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Last 50 tweets from @EthanDolan
It makes me really happy that you guys are liking the video 😬:)))
2,351 25,966
Ok the vids gonna be up like 5 mins late sry thx ily
3,046 37,656
Went shopping all day. I kinda want to die but also I’m glad that I actually have clothes to put on my body now and also my mom can stop roasting me
5,733 66,318
5,022 58,923
No joke I woke up like dancing this morning Grayson blasted music on my Bluetooth speaker to wake me up and when my eyes opened I was just getting it
6,712 76,925
Tomorrow is the biggest day of my life and I’m so sad i can’t tell you guys so you can be excited too but just now that a sister is working so hard for u 😭
1,701 55,881
Replying to @jamescharles :
Wait what about this video...
207 5,410
Replying to @PASTDOLAN :
13,340 97,251
I woke up this morning with 701 unread messages all from my groupchat with Ethan Emma and James... wtf
7,164 95,238
Replying to @GraysonDolan :
@GraysonDolan If you stayed up past 10pm you wouldn’t have this issue
4,326 59,077
My mom roasts me for wearing the same outfits all the time:/ I just HATE shopping it’s so boring 😭
7,037 83,226
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 noooooooo
. @EthanDolan starter pack:
538 5,335
4,959 56,384
Just woke up with poison ivy rashes all over .... I think the survival videos are going to be my favorite videos we’ve made so I guess it was worth the itchiness
5,479 70,504
love you💙
this fandom is the best fandom in the whole entire world. i fucking love all of u and the twins so much. thank u for making me feel wanted. I love u @EthanDolan @GraysonDolan
690 7,632
4,118 48,149
My sister just made me homemade pizza and I think she needs to open a restaurant.. I’ll be there everyday
6,543 82,371
The first thing Grayson does when we finish filming the survival series... shaves everything on his face... besides his mustache. why
6,430 80,564
This video was pretty painful to film...🤢
4,724 47,867
New video in 1 hour! We filmed this one like a week ago when we were in LA and it made me sick to my stomach😧🤢
5,375 66,932
Thank you everyone for the get better wishes, love you all. I’m doing good, really appreciating life right now 💙
10,113 106,252
@EthanDolan Glad you are okay my brotha
274 6,329
Replying to @RyanAbe :
Thank you Shane 💙
@EthanDolan holy shit. i’m so glad you’re ok :(
4,739 46,976
8,128 89,214
Not riding again, don’t worry lol I’m very much over it
8,953 116,690
I got into a pretty fucked motorcycle accident.. I’m completely fine. Somehow. I realize no matter your ability, anything can happen. Just in general anything could happen, enjoy everyday and just be grateful to be here💙
16,491 168,924
Feeling extra blessed right now love you all
8,895 109,357
Happy to be alive
13,520 132,264
I know we’ve been joking about surviving in the wild for a while now, but it’s happening for real very soon. IM SCARED
6,485 87,087
U made my night with this tweet
Im becoming more confident because of the twins i really don’t know why
490 8,236
5,082 61,624
That wasn’t a dream best friend. I’m getting revenge next time we play laser tag. I let u win
woah what the fuck I actually had a dream that I was best friends with ethan why did I have to wake up we were about to play laser tag omg it seemed so real
464 6,594
5,853 64,561
GUYS HOLY FUCK. This month we are literally working on the biggest projects we have ever worked on for you guys. I will fill you in as soon as I can but just know I’m going hard with this stuff everyday and I’m crawling out of my skin I’m beyond excited. I feel like a lizard
6,752 75,070
Slept in for the first time in 9 years today
5,142 67,419
GUYS we got a home makeover and it’s actually insane. It’s on Mr. Kate’s channel!!
Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over
4,240 45,058
my face is in this weeks new e&g video 👀
903 15,824
Replying to @BryantEslava :
Probably my favorite video yet... this was extremely complicated but I pulled it off 😎
5,105 45,830
Today is the day this video goes up... can’t wait to show u guys it’s actually crazy/spooky/intense/stapitchulous/funny
5,310 61,567
Can’t believe we hit 6mil guys like what. Seriously never thought I would have that many amazing supporters, it’s still really crazy to me. You guys make me happy thank you and love you
8,378 76,803
Grayson has gone full dad at this point.. he woke me up from a nap to take me grill shopping (the kind you cook food on) we’re at the store rn and he’s lifting the lids of all the grills and goes “damn I never thought I would love grills so fuckin much”
9,086 95,584
Happy birthday to my sister
5,699 73,812
We’ll see ☕️
Ethan can prank Grayson all he wants, but no prank will ever top the killer clown prank
547 5,150
5,570 58,916
Just watched this upcoming Tuesday video and ...... holy shit. I got Grayson real good
5,141 63,591
Sometimes doing what’s best for you is the hardest thing to do
16,529 85,980
WE FINALLY MADE T-SHIRTS! New design and everythiiing 😯
Dolan Twins Official Store
4,808 44,725
Holy shit just filmed an INSANE video with the squad lmao. WE DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING
5,217 70,228
Doing something PRETTY SCARY tomorrow. And we’re filming it 😳😭
5,113 66,339
Honestly so happy with life at the moment. Thank you guys for being in it
6,956 73,634
Guys Gray and I are going to be on fear factor tonight 10/9c on MTV. We had to do the craziest shit we’ve ever done in our lives by far. Don’t miss it😳
6,131 65,098
YA SE SUBIÒ!!!!! This weeks video is up we learned Spanish the hard way😳 thanks to our teacher @ElJuanpaZurita

5,388 42,262
Happy Tuesday and feliz martes
6,156 61,223
I played around in mud today like a pig I’m not kidding at all
5,604 69,799
5,209 66,770
We just ordered pizza and Grayson got half anchovy half plain and he expects me to eat the plain half. FUCK NO THE PIE IS CONTAMINATED
6,812 79,343
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