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Last 50 tweets from @halsey
Been having a pretty rough morning so I’m gonna pop back in little bit and we can talk about Manic’s birthday 🧚🏼
In reply to @halsey
I think people at the time were upset that most options were dropped at different times rather than at once. so if someone wanted a specific version or bundle, by the time it dropped, they already had a few other copies rather than diff options if that makes sense
Replying to @mariahniccole @badlandsinhidin and 2 others
Yeah there’s exclusivities in contracts. One week I can only post B&N, target gets their own days of posting, etc.
ahem @halsey how are we celebrating manic’s 2 year birthday.
Replying to @literallyje9
Apparently like this haha
In reply to @halsey
i feel like it’s very out of pocket for ppl to say that you make us but stuff like. you’re literally releasing your merch and promoting it. it’s that simple
Replying to @badlandsinhidin @visitkingdoms and 1 otherfalse
I know it’s not a malicious thing but it definitely made me more reserved about the amount of items I put out for albums and the frequency I drop new merch stuff
In reply to @halsey
i feel like it’s very out of pocket for ppl to say that you make us but stuff like. you’re literally releasing your merch and promoting it. it’s that simple
Replying to @badlandsinhidin @visitkingdoms and 1 otherfalse
It’s tough thing bc a lot of people are just so supportive. I think it can be overwhelming to be faced w alot of options. ❤️ but like when the book was released I had obligations to do diff versions of it for diff stores. for months I came online and my whole TL was “CASH GRAB!”
In reply to @halsey
i understand!!! i’m glad y’all tried so hard to make it work. it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way to see you say it’s not that deep when referring to a disappointed fan/other people’s money ☹️💗
Replying to @goldenbIush
I meant the reason behind the cancellation wasn’t bc of some sort of corporate avoidance or laziness. It was just a thing that occasionally happens when outside entities produce your design and the visions aren’t aligned. I would never so callously think of you/you buying merch!
In reply to @visitkingdoms
but obviously sorry it came across in a way i didn’t intend. i can see why you would take this the wrong way but i hope this clears up what i meant
Course babe. That was a tough time. It’s why I don’t release much merch anymore. There was valid criticism bc of the quality and delays but additionally I got a lot of feedback that was basically like “you are making us buy too much stuff” n I never want anyone to feel obligated
In reply to @reepercussions
i think that was the excuse given at the time but as u just said it makes no sense so i always got the vibe that it was a redirection of anger from customers at the time from h to a faceless corporation bc they had a lot on her plate at the time
This is the one that felt “deep” btw. Just wanted to make sure you know it was just a quality problem. Which I try to take very seriously!
In reply to @halsey
wha….. people fully spent money on it and waited a long time for it to come :/
Replying to @goldenbIush
n they were refunded because i couldn’t get it done the way I wanted by deadline. If I recall most items that merch cycle were for pre order which meant they shipped a lot later than you ordered. But we also ran into factory problems so tried to fix every issue best we could
In reply to @halsey
what about the pants?
Replying to @aureumhopeless
Accident. They were a merch concept and they were too expensive to produce at a reasonable price for you. Someone in the UK team accidentally uploaded them with an old merch concept folder to the real site.
the funniest thing about the manic coloring book is they were selling something that fully didn’t exist 😭😭😭 they were like hey give us $25 and we will give you a product and we were like okay here’s $25 and they were like wait……. guys don’t be mad
Replying to @visitkingdoms
I just wasn’t satisfied with the product the way it was coming along. It was my art and it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. It’s not that deep!
Fez can simply never get a moment of peace.
Checks out 4 sure
Which late 90s/early 00s cartoon girls are you based on your big 3?
15 year old me being katy’s twin & 22 year old me being katy’s twin

thank you for constantly inspiring me and letting me grow up with you ✨
This is fucking AWESOME
so excited for music coming from this gal!!!! 🥺 she’s gonna have a huge breakout year so hurry up and get on it now so you can say you were here from the very beginning 😊🎂 @abbyrartistry
You guys will be the first to know when we start shooting I promise
In reply to @halsey
But the players table isn't out yet? 🤨🤨🤨
I know that’s mf right
“Sydney Sweeney delivers the biggest performance of her career.” —Alex Zalben about the second season of Euphoria.
Yes I took it for years in school! Spanish + French!
In reply to @halsey
I found out last year that people on the east coast are generally taught Spanish (like, literally from Spain) dialects of Spanish in school?!! That’s crazy to me as a Californian. We’re right by Mexico it just makes more sense??
honestly? It has been discussed
In reply to @halsey
hellll no
A. I can’t write for shit
B. I read and understand really well for some reason
C. My speaking has improved significantly. I got through my last trip to Mexico being asked if I was a native speaker
D. They completely realized I am not once I tried to explain myself lol
In reply to @halsey
HAHAHA I love your Spanish tho. Did you just naturally pick it up?
If you’re reading this out of context…..I’m so sorry lol
first of all…chilaquiles estan mojados! no esta seco! y también delicioso. mi nachos fue triste… okay?
I am accepting all homemade mom tamales now and forever.
In reply to @halsey
i’m sure my mom has some leftover i’ll send you some with some tamales 🫔
Pozole rojo was pretty much all I ate post partum 😭
In reply to @halsey
have u tried pozole verde/rojo yet
block me. chilaquiles verdes por vida
In reply to @halsey
los chilaquiles rojos are SUPERIOR
first of all…chilaquiles estan mojados! no esta seco! y también delicioso. mi nachos fue triste… okay?
Once when I was pregnant I crushed up tortilla chips, put tapatío on them and ate them with a spoon out of a bowl like dry spicy cereal…
I wanna know what Halsey’s weird food combination is, I’m so curious 🤔 @halsey
In reply to @halsey
tour announcement soon?
My moment has finally arrived
The Tumblr girl style is being revisited by its millennial originators, but also Gen Z, which has discovered and altered the trend.
The extended version of IICHLIWP is out now featuring the new and moody ethereal goodness that is “People Disappear Here” plus a @nineinchnails reimagined version of “Nightmare” ⚔️
Halsey - If I Cant Have Love, I Want Power (Extended)
You guys mighta seen the photo I posted on IG but, my fav moment of last year was probably sitting at IMAX headquarters with my newborn while I finished the edit of the IICHLIWP movie. Truly felt like the album sentiment come to life. My first “I can do this” moment. 🤍
Betty :(
iichliwp was never meant to be a hits album 🥲 its a passion project, and what passion it truly is to feel this love in a time where I couldn’t share it with you in person. I’ve had hits. The high disappears as quickly as it comes on. This love? This pride? This will last.
The urban legend that is manic tour. The cryptid that is manic tour Halsey.
i miss seeing halsey perform so much :(
2022 comin up fast, and I am so unbelievably grateful to have had IICHLIWP be so celebrated in 2021. Thank you for a wonderful year.
I went to 5 different grocery stores looking for shells and they were sold out :( I had to make baked ziti. Fuckin BAKED ZITI!!!!?
In reply to @halsey
Halsey did you make stuffed shells for Christmas again!!! They looked so good last year
wow 🥺 the lyrics mean the most to me so this hits home. thank you.
The Genius community ranks iichliwp as the number 2 album of 2021!
Wrapping presents is an underrated elite sport.
It’ll be available in all these places globally! Some territories might take longer for it to show up in the store so hang tight :) it’s coming to all of youuuuuuu
Surprise! If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power the film is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play 🖤

Film poster painted by @James_Paterson & designed by @garretthilliker
Surprise! If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power the film is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play 🖤

Film poster painted by @James_Paterson & designed by @garretthilliker
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Can’t wait to sing our hearts out with @halsey 😍🔥

Not got your tickets for #RandL22 yet? 👀 They’re still available on our websites! 🤝 Click the links below for more 👇

Reading ❤️
Leeds 💛
Awh im so baby here. Fun fact, I wrote garden the same week I wrote my first single ever “ghost”
Same 😳 I was so shocked
In reply to @halsey
Omg that’s so scary! Im glad it was caught
I would love to but I had cholestasis of pregnancy this time, so I always have to be safe! It would be my dream though.
In reply to @halsey
if you were to have more kids, would you ever consider home birth?
Semolina 🤤
In reply to @halsey
baker??? omg what’s your favourite type of bread
Hell yeah I was always the go to for that
In reply to @halsey
did you let people retake their pics on their license if they didn’t like it
Loads lol. Nanny, server, busses, hostess, delivery person, Baker, receptionist, I took license photos at the DMV 😫
In reply to @halsey
did you ever have like a “normal” job before all this?
And to you all, my darlings, if it’s important I’m figuring it out. I’ll always do right by you. It’s the goal of my lifetime.
Learned along the way! I was a teenager when I signed my deal and I made my lawyer teach me every single detail of everything so I’d never get fucked lol
In reply to @halsey
wait, do you have any degrees or education in business?? or did you learn yourself along the way??
It’s incredibly difficult. To straddle the line of capital and morality requires constant adjustment. If you can take criticism daily and stand your personal ground you can find ways to benefit your audience and deliver them an extraordinary product without compromising values.
In reply to @halsey
I got my bachelors in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship but I’ve been discouraged lately because I’m wondering how possible it is to run an ethical and sustainable business so do you have any advice?
I wish I could hire you all I have the most talented fans ever
In reply to @halsey
Please can we work for you
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