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Last 50 tweets from @ggreenwald
In reply to @ggreenwald
Glenn, have you ever been able to get ANYONE in a powerful position in Big Tech or the mainstream media to either
1) ACKNOWLEDGE that the censoring was gravely unethical
2) EXPLAIN why the CIA lie was not itself a huge news story?
Replying to @joe_shipman
Jack Dorsey sort of apologized, saying it was "wrong" of Twitter to block all links to the story and lock the NY Post out of its account:…
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says blocking New York Post story was 'wrong'
In reply to @ggreenwald
Looks like a beautiful place. Bless you and yours! I lost my 11 year old dog last week to brain tumor and the next day I adopted an 8 year old American bulldog.
Replying to @idahoarellanes
Deepest condolences. I know how painful that is. I hope you're able to cherish the great memories you two created, and I'm so glad you found the space in your heart to give a home to another dog, an older one at that. Congrats! Post pics.
Genuinely love that liberals are trying to create a new moral rule that comparing a government official to Nazis is a firing offense. Which journalists *didn’t* do that during the Trump years?
Replying to @ggreenwald
Our use of Nazi comparisons are different because our enemies are actually like Hitler [insert Dril tweet].
Genuinely love that liberals are trying to create a new moral rule that comparing a government official to Nazis is a firing offense. Which journalists *didn’t* do that during the Trump years?
You guys are going to be very busy if a cable host comparing someone to nazis is the new firing standard.
In reply to @ggreenwald
If that shelter took a dime from a billionaire, those animals should be sent back to their abusers.
Replying to @satireBear
They do get some funding from large corporations and rich people, so do-nothing pseudo-socialists who help nobody can sit on Twitter and denounce her so they don’t feel bad about what frauds they are.
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ggreenwald
If that shelter took a dime from a billionaire, those animals should be sent back to their abusers.
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
In reply to @MaxBlumenthal
Not a fan of this account, but it does seem relevant that this is where @WalkerBragman will spend the lockdown he hysterically clamors for while millions of others are push to the brink of eviction, joblessness, desperation and death. What an absolute fraud.
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
Neurotic shut-ins like Walker won't be happy until everyone is under de facto house arrest, actual prisoners are in cells 23 hrs w/o trial, govt's stop educating poor youth, African economies go deeper into debt, Amazon stock soars & masses starve so they can feel "safe" /Thread
In reply to @ggreenwald
não levou um não? 😂😂
Replying to @ala_bangu
David e os meninos me ameaçaram quando estava querendo. Já tem 26 em casa, muito mais no nosso abrigo. 😬
In reply to @ggreenwald
She does great work!
Replying to @GFernandes1975
Yep, and is often attacked by parts of the left, of course.
In São Paulo today, we visited the Instituto Luisa Mell, an extraordinary shelter for abused dogs and cats, with state-of-the-art veterinary care. Inspiring to see someone like Luisa, a famous actress, using her platform for so much good. We learned a lot for our own shelter:
In the weeks before the election, Big Tech brute *censored* reporting that reflected poorly on Joe Biden, based on a CIA lie that the pro-Biden media disseminated: it was Russian disinformation.

It was a disgraceful act to manipulate the election, and a huge stain on journalism:
Joe Rogan @joerogan calls out big tech’s conspiracy to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story because they are concerned people "would breed" into the story and decide to re-elect Donald Trump.

"They wanted to make sure that evidence wasn't easily distributed"
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
In reply to @gumby4christ
socialists more concerned about Greenwald than starving childrens in Brazil
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
what happens when your comms people don't understand sarcasm
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
A informação que recebemos agora É MUITO BOA. Ainda precisamos verificar os detalhes, mas o resumo é esse: o PT não apoia a PEC do Calote, mas quer provar que o governo é contra os aposentados e pensionistas, e pra isso precisou deixar o inimigo "agir", e votar a favor da PEC 😑
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
NEW: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Liberation or Hoax?

My interview with @TBSocialist, a left-wing advocate of crypto/blockchain, who argues it is a vital weapon for liberating people and movements from state surveillance and Big Tech censorship:…
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Liberation or Hoax? Interview with a Left-Wing Crypto Advocate
In reply to @ggreenwald
That's great! I'm sure he will understand the simple argument that the elite very much do use their philanthropy to bolster the systems and institutions that made them elite in the first place. You for whatever reason refuse to acknowledge that. Probably because you benefit too
Replying to @deaner__ @jonburgess_ and 2 others
Let me know how it goes.
In reply to @jonburgess_
I don't believe you that you want what's best for this community. If you did, you wouldn't be opposed to a project they designed and asked for help financing, and if you were concerned about the financing, you'd look for alternative funding. You're just Twitter whining.
In reply to @ggreenwald
I am genuinely interested in Dorsey’s interest, considering his opposition to the SF tax to combat homelessness, and learning why he is on board here. That probably won’t fit in a couple tweets, so feel free to DM or e-mail if you’re up for sharing.
Replying to @ArjSingh92
He's donated to several Rio charities, including a favela-based community newspaper called @vozdacomunidade, after meeting its founder and hearing about favela life and their role in covering it. I won't speak for him but this isn't his first Rio or Brazil donation.
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
Feliz demais com tudo que vem acontecendo, obrigado @davidmirandario e @ggreenwald por estarem proporcionando isso para nossa favela ❤️

Vamos transformar a Favela do Jacarezinho com educação, esporte e cultura!
Replying to @deaner__ @jonburgess_ and 1 otherfalse
Start with @Dieguinho, who is leading the project. He lives in Jacarezinho his whole life and his a major designer of the project. You can explain to him why he should refuse this money to help his community. He can put you in touch with the others, too.
In reply to @ggreenwald
Lots of people give a shit about the motives driving philanthropy, are you fucking kidding? It's fucking laughable that you try to insult other people's intelligence then just say brain dead shit like this. Go eat paint or something you moronic blow hard
Replying to @deaner__ @jonburgess_ and 1 otherfalse
I can give you the names of the people in the favela who believe that these reforms are vital to their lives and their kids' lives, so you can explain to them why they should reject the money as impure and just live as they are. Do you want their email addresses?
"Este é Sergio Moro. A #VazaJato bem demonstrado tudo isso." -- @JairBolsonaro
Em live, @jairbolsonaro critica Sérgio Moro por associá-lo ao centrão. “Ele não sabia quais partidos eu integrei o governo?”

Ele também acusou procuradores da Lava Jato de rirem do vazamento de informações do COAF sobre sua família.

“Ta bem demonstrado na Vaza Jato”, afirmou.
you & your husband are trafficking kids & this favela project is an expansion of that. i hope a mob comes for the both of u
Replying to @floricomant
Put your name on that accusation.
In reply to @ggreenwald
Exactly. People who think that billionaires and the ultra wealthy have ulterior motives to their philanthropy are actually just sick, ignorant fucks that want poor people did. Good point Glenn
Replying to @deaner__ @jonburgess_ and 1 otherfalse
Who gives a shit what the motives drive philanthropy? Humans have mixed motives for everything: they want others to think good of them, feel good about themselves, build a good legacy, etc. The project itself can only do good because the residents designed it themselves.
In reply to @jonburgess_
Isn't this kinda an amazing tweet for someone who just proved they know almost zero about the thing they're trying to talk about? You waded into something with poor motives and little knowledge.
He thinks that if uses that smug, superior adult tone, it means he has a good and serious argument, even though -- as you just pointed out -- he doesn't know the first thing about what he is "critiquing."
In reply to @jonburgess_
We did identify the community activist who is overseeing the project. You just don't speak Portuguese, have no idea what you're talking, and are opining on things you know nothing about. The "critique" is stupid and immoral: people who would rather let them suffer. It's gross.
In reply to @Chris_arnade
The "it is a disease" model lets broader society & the policy we implemented that has led to a lot of people without a "sense of place or community" off the hook. In some ways, it is very similar to "It is about weakness" because it strips away context & puts onus on individual
Replying to @Chris_arnade
Yes, I agree with all of that. If it's a choice between "criminal" and "health," then the latter is infinitely preferable, but I agree completely that a major factor of addiction is the failure of society to provide people what they need, and the "disease" framework ignores that.
In reply to @ggreenwald
I would have agreed with you 10 years ago but after seeing what has happened to the streets in San Francisco I saw what an absolute Failure it’s been. We need mandatory rehab for the addicts
Replying to @jakeshieldsajj
That's what Portugal does. It's not really mandatory but it's strong encouragement, and it's working. Either way, rehab is infinitely better than prison. Nobody adult be imprisoned for having or using drugs. And mass imprisonment/prosecution takes up all the resources from rehab.
In reply to @ggreenwald
They do believe business is good, what they dislike is when business shelves brands. It’s why Vance has a single public statement I can find about unions, and it’s bashing a teachers union. The Democrats at best pay rhetorical lip service to unions, he doesn’t even do that.
Replying to @johanstrauss91 @SamMunhi and 1 otherfalse
Everything is about justifying the fact that, at the end of the day, you dutifully snap into line and vote Democrat. You know you'll do that until death so it's vital to believe that nothing positive or usable can ever emerge in GOP politics, hence the unyielding Dem support.
In reply to @ggreenwald
It’s called pandering, Glenn.
Replying to @SamMunhi @mattaknox
To whom are they pandering? I thought Republican votes believe in Reaganism and that big business is good? Why are they now deviating from Reagan rhetoric?
In reply to @ggreenwald
If you believe @JDVance1 is a good-faith actor at this point you just don't follow the news.
Who are the good faith actors in national politics?
In reply to @ggreenwald
there's a serious *rhetorical* split, but that distinction shrinks considerably when it comes to leveraging power.
Replying to @mattaknox
Why is there a rhetorical split?
When Portugal became the first western country to stop treating addiction like a crime and instead treat it like what it is -- a disease -- every metric of drug-related pathology improved because of their decriminalization law. Opioid overdose is a US tragedy and this is good:
Replying to @ggreenwald
In 2008, I went to Portugal for weeks, interviewed policy makers and officials, and wrote this report on how its decriminalization scheme was so effective: they used their resources to help addicts instead of prosecute them and keep them in a cage:…
When Portugal became the first western country to stop treating addiction like a crime and instead treat it like what it is -- a disease -- every metric of drug-related pathology improved because of their decriminalization law. Opioid overdose is a US tragedy and this is good:
Addiction is not a crime, it is a disease.

Overdose Prevention Centers will make our communities safer, save lives, and get people the treatment they need.
Pretending there isn't a serious ideological split on the right when it comes to economic questions makes the liberal-left feel good - "only Dems are sincere about battling corporatism; Republicans just pretend"- but this worldview is the opposite of Reaganism:
We can have big business conservatism or we can have a nation. We cannot have both.
In reply to @jonburgess_
To clarify, “altruistic” development plans funded by outside interests are a huge red flag in many communities. Who profits, who owns improvements, and who gets paid for admin or consulting are all key components.
Replying to @jonburgess_ @deaner__ and 1 otherfalse
One last time: this plan was created entirely by favela residents. It was complete when we brought it to Jack to request funding. He had zero input in the plans. It was done entirely by favela activists, who will oversee it and only employ favela residents to build.
In reply to @ggreenwald
To be fair, it’s dumb theory you invented, not something that was said about you. Which is something you often do when criticized, and it reflects poorly. There’s reams of work on why wealthy “charitable” investments often do little for the people they supposedly support.
Replying to @jonburgess_ @deaner__ and 1 otherfalse
How does that critique apply specifically to this project, one that was designed and conceived of by people who live in this favela? Explain to me, and them, why the project they believe will improve their lives really won't.
In reply to @ggreenwald
So they’re just going to ignore the part where David said all the money came w/o restrictions or controls? Is this the part where they save all those poor children frm the evil Philathrocapitalist by waging war against schools & indoor plumbing in favelas across Rio?
The reason this dreary, do-nothing part of the left invents moronic conspiracy theories like this is they see someone else doing what they pretend they are devoted to -- working to improve the lives of those most in need -- and they need to malign it to feel less worthless.
I don't blame you. It's one of the dumbest fucking theories I've ever heard.
This is a good point. Billionaires and the ultra wealthy in general are never thinking about how their philanthropy might ultimately benefit the ultra wealthy themselves. .@AnandWrites most certainly didn't write an entire book to explain this concept. How delusional!
Explain to me how donating this money to a Brazilian non-profit in order to fund a renovation project developed by community activists -- that will renovate and construct community centers and learning and sports programs in the favela -- will enrich Jack. How does this work?
I spoke today on Rising about the corporate media disinformation campaign to protect Dr. Fauci from fallout over the gruesome dog/animal experiments his agencies conduct, and especially how dishonest was the WashPost's attempt to smear animal groups:…
In reply to @ggreenwald
What do they think you’re going to do for Jack? Shower him with undeserved praise in your tweets and on Rumble? Oh the scandal!
I think they have some theory that by donating money to renovate favelas, Jack is going to become the owner of and get richer, as if a multi-billionaire thinks donating to a charitable project to improve Rio's most deprived slums will earn profit. They're stupid beyond belief.
In reply to @ggreenwald
Fake animal shelter
Put your name on that accusation.
In reply to @cancelkultur
Not even Greenwald makes the claim that he wrote as critically of trump as he did of Obama or Bush - the line you're supposed to go with is that there were already too many criticisms of Trump and his voice wasn't needed there.
I wrote continually about Trump's use of drones and the surveillance state beginning in 2017 and never stopped. But no matter how many examples you're shown -- like that person just did -- you'll find a reason to claim it's not enough.
In reply to @AmericanGriper
How many tweets and articles of mine do you need to see of my denouncing Trump's use of drones and surveillance powers before acknowledging that this statement is false?
Glenn Greenwald Retweeted ·  
I was a fervent Bush/Cheney supporter for 8 years, but in hindsight I’ve realized that Bush was the worst thing to happen to conservatism in decades and that his policies gave birth to the modern surveillance state.
Quem pode negar que isso é bem interessante?
Parabéns aos valorosos senadores do PDT que votaram contra essa aberração da PEC dos Precatórios. Uma posição firme e acertada. Já o PT todo votou a favor. O que eles falam no almoço, não serve para o jantar.
In reply to @ggreenwald
Isso é engraçado pq os socialistas americanos são um apêndice do partido democrata (certamente o partido/instituição mais bancado por bilionários que existe)
Replying to @dan2d27
Exatamente - eles são escravos de Biden, Nancy Pelosi e Chuck Schumer. Eles fingem que não são pq os xingam, mas quando importa, eles obedecem e votam como sao ordenados: pelo Partido Democrata, financiado por bilionários. Depois acham que podem julgar nosso projeto de favela.
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