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Last 50 tweets from @IAPonomarenko
Gas stations in Ukraine are actually insane. This is the gas station menu?!
Replying to @NeilPHauer
Go with borsch and the Italian breakfast. Highly recommended 👌 UPG rules.
Yes, I love The Hurt Locket & I’ve been re-watching it for years every time I get back home from war zone deployments.
Now sue me.
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
Excuse me? That is an Amy Adams movie first and foremost.
You’re right, she’s absolutely gorgeous in that film. But at that point, I was really into The Hurt Locker, so Mr. Renner was having a lot of my attention on the screen, too.
Не понимаю эту особенность Uber в США: постоянно говорит проверять соответствие машины и номера, написанного в приложении, но при этом из примерно 20 поездок они у меня полностью совпадали раза два. Чаще всего совпадает только модель машины. Изредка ещё и цвет. Почти никогда —……
Replying to @RuslanLeviev
И каким хреном пассажир должен узнать прибывшую машину среди других?
Residents of Moscow publish videos of a black circle in the city's sky.

What do you think happened there?
Replying to @Gerashchenko_en
I saw a Jeremy Renner movie in which such circles were actually alien writings. I guess the rough translation here is: “Dethrone Putin you slowpocks, he’s fucked up in the head.”
Хочецця десь виїбнутись, але не в інстаграмі))
Replying to @lagodavlad
Вітаю) Я все ще не маю часу вчитися на своїй ласточці - купив в кінці січня і хана, робота.
In reply to @XStands4Ten
The foto was taken in Kyiv, I think. Not at his new flat in Irpin which was a closed of area due to the battles.
Yep, I used to live at 25 Henerala Naumova street in Kyiv back then.
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
Illia!! we will wait for your "Battle of Kyiv chronicles" book... Would be great to read it... Stay Safe! 🇺🇦
Replying to @Arrius_JC
I’m completing the final chapter now
In reply to @Fibar11
Maybe because he isn't military? 🤦
Shockingly enough, as a civilian journalist living in a rented apartment in northwest Kyiv, I still had running water and a washing machine those days.
A year ago… the final days of the Battle of Kyiv.
Getting ready for a field day with the International Legion during a counteroffensive strike in Irpin.
That awkward moment when the battlefield lies a couple of kilometers away from your own shitty apartment block.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SarahAshtonLV
Here is the full NY Times article. It's devastating but necessary for us to move forward in the ZSU and Ukraine and for NGOs to build real trust. Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker
Going to say tank based strictly on doctrine and function.
Replying to @SpaghettiKozak
Thanks god we have a true tank expert
Boys and gals, please make sure to subscribe to our @KyivIndependent Pateron.
Popular support is our main budget source, so it really, really helps that you donate and help wartime journalism in 🇺🇦Ukraine. 🫡
The Kyiv Independent | Independent English-language journalism in Ukraine. | Patreon
Once upon a time general Zaluzhny played guitar and won


*ba dum tss*
My pleasure to report that I’ve sent $10,000 from our charity pot to 🇺🇦solider Andriy Popov of the 46th Airborne.
He lost both legs near Kherson, but he has hope he’ll be back to the military as a paramedic.
The guy needs very expensive prosthetics, and we’re here to help.
Replying to @IAPonomarenko
Please don’t forget that you can always donate to help disabled Ukrainian veterans. I collect donations with my PayPal: and carry on looking for aid recipients. You guys rock!
My pleasure to report that I’ve sent $10,000 from our charity pot to 🇺🇦solider Andriy Popov of the 46th Airborne.
He lost both legs near Kherson, but he has hope he’ll be back to the military as a paramedic.
The guy needs very expensive prosthetics, and we’re here to help.
Ніяких «Les Chevaliers du ciel» нема, розходимось.
Як то кажуть: «на парканах теж багато чого пишуть».

P.S. Хоча фільм я обожнюю, і літак вважаю одним з найпрекрасніших серед епохи.
Replying to @_juicefighter_
Я майже готовий поставити пляшку віскаря, що таке ми отримаємо вже за кілька років після війни
I’ve never read something that made more sense than this.
In reply to @evanscribe
Just randomly ran into this tweet because of @IAPonomarenko. Generation Kill is great. So true, so timeless. “That retard is in charge of people?”
My absolute love for life. Along with The Hurt Locker (yes, forgive me, for I have sinned).
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
Get chat gpt to do the heavy lifting for you.
Replying to @liveuk @evanscribe
I actually request its feedback on completed chapters. The thing says I’m gonna be a big rich star.
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
My grandfather had a driving licence for this tank! Made in 1963 xD
When I was going the work that became Generation Kill at Rolling Stone Jann had top-notch editors, fact checkers, and writers. The magazine would pursue any idea if it seemed worthy and had a chance. Later, I'll link my original articles from RS that became... #Genkill20
Replying to @evanscribe
How long did it take to complete the writing? The GenKill manuscript, I mean. Was it hard and painstaking? I’m completing a 400-page book I’ve been writing since Christmas time, and good lord, I’m absolutely exhausted now.
Новость, которая порадует любителей клеить танчики: в распоряжении нашей команды оказались фотографии эшелона, везущего танки Т-54 середины XX века из Приморского края на запад. Мы видим в этом признак дефицита бронетехники в ВС РФ
Replying to @CITeam_ru
Срань господня, вот это цирк
Holy cow, I’ve lived to see Russians de-mothball my favorite early Cold War legacy T-54/55s.
Again: T-54s.
Remember — the special military operation is running in full compliance with the plan as scheduled.
Новость, которая порадует любителей клеить танчики: в распоряжении нашей команды оказались фотографии эшелона, везущего танки Т-54 середины XX века из Приморского края на запад. Мы видим в этом признак дефицита бронетехники в ВС РФ
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
Ukrainian Su-24 "Fencer". This type of aircraft and its pilots perform complex missions on the front lines every day.
*a standard joke on right-hand British tanks*
Note: POLITICO apparently misreported the Ukraine casualty figure here and added a correction…
Replying to @mtracey
1. MSM have something unrealistically apocalyptic about Ukraine 2. Mikey dances with joy, that serves his narrative 3. Someone says that doesn’t make sense 4. Mikey says “Read what the story says, dumbass” 5. MSM admit a mistake 6. Mikey says “I never said that” 7. Repeat
I'm sorry, but what in the actual fuck? We now have to pay for basic security measures that every other online service provides as a given?
Replying to @juliaioffe
Yep. I keep receiving this for a couple of weeks. That’s what our Twitter has become. It’s like making everyone pay for using safe belts and mirrors in cars 😀
A Maxim machine gun used by Ukraine's 28th Mechanized Brigade. @sommervilletv…
As a soldier with the 92nd mechanized told me in 2018…it’s a machine gun. It shoots, it never gets jammed, it does its work here in trenches, what else do you need? 😀
Заходиш в ліфт, а там він. Твої дії?
Replying to @xbringmehomex
Було таке. Правда, не в ліфті, а на парковці біля ОП. “Алєксєй, здрасьте, а де тут у вас пожежна станція?”
And the funniest thing is that most on his side, especially Kool-aid drinking tankies in the West, would absolutely buy this.
If I was Vladimir Putin, I would simply declare victory and go the hell home.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
Combat flight of a pilot MiG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force 🇺🇦😎
People following me know that I do not downplay or deny losses suffered by our side. Furthermore, I meet criticism for speaking out in public about it. Recently, I came across a Politico article which claimed that 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in action (KIA).……
Replying to @Tatarigami_UA
Yes, that just makes zero sense. We would have not been where we are now with 100k military deaths. A total of 100k KIAs and WIAs, and MIAs, and POWs all combined - yes, that is far closer to the objective reality.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
Official footage released by the U.S. Air Force of the collision between a Russian Su-27 and US MQ-9 over the Black Sea.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
⚡️Survey: Ukrainian military tops national trust ratings.

Ukrainians have the greatest amount of trust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (95.8%) according to a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
Це були цікаві, наповненимі моментами 6 років дійсно дивного життя під час війни. З емоціями та відчуттями, які люди іноді не проживають за все своє подружнє довге 20-30-40 річне життя.
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
А group flight of Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force

Photo: Volodymyr Vorobyov
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
И? Что ты сделаешь? Напишешь в газету? Запретишь русским ездить в Житомир? И переименуешь Россию в Эсватини?
Replying to @athoremmes @oldLentach and 1 otherfalse
Нет, я продолжу работать для победы моей страны над вашим позорным кодлом. Еще вопросы?
In reply to @McFaul
Ну да, налоги то дело добровольное. хочешь плати хочешь не плати. А они прям идут и сами платят, вот варвары конечно
Replying to @oldLentach @McFaul
Правда глазенки колет, сладкие? Ну да, теперь уже поздняк метаться. 20 лет старательно откармливали дракона, и теперь пришло время по полной программе увидеть, почему хохлы в свое время скакали на майданах.
I took a few shots to break the ice, but no one was very happy to have me. Some suggested I just go home. But I wanted to move in. It was like a first date & First Recon discovered they were with a stalker. My first portrait of Colbert. He was so happy to meet me. #Genkill20
Replying to @evanscribe
That feels a bit strange, tbh. Throughout all years of our war, Ukrainian combat units have normally been very welcoming and embracive. Many soldiers just die to see a new face and talk to you. I can’t remember a unit that didn’t try to feed me in trenches.
Congrats, brother.
We’re proud of you.
Four cold months in Torske and notorious Kreminna forests were my most challenging, back-breaking, but also my proudest. Thanks to all who’ve supported me & my unit. I’m back on rotation in Kyiv oblast and getting my first vacation soon. There’s a heavy price, but we are winning.
Going live on @ZDF in 30 mins.
We’re discussing the Battle of Bakhmut.
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
Can you verify the PayPal name. Initially you wrote "Sergiy Gnezdilov". Pay Pal reads, "Sergij" with a "j" vs. a "y"...??? Just wanna make sure the donation goes to the right account. Thanks.
Replying to @JMACI2
Just feel free to find him by the email I put in the tweet. That’s him. I just used a different way to spell his name.
Although James played guitar and wrote song riffs, he was just the lead singer when we played live. It was maybe the 5th or 6th gig when he decided to play guitar and sing at the same time.
Replying to @RonMcGovney
“Metalus Maximus” When I first saw this poster aged 15, I also thought the slogan sounded cool. In reality, it didn’t. At all.
In reply to @IAPonomarenko
read this article. Ukrainian military trainers are a catastrophe. As poor as russians.…
Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 Retweeted ·  
A year since Maks Levin, one of the best photographers & people I ever knew, was murdered by russia. He was documenting putin’s war crimes in vicinity of Kyiv.

Rest in peace, Maks!

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