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Last 50 tweets from @HayesBrown
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
In reply to @MsEmilyEdwards
americans: murder the king, be king?? britain: i’m sorry, no, you have to also be his cousin.
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
just an incredible opening to this @hunterw story…
In reply to @HayesBrown
It suddenly occurred to me that this might seen by others as ... excessive
Replying to @cydelafield
I’ve literally been meaning to fire up a new spreadsheet all day so honestly ty for the nudge
I have a go-to personal google spreadsheet template called "BOOM." for when I really want to get serious about a project Surely I am not alone in this.
Replying to @cydelafield
This is the energy I WISH I had
Ladies, HIIT requires pacing and concentration.

So for the love of God, stop being all hot as you saunter by me at the gym.

(For legal reasons, this is definitely a joke)

(But also — dammit)
Replying to @NataliaAntonova
Happy Pride Month!!
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Remember last year when everyone had “anti racist” in their bio and said they were “doing the work”?

Now’s a good time to reflect on what you’ve actually done…
Thank you everyone for making me feel better about the two white wine glasses and one champagne flute that have met their untimely ends (out of a set of four kinds of glasses with six each)
Asking for a friend: how many glasses in a wine set is a normal number for the average adult to break over the course of a year and a half
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
In reply to @BtBsNYC
We take Marvel, DC, all indys--> just none with nudity please! (we don't care. the puritans who work the mail rooms at the hundreds of prisons and jails we send to likely do and would reject the whole package!) June 19th and 20th 12-6pm Freebird Books, 123 Columbia Street, Bk!
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
facing the sobering realization that the "park hang" persists not because of health concerns or even really the weather so much as no one's home being properly sized for socializing
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Hmm. FBI asks Jan. 6 suspect about ties to Congress, extremists groups ⁦…
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Pakistan’s PM @imrankhanPTI to @jonathanvswan on whether he’d allow the U.S. to set up a presence in his country to carry out counterterrorism missions against ISIS and the Taliban in Afghanistan: “Absolutely not.”

Watch the full #AxiosOnHBO interview Sunday @ 6pm ET on @hbomax.
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ParkerMolloy
It's useful to watch some of the viral videos of parents laying out their complaints. CRT quickly became a metonym for mentioning race at all in school, on the premise that kids are colorblind until teachers start mentioning racial bias/privilege.
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Stop and read this story about a teenager who was on a flight and then the plane was stuck by lightening and broke apart. She fell two miles — into the rainforest canopy below. She spent the last many decades trying to save what saved her.…
One was holding up Congressionally-mandated military aid to pressure Ukraine to kneecap Biden ahead of the election

One is the WH hitting pause on a new package that hadn’t been finalized because of a diplomatic shift

These are not the same.
Remember when freezing military aid to Ukraine was an impeachable offense?
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Remember when Trump froze the military aid for the express purpose of strongarming a vulnerable ally into helping him corrupt a US presidential election and you and virtually your whole party voted to acquit him?
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Obviously this is vile. The nastiest, most uncharitable liberal assessment of what the Republican Party stands for could not possibly be worse than the reality that this is what ambitious Republicans believe their base wants to here.
Asking for a friend: how many glasses in a wine set is a normal number for the average adult to break over the course of a year and a half
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Out of the crazy things that have happened in the past few days, this one tops the list:
The only reason it would have that valuation IS because of sex.
Replying to @ItsTheBrandi
This is shooting the golden golden goose in its damn head
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
my latest column @newrepublic: In the Heights and Hamilton are both great musicals. But their political underpinnings aren’t totally reconcilable…
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Breaking: The Biden administration is sharply reducing the number of U.S. antimissile systems in the Middle East as it focuses the armed services on challenges from China and Russia. By @glubold @nancyayoussef @mgordonwsj…
WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Military to Withdraw Hundreds of Troops, Aircraft, Antimissile Batteries From Middle East
In reply to @HayesBrown
And the theme song goes to this day!!!
Replying to @iSmashFizzle
THANK YOU. Also, I still think of that show every time I see a French cruller
Critical Race Theory showed me that the 90s kids TV shows’ vision of a post-racial society I grew up with was a fiction

...The Puzzle Place still slapped tho
Critical Race Theory took my guns and give them to the transgenders.

How did Critical Race Theory ruin your life?
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Great piece by @arielagross in @NYDailyNews on the wild lies about critical race theory coming from the right.

It *doesn’t* argue that individual whites should be blamed for past structural racism.

In fact, as she notes, it argues the exact opposite.…
New from me: Senate Dem leadership is making a big gamble — that if a bipartisan infrastructure deal passes, it may help clear the way for a more progressive second bill

But the GOP is betting the opposite: that moderates will balk at a giant follow-up…
Opinion | The Senate's risking a slow-motion infrastructure car wreck
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
You have to credit The Writers of this stupid timeline for their sheer commitment to detail.
“President Trump put a letter in each one of these boxes saying he’s thinking of us. People kept those notes from President Trump, put them up on their walls. That’s who people depend on, not the Powerball winner.”
Replying to @ReutersZengerle
The man knew what he was doing when he demanded those letters go into aid boxes
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
“President Trump put a letter in each one of these boxes saying he’s thinking of us. People kept those notes from President Trump, put them up on their walls. That’s who people depend on, not the Powerball winner.”
This may be the one time in history where a Black woman getting credit for something instead of a white man is a bad thing…
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Heard a guy say “oh my word, bro” yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
This clarifying essay about America’s housing crunch shifts the blame from Wall Street villains to the forces stopping any new apartment buildings or houses from existing in the first place: neighbors, local laws, and local governments…
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
The Saudi embassy issued a statement today "in response to a recent media report," clearly referring to our investigation of the embassy.… First, the embassy's statement, in full. Then some points and observations. 🧵
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
I wrote about why Republicans are calling Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise proposal the “Stacey Abrams substitute,” when she had nothing to do with it. Basically, they hope attaching a Black woman’s face to the bill will help them tank it…
Opinion | GOP hopes Stacey Abrams' Blackness tanks voting rights bills
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
just saw someone compare fiction-writing to gaslighting because writers are trying "emotionally manipulate" readers. some of y'all have GOT to get off twitter smh
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
It was any absolute pleasure getting to listen to @mcastimovies talk about what In The Heights means to her and how Hollywood can, and has to, do much better.
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Whichever NYT editor let this one slide, salute, you absolute psycho…
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Plot twist in the fourth act…
In reply to @HayesBrown
oh definitely, was just saying "biden and trump" as they're the two being (falsely) contrasted here. will check that out!
Replying to @jscros @NSlayton
More to the point, I think that the goal of the press ideally is to pull the truth out of an unwilling president and that Collins’ question (and the follow-ups) eventually got there…
biden and trump both view the press in exactly the same way, as a tool for advancing their own agenda. the only difference is their general strategy for doing that

and as you can see by this tweet the wh press corps absolutely loves being tools
Replying to @jscros @NSlayton
Not quite the point, sorry, but: True of all presidents since McKinley. An interesting history of the way the presidency evolved to use the press to its advantage is “Managing the President’s Message” by Martha Joynt Kumar, which I def recommend
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Lake Charles exposes a grim, rarely discussed reality of climate change: Back-to-back or overlapping disasters, also known as compounding disasters, are becoming more frequent.

A tag team w/@bri_sacks @BuzzFeedNews:…
Manchin when asked about McConnell opposing his list of “compromise” voting ideas:

“McConnell has a right to do whatever he thinks he can do. I would hope that there’s enough good Republicans who understand the bedrock of our society is having an accessible, fair open, election”
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
"The UNC Black Caucus announced at Wednesday's meeting that 70% of its members are considering leaving the university and that more than half are actively job searching outside the institution."

apparently my only looks are: fashion nova idiot and art teacher who exclusively co-washes
Replying to @Scaachi
both of these looks defy physics in different but impressive ways
Hayes Brown Retweeted ·  
Schumer to Manchin rn:
Schumer’s gotta be feeling pretty good rn. Manchin get dunked on by McConnell while his caucus has been nothing but sweetness to him is a gift
Replying to @HayesBrown
Schumer standing in Manchin’s office door later today like
Schumer’s gotta be feeling pretty good rn. Manchin get dunked on by McConnell while his caucus has been nothing but sweetness to him is a gift
McConnell rips Manchin’s proposed “compromise” on voting:

“Senate Democrats seem to have reached a so-called ‘compromise’ election takeover among themselves. In reality, the plan endorsed by Stacey Abrams is no compromise.”
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