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Last 50 tweets from @FearStephen
A number of polls are showing more people want Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal to pass than Theresa May's.

Our #GeekOfTheWeek @chriscurtis94 highlights a number of reasons for this including voters who want No Deal accepting the PMs plan as a means of getting Brexit done. #Peston
But is it just because of #Brexit fatigue? One thing for certain is that #GreatBritain has been sitting like a rabbit in the headlights for the last three years. #Business is now being damaged & unless there is a proper resolution soon we run the risk of a very deep recession.
Horrendous loss of life .... specialist support deployed. I’m being regularly updated
Replying to @NCA_LynneOwens
It is clear @NCA_UK do a fantastic job protecting the public but with the help of us all could do even more. Report suspicious activity especially large cash payments for cars, watches or luxury goods. People traffickers, drug dealers & other criminals undermine our society.
During my #KeynoteSpeech & interview given to the brilliant ⁦@wynneevans⁩ ⁦@EntrepreneursGB⁩ awards in #Exeter tomorrow evening I will release one ‘secret’ to #Entrepreneurs present that will help you survive & beat competition, recession or anything else. #GBEA
In reply to @itvpeston
@itvpeston If #politics was like football the UK public would surely be forgiven for putting the whole #British parliament on the transfer list and making a bid for the #Finnish one instead! #Finland regularly comes top when it comes to confirming the best overall place to live.
Surely someone in the #Manchester area must know who this vile attacker is? He was lucky Mr Hart wasn’t walking one of the brilliant #GermanShepherds #Dogs professionally trained as #family protectors by @K9Protectoruk or the boot/teeth would have been on the other foot.
'I thought I was going to die' - 64-year-old man left with horrific bruises after being attacked while walking his dogs…
Really looking forward to hearing you speak on Thursday Stephen 👍👏🚀 #GBEA #SouthWest #Exeter
Replying to @jamescourt77
Thank you James & to the many others who have been in touch. I always love visiting #Exeter & #Devon It’s good to see so many #Entrepreneurs creating brilliant new companies which fuel #Britains growth & prosperity. #KeynoteSpeaker #NatWest #GBEA
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
“All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to do.” Norman Vincent Peale
In reply to @LeonFear
@LeonFear as I always say “Think China”
Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power. Benito Mussolini
In reply to @itvpeston
@itvpeston I always think that #Kindness & #tolerance should be the foundation stones of any advanced #democracy but to be of benefit they must be applied by the left, right & centre. We must respect the views of others regardless of their politics, religion, or sexual preference
Looking forward to being the headline speaker for @EntrepreneursGB Awards in #Exeter next Thursday evening. As I always say it’s not where you start that matters its where you’re going that counts. Ok so this wasn’t much of an office but then I was only 15. #PhoneBoxMillionaire
#England is well known across the world for its #Inventors & #Entrepreneurs one of whom was Stephen Perry who invented and then patented the #ElasticBand in 1845.
In reply to @FearStephen
Thank you 🙏🏼
Replying to @ioanlloyd3
You deserve the accolades Ioan. You play with maturity & show dignity & respect which will hold you in good stead & guarantee a glittering #Rugby career @BristolBears Keep your feet on the ground & your focus on your game & work with your #BristolBears ⭐️ teammates.
Pleased to see @sainsburys acting responsibly and banning the sale of #Fireworks in their stores. Every year many thousands of #Dogs #Cats #Horses & other #Animals are scared senseless by unlicensed parties. Surely its time to ban all but official #BonfireNight night #fireworks?
Proving yet again just how much #Dogs are attached to #Humans
this man pretended to drown to see if his dog would save him
(Phan Chinh Tuyen)
Given that @mercedes #Mercedes Assist @MercedesBenzUK use outside contractors, most who are NOT trained Mercedes technicians to attend recovery situations, I, after many years as a loyal #Customer would be very reticent to buy another #Mercedes vehicle whilst they use the #RAC
BUT! What about the poor customer experience with #Mercedes Assist @MercedesBenz who were so amateurish during recovery of my GLS last week it was unbelievable. Why would anyone consider buying a new GLE when this poor level of service prevails? There are plenty of #SUV vehicles
The new GLE SUV. With space for seven and MBUX, our intelligent Voice-Controlled infotainment system.
What a future @ioanlloyd3 has before him. #Rugby fans everywhere you will be watching him for the next 20 years or more so remember this day because you saw a future international ⭐️ in the making.
✅ Just left school
✅ Scores on league debut
✅ Youngest player for club in @premrugby history

Some night for @ioanlloyd3 🙌
Well done Pat you & your brilliant team have done #Bristol proud. #Rugby has always been an important part of the Bristol DNA so its good seeing @BristolBears topping the @premrugby table tonight. #BRIvBath
🔴| LIVE press conference with Pat Lam following bonus-point victory over @bathrugby at @ashtongatestad.

First but not last! Well done @BristolBears #Bristol
For the first time this @premrugby season...

Take it away, Bears! 🐻
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
In reply to @FearStephen
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
That winning feeling. 🤩

Fantastic! Any West Country #Rugby fan wanting to watch @BristolBears should buy a season ticket ASAP because they are def going places. @bathrugby are a fantastic club with amazing support too so #Bristol & #Bath are lucky to have two brilliant clubs. Well done both. #BRIvBath
When I said to @LeonFear today that @BristolBears could score 40 points tonight & he agreed that it was def possible others laughed. They’re not laughing now! Brilliant #BristolBears continue their march to the pinnacle of club #Rugby @premrugby
In reply to @FearStephen
is pitchside - I won't try ringing him then 🤣🤣
Replying to @rhncafc @ashtongatestad and 1 otherfalse
No point Rog! The noise can be heard miles away.
Absolutely fantastic! Keep going @BristolBears
⬅️ @CPiutau
➡️ @ioanlloyd3

What a moment for @brfc_academy 👏

Youngest player to represent the club in @premrugby 👶

🐻 31-16 🛁 (68 mins).

Electrifying atmosphere @ashtongatestad Unbelievable! This is #Rugby noise at its loudest! Great support for both teams. If you love club rugby I would buy a season ticket now because the stadium will need to go up another tier to accommodate the huge support soon. #BRIvBath

Noise decibels at @ashtongatestad going 🆙

Make no mistake about it this is a big #Rugby crowd. Many @premrugby clubs across the #UK will wish they could attract the sort of crowds @BristolBears attract. #BrivBat the noise is deafening and carrying right across harbourside. Fantastic atmosphere in #Bristol tonight.
2⃣6⃣3⃣9⃣9⃣ of you record-breakers joining our party tonight.

Thank you. 🐻

I hope everyone has a great time. @LeonFear & I are really sorry we can’t join you but #Business commitments elsewhere mean we won’t get back into #London in time. Anyone who has a chance to go should grab it because it is sure to be a lovely #Wine event. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷👍
We are getting ready for this Saturday - London Qvevri Wine Festival to welcome you with Georgian traditional dancing 🇬🇪🍷🇬🇧
Please book your tickets in advance - no tickets will be sold at the door 🔛🔜🔛🔜🔛🔜🔛
The greatest of all @premrugby derby matches in my opinion. Two fantastic clubs will battle it out @ashtongatestad tonight. Huge support for @BristolBears is a given but @bathrugby have a huge following too so the atmosphere will be electric. #Bath #Bristol #BRIvBAT
💬| "The support will be massive, it always is at @ashtongatestad. That's what has brought so much excitement for tonight."

Pat Lam looks ahead to tonight's @premrugby derby. ⬇️

Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
✅ Work done
✅ Out of office on
✅ Weekend of rugby starts now

Heading to the @ashtongatestad Fan Village like:
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
Today. 📍

@ashtongatestad, get ready. The Bears are coming.
You’re a class act that’s for sure Paul. #Leadership is as much about listening as talking and thankfully for @MonmouthshireCC you’re very good at both. Balance is the key that unlocks many doors to future prosperity for a #City #Town #Village or #County such as #Monmouthshire
Thanks @Jane4MCC - Chief Execs only get the sort of freedom that @MonmouthshireCC affords me when the culture is right, trust is high and the boundaries are clear - everything we do is based on the environment we all create together every single day
Win or lose the huge crowds that support @BristolBears every week will never be silenced! The rise to the very top of of #RugbyUnion is inevitable for such a well supported & managed #Rugby team & club who play at such a brilliant stadium as @ashtongatestad
#BathRugby out to silence the Ashton Gate crowd who roared the #BristolBears to victory in 2018…
Over 94% of #British land has nothing built on it at all! No roads, railways, homes, NOTHING! Globally the percentage is much higher than that. It isn’t lack of available #land but the way it’s used ( or not used ) which is the problem. We need to support our #Farmers better.
By 2030, there will be 9 billion people on the planet, and researchers suggest we need to increase food production by 60% to feed them.

If the food system doesn't work, we need to find one that does…

Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
On Friday we unveiled the beautiful statue donated to us by @BritishIronwork to signify the hard work and dedication of our police dogs, trainers and handlers. It's on display at our HQ and tomorrow will be visited by our High Sheriffs.
In reply to @FearStephen
We can't wait to meet you Alfie 🐶
Replying to @jessiemaytrust
👍I will ☎️ to arrange the best time & day.
Hoping to take Alfie over to see the brilliant people ⁦@jessiemaytrust⁩ soon. He has had all his special jabs to protect people with vulnerable immune systems so is now ready to go! Training coming on well too. Gentle & friendly in all situations. 8 months now & a real ⭐️
A special game between two very special @premrugby clubs @BristolBears & @bathrugby both making the #SouthWest of #England proud by playing brilliant rugby & engaging in their #Community in #Bristol #Bath & beyond.
🎸 Live music
🍻 Food and drink
😱 Record attendance

It's THE biggest party in the West Country on Friday 🥳

Here's your #GateGuide for visit of @bathrugby 👇
At this rate @BristolBears will need another layer added to the already excellent @ashtongatestad I’m sure every club in @premrugby like having the brilliant #Bristol #BristolBears among them. Huge #Rugby crowds week in & week out can only be good for rugby.
2⃣6⃣3⃣9⃣9⃣ at @ashtongatestad 🤯

A 🆕 stadium record 🔥

Thank you for your fantastic support 👏

Many thanks to the brilliant staff at The Close #Hotel #Tetbury #Cotswolds who always make me feel at home when I visit with Alfie, who as you can see feels as much at home as I do! @TripAdvisorUK Great #Food & #Customer Service every time.
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
Our Chief Executive, @JHirigoyen, will be discussing #ESG and #SustainableInvestment with leading family business leaders focussed on #ResponsibleInvestment at #MPIMUK, 3.15pm today.
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
“Most family offices are small and generally have a particularly enlightened view on the world including real estate’s impact on it and that drives investment decisions.” Basil Demeroutis @Basil_FORE @forepartnership #responsibleinvestment #familyoffices #realestate #MIPIMUK
Stephen Fear Retweeted ·  
“Deep down we all believe we need to protect the planet so doing the right thing is something we all want to do. For me it makes sense, consumer drivers are there, investment returns are there.” @perwimmer #responsibleinvestment #realestate #investment #esg #MIPIMUK @MIPIMWorld
Anyone visiting #TheRoyalForestofDean and visiting this wonderful #Church built in the early #MiddleAges should pop across the road for a pint in the Ostrich Inn. Great #Food & #Dogs are always made welcome. Great & authentic country #Pub with a lovely garden at the rear.
All Saints Church in Newland is also known as The Cathedral of the Forest which dates back to the 1200’s. This historic church is home to the Miners Brass a symbol of the Royal Forest of Dean.… #gloshour #forestofdean #midlandshour #travelbloggers
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