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Last 50 tweets from @guskenworthy
Everybody needs to watch @Hannahgadsby's @netflix stand-up special #Nanette. That is all.
215 1,433
@KapitolPhoto @guskenworthy Couldn’t agree more - guy can do it all!
0 2
Replying to @mackerjones :
@mackerjones @KapitolPhoto Aw boys you're making me blush! Thank you for the kindness!!! 😘😘
0 4
ICYMI you can still watch the @LOVELOUDFest livestream for one more day thanks to @ATT!…
32 268
Gus Kenworthy Retweeted ·  
U.S. Olympian @guskenworthy has opened his heart & home again by adopting another SK rescue dog, from @AWLAArlington, & named her Birdie – in honor of his dog Beemo, who loved birds.🐦

Thank you Gus for showing the 🌍that these dogs are adoptable pets who belong in loving homes!
536 1,809
Gus Kenworthy Retweeted ·  
Watch the #LOVELOUD fest here rn and watch ⁦@guskenworthy⁩ host and donate to ⁦@TrevorProject⁩ !!!!!…
73 392
when you send a risky text and see their typing bubble appear and then disappear again with no response...
624 7,285
honestly tho
1,316 12,807
This is Bobbie Belle. I'm her uncle. And since y'all keep calling me daddy I guess that means she's her your cousin...
413 10,359
Gus Kenworthy Retweeted ·  
“I want to be the person that I needed when I was in the closet, struggling to believe I could be anything I wanted to be.” 🌈 —American skier @guskenworthy, today on our story #Pride
475 3,467
I'm at the @DNC LGBTQ Gala right now and the fact that I'm not seated next to @BrianSimsPA is honestly v homophobic...
61 2,014
Gus Kenworthy Retweeted ·  
For the rest of Pride Month, I am donating $2 from every ticket sold to my shows (no matter when they're taking place) to the @TrevorProject - an amazing organization dedicated to suicide prevention with LGBTQ youth.

Get Tickets Here:
95 572
It’s people like @MikeDelMoro @TaylorJPhillips @BrianSimsPA @guskenworthy @markemillr and many more positive influences through social that make me so proud to be a gay man, thanks for being role models through and through, keep up the positivity fellas!
2 73
Replying to @Hoolahoophoolio :
@Hoolahoophoolio @MikeDelMoro @TaylorJPhillips @BrianSimsPA @markemillr This is so sweet! Thank you and HAPPY PRIDE!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
3 73
My heart is full with Pride after reading this. Congrats on coming out @LandonFoster09, the LGBTQ+ community is happy to have you! 💪🏼🏳️‍🌈…
This former Kentucky football player is coming out publicly to inspire others
736 6,119
Gus Kenworthy Retweeted ·  
who helped @TrevorProject raise $2m+?
this fam 🧡🌈😋 #TrevorLIVE
📸 @stevensimione
51 985
WHAAAATTTT???!?!!!! TIME'S SQUARE?!!! This is so f*cking wild I can't even believe it!!! Thank you @hm for supporting LGBTQ+ Pride and for giving me my Broadway debut!!! 😜🤯😳🙃🤗😭❤️🏳️‍🌈 #Pride #PrideOutLoud
674 12,444
At the RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 finale serving lewks w/ @raymondbraun! 👀🏳️‍🌈
517 9,588
2018 NYC Pride Guide featuring a queen and a King! 👀🏳️‍🌈💪🏼
364 6,408
@MarcMonster @guskenworthy ropes & rides?? sounds like 2am in my bed
98 2,144
Replying to @tyleroakley :
@tyleroakley @MarcMonster 1.) Where is this?! 2.) Tyler, what's your door code??
15 557
Be you. Be proud. Be yoncé.

This month and always. #HappyPride ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
5,514 29,027
the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
418 6,343
RIP Beemo. I will always love you.
2,999 43,953
I said yes!

... he didn't ask me but it doesn't change my answer!
Ryan Reynolds Just Asked a Man to Marry Him
58 458
1,010 15,580
Replying to @pete_forester :
@pete_forester Love it when you tell me where to come!
1 31
So excited to dance tonight. I love you, @dance10jenna ❤️
618 13,109
Replying to @Adaripp :
@Adaripp @Dance10Jenna @DancingABC the Victoria's Secret models are SHOOK...
73 2,753
I may be a grown ass man but I still avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks to keep my mom's back safe.
985 12,312
Happy Mother's Day @RuPaul!
577 5,280
@guskenworthy Why are you searching colon?
1 59
Replying to @athanoslee :
@athanoslee to see all the people misspelling cologne! It always make me laugh.
2 389
nothing makes me happier than searching "colon" on twitter and seeing all the people who have misspelled cologne...
5,148 27,422
It's dated... Like me and your dad.…
86 1,650
@thom3003 @RuPaulsDragRace I’m going to ask @guskenworthy, @TATIANNANOW and @shannonrwatts to act as my screeners. I feel like I’m in good hands.
1 38
Replying to @BrianSimsPA :
Spoiler: It's our relationship.
I’m in a horror movie!
10 316
133 3,684
It's #TeacherAppreciationDay and I want to thank @RuPaulsDragRace for teaching the children how to read.
1,623 10,021
@guskenworthy I don’t see anything wrong with this. Nothing wrong learning about a weapon. I bet he’s also understands gun safety also. Calm down people
0 3
Replying to @ktm300_exc :
@ktm300_exc Well, considering the first rule of gun safety is to ALWAYS treat the weapon as if it's loaded and to keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target, I'd say no - he doesn't understand gun safety...
12 338
Parenting done right?! This child is 4-years-old. Super Soakers are intended for kids ages 6 and up and they shoot WATER!
This video is INCREDIBLE!! Parenting done RIGHT 🇺🇸
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
2,558 6,743
831 6,963
@guskenworthy @donaldglover Generation gap...I don’t understand, particularly the shooting. I’m educable though.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
0 0
Replying to @lancelanyerd :
@lancelanyerd @donaldglover My explanation was too long to tweet but here's what I think the video means:
1 18
Tune into @DropTheMicTBS tonight at 10:30pm to watch me and @lindseyvonn face off in possibly the whitest rap battle ever. We tried to act hard but it was basically just a slam poetry session about skiing and how spicy ketchup is. Enjoy!
101 1,407
@guskenworthy I did more than kiss Gus Kenworthy in my dream.
2 123
Replying to @beachbromo :
dream bigger
Dear @guskenworthy, I would like to apologize to you & your boyfriend because you and I kissed in my dream. I know it was just a dream, but it still feels wrong
10 481
382 9,904
Watching @Adaripp doing the Cha Cha on @DancingABC to @RuPaul's "Sissy That Walk" is everything my little gay heart has ever needed.
789 10,548
Finally reconnected w/ my Dead Dad
1,189 17,979
Replying to @katya_zamo :
@guskenworthy @toddharrity Congrats! (but also, what the heck is pro squash?)
0 16
Replying to @cllsellers :
@cllsellers @toddharrity It's squash but, like, professionally...
1 100
The #1 ranked squash player in the US comes out as gay. Congrats @toddharrity, I hope you receive the acceptance and support that you deserve! Cheers to getting to enjoy the rest of your career and life honestly and authentically! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
851 11,923
Replying to @CarmineSabia :
@CarmineSabia @RAMRANTS The fact that you bothered responding says otherwise...
0 164
Perfect example of the Democrat party. @guskenworthy did absolutely nothing and is getting to headline a DNC event for it. He could’ve actually accepted Trump’s invite and tried to open dialogue. There’s nothing admirable about what he did or how his party is reacting to it.
44 337
Replying to @RAMRANTS :
@RAMRANTS The Team USA White House visit isn't an opportunity to have open dialogue. It's a line up of athletes waiting to shake the President's hand. It's a photo op and it's one I'd skip time and time again under the current administration.
202 3,520
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