests to distract people from the $5 *trillion* per year they receive in subsidies. Bernard Sanders is a docile puppet of big oil!…
And why aim your attacks at Tesla, when we’re doing more than any other company on Earth to advance green/sustainable energy? Have you read the news?…
Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.
Replying to @BernieSanders
That bs was pushed by oil & gas interests to distract people from the $5 *trillion* per year they receive in subsidies. Bernard Sanders is a docile puppet of big oil!…
In reply to @WR4NYGov
Real-life incarnation of Barnacle Boy couldn’t tell Twitter from June 1988 Bennigan’s receipt. His late-30s, Che shirt-wearing, liberal arts double major social media manager has been seething at Musk’s anti-Socialism memes for days while dodging student loan collection calls.
In reply to @WR4NYGov
Seriously @BernieSanders - Any complaints you have about @elonmusk involve him playing fairly in the system you created. Stop misleading the public. You should be thanking Elon and Tesla for making huge progress on EVs, batteries and solar.
Good analysis. He also includes a govt loan for high efficiency vehicles that Tesla paid back with interest several years, unlike other auto companies.
is whiskey good for allergies? asking for a friend.
In reply to @elonmusk
Replying to @johnkrausphotos @Erdayastronaut and 2 others
Yeah, full name of engine is Velociraptor or Raptor for short
In reply to @elonmusk
Is Super Heavy increasing in 2m or Starship increasing 2m in height?
Replying to @tobyliiiiiiiiii @Erdayastronaut and 2 others
Haha, good catch. Booster will have fixed legs that add ~2m in height.
In reply to @queue_max
Mmm that’s probably not true! A Merlin, although half the thrust, does have approximately 1/4 the weight and RP-1 is more dense than CH4. A Merlin probably could’ve done this same profile, although it’d be getting close to not enough dV with this heavy dry mass.
Replying to @Erdayastronaut @queue_max and 1 otherfalse
I think we can get (Veloci)Raptor T/W on par with Merlin. Latter also started out with about half its current T/W.
Replying to @NASASpaceflight
It will look crazy tall with booster & fairing at 122m / 394 ft
In reply to @elonmusk
Elon, please give @JaneidyEve a pass! 🥺 She's been doing an invaluable job in documenting SpaceX's journey to the stars from Boca Chica here on Twitter and in her Tesmanian articles. And I think she would've deserved to watch the 150m hop without any incidents. 😞☹️
In reply to @elonmusk
Elon, Thoughts on Anders Tegnell?…
Apart from failing to quarantine elderly/at-risk people early (a mistake they recognize), they were right
Bernie Sanders wants Elon Musk to pay a one-time $27.5 billion tax…
Good piece on Giga Berlin construction
Watch the first prefabricated wall of Tesla Giga Berlin and August progress.
#Tesla #GigaBerlin
Amazing @SpaceX shots of the 1st test vehicle hop for Starship — the 1st fully-reusable launch system.

The radical difference in cost is perhaps best understood with flights on Earth: 30 minutes to fly between continents,
at a lower cost than taking an airplane,
in coach class.
This seems increasingly likely
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship
Elon Musk's Boring Co. Las Vegas Loop gets approved expansion to new Strip location…
Replying to @Teslarati
This is gonna be great
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Looking up in Model Y
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
Starship takes flight
In reply to @elonmusk
What's next, Elon? 20km hop?
Replying to @PPathole @TrevorMahlmann and 1 otherfalse
We’ll do several short hops to smooth out launch process, then go high altitude with body flaps
In reply to @elonmusk
when will you do a hop and a relight? i.e. - land and take off again?
Leg deploy🚀


support me on patreon and help me get to more tests like this:
V1.1 legs will be ~60% longer. V2.0 legs will be much wider & taller — like Falcon, but capable of landing on unimproved surfaces & auto-leveling.
Replying to @flcnhvy
Progress is accelerating
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
LAUNCH! Starship SN5 has launched on a 150 meter test hop at SpaceX Boca Chica.

Under the power of Raptor SN27, SN5 has conducted what looks like a successful flight!

Listen to the SpaceXers cheer!

Mary (@BocaChicaGal) filming history!

In reply to @SciGuySpace
Mars is still long freaking way away. So very far. But the first step is low-cost, frequent access to space for tons of stuff. This is the first step toward that first step. And it's a big one.
Today marks the beginning of a new era, even though this is a small step. We are a giant leap closer to mars than we were yesterday, the future of interplanetary travel is upon us. MARS HERE WE COME!🔥🚀
Replying to @austinbarnard45
Mars is looking real
🚀🚀🚨🚨Weee woooo🚨🚨🚀🚀
Replying to @TrevorMahlmann
Possible flight in 3 mins
In reply to @Erdayastronaut
looks like you guys got close to T-0! Thinking you will have another attempt today?
In reply to @elonmusk
Reducing width is more important than reducing length, at least when it comes to cities. Most pickups/delivery vans/etc are just narrower rather than small in all dimensions
Replying to @flcnhvy @Lindw0rm and 1 otherfalse
In reply to @elonmusk
Smaller version for Europe? Don't want Model Y. I want a Cyber Truck. Even just a smaller EU version.
Highly likely down the road
Elon Musk Claims “The Truck You Want In The Apocalypse Is The Cybertruck”…
In reply to @NASASpaceflight
Right now we don't know if they are scrubbed for the day or recycling. There is time in the window.
Replying to @NASASpaceflight
Scrubbed for the day. A Raptor turbopump spin start valve didn’t open, triggering an automatic abort. We’ll figure out why & retry tomorrow.
In reply to @Erdayastronaut
can you confirm you guys are pushing forward for the hop tonight? Got a T - 0 on the clock yet? 😬
Replying to @Erdayastronaut
I’m in the Boca control room. Hop attempt in ~33 minutes.
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
“We are going to go to the moon, we are going to have a base on the moon, we are going to send people to mars and make life multi-planetary. This day heralds a new age of space exploration” — @elonmusk
"Thank you for flying @SpaceX" - we need this on a shirt, right? Make it happen @elonmusk !!!
In reply to @engineers_feed
Pretty much
Tbh, I must confess to occasionally pontificating about high-concept things
“I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.”
- Elon Musk
In reply to @elonmusk
Is there a way to manually jettison the nose cone in case there was an anomaly in the closing process?
Replying to @Erdayastronaut
Nosecone closing is recommended, but not required, for safe entry
When space travel becomes as common as air travel, the future of civilization will be assured
Elon Musk Retweeted ·  
"To anybody who has touched Endeavour, you should take a moment to just cherish this day."

Touching words from @Astro_Doug as @AstroBehnken is safely brought out of the spacecraft. #LaunchAmerica
The future of air travel.
Replying to @waitbutwhy
Space is the new air
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