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Last 50 tweets from @GlennThrush
In reply to @aedwardslevy
I have bad news for you
Also a reminder in wake of Ratcliffe news, the White House has further limited itself by continuing to blackball virtually any of the 149 natsec establishment figures with experience in past GOP administrations who signed Never Trump letters.鈥
Remember when folks walloped Kelly/Mattis for claiming they were keeping the whole going off the rails -- and there was no telling what would happen when they left?
Our great Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe is being treated very unfairly by the LameStream Media. Rather than going through months of slander and libel, I explained to John how miserable it would be for him and his family to deal with these people....
Trump on:

Progressive congresswomen of color: Go back to where you came from.

Black rapper detained overseas: "[G]et home ASAP A$AP!"
You win vs. the 18 wows in my feed
holy shit
Pelosi is as canny a politician as there is in the game right now: The more vehement the calls for impeachment, the more untempered her criticism has to be in order to avoid the accusation she is being too soft.
Asked about Trump's attacks on her birth city of Baltimore, @SpeakerPelosi suggests we ask Trump's "slumlord" son in law, Jared Kushner.
I cannot believe I totally forgot that and I was there
Fun fact: Bill de Blasio was Hillary Clinton's 2000 campaign manager
Michael Conforto is a perfectly lovely baseball player.
Clever of you to translate this tweet into his native language of ALLCAPS.
The difference between between Biden's fiery/focused defense of Obama in Kentucky '12 vs. Biden's struggle to defend himself from multiple attacks now is striking, and poignant.
I love this tweet
Who the fuck is this guy shouting? I've never seen this guy in my life
Glenn Thrush Retweeted 路  
Worth reading this @JFKucinich story from February: Kamala Harris鈥 A.G. Office Tried to Keep Inmates Locked Up for Cheap Labor鈥
Glenn Thrush Retweeted 路  
You sort of get the sense that, occasionally, Biden wishes the moderators would just stop giving him the chance to respond.
Imagine sitting with @BarackObama and watching this
I think it has a lot to do with the perception that he is not focusing on governing a city that is home to a big % of the nation's reporters.
The level of BdB hate seems unjustified given he's been reasonable during both debates so far. Maybe just a consequence of outsized NYC representation in media.
Glenn Thrush Retweeted 路  
Some Democrats Want to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings. Would it Work? via @itscaitlinhd
That's the most Jewish spelling of that word possible
Malarky! Drink!
Eric, for those of you who don't know him, is one of the best people you are ever gonna meet - and a great journalist to boot. Follow him!
I say this as someone who has lived with depression for the better part of 20 years: take your damn medication. Yes, therapy and changing your mindset and going outside are good. But medicine matters
Dude, we are France in April '40.
In reply to @GlennThrush
11 games back, 5 out of the wild card yet still excited right now. Life of a mets fan.
Please give this man the Bonilla deal
鈥淗ey everyone, players only meeting in 5 min鈥
If it's now accepted wisdom that Trump won (in part) b/c of backlash against Obama and hatred of Hillary.
So why is everyone assuming that all these "deep divisions" among Democrats won't disappear once their nominee faces an even more detested adversary -- Trump?
Left-wing cities are not really part of the Midwest, which was why Barack Obama, a decadent liberal from Chicago, was unable to win any Midwest states.鈥
One notable thing about checking the Democrats, as opposed to Trump, is that the statistics they cite are overwhelmingly either accurate or at least rooted in an actual source. With Trump, you have to be suspicious that almost everything is invented.
A debate with more than 5 or 6 people onstage isn't worth having.
Video version of the New Yorker cartoon caption contest
Amir Garrett 57%, Trump 38%
"Social media" was a brick through your parlor window.
In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, one candidate opened with an hour long statement, then the other got a 90 minute rebuttal, and finally the first got 30 minutes. I find this increasingly hard to believe, even though it鈥檚 true.
Debating the parameters of mutually assured destruction fits the world鈥檚 current 1980s vibe.
Most of his body
Body of 1930s gangster John Dillinger to be exhumed at family's request鈥
She literally rubbed her hands together in anticipatory glee.
In reply to @GlennThrush
Want to know what Trump grew up on? A Queens where black kids swam in the Astoria pool and White kids went to the Whitestone pool and where the Jewish center off of Parsons Blvd left a graffiti swatstika unpainted over to remind people the threat was still out there.
Some people who weren't supposed to be good at this stuff, well, they just are.
Williamson: Flint water crisis is part of US society's "dark underbelly"

"If you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this President is bringing up...Democrats are going to see some very dark days." #DemDebate
It's all about the drop-D tuning and the drop-jeans attire.
In reply to @GlennThrush
Matt Pike sludge FTW
In reply to @GlennThrush
For real. Trump had to watch the Fat Boys and Dead Or Alive videos over and over on U68 like the rest of us in the 80s.
zei gezunt
In reply to @GlennThrush
living for your Brooklyn fact checks tonight 馃弳
This headline isn't true, and it's contradicted by the story -- especially the first quote.鈥
Donald Trump grew up with CNN?
We didn't even get cable in Brooklyn until '90.
鈥淭he things he rails against the most 鈥 CNN, 鈥楽aturday Night Live鈥 and the New York Times 鈥 that鈥檚 what he grew up with in New York. ... And that鈥檚 whose respect he covets.鈥 -- CNN chief Jeff Zucker on Trump in @sarahlellison's preview of tonight's debate鈥
FWIW I鈥檓 not sure spending time attacking Trump is worth it. Democratic voters are already repelled by him. From what I saw in 2016, convincing those still on the fence is going to require ideas and convincing arguments that their presidency will actually benefit them.
It's also a statement of historical fact.
The audience loved @EWarren's "white supremism is domestic terrorism" line. #DemDebate
Let him try that on Avenue U and see what happens
"You don't have to yell" --all of us
Just binging on old Sleep concerts
In reply to @GlennThrush
Share your Spotify list? I need to drown out the moderators.
Watching the debate on Twitter whilst listening to sludge metal seems all for the best.
His parents, like all of us
Who exactly is Bernie yelling at?
yeah i'm not so sure this is a big, deep strategy at this juncture
President Trump: "Those people are living in hell in Baltimore. They're largely African American. You have a large African-American population, and they really appreciate what I'm doing and they've let me know it."
BREAKING: Trump trade aid paid the top 1% of farmers an average $188,000 while the bottom 80% averaged less than $5,000, @ewg analysis finds.鈥 via @markets
Anyone else notice how the @EpochTimesChina is blanketing @YouTube feeds with all these pro-Trump ads purporting to that Mueller is part of a worldwide left-wing conspiracy?
Glenn Thrush Retweeted 路  
From pooler @dmartosko:

"One final detail, which your pooler notes without comment: As the president received applause following today's Jamestown speech, the 29th Infantry Division Band played John Philip Sousa's 'Washington Post' march."
1. Who is Jason Vargas?
2. Oh, that guy?
3. I like pie.
Here are the reactions to the Mets鈥 trade of Jason Vargas to the Phillies.鈥
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