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Last 50 tweets from @EthanDolan
I just drooled while being awake for the first time
2,661 41,193
Watched the first episode of the new series last night... I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to start something. Really loving the way it turned out and I hope you will too
2,906 41,316
I watched a Halloween movie last night that was me gray and my dads fave Halloween movie when we were little, I felt like I was little again
3,899 60,356
If u wanna get in the spooky mood drink some hot apple cider
3,941 50,975
Wow I have really good people in my life right now :,)
7,323 72,329
Some adults really act like children wow
9,546 78,016
Whenever I can’t finish my food Grayson finishes it for me. I respect him for that.
4,655 65,766
You may never think of us the same ever again...
3,567 35,539
We answer like... everything in this video today😳
3,315 50,851
Why am I such a paranoid person
8,910 70,504
Wow, just wrapped the first “episode” I guess u can call it, of this series. HOLY SHIT. I’m so excited for this.
3,829 58,090
Today is a big day for gray and I... I’m pretty nervous 😅 you’ll know soon...
4,547 73,760
3,286 49,014
Replying to @EthanDolan :
🇮🇪*** lmao
1,878 32,024
Back at the hotel. That was a crazy fight
3,043 50,679
3,286 49,014
Seeing my family this weekend 😊
3,647 61,240
It’s getting spooky out and I love it
7,461 62,417
Found out Grayson is allergic to pigs:/ we’re going to be pet-less forever 😭
4,814 73,310
My mom is very camera shy. Go watch the vid and tell her she did a good job 😂
4,013 50,623
MEET OUR FAMILY IN THIS WEEKS VIDEO they were all very nervous
3,778 36,728
you guys meet our family tomorrow 😬
4,620 69,539
Says....... YOU?! I tell you this at least 5 times a day but you don’t even hear me because you’re on your phone
Get off ya phone and look at the world
9,973 81,342
5,435 65,958
Nothing is too personal for this vid... ask away 😳
3,937 59,473
Guys, idk why I’m doing this... but ask us questions you want to know the TRUTH about. Going to a real detective with a lie detector to answer YOUR questions 😳
4,152 52,261
My mom just called me 5 times in a row then texted me telling me to call her... I call her back ANNNDDD guess what?!😃 no answer
6,375 77,096
Just thought of A CRAZY series idea for our YouTube channel... never been this excited about making videos before... 😭
3,472 47,233
Thanks, fuck that really means a lot 💙 especially coming from a statue pee pee
@EthanDolan Ethan... It's gratifying that you're able to construct a tweet without using a foul word of any sort. True that you're discussing a video you boys made of your own family, but when you're used to using gutter English, I wouldn't think you'd be able to keep it from your every-...
95 2,068
3,398 41,639
Can someone photoshop my tattoos on a baby picture of me so I can feel like lil Wayne plz
3,891 51,309
Mr. Game and Watch tat grew on me and I will not be covering it up
4,244 60,028
Ok so we filmed with pretty much our entire family. All of our Grandparents + our parents 😳😭😂
first time ever having them in a vid. This should be interesting
5,447 74,275
Holy shit this new phone is huge I love it
3,413 52,962
It’s bed time also time to feel like I have enough energy to run 13.109 miles and wanna eat a full ice cream cake with cookie crunch in it
5,062 58,873
I left the house to get food and Grayson called me off my moms phone FREAKING out cuz his Face ID and password weren’t working and he disabled his phone for 30mins then realized he changed his password after blaming it on me and spitting at me over the phone
5,149 68,003
Yep that’s gonna be there for the rest of my life....
3,312 31,101
You’ll see in 5 minutes
I’m doing something very stupid rn
5,340 69,558
2,721 34,406
New vid in 10 minutes🤭
2,604 35,507
being honest, my skin got pretty bad for a little while and def made me insecure. If ur having problems with your skin 1. It’s not nearly as bad as you think 2. cutting dairy completely out of my diet has been the only thing that really worked & it makes u feel better all around
5,326 65,866
Tell someone you love you love them
10,562 81,703
Just filmed with my grandparents... I- ...
4,771 70,452
Ever since I went dairy free, Graysons been having ice cream like every night. This is some sort of torture
4,826 68,238
Back in jersey with the family
4,371 67,059
So I’ve been eating dairy free for like 3 weeks now and I accidentally just ordered NUTELLA FUCKING PANCAKES. I was about to take a bite when I realized the mistake I had made. dw I made Grayson eat them for me but still a despressing moment :/
4,896 68,460
I hate taking accidental naps I just sat down and knocked. I woke up and I’m still just as tired as before except now I’m sweaty and I have bed head
7,195 73,399
Went Halloween decoration shopping then practiced partner cheerleading? (I think) moves in our living room today. What’d u do
3,795 53,439
h a p p y t u e d a y
5,156 58,671
Putting lotion on when u feel all dusty is such a fantastic sensation
4,930 62,703
Grayson made me take the doors off my car cuz it was too hot out then he started bitching that it was too cold cuz the doors were off and asked me to put them back on... tf bitch put them back on yourself
6,119 78,235
Hi I’m alive wtf am I doing
7,885 82,370
Grayson is getting dog allergy shots now.. hopefully one day we can get a little fury mans 😭🙌🏻
6,158 87,210
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