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Last 50 tweets from @ForestPeoplesP
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
After 6 years, @COP26 completed the Paris Rulebook. See the outcomes of the #LocalCommunities & #IndigenousPeoples Platform (LCIPP), including:
🌱A new 3-year workplan for the LCIPP;
🌱A continued focus on engagement, knowledge sharing & #climate policy.
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Conservation efforts of indigenous peoples, local communities, private orgs & individuals remain undervalued and under-reported, though their contributions are extensive 🏞️

Recognition of governance diversity is key for a #ProtectedPlanet 🌳

"The recognition of the need to support #Indigenous peoples’ rights and leadership are all critical prerequisites for success in protecting the world’s #forests."
BREAKING | Companies & financial institutions are undermining their climate targets by failing to address the deforestation linked to their supply chains & investments.

Find out more in the new @Forest500 report launched today:
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
CALL FOR PROPOSALS: CBD Bio-Bridge Initiative seeks projects that:

🐋tackle #biodiversity-related issues
🌳originate from developing countries or countries w/ economy in transition
🐘include 2+ countries
🦜address 1 of 4 focal areas to promote technical & #scientific cooperation
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Are you interested in knowing more about #HumanRights in #conservation & in amplifying the voices of #IndigenousPeoples - including those of #IndigenousWomen?

Then follow our second account👉@IUCN_GovRights👈to stay up to date with all things #InclusiveGovernance! See you there!
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
🇨🇩Deadly raids are latest case of abuse against Indigenous Batwa in DRC park

👁‍🗨#IndigenousRights groups have demanded a formal investigation, and called on park funders to pay attention to alleged crimes committed using their money.

Via @mongabay
Deadly raids are latest case of abuse against Indigenous Batwa in DRC park, groups say
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
#TBT - to 2014, with "Marginalisation and Impunity. Violence Against Women and Girls in the Chittagong Hill Tracts" by Dr. Bina D'Costa.

This report examines selected cases of violence against women and girls in the CHT in 2011 and 2012.

"Integration of #HumanRights
issues into #conservation requires, for instance,
application of Free, Prior and Informed Consent
in any work involving territories or interests of
#Indigenous peoples and protection of the rights
of women, youth and minorities."
#GlobalWetlandOutlook shows over half of @RamsarConv Wetlands of International Importance have been damaged by agriculture.

But our food and water security depend on healthy #wetlands. Transforming agriculture to protect them is critical for our health.
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚: 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢́𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐫 (𝐚) 𝐝𝐞 𝐀𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐏
Revisa el TDR aquí y envía tu CV documentado:
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
.@RelatorDd and I wrote a communication back in May 2020 to the Government of Costa Rica on their killings. It's concerning that his country visit found there to be little progress in judicial proceedings.…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
How do Indigenous women relate to SDGs? This paper demonstrates the case study from Cambodia and The Philippines as the lessons learned and recommendations to mainstream SDGs for Indigenous women.

#IndigenousWomen #SDGs…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Poder Judicial ordena atender la salud de comunidades awajún afectados por derrame de petróleo de Chiriaco
Poder Judicial ordena atender la salud de comunidades awajn afectados por derrame de petrleo de Chiriaco
#Event from @Guardiansww and @TenureFacility
📢Open Climate: Towards an Indigenous Climate Economy
Join @TuntiakKatan of @AlianzaGlobalC as he explains a #ClimateFinance model that seeks to overcome issues with #CarbonMarkets and #Greenwashing…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
A study of 150 #land disputes due to #palmoil companies in #Indonesia finds that communities are basically "rightless". Neither #RSPO, domestic courts, mediation nor negotiations are bringing solutions @ForestPeoplesP…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Activists, campaigners, unionists: Do you know how to protect yourself and your movement from common threats activists face under authoritarian regimes?

Followed by a 3-part series in January on using petitions strategically for people-power.…
Using Petitions Strategically for People Power Series, and Activist Protection - Social Movement Technologies
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
#Defensores Los ataques contra defensores de derechos humanos son cada vez más frecuentes y graves. El Estado debe de brindarles garantías personales.…
Los ataques contra... - IDL-Instituto de Defensa Legal
#OpenLetter demanding that the @presidenciaperu guarantees #indigenous rights in Flor de Ucayali, #Peru.
The community needs
- immediate action
- an emergency plan to be implemented
- protection for rights defenders and communities
Read more here…
#Carta exigiendo al @presidenciaperu de garantizar derechos #indígenas.
La comunidad de Flor de Ucayali necesita
- Acción inmediata
- El diseño y ejecución de un plan de emergencia
- Potecciones para defensores de derechos y la comunidad
Leer más aquí:…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
The manual developed by @UNBiodiversity in collaboration with the @ForestPeoplesP is based on the training of trainers approach, & is intended to engage trainers, at the local level.
#IndigenousPeoples #ForPeoplesandNature
"The issue is the state denial of the recognition of self-government of [#indigenous] territories. This has helped create systemic and generalised violence."
FPP's Nathalie Ulloa on @crhoycom talking about @RelatorDd's recent visit…
Relator de ONU escuch consternacin y dolor de padres de Jehry Rivera |
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Indigenous storytelling is an integral part of climate justice today, and we at @NiaTero are honored to be part of this movement, and to share this work with you! Take a look back at the stories we shared together in 2021:

#IndigenousStorytelling #Reciprocity #NiaTeroCommunity
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Mongabay’s Top 10 Indigenous News Stories of 2021
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Deadly raids are latest case of abuse against Indigenous Batwa in DRC park, groups say
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
The number of attacks by security forces on Indigenous Batwa villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kahuzi-Biega National Park has tripled in the past four weeks, according to the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP).…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
The Amerindian People’s Association (APA) in Guyana has received 252,500 euros ($285,300) in funding from the French government for a project to strengthen Indigenous councils and leaders in upholding the rights of Guyana’s Amerindian people…
Guyanese project to bolster Indigenous land rights draws funding and flak
#DRC 🇨🇩
“There appears to be a systematic campaign underway at present to terrorize all Batwa people out of the park — their ancestral lands — without consultation, consent or compensation," Catherine Long, FPP
Via @mongabay
#KahuziBiega #Conservation…
Deadly raids are latest case of abuse against Indigenous Batwa in DRC park, groups say
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Derecho a la libre determinación de los pueblos indígenas y tribales

El informe de la @CIDHanaliza estándares internacionales y da recomendaciones a los Estados para contribuir en el reconocimiento e implementación del derecho a la libre determinación

Some of FPP's best reports of #2021
Impacts of #Deforestation, #OilPalm Expansion and Corporate Impunity on an Amazonian Community in #Peru
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
📢 #IMPORTANTE | CIDH presenta informe sobre derecho a la libre determinación de los pueblos indígenas →

Se refiere al derecho de determinar libremente su condición política y perseguir libremente su desarrollo económico, social y cultural de los PP. II.
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Ante tantos asesinatos a nuestros hermanos, principalmente de las regiones de Junín, Ucayali, Cerro de Pasco, parte de Cajamarca, Loreto y Ucayali.

Lea la nota completa, gracias a @larepublica_pe
Some of FPP's best reports from #2021
Rollback Series - how governments are rolling back social and environmental safeguards in the time of #COVID19
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
The Global Alliance of Territorial Communities🦜is a coalition of Indigenous and local community organizations from Latin America,Africa and Asia🌿. Protecting more than 840 million hectares of tropical forests, representing 35 million people among forest in 24 countries🌳
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
En San Antonio de Yurumanguí seguimos marcando territorio y diciendo #EnYurumanguíNosFaltanDos queremos a nuestros líderes Abencio Caicedo y Edinson Valencia de regreso en la comunidad. #LosQueremosVivos

@ONUHumanRights @UBPDcolombia @MisionONUCol @ComisionVerdadC @FAU_LAC
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
📢 #NaciónAwajún | Gobierno Wampis saluda al Gobierno de la hermana Nación Awajún →

El Gobierno Wampis hace votos “para llevar adelante una fructífera colaboración entre las naciones hermanas”.
FPP's best reports from #2021
➡️The Right to Remedy for #Indigenous Peoples in Principle and in Practice
#Reparations #LandRights #Justice…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Seguimos pronunciándonos desde las comunidades por el pronto regreso de los compañeros Abencio Caicedo y Edinson Valencia #EnYurumanguíNosFaltanDos #LosQueremosVivos
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
On Wednesday Dec. 29th join our #VirtualReality event 'Who are the Dayak Iban? Q & A with #Indigenous filmmaker Kynan Tegar' in our ALT VR virtual world!

🎥 🌎➡️Grab your #VR headsets or join through your computer. Set-Up Instructions found here:
FPP's best reports from #2021
🌴Green Monster 🌴Human Rights Impacts of the #Sugarcane Industry on Black Communities in #Colombia
What does the @EU_Commission's proposed #deforestation regulation mean for #indigenouspeoples and forest communities?
➡️Read FPP’s analysis here
✅Now available in #Bahasa Indonesia, French, Spanish and English…
Apa arti peraturan #deforestasi yang diusulkan @EU_Commission bagi #masyarakat adat dan komunitas hutan?
➡️Baca analisis FPP di sini…
What does the @EU_Commission's proposed #deforestation regulation mean for #indigenouspeoples and forest communities?
➡️Read FPP’s analysis here
✅Now available in #Bahasa Indonesia, French, Spanish and English…
.@Nature chooses #Indigenous defender @VTauliCorpuz as one of the 10 people who helped shape science in 2021.
“The [fortress] #conservation mindset has to be changed.”…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
💚💛❤️RATIFICAN SU GOBIERNO PROPIO🇲🇱En la jornada de ratificación de Gobierno Propio adelantada el día anterior en el resguardo , evidenció notable participación, en el conteo final arrojó un total de 10.954 comuneros respaldan a sus autoridades indígenas para la vigencia 2022
FPP's best reports from #2021
➡️Demanding Accountability - Lessons from ten case studies of the Indonesian #PalmOil sector
@TuK_Indonesia @YayasanPusaka
#Indonesia #LandRights…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
En #CostaRica se necesitan reformas urgentes sobre los derechos de los #PueblosIndígenas. Vea el pronunciamiento oficial en el siguiente enlace:…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
Por la #DefensaDeDefensorxs 🌎 | En el mes de los Derechos Humanos, Salomé Tankamash @confeniae1 , comparte sus reflexiones en torno a la labor que los defensores y las defensoras indígenas realizan a diario por la protección del medioambiente en América Latina y el Caribe.
.@RelatorDd voices his concern that #CostaRica has not addressed the murder of #indigenous leaders Sergio Rojas and Jehry Riveras in the context of #LandConflict, and that little progress has been made in the case.
Read more:…
The Autonomous Wampis Nation recognises their Awajún brothers for the establishment of their Autonomous Government and the election of Gil Inoach as the Pámuk (President) of the GTAA.
#AutonomiaTerritorial El Gobierno Territorial Autónomo de la Nación Wampís saluda a los hermanos Awajún por la constitución de su Gobierno Territorial Autónomo y la elección del abogado Gil Inoach como Pámuk del GTAA. Muchos éxitos! Fotos: @CooperAccionPER @Servindi
📢FPP announces a five-year work programme with @ArcadiaFund to amplify and support #indigenous voices
🌎Part of the Protecting our Planet Challenge
↘️Find out more what FPP and Arcadia will achieve in the next 5 years here:…
Forest Peoples Programme Retweeted ·  
🇨🇷 #CostaRica: Experto de la ONU @RelatorDd hace un llamado a reformas urgentes de los derechos de #pueblosindígenas tras +40 años de incumplimiento por parte del Estado de la ley indígena. También está preocupado por los ataques continuos a defensores de ddhh y líderes indigenas
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