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Last 50 tweets from @hm
In reply to @hmusa
any chance in restocking?
Replying to @minariexe
Hi there. We typically don't re-stock our exclusive collections. We may receive new sizes due to customer returns though, so it's always worth keeping a close eye on your favourite pieces. Many thanks!
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa i ordered on oct 6 & my order has not even been processed. i really would like to cancel my order since i can’t get a hold of customer service. @hm and when i try to check my order to cancel it says error.
Replying to @Ashdelish
Hi! We're sorry about this. If the order is already in advanced shipping, we will not be able to cancel it. So we can look into this further, please DM us your full name, order umber and billing address on the account. Chat soon!
Women of #TheVampiresWifexHM: poet, actress and model Greta Bellamacina wears a complete silver lace look starring The Mini Mystique dress, The Romantic cape & The Sibylla gloves — all made with recycled materials. #HM
Every charm represents a personal memory from Susie Cave's past. #TheVampiresWifexHM
Women of #TheVampiresWifexHM: muse and model Samantha Snow in the Night Whisperer dress made from recycled materials and the organic cotton Samantha collar (named after her!). #HM
Women of #TheVampiresWifexHM: model and influencer @evaapio looks beautiful in The Neo-Gothic velvet mini dress, made with recycled nylon & recycled polyester. #HM
In reply to @hmunitedkingdom
@hmunitedkingdom hi please could you check where an order is for me as its been 7 days since I ordered it and still haven't had a dispatch email. Thank you.
Replying to @Libraaair
Hiya! Please DM us with your full name, email, order number and mailing/shipping address so that we can assist further. Talk soon!…
In reply to @hmunitedkingdom
@hmunitedkingdom I ordered 8 days ago and have ha don emails since to say it’s on its way etc? Please help!!
Replying to @_niamhhmurphyy_
Hi there! Please DM us verifying your full name, email, and mailing address linked to this order. We'd be happy to look further into this for you!…
It’s been 3 weeks since I placed my order, is it ever going to ship @hmusa and can I please get an update on when?
Replying to @infamousmelmua
Let us look at your order and give you an update. Can you please DM us your order number, full name and full home address. Many thanks in advance.
#TheVampiresWifexHM collection consists of covetable statement mini & maxi dresses, mainly made with recycled materials. Preview the full collection now:
Out 22 October. #HM
British poet @grbellamacina models an enchanting cape on set for #TheVampiresWifexHM. A long time fan of The Vampire's Wife, Greta explains what makes this collaboration so unique. #HM
"My dresses feel like a form of conspicuous hiding. This is a big part of my aesthetic—to hide and be seen at the same time!" Susie Cave speaks to @harpersbazaarus about our upcoming #TheVampiresWifexHM collaboration. Read more here:
The Vampire's Wife x H&M: See the Entire Collection
In reply to @Aritri_007
Same happened with me in that @hm contest where i placed my order at a different address and when i cancelled my order they told me that i wont be getting my coupon back if i cancel my order and that 1k went in vain 🙎🏻‍♂️
Replying to @karanbanga110
Hi there, we're so sorry for the trouble, please share the details in DM for the security purpose. Confidential details cannot be shared in public posts. We'll assist you further.
.@hmusa my order from 9/27 still hasn't been processed and support hasn't replied to my contacts. can i please cancel my order?
Replying to @M_KSullivan
Hey there! We are very sorry for the delay. Please DM your full name, email and home address, along with your order number, and we can have a look. Thank you and speak soon.
Where does the name *The Vampire's Wife* come from? #TheVampiresWifexHM
For me, I feel that my strength essentially is my vulnerability ... the doorway to a much richer and more interesting life." Read the exclusive interview with founder & creative director #SusieCave about #TheVampiresWifexHM collaboration:
In reply to @trebuh83
Hej, @hm . Zamówienie nr 23637967785 z 2 października. 7 października informacja, że będzie "nieco opóźnione" ze względu na zwiększoną sprzedaż. Jest 14 października, a jeszcze nawet nie jest wysłane.
Replying to @trebuh83
Jeśli chcesz poznać szczegóły dotyczące Twojego zamówienia, zalecamy kontakt z naszym Działem Obsługi Klienta. Pozdrawiamy!
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa Its been almost three weeks and my order still hasn't shipped? I really needed the order for some volunteer activities I was planning. Can someone please help me???
Replying to @designerbloc
Let us look into this order for you. Can you please DM us your order number, full name and full address. Many thanks in advance!
Let’s remake and create a better fashion future. Introducing @looop — the world’s first in-store recycling system turning old garments into new. Never again will your unwanted clothes be seen as waste. From now on, they are a resource. #jointherecyclingrevolution #HM
In reply to @hmusa
Will the tan cardigans be restocked?
Replying to @VIPaige_
Hey, we are sorry to say that we cannot guarantee restocks, however please keep checking in with us as we do update daily. Take care!
In reply to @hmunitedkingdom
@hmunitedkingdom do you have a name or product code for this coat? Thanks!
Replying to @Alt1098
Great eye! Although we do not have product details to all post/regrams outside of our own, we were able to find another very similar style to help you achieve the look. Come take a look by using the following link: Happy shopping!
Wool-blend coat - Grey - Ladies | H&M GB
In reply to @hmusa
I have more followers than this guy can I be a model for you
Replying to @intothecrevasse
Hi! We're always interested in working with new people. However, we have our own process that we follow. We hire models through modelling agencies such as Elite or IMG. Thank you for your interest and best of luck for the future!
In reply to @hmusa
How about shipping the order I placed on September 22. It’s OCTOBER 10, where are the clothes I ordered????
Replying to @dateablegal
Hi! We're very sorry you still haven't got your order. Please DM us your full name, order number and billing address, we'll look into this for you! Looking forward to help, chat soon!
In reply to @heulmeisje
Abgesehen davon finde ich jedes Bißchen, was Sie oder andere für die Umwelt tun gut. Nicht irritieren lassen & weiter verbessern.
Replying to @heulmeisje
Hi, freut uns, dass dir unsere Umwelt genauso am Herzen liegt wie uns. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Technologien und Innovationen, die dabei helfen, die Modeindustrie zu transformieren. Unser Ziel ist es, bis 2040 klimapositiv zu sein.
In reply to @Hermesparcels
@Hermesparcels can i get all my deliveries cancelled. right now your courier is just holding on to my parcels and i can’t even get a refund @arketofficial @hm @ZARACare
Replying to @fadzaiinlondon
Hey! If you have an issue with one of your orders, please DM us confirming your full name, email address and home address, so we can take a look into this for you. Thanks!
In reply to @ThomasHarrison8
Hi! We're sorry to hear you haven't received your order & we're happy to help. Please note that we strive to respond in a professional and courteous manner, and we request that you show us the same respect. Please DM us your full name, email and billing address. Speak to you soon
In reply to @patriceklohn
Oder hat man einfach die falsche Zeitzone irgendwo eingestellt?
Replying to @patriceklohn
Nein, alles ist korrekt eingestellt. 👌
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa I placed an order 2 weeks ago and it hasn't shipped. No other companies are experiencing this level of delays, so please don't try to blame it on covid. This is unacceptable.
Replying to @JosiLMiller
Hey there, we are sorry to hear that. Please send us a DM confirming your full name, email and home address, so we can look into this for you. Speak soon!
In reply to @PA00440182
Ich glaube die Sch. wird nur produziert damit den ausgebeuteten und unterdrückten Näherinnen nicht langweilig wird und sie auf die Idee kommen, sich gegen ihre Ausbeuter und Unterdrücker zu wehren!? 😤
Replying to @ManniFest7
H&M hat eines der höchsten Nachhaltigkeitsstandards der Textilindustrie für seine Zulieferer und setzt sich seit vielen Jahren in seinen Produktionsländern ein, um die Arbeitsbedingungen vor Ort zu verbessern und die Rechte der Arbeitnehmer zu stärken.
In reply to @ManniFest7
🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼 nicht mal Kinder passen in diesen Hosen rein! Zwischen Größen gibt‘s kaum Unterschied.
Replying to @PA00440182
H&M arbeitet mit gleichen Abmessungen und Größen für unsere Konzepte und dafür verwenden wir das gleiche Größensystem in allen unseren 74 Märkten. Unsere interne Größen-Abteilung arbeitet engagiert daran, einen Durchschnittswert aller Größen zu ermitteln und anzubieten.
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa it has been over two weeks since my order and it still hasn't shipped! This is very frustrating and unacceptable! Can you please help with this???
Replying to @dharmikinc
Hey! Please DM us confirming your full name, email, home address and order number, so we can check your order status for you. Thanks!
Who was the first person who inspired #SusieCave & how has being English influenced her design? Don't miss a rare interview with founder & creative director of @TheVampiresWife Susie Cave. #TheVampiresWifexHM:
Replying to @FOLLEN___
Hi April! It's possible this gem of a sweatshirt has oversold, so it's not available to add to your bag. However, we recommend signing up for availability notifications on the product page for a future restock. You won't miss out!
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa I placed an order 15 days ago and it’s still not shipped!! What is going on? Why can most other companies manage to ship in a timely manner? Unacceptable
Replying to @GormanSheeona
Hi there can you please DM us your full name, order number and billing address. Chat soon.
The world lost a fashion icon yesterday. Kenzo Takada, the founder of the Kenzo brand has passed away at age 81. We will always remember his beautiful creations and everything he gave to the fashion world.
In reply to @hmunitedkingdom
@hmunitedkingdom Hey! Trying to order the red 'Hotter than Hell' woman's hoodie on-line in either L or XL. There are a few pieces left in XL but can't add to my bag at this time 😥 Can't find in store either. Can you help?
Replying to @Kate87319598
Hi! We would be more than happy to look further into this for you. Can you please provide us with the product number, as well as the country you are shopping in? Talk soon!…
In reply to @tonitheteacher
Wow. I called to complain and was hung up on. I'm amazed that they're comfortable with telling customers they have no idea when they'll get their stuff and won't cancel your order.
Replying to @jevettetweets
Hey Jevette, we are sorry to say that once an order is placed we are unable to cancel this, however please dm us your full name, billing address and the email address on your account, we can then advise further!
"My strength is within you. Your strength is within me. Together we are a multitude."
— S. C.
"Confession is an intimacy where we centre ourselves within what is true."
— S. C.
"The female silhouette is the most beautiful and powerful of things and the very essence of mutinous femininity."
— S. C.
In reply to @hmindia
@hmindia @hm Been requesting for a return pick up since a month but No response from Delhivery. Completely disappointing. Help!
Replying to @BharatKukreja19
Hi there, we're so sorry for the trouble, please share the details in DM for the security purpose. Confidential details cannot be shared in public posts. We'll assist you further.
Hi @hmunitedkingdom I sent back an item (order no 2‌666‌551‌337‌0) and had an email on the 14th September to say it had been received but I've not had a refund yet. Please can you help? X
Replying to @jacmcdonald
Hello! Let us have a closer look into this. Please DM us your full name, email, the product numbers for the items returned, and proof of postage. Chat soon!…
Absolutely love @hmunitedkingdom new recyclable packaging, well done guys!!
Replying to @BruftonRolls
Thank you for being a fan! Sustainability is one of our main goals. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
In reply to @hmusa
@hmusa has to be one of the worst customer service experiences ever.
Replying to @sbmeans
We are so sorry to hear that. So we can look into your query, please send us a DM with further details. Speak soon!
Replying to @BikerHeart
Looking fabulous in this Autumn jean and jumper combo! Have a beautiful day too. Best wishes.
Bad vibes don’t go with my outfit. 💕💙 High Vibrational energy only ✨✌🏾 Wishing you all an amazing week!
T-shirt: @9thcason
Denim: @hm
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: @asos
Bag: @amazonfashion…
Replying to @StylePoise
Definitely no bad vibes here! 😍 Love the way you've styled these jeans. Have a fab week!
In reply to @hmunitedkingdom
@hmunitedkingdom help please , you sent me a birthday gift which I can’t activate 😞
Replying to @bebebunting
Oh no! We're sorry for the issues! We're happy to help. Please DM us with your full name, email, and shipping address. We hope to hear from you soon!…
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