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Last 50 tweets from @EthanDolan
New video up...

3,773 21,892
wait it’s Tuesday isn’t it
5,212 43,012
Words can hurt but they can also make people happy. Choose the good ones :)
10,606 52,724
Grayson always turns the music down in the car to SAY THE MOST RANDOM SHIT. **lowers volume** “yo by the time we’re 94 do you think they’ll have printers that you can just look at and think about it printing something and it’ll just spit it out instantaneously?”
9,624 72,696
Grayson and I just crashed a drone in the ocean.... I won’t blame it on him. It was a team effort fk up
6,429 57,937
Confession... I enjoy writing... what am I a 60 yr old?

*waiting for triggered writers to be pissed at me and tell me writing isn’t just for old people, but I guess I’m one of them now.. minus the triggered part but still*
7,091 58,801
Sick Grayson = Ethan getting ordered around all day :)))))))
6,915 60,364
Only difference between gray and I... Laurel and yanny. I hear laurel I have no clue how he hears yanny
8,470 66,484
Grayson just bursted I’m my room almost panicking asking me why his head looks so small right now..? Wtf
6,708 59,070

a house tour of our new house... that’s all!!...?😬
5,617 35,171
Tomorrow’s vids a pretty requested one 🤔
6,205 57,245
Happy Mother’s Day:) thanks for everything moms
8,628 66,276
There’s a baby video of me spitting on Grayson when we were like 2 years old and idk where it is but I really wanna find it
7,604 68,052
Grayson beat my ass with our new merch pillows this morning. So I guess we dropped merch today so ya
6,906 60,878
Nolan better not put his balls on my new drum set
8,247 68,055
Doing more stuff just for fun
6,341 55,255
Nolan just asked me if he could make an Instagram and twitter account... I knew seeing himself in a video would get to his head
9,588 72,051

It’s time we told you...
5,952 39,442
Vids gonna be up just a coupppplleee minutes lates
5,478 51,460
Love this 😊
If you can't tell, I'm really in love with my new socks🌈💕
353 4,939
3,664 38,117
anyway happy video tuesday :)
6,286 50,488
Omg what are u wearing on ur body 🤪 that’s so weeeeeiiirrrrddddd🤪🤪🤪
6,389 52,270
Who gives a fk what clothes people are wearing that’s so irrelevant. How did humans evolve to this...
10,412 64,219
As much as it sucks that we lost the footage I’m actually having fun with this whole process cuz I really miss making vids:) btw there WILL be a video on Tuesday that I’m really excited to share with u
6,956 62,368
If this vid can’t go up and we post the next one up it’s ALLL GoOd these are my fav 2 vids we’ve filmed yet
6,035 53,912
He came back with a lot of cereal, no milk.
6,919 61,867
Just sent my son Grayson food shopping for the house
7,471 65,594
Happy to be home:)))))))))
7,129 66,728
Don’t waste time complaining, change your life for you :)
13,360 71,874
I’m bored I’m tryna learn a new language
7,639 69,127
A problem on the internet..

“Idk why no one understands my sarcasm”

Um prob cuz ur just typing a bunch of mean stuff and not saying it in real life with a sarcastic tone of voice
12,079 75,159
Grayson fell asleep 4 times throughout the day today I feel like he is a newborn and I am responsible for him
8,117 69,067
7,723 61,291
ITS TUESDAY. The Tuesday we return🧐
9,132 65,328
Coming sooouesday
9,116 70,469
Inspired to inspire myself more
9,201 66,212
Grayson drive like an IDIOT he just made me spill coffee all over myself and we’re on the way to a meeting FUUUUGEHRHWH
7,937 68,310
There are some really good people out there. Just let your guard down and look 👀
10,081 70,511
There are some REALLY talented people in this world.
8,494 70,262
Still coming soon lol
7,068 63,261
Just finished a big ass milkshake and I was so full I didn’t wanna finish it but I had to cuz it was a milkshake
7,304 61,532
Good things don’t come easy. Tbh if they did life would suck. Life is the most interesting game of all time
10,601 61,888
I have to pee pee 😟
6,679 58,464
Can’t hide it any longer. Just filmed one of my favorite videos ever. Coming soon ...
10,571 77,676
coming soon
8,006 66,922
Happy Tuesday everyone:)
7,722 58,932
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