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Last 50 tweets from @h3h3productions
Ummm Tati will always be queen
Beauty guru drama better than game of thrones
Beauty guru drama better than game of thrones
Poor ProJared really can't catch a break, moments after our last episode he got dunked on again by James Charles and Tati and @h3h3productions & @HilaKleinH3 are here to break it all down so why don't you step into the gazeeb-zone
@tomsegura Hey Tom. I'm the guy who did the @h3h3productions edit. Saw your podcast and figured you deep down want to be Chad Segura. Here you go champ.
Replying to @beethy_k @tomsegura
Chad segura HOT AS FUCK holy shit can we make him look like that in person 😛😛😛😛👅👅👅🍆💦
It's not OK we haven't found a tattoo that @HilaKleinH3 admits is worse than Ben Afflecks bad boy back phoenix. Keep the submissions coming we will not rest until Affleck tatt is toppled, give us the worst you've got
Cmon guys it's a team effort here we need to defeat hila
All new YMH with my faves @HilaKleinH3 and @h3h3productions love when these two come on. 👖👖👍👍
nice joke ethan, thanks for sharing!
Replying to @JoeJenkinsMusic
U r welcome - ty for reading! God bless!
Tati? More like TaTa to James Charles!
Before or after my wife divorces me? 😂
Replying to @jacksfilms
What's ur tumblr page? Id like to send you a picture of my dick If that's okay.
Theo! Theo! Theo!!!
ProJared? Personally, I'm AntiJared.
Replying to @h3h3productions
Hila told me not to tweet this but I did it anyway lol 🤘
ProJared? Personally, I'm AntiJared.
What can I say, I know what I like
Replying to @JonTronShow
Lol ur freaking crazy dude 😂
The education system has truly failed our children
An extra spicy week results in an extra spicy ep of the H3 Podcast with @h3h3productions & @HilaKleinH3 as we discuss ProJared's unfortunate last couple of days, so come on and let's just jump right into it!
Ethan Klein's unnatural figure is not what young ones should look up to.
Replying to @nerdcity
My curves are natural hater
My dog accidentally took this photo of me 🤭
I hate to pile on @h3h3productions here and I'm honestly a little late but the shit he has recently said is unacceptable. Sincerely disappointed Ethan.

Ranking Chik-fil-a below Carl's Jr. Is wrong and you need to apologize to me personally or I'm unsubing for 3 days.
Replying to @punchale
Im sorry 😔 I need to eat more chik fil a , I need to be more conscious of chik fill in the future, I know I can do better.
Comedy shouldn't be used to bring other people down.
Can u email me the comedy handbook I will review the rules and adhere to it's guidelines
but saying the unedited photos of these women look like manatees, twinkies and other insults seems to go against that positive message. what was your reasoning for including that? (2/2)
Replying to @steak_umm
Your steak-umm looks like diarrhea
Replying to @JoeySalads
Can that be your slogan for office ?
that second lad is quite handsome
Replying to @sweartobear
Imagine the first lad showing up on the date 😂😂😂😂
Replying to @h3h3productions
Flippin amazing Photoshop by @beethy2 - appreciate ya
Who is this rude person? I don't recognize her from her profile picture. Anyone know?
please @HilaKleinH3 - do not raise your child to be as ignorant as your husband. I would divorce him ASAP as he is causing so much damage to young women. its actually SICKENING. I've never been more disgusted. that you stand by him is even more disgusting
I dont EVEN care wtf!?! 🤣
Replying to @pewdiepie @Idubbbz
I do not know how he found this tweet but I swear to you that it was not me.
Don't tell pewds we are having Indian food
Replying to @Idubbbz
Don't worry Ian ur secret is safe with me 🇮🇳
Honestly @chrisdelia had the best verse in my opinion
The bapkin heard 'round the world
That is an unreasonable amount of black olives in such a small part of a slice
we got double olives because we live life to the fullest
shaq is not in the house at this hour but domin-hoes is got a spicy one on the way
shaq is not in the house at this hour but domin-hoes is got a spicy one on the way
Does papa sh*t in the woods?
Replying to @HilaKleinH3
Wait is that a yes ? I'm still unsure plz clarify. respond quicker than last time pls
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