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Last 50 tweets from @ernamh
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
In reply to @imtashanottosha
y’all aren’t the ones getting told at every doctors appt “to lose some weight if you care about your health” or the ones who have to smile and say it’s okay when a child says “that lady is so big mommy”
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
listen, no one is diminishing the struggles skinny women face out there. but i gotta say it’s a little selfish to compare your struggles to the struggles of larger women and trying to speak over their struggle with your own.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Enjoy the last year of most of your PCVR games being supported on Facebook Hardware.

I love my cat. She is the best at tolerating my paparazzi nature
Pandemic times is where I found out I am a not terrible baker/cook. L-R brownies, beggar's chicken, cheese puffs, sourdough egg sandwich
Guess I'll make 糖油粑粑 (tang you baba) on Sunday instead if I wake up early enough.
It's basically just glutinous rice flour, boiling water, brown sugar and more boiling water
Maybe I'll make that traditional rice flour dessert I keep saying I'll make instead
Crisis!...IDK how much flour I have left but am too lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen
Me *looks at new followers*: are you people ok
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Here are some classics 🧠
Life is depressing. I have already made brownies so next on the list is making Shanghai pan-fried dumplings (sheng jian bao), that I love more than I do xiaolongbao
*opens online grocers*
Replying to @ernamh
Apparently I have everything I need besides the meat, ginger and green onion. Ok.jpg
Life is depressing. I have already made brownies so next on the list is making Shanghai pan-fried dumplings (sheng jian bao), that I love more than I do xiaolongbao
*opens online grocers*
Googling Chinese recipes that I see on TV shows with only a 50% chance of actually making them later is a hobby lol
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
This may not make waves outside HK, so sharing this to show the breakneck speed of repression in the city: Ching Kwan Lee, of UCLA sociology / now-former Director of the Global China Center at HKUST, is being threatened with arrest by the government for an academic talk in Taiwan
In reply to @skinnylatte
I don't know Teochew, but eng chai sounds close enough in Minnan. I think it's the same.
Sorry I only know a bit of one and can't speak the other but Google says yes, they both mean 'chinese water spinach'
Tell me again, random weebs, that JP isn't racist
In reply to @JapanIntercult
Article out about this. "Sy was told that a representative of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee was concerned that if they allowed an African musician to perform, they would then have to hire many different ethnicities and nationalities."…
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
African percussionist in Japan says he was removed from Olympic opening ceremony in May, because as an African he was seen as "inappropriate."
Meanwhile some Malaysian claims "Japanese aren't racist unlike the Koreans".
So the Olympics replaced the abusive composer who tortured disabled people with the Dragon Quest composer who's infamous for denying the atrocities Japan committed during WWII, in particular stuff relating to the rape of Korean women.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Uganda, struggling to buy COVID-19 vaccines, splashes on new vehicles for lawmakers
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Don't like her politics, but respect her integrity on this issue.

She knows what's up. Let's hope Darth Vader, I mean Dick Cheney, her Dad, still has some pull behind the scenes to maybe help her out here.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
So.... she dressed as..... a Spaniard????? Uhm who gon tell her
LOL racism is super-endemic in Japanlah which stone have you been hiding under
In reply to @ernamh
Who has been going to Watsons in person in the past year?? T_T
Replying to @AnotherAznTart
Pharmacies are still allowed to open and Watsons are all in conveniently high-traffic areas lol
In reply to @ernamh
Yeah I had to complain to 2 different people, baru pack my package. It's like they don't want my money >_>
Replying to @AnotherAznTart
they prioritise in-person as they sell more that way. 🙄 they really don't care abt delivery experience lol
In reply to @ernamh
Yeah I've tried both Watson's website and Lazada store. It's like their warehouse isn't serious about online orders at all. You'd think they'd improve it in the past year.
Replying to @AnotherAznTart
Nope had weeks of waiting for them and friend also had same experience, both happening this year. Doesn't even matter if you order from Watson's site or Lazada. Same experience. WEEKS.
OK out of these 3 pharmacies, who actually ships out the fastest: Guardian, Watsons, or Caring?
Replying to @AnotherAznTart
Guardian and Watsons are both horrible. You could end up waiting weeks. Caring IDK
Ooh Masters of the Universe is out
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
In reply to @econsmalaysia
Alternatively, stop insisting that medical graduates have to go through the public system
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
In reply to @econsmalaysia
If the underlying objective is proper provisioning of adequate healthcare for Malaysians, then the right solution isn’t getting rid of the “surplus of doctors” or suspending medical courses, it’s investing in the system
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
I’m looking at this and I don’t understand. We remain short of the WHO benchmark of one doctor per 400 people. How can we simultaneously have a surplus of doctors (and nurses) and yet - as amply demonstrated by COVID - have a shortage at the same time?
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
In reply to @amirull_azhr
8. Di UK, doktor sana semua kontrak. Tapi sistem di sana memberi peluang semua doktor untuk sambung kepakaran. Di Malaysia, tak ada jawatan tetap bermakna tak berpeluang jadi pakar.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Ringkasan isu #HartalDoktorKontrak . Boleh baca untaian ini.

1. Bermula tahun 2016, kerajaan mulakan sistem kontrak untuk doktor. Alasan rasmi, supaya waktu menunggu mula kerja jadi pendek. Alasan sebenarnya, bajet kerajaan tak cukup.
Laying off the bike and kettlebells for a couple of days until I recalibrate the body a bit. Mostly doing yin yoga and dealing with the tightness everywhere and an old hip injury.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Feudalisme sampai ke olimpik

Sebenarnya bila asyik- asyik Hang Tuah ni menandakan pengetahuan sejarah kebudayaan kita sangat lemah. Mana taknya syik bertumpu pada sejarah politik

Sifat Hang Tuah tak mewakili bangsa Melayu! Apatah lagi idea feudalnya, itu bukan perilaku Melayu
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
just learned about chanchitos nobody talk to me im having a moment
In reply to @ernamh
Not too hard to fabricate, but can't imagine the seal to be very good, and since covid is probably airborne that would make this minimally protective?
Replying to @ngoonee
There are suggestions for modifications but I’d still totally wear a mask inside. It just looks fun
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Officials say landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 47 people in western India. More than 1,000 people trapped by floodwaters have been rescued.
Landslides in western India kill 47, while floods trap more
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
A beautiful moment: @RefugeesOlympic walking into the stadium.

They may not have a national flag of their own, but their rights are equal to all.

Thank you Thomas Bach and @FilippoGrandi
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Please report it into MySejahtera. I know some people think reporting themselves as positive will make life difficult. But trust me, you want someone to be monitoring your symptoms daily because the deterioration to Cat 4 can be stunningly rapid & suddenly you're gasping.
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
Salah memang salah.

Tapi cakap sikit, mereka ni bukan kena kompaun.

Mereka kena dakwa di Mahkamah dan dikenakan hukuman RM5,000. Tak bayar, 2 bulan penjara.

Geng kenduri durian ada kena dakwa? Geng kenduri selebriti? Test drive raptor ada?
Hospitals full. Medical staff exhausted.
People disheartened, morale all-time low.
Rando analyst: "The economy might take a bit of a beating."
Somehow my maybank boleh terbank in twice to my carousell seller.
Takpelah halalkan jelah zz
We're dying, you fucks.
"Malaysian economy is anticipated to face challenges in preserving the recovery momentum."…
So Sha’ari Ngadiman is classist. Hey don't look down on computer shop assistantslah ok.
(May your PC and phone die in a power surge)
Erna 'Team Volcano' Mahyuni Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ernamh
i settled on n95 vflex 9105... at 170+ for 50 pcs the cost felt acceptable to me. around RM3.40 a piece
Am amused the weebs are excited over the music being played at the Olympics
Anway after trying and testing KF94 (Korea brands):
For big faces: Cleanwell
For medium faces: Handa
For a variety of colours/nice patterns: Nepure
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