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Last 50 tweets from @hiltontarrant
Remind me to book a cruise to the South Pole in October.
Replying to @davidshapiro61
Make sure to extend that to early November 馃槈
Over 6 weeks ago I paid by EFT R55 to replace a lost @virginactiveSA membership card

They acknowledged payment YET (boet) your totally up to shit I.T, CRM or accounts system still denies me entry when my new card is scanned & club says 鈥渋t takes time to process鈥

Get a job ! 馃挭馃徎
Sounds like SAP or Oracle to me鈥
鈥淐onsultants were paid R1.26 billion to help improve the financial reporting of municipalities, even though the finance units of municipalities were paid over R10 billion in salaries.鈥
Comair鈥檚 business rescue practitioners figured in January that the airline needed 鈥渁t least鈥 R500 million in additional funding to keep flying鈥鈥
The worst thing about the R24 a litre petrol price is these Ubers everywhere driving at 25km/h鈥 馃が
In reply to @hiltontarrant
But, it belongs to the days'
In reply to @hiltontarrant
This is targeted
Plain and simple.
Nothing fancy.
Over the last few months we鈥檝e been completing pipe and road repairs ahead of the rainy months. Nyanda avenue and Japhta K Masemole in Khayelitsha have been fully repaired and resealed. Many more underway.
In reply to @Siddels1000
Not bad, friend of mine had to wait near 6 months for a Porsche SUV
Replying to @smalltalkdaily @Siddels1000 and 1 otherfalse
That鈥檚 the waiting period for a lot of Toyota models currently. VW too.
In reply to @Delphine_DG
The problem with off the shelf software. Probably SAP.
Replying to @davideborall @Delphine_DG and 2 others
SAP or Oracle 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
In reply to @smalltalkdaily
The real money in a motor dealership is still made in new car sales, followed by used car sales. Maybe the dealerships will start selling tyres!
In absolute terms, yes. But margins way better in service + parts.
South Africa's biggest crude oil refinery, SAPREF, is in a precarious position, geographically.

Climate modelling shows the refinery is at huge risk as sea levels edge higher and extreme rainfall becomes the norm.

The area in dark blue is land at risk by 2040 (18 years away).
Replying to @nickhedley
And the Toyota plant?
In reply to @nickhedley
Who will pick up the @British_Airways franchise in SA? It's been wonderful to have it in our skies...
Replying to @Bruceps @nickhedley and 1 otherfalse
Only two licences/franchises globally. Now one. My guess is it may favour a codeshare arrangement which it already has with Airlink鈥 Harare, Vic Falls and Cape Town routes need more capacity asap, though.
In reply to @BaragwanathBiz
But why would a container shipping company buy a hospital? A theory: MSC has been printing money during the physical goods boom caused by Covid. The Aponte family don鈥檛 need more dividends. Rival shipping companies expensive. So diversification makes sense. Mediclinc is 鈥榗heap鈥
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Same as SA Express Airways
Replying to @Fransie1971
No. SAX was the government faffing and then eventually deciding to not throw good money after that mess. 鈥淚ndecision鈥 makes it almost look like an accident.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
OK so a major headache for travellers now. 40% of the market gone. Not coming back. That can't be restored quickly. What will happen now? Comair has 26 planes-they will be sold off and/or leases returned. This isca major gemors!
Replying to @Comrade_Skhokho
Best guess is maybe 35% of the market, given their recent travails. Remember that perhaps 10-15% could be filled by higher load factors (>95%) on other airlines. Real pinch will be felt on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. And long weekends/school holidays.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Did they get the money owned to them from SAA for harmful business practice I think it was?
A once bulletproof airline destroyed by the pandemic and an order for Boeing 737 Max planes (before the problems with the model surfaced) .

RIP Comair鈥
Replying to @nickhedley
Pandemic, the 737 MAX order, and bad management.
Hello lovely people,

Please may I ask you to try out this interactive Buyer's Guide we have on @CarsSouthAfrica and give me some feedback?

We think it is quite a comprehensive tool to help you find your next car but I'd love to hear your opinion.
Corolla Cross disappears if fuel type is not 鈥榓ny鈥 because its not strictly petrol or hybrid鈥β燗bility to sort results by price would be good!
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Glad we agree they made dumb decisions, not bad bets. The Boeing folk must have loved them.
Replying to @Afro_Intrepid @justinspratt and 1 otherfalse
Not to mention Investec which structured the facility鈥 馃槈
In reply to @hiltontarrant
The commitment had no money with it. It was a pact with no money outright. And even if there was an order, Erik left a working company when he left. Glen and team messed it up. The writing was on the wall... 2 CEOs
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Sounds like a poorly structured contract rather than a bet. If you鈥檙e a small airline, know your limitations. Ordering aircraft is no longer rocket science. There are risks, and they can be managed with some foresight. Sorry, not buying it.
Replying to @Afro_Intrepid @justinspratt and 1 otherfalse
Again, I don鈥檛 disagree. The timeline for this order was way, way too aggressive. Plus there was underlying forex risk which I doubt was properly hedged (if at all).
In reply to @hiltontarrant
They banked on 1 aircraft they bought? Do more reading boet.
The order (and therefore commitment) was for eight 737 MAX aircraft鈥
In reply to @hiltontarrant
I'm just wondering that since the grounding was last week, was the BRP already in place? Legally, it shouldn't be. & if it only came in last week, its rather quick time that they've reached such a decision. Something proper fishy about conduct of airline (& perhaps BRPs) here
Replying to @jazzvilakazi
Been operating under business rescue since May 2020.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
I鈥檓 honestly not accustomed to seeing orders on aircrafts being characterised as bets. This wasn鈥檛 a fuel hedge.
Replying to @Afro_Intrepid @justinspratt and 1 otherfalse
It was a bet. By end of 2019, it had made pre-delivery payments of around R500 million towards the purchase of eight 737 MAX aircraft. By then, the remaining commitment to Boeing was R5.2 billion. Excl SAA settlement, R300m profit off R7bn in FY19 sales. Only R2.6bn of equity.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
certainly more complicated. but the kernel of this outcome was that dismissal. betting on one plane sounds like a poor strategy. the bigger question is the poor decisions that led to them having to make this bet. that whole board was a problem, not just erik.
It wasn鈥檛 an outlandish bet at all. Comair鈥檚 fleet was already all Boeing 737 (mostly 737-8s). This was the next generation and 14% more fuel efficient than their newest planes. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @hiltontarrant
There should have been clawbacks on the cancellation. If not it was because they had no real skill in the industry. Every financier or banker in the industry would have made sure. I am afraid they have a lot to answer for. Including the Rescue practitioners.
Replying to @marquis_john
There is a claim against Boeing as far as I am aware鈥β燭his would鈥檝e been lodged following the global grounding of the MAX in 2019. The business rescue plan assumes a return to service of MAX as well as continued deliveries (again, perfectly reasonable assumption).
In reply to @mcleodd
this was inevitable as soon as the accountants pushed out gideon.
Bit more complicated than that鈥
In reply to @marquis_john
I don鈥檛 disagree. Problem is that Erik and the previous board had bet the future of the company on the 737 MAX, and that was a perfectly reasonable bet to have made. What happened with this particular aircraft globally thereafter was completely out of their control.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Hilton we need to go back to when the board was changed, when management was changed. That is when the rot set in. Covid was not the cause. Just an accelerant
Replying to @marquis_john
I don鈥檛 disagree. Problem is that Erik and the previous board had bet the future of the company on the 737 MAX, and that was a perfectly reasonable bet to have made. What happened with this particular aircraft globally thereafter was completely out of their control.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
How long had the BPRs been around? As they say "they no longer believe"
Replying to @jazzvilakazi
When the airline grounded itself, the BRPs believed it could be saved. That鈥檚 what that line is in reference to.
Comair is gone. Kaput.

It appears the rescue consortium wouldn鈥檛 put in any more cash, and neither would the banks.
The business rescue practitioners say they 鈥渘o longer believe that there is a reasonable prospect that the company can be rescued鈥.
Insultingly cheap phishing attempt from my "local post-office" today. They're demanding a whole R10.99! Even Dr Evil asked for more than that.
Replying to @gussilber
Mine was even more insulting! 馃ゲ
In reply to @XandVenturas
Rainbow trout marinated it miso and honey, dusted with panko and in the air fryer for 8 mins at 200. Served on a base of jasmine rice, rainbow slaw, steamed broc, cucumber and mung bean sprouts. (Not pictured: a generous drizzle of kewpie Mayo)
You can鈥檛 seriously run an airline like this? 馃檮馃檮馃檮

(And surely the rescue consortium made provision for the group possibly needing extra funding? No?馃う鈥嶁檪锔)鈥
In reply to @hiltontarrant
We need a state owned airline so this don鈥檛 happen.
This is only valid for BA passengers till Sunday.

Read between the lines and it鈥檚 clear that Comair probably has five days to secure funding or collapse into liquidation. 馃槼鈥
If I had to bet which "bunny hugging ESG spouting" retailer would be 1st to get electric vehicles @WOOLWORTHS_SA would be it

I wonder (if) they will convert some of their huge diesel trucks to LNG as supplied locally by our own very @RenergenJHB

LNG kit saves -30% on diesel
Replying to @smalltalkdaily @WOOLWORTHS_SA and 1 otherfalse
Not their trucks. Imperial Logistics.
I... may have bitten off more than I can chew.
Apple鈥檚 sound design in its TV ads and its keynote videos is astonishingly good (and it鈥檚 been this way for decades). No other brand comes close.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
OK I get you. Is Gidon Novick perhaps waiting in the wings ( pun intended) with Lift?
Replying to @Comrade_Skhokho
Very much doubt that. Got his hands full with Takatso/SAA deal.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
Then we should always have at least one airline backed by the national government. 馃
Replying to @BernardJansen
Zombie SAA is still flying, backed by the government 馃檵鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @hiltontarrant
I trusted JBs in Hyde Park to still be open - best burgers in town. Now it鈥檚 closed. Crises!!!
Replying to @BernardJansen
Almost infinite supply of places to eat. Not so much with airline seats. 馃檮
In reply to @hiltontarrant
If it is such a crisis that a privately owned airline goes bust, we should reconsider the idea of nationalising local airlines.
Replying to @BernardJansen
The crisis is being faced by ticket holders who trusted an airline to be flying.
In reply to @Comrade_Skhokho
Right now, it depends entirely on the lenders鈥 馃幉 The rescue consortium put R500m of fresh equity into Comair. Funding from lenders totaled R1.4bn, of which R600m was new debt. Are they willing to liquidate this thing and get back 鈥 at best (?) 鈥 20c in the rand?
Far more important: Now surely a matter of time before Discovery Vitality and British Airways will act to end their respective associations with Comair? That BA licence is extremely lucrative (because of the inbound travelers) and underpins the group鈥檚 entire business model.
In reply to @hiltontarrant
@hiltontarrant What's your take on this Comair story? Will it survive? Where will the funding come from? If it collapses, does this mean an extended period of extremely high prices in the airline industry?
Replying to @Comrade_Skhokho
Right now, it depends entirely on the lenders鈥 馃幉 The rescue consortium put R500m of fresh equity into Comair. Funding from lenders totaled R1.4bn, of which R600m was new debt. Are they willing to liquidate this thing and get back 鈥 at best (?) 鈥 20c in the rand?
Kudos to Discovery Vitality for swift and meaningful action in the Comair crisis! 馃憦
I love travel, and enjoy it more because of Vitality Travel鈥檚 benefits and great discounts.

But it is traumatic when flight plans are suddenly disrupted. It can prevent you meeting loved ones, delay your return home, or scupper a business deal.
Final tweet for the evening. ANC % in ward 53 Soweto:

2011: 90%
2014: 78%
2016: 67%
2019: 71%
2021: 58%
Yesterday: 32%

The end is nigh.
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