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Last 50 tweets from @gabriellecj
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
Latest in @GuardianAus' Fair Go? series: Hundreds of thousands of single parents and their children live below the poverty line. What are our leaders doing about it?… #auspol #ausvotes
I know politicians aren’t campaigning today but I hope they listen to Emily Lightfoot’s words and speak for her and people like her - 'It's soul destroying': the stress and stigma of being a single parent on welfare #auspol…
I can’t lie. I’m pretty thrilled that this project has headed to the printers. A little under 80,000 words, almost two years of work between my day jobs, countless hours tapping away at the laptop & it’s done! It will be in book shops in late May.
@georgiedent @AffirmPress Congratulations Georgie! Can’t wait to read it x
.⁦@murpharoo⁩ has unpicked Morrison’s mindless “if you have a go you get a go’ spiel and exposed it for the pernicious, divisive rhetoric that it is. The whole point of a fair go is that it isn’t conditional #auspol…
Australian poverty in graphs: it's a desperate state of affairs | Greg Jericho…
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
Massive expansion of Guardian Australia -- come work with us!!!

Guardian Australia job vacancies…
Guardian Australia job vacancies
@DawsonEJ @GuardianAus @lenoretaylor @Gay_Alcorn @lukehgomes Thanks Emma, and thanks for all your amazing help with it, and for all the work you do in this area.
Today @GuardianAus is talking about poverty because the two main parties sure won't - read @lenoretaylor and @Gay_Alcorn on why we're doing this series on the Fair Go?……
Labor's path to victory is open – but have voters made peace with Bill Shorten?, by ⁦…
Coalition announces $10m for endometriosis research and awareness…
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
Spends *hours* *days* weeks* *months* researching and analysing climate change/energy policies.

Has to explain the ALP is not coming for your ute
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
A summary with the facts behind the proposed blood test to diagnose #endometriosis:…
@gabriellecj I ran through the options of
> swearing at her a lot
> asking for her name and calling the council
> being an angry coward and leaving with my dog immediately
I was an angry coward.
I met a dog anti-vaxxer in the dog park a few weeks ago. Proud as punch, she was. "We've never vaccinated our dogs, they don't need vaccinations if they're outside enough," she said. Madness.
@NeilMcMahon Oh god, what do you say? Get your dog out of here?
The stupidity is unbound - 'Sentencing their dog to death': how the anti-vax movement spread to pets, by ⁦…
@DavidHuntGirt It’s called pain and prejudice - mainly about pain conditions in women
I just saw a man reading 12 Rules for Life at the airport and I recoiled like I busted him reading porn. I hope I’m not sat next to him
Tempted to take the afternoon off just to read that 20,000 saga on the Murdoch dynasty – which starts with Rupert Murdoch lying on the floor of Lachlan's yacht cabin, unable to move.…
it sounds like bill didn’t fuck it up, the bar is set very low but it is still something (i have not and will not watch it do not @ me)
@TimWilsonMP All of those statements are either misleading or simply factually incorrect. What is the point of this?
@GidMK @TimWilsonMP It this the report he wrote on the submissions he wrote?
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
@TimWilsonMP All of those statements are either misleading or simply factually incorrect. What is the point of this?
Why people believe the Earth is flat and we should listen to anti-vaxxers. This is really interesting on so many levels. I have a bit to say about this in my book - how medicine’s ignorance of women’s pain propels then towards the wellness industry…
Australian election: Facebook restricts foreign 'political' ads but resists further transparency - tools available in US, UK and Europe not available in Aus…
Australian election: Facebook restricts foreign 'political' ads but resists further transparency
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
Not sure if the Borat tax is the same as the sausage tax, or the lunchbox tax, or the carbon tax, that Peta Credlin told us later wasn't a carbon tax. The common thread here is it's all bullshit, just in case you were wondering #qt #auspol
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
"The murder of 50 innocent people does not just happen." Listen to Pat Dodson speaking on the successful motion to censure Fraser Anning. "First Nations’ peoples … know the impacts of murder wilfully carried out and morally justified by hatred of minorities."
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
"What we’re seeing is a country that’s determined to commit economic suicide but can’t even agree on how to kill itself"
Anyone who thinks this is a benign budget or even good for low income people needs to read ⁦@JohnFalzon⁩ right now - The budget may not be vicious, but it entrenches neoliberal inequality #auspol…
The budget may not be vicious, but it entrenches neoliberal inequality | John Falzon
Searing, excellent piece from ⁦@Scottludlam⁩ on the PM’s $180m press conference on Christmas Island - “this is one of the most casually amoral, ethically unmoored governments we’ve ever had.” #auspol…
Australia budget 2019: Budget supplies nowhere near funds needed for integrity commission…
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
A Budget lacking imagination, riding on a $6 billion NDIS underspend and promising tax reform two elections away. Really?
Oh and all a promise nothing to be legislated. Yes really.
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
For someone earning $50k a year, the tax cut announced tonight is worth just over half what they’d get if wages were growing at the long term average of 3.5%. No plan to get wages growing. And nothing at all for people on the lowest incomes or the unemployed. #Budget2019 #auspol
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
"It's demonstrably unfair." Labor taken to task on its reluctance to raise Newstart by the chief exec of the Business Council of Australia. THE BUSINESS COUNCIL.
@gabriellecj Oh, I dunno? How about the right of any woman to say no?
@NewEnglandFox 💯 - body autonomy was at the top of my list!
“I cannot think of any more obviously fundamental human right than the right of a man to have sex with his wife" says English judge. Let's help him - can you think of a more fundamental human right?…
English judge says man having sex with wife is 'fundamental human right'
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
Clever thing about the "Climate Solutions Fund" announcement: it doesn't affect any years in the forward estimates, since it only pays money when abatement actually occurs. Means the government could announce $2bn for climate, without actually spending anything much at all.
The macho drama queens of Brexit are about to be knocked out by reality | @MarinaHyde…
Gabrielle Jackson Retweeted ·  
52% of GPs are men, as are 67% of those in the top tax bracket...
don't talk to me or my owl ever again
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