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Last 50 tweets from @Felonious_munk
My cousin was killed today.

Please keep my family in your prayers.
I blocked her and the 80 dumb asses that liked that shit.
Dee Barnes was the 1st woman in hip-hop journalism with a broadcast TV show. She says her career derailed in 1991 after being brutally beaten by Dr. Dre, then blackballed.

She still has health issues to this day.
Now she’s homeless.

This is her GoFundMe
Teenager shoots webs and climbs walls? Cool.

A god comes to earth and fights with a heavy ass hammer? Reasonable.

A scientist gets irritated and turns into a giant green dude with crazy strength. Believable.

A Black girl is smart?
GTFOH!!!!! NO WAY!!!!
You don't need to avenge this one. She could remain dusted.

Because she's one unnecessary garbage.
Smarter person in the world my ass. You morons only say this because she is black. There's no way a teenager can create and develop all this technology in Wakanda. Bullshit.
There were many reasons why I had to recently end something with a guy I was casually dating but my favorite was when one of the girls he was dating DM’d me and said I was a “shitty famous version” of her and it was a wild way to find out people think I’m famous.
Unemployed couple, trying to make rent in Oakland, driving for Lyft, looking for jobs. He accidentally gets hired at a tech company without even interviewing...but he can't code! She codes... but can't get hired. Let the scams begin!

Explores bias, labor, gentrification, race.
Despite his use of a fake accent in his act a la Larry the Cable Guy, @natebargatze (who is from Seattle) is super hilarious and a great friend. Proud of him and eager to watch his new special "The Tennessee Kid," out now on @netflix.
Btw, some of the same folks claiming this vindicates Sheck are also saying "Jussie still guilty." Mo Bamba is a better basketball player than song.
Sheck Wes will face no charges for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend Justine Skye.

The L.A. District Attorney's office has rejected Skye's claims against the rapper due to a "lack of evidence."
Dude. This many RT's in less than a minute. Do you need a manager. I've managed at such places as Meijer and JC Penney.
Can't make our opening night? Don't sweat- we have a full slate of HOT shows the rest of the week.
It's gonna be amazing.

A better comparison would be to a mayor who hid a tape of a police office shooting Laquan McDonald. What set of rules should apply to that mayor? You're that mayor @ChicagosMayor
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel compares Jussie Smollett's dropped charges to the recent college admissions scandal: "You cannot have, because of a person's position, one set of rules apply to them and another set of rules apply to everybody else"…
Jussie’s lawyers releases the texts that CPD claimed planned out the attack, the text shows they were talking about fitness. CPD SAID THIS MAN PLANNED OUT AN ATTACK VIA TEXT
Total and complete exoneration.
Look at how they treated General Flynn and how they treated Jussie Smollett

Tells you everything you need to know
I told someone this this morning, and it might help you.

Willpower is not enough.
A refined method is not enough.

It's not that you haven't tried hard enough. You've tried so very hard, and you're tired. So tired.
The Chicago police sure are doing a lot of commenting about an ongoing investigation. *notes for future reference
hahaha I'm just in for the night get in Saturday around 6 leave the next day let's pop off!
Replying to @TommyMcNam
Booooooo. I get in Friday and leave Saturday jusssssst before you arrive lol
Here is my statement on the fact that it doesn't rain every Tuesday in New York anymore:

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Replying to @TommyMcNam
This isn't particularly funny. (When do you get to DC?)
You should see the comments under that LRT. Folks are MAD that Jussie's charges got dropped.
Breaking: Charges dropped in case against Jussie Smollett. @cbschicago
That just tells me that chicagoans are mentally unstable. Because no one has explained to me yet why the president streets are in this order.
Oh well, not the traffic, per se, because that is deplorable. But at least the streets are labeled properly?
Replying to @_YogaAngel
Ehh...DC's layout is logical to people who have lived there. But Chicago's is logical to chicagoans. When they do that "oh that's 2000. ____ is 1700. Just gotta go 3 blocks over." We just gonna forever be outsiders here. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Today would be a good day to be nice to me.
Replying to @_YogaAngel
I believe every day is a good day to be nice to you. My statement was about the horrors of DC traffic not about you, whomst i adore.
Don’t say shit to me about DC ever again.
Have you submitted your script yet? If you haven't there are two weeks left to submit to the LA Screenplay and TV Writing Lab for Women. Follow the link below.
Never seen one so I wouldn’t know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Replying to @Bruce_Cares @BarkyBoogz and 2 others
I've read they're difficult to locate, VV difficult.
Issa’s TIME 100 shoot vs her Essence shoot. do you see what having photographers who can shoot Black ppl does for you??
For a lot of white people, the Mueller Report is the first time in their life where they called the cops and nothing happened.
Sleep, sativa, sunshine, sleep, salmon seared just right, sleep, shutting tf up with its shutting tf up time....and that just the "S"s.
name something better than sex, i’ll wait...
This blew up, I ain’t got shit to promote. Just listen to women, stupit!
I asked my sister why Arab moms are so loud and she told me about her research in feminist therapy that found women who come from backgrounds where they’re not heard have had to learn to be louder to get their points across.

I... wasn’t prepared for that?
.@TrueLaurels dissects the game with music and cultural journalists @lakinimani and @ivieani.

Tune in:
DC folks I'm opening for the hilarious @Felonious_munk this Friday! Two Shows! 7 and 9pm! DC Drafthouse!…
Trying to play match maker to my fav big fahn! My good friend Shayla.. Age 34/Beautiful personality/great job/no kids.. Resides in NC. RT in the name of 💘
Recently bought #Scrubs ssn 6 on DVD. I listen to EVERY commentary & most fun & insightful? Writer @AngelaNissel & makeup artist Phyllis Williams.

And even tho' Disney bleeped Nissel's website, I went & found it anyway.
#writers #writing #writerslife
Angela Nissel
Fiscal year deficit rockets nearly 40 percent over same time last year under Trump.… via @HuffPostPol
If you’re a Black woman writer who meets the requirements for the retreat but can’t afford the $40 fee, please email me. I will cover the application fee for five writers. evettedionnewriter[at]gmail
I will cover the application fee for one Black woman writer who meets the requirements and needs help with the $40.00. DM me. I will never mention who you are. Pls don't feel bad. One year I couldn't afford to attend a conference a stranger booked my flight. Wish I could do more
Delicious and you know your stomach gonna hate you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I've applied to damn near every job I could today
You can't say nobody cares about troubles you have if you're deliberately going to NOT share them with anyone.
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