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Last 50 tweets from @galenawrites
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Why is the @nycacc issuing a kill list on a federal holiday three-day weekend? While claiming they’ll be off Tuesday? Would the 6 dogs on it die Tuesday or not until Thursday? As usual there’s no transparency. We have to guess, and do what we do: Pledge and RT. Here come the bios
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Since last night's threat from UC president Napolitano to fire 100's of striking UCSC grad students, 850+ non-UCSC faculty have condemned UCSC's brutality to strikers & PLEDGED TO BOYCOTT @ucsc until grad students here receive a living wage #UCSCstrike
In reply to @bethanyshondark
I feel like they should've led with that
Replying to @Bmac0507 @bethanyshondark and 1 otherfalse
Right? Um way to bury the lede. 🙄
I’m not saying who, but someone in this photo ate a weed gummy and scared the bejeesus out of her moms and had to go to the emergency room on Valentine’s Day.
Replying to @carmenmmachado
Poor baby!!! We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. But I’m so glad she’s ok now.
Drove this guy 15 mi to the emergency vet to find out he's not microchipped. What do I call him until tomorrow?
Replying to @chadhayesmd
Awe he’s adorable. Please keep him safe! Belly bands will help prevent marking. And you can give him “Quiet Moments.” It’s all natural.
Little known fact...women of child-bearing age (14-50) are advised not to eat trout from the waters of several Upstate counties bc of air pollution that is carried all the way from factories in OHIO.
Replying to @iamsheabutta
Was JUST talking about this today with someone. Weird.
A standard Trump progression:

I didn’t do it.
I didn’t do it, but I could do it.
I did do it, so what?
I did do it, and it was right to do it.
It’s getting harder for fireflies to reproduce because light pollution is outshining their mating signals
what’s the most romantic song you can think of?
This will be my first and last TikTok repost
Flower pedals everywhere on this Park Slope corner. Someone have a massive break-up?
Replying to @heyfeifer
Probably a dog influencer 🌹
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
i’m not sure. if you have a valentine yet. but if you don’t. my application is below
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Just over one month after the massacre at Columbine, the student paper at Marjory Stoneman Douglas wondered if something like that could ever happen there.

19 years later, it did.

Incredible find from @JimLaPorta

Feat. @delaneytarr @galenawrites…
"Is our school really safe?": In wake of Columbine, Parkland wondered about campus safety decades before 2018 tragedy
Kenny G Re-Lists in Studio City at Lower Price (via @varietydirt)
Swapping this out for Kim & Kanye’s living room, I believe. 🌹🌹🌹🌹
In reply to @philatticus
Every democrat who thinks this should have to read about Kevin Garnett’s first bit Timberwolves contract negotiation three times a day
Replying to @boobie_styles @philatticus and 2 others
Where does one find this info?
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
The degree to which Michael Bloomberg is using his fortune to fundamentally alter & manipulate U.S. politics to his personal advantage extends way beyond ads. I've worked against him, covered him as a journalist & worked with his top aides. Here’s their playbook: (1/17)
Cleaning out the garage one day, I came across this June 1999 edition of The Courier, the student newspaper for Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in #Parkland Fla. The front page story is about #Columbine - the headline: Is our school really safe?…
Replying to @JimLaPorta @EagleEyeMSD and 1 otherfalse
Thank you for sharing this.
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Today ⁦@NYTmag⁩ published this haunting addition to the #1619project — a photo essay of slave auction sites, of places across the country where humans were bought and sold. Most of them are unmarked. It’s a forced forgetting that we hope to change.…
They Sold Human Beings Here
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
I don't know who needs to hear this but: even if you're ignoring Bloomberg's many disqualifying issues because you think he can beat Trump, understand that Trump will use them. Your parents will get Facebook ads saying Bloomberg assaulted dozens of women. How will you rebut that?
"Never did I think, walking through those halls of that school, that there could be someone with a semi-automatic weapon gunning down my classmates," Galena Mosovich, a MSD alumna who wrote for The Courier in 1999, told @Newsweek.…
On the eve of the #ParklandAnniversary, read this @Newsweek story on my high school newspaper’s eerie coverage of #Columbine in ‘99. @quasiasher @delaneytarr…
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
32% of workers run out of cash before payday…
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
To everyone:

Magazines are profitable.
Newspapers are profitable.

The fucks who’ve been running them into the ground for (DECADES!!!) are responsible for their collapse.

Never let them tell you it was the internet. (The internet doesn’t do blow and harass its assistants.)
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Do any awesome writers want to donate a signed copy of their book for my daughter's school auction? She goes to a title 1 school & they depend so much on $ that we fundraise. I'd <3 to put together a basket-o-books! DM me if interested please. THANK YOU! (3/27 is auction date.)
In reply to @galenawrites
Shocking to me that I had to scroll down 20 replies to find the first Amelie. It’s easily a Top 10 of All Time film for me.
Bill Barr attended the Horace Mann School (‘67) during the years covered in the class action settlement for decades of sexual abuse of students. My pet theory is that he was abused and the cycle turned into him protecting sexual abusers, and probably became one himself.
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
yes, what would he possibly do in the face of one-liners like this
What could go wrong?
The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality issued a permit to allow Duke Energy Progress to construct a lined landfill to dispose of coal ash in Asheville.…
Some news: I am over the moon happy to announce that my daughter has been accepted into the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine!! Dreams do come true😂😂😂😭
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
This is the most cringe thing I’ve seen this month.
In reply to @Vinncent
Also my tongue muscles literally atrophy. My mouth used to get sore when I went back to the US and started using phonemes I hadn't used for a year etc
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
This question to William Barr is about to become very important.

Two parents are writing a will. Their daughter is a math whiz with a job at Google, and their son is paying off student debt while working at a halfway house. Do the parents divide their money equally?
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
I love everything about this. That they found this, and that someone wondered about it hard enough to get a grant.… (A certain canine I adore does a kind of pulsar spin right before he poops, and the magnetic fields of dying stars are their own marvel.)
A 4-year-old in Colorado died from flu this week. Days before, his mom reached out to Facebook's biggest anti-vaxx group. Members told her not to take the Tamiflu a doctor had prescribed, but give him oils and elderberries and put potatoes in his socks.…
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Bespoke: blatantly breaking rules designed to impede corruption while claiming to represent "a new kind of politics" 🙄
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
For Trayvon Martin, who would have turned 25 today. I’m just surprised President* Bigot Whisperer didn’t give George Zimmerman the Medal of Freedom. #TrayvonMartin #blacklivesmatter #blm #thedailydon
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
The Trump family came in to the White House and immediately started figuring out ways to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars.

Please share this video from @bravenewfilms that separates the propaganda from reality: #DemCast
Can anyone recommend an Ethiopian restaurant in Los Angeles?
As of today, I'm no longer @REMEZCLA's film & tv editor. It's been an incredible ride. I was given the chance to uplift Latino films + filmmakers & did my best to achieve that objective.

I take comfort in knowing the section I created will be left in @bmanuel's capable hands.
Replying to @infoCinelandia @REMEZCLA and 1 otherfalse
Loved working with you! Best of luck for your new adventure!!!!
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Harry Styles stole my whole high school wardrobe with this outfit...
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
Mitch and the gang do some soul searching as they prepare to block witnesses at their pageant trial. #trumpcrimefamily #magaisformorons #dumptrump #asteriskpresident #thedailydon
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
The dress has been tested. We have the results. My attorney @kaplanrobbie has served notice to @realDonaldTrump's attorney to submit a sample of Trump's DNA.…
I’m thrilled to announce that Temple University gave my only class to a full-timer. I found out from a student 2 weeks before the semester & the university refused to pay me. I taught there for 14 years.
This is terrible and sadly too common. As a Temple grad, I’m so disappointed.
Galena Mosovich Retweeted ·  
1,100 to go. It’s her dying wish to go out with 50,000 followers. End of life procedure is on Friday. Please.
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