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Last 50 tweets from @Imamofpeace
And the (far) Left will insist that you respect everyone’s culture. MUSLIM SOMALI SEX GANG SAY RAPING WHITE BRITISH CHILDREN “PART OF THEIR CULTURE”.…
88 88
I’m not upset that I was booed as I received my diploma, it only proves that everything I’ve been saying for four years is true. Civil discourse is mostly dead on college campuses and leftist students are intolerant of those who disagree.
637 3,339
Replying to @KassyDillon :
@KassyDillon 1000 congratulations to you, you brave hero. Ignore the haters who hate the world they’re living in.
1 22
@Imamofpeace You are a fraud maulana ... munafik ...
1 8
Replying to @EssaMerchant :
@EssaMerchant Call me a fraud for as long as you like. Your leader and patriarch of the Khomeini family, Ayatollah Hassan Khomeini, used to peel oranges for me. The proof is in the peels which are on his plate. You’re a bunch of corrupt thugs and I am proud to have left you.
48 163
How does it feel passing through the journey of life with a one digit IQ?
U r nothing but pool in the hands of Your Isreal masters.U r American stooge who is working for the agenda of Shaitaan.oh! Shaitaan is locked in this month.How can you free.Sorry,I think u r working for Dajaal.Is it #Imam_Sahib😁
4 7
119 594
“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.”

Psalm 37:23-24
74 322
A believer that doesn’t welcome criticism of their belief system is not a confident believer.
489 1,542
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
Dear followers, are you supporting #FreeRaif ? Plz let us know below and RT
225 203
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
It's so sad that we live in a world where someone promoting peace has to live like this. What kind of hate eats at one's heart that they could put other people through such torment?
66 220
@Imamofpeace Don't expect anything lower then this from a son of a dog and bastard' child who doesn't know who his real father is. I pity the woman who gave birth to a bastard like you.
0 0
Replying to @82Shaikh :
Having guards and living under security doesn’t mean I’m special. It actually means there’s a problem with both the Left and the Islamic community, to the extent that I can’t buy a bottle of water without being punched in the face for spreading peace ➡️…
592 1,389
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
A former Liberal MP, herein, says that you won’t be interested in me grilling Hussein for four hours on Thursday night. RT if you feel otherwise.…
789 637
The project, which is named “The drive into your new future” intends to make it easier for asylum seekers to become truck drivers.…
228 397
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
All mosques in China should raise national flag ‘to promote patriotism’, says China Islamic Association…
1,848 3,775
Can't stop laughing at this clown Muhammad Ali Musawi 😂😂😂
0 3
Replying to @82Shaikh :
Imam of kufr @Imamofpeace tawhidis own associates regard him as an apostate and openly call for his killing. But dont expect any open condemnation from this fake imam
2 14
Replying to @82Shaikh :
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
Read and share my article exposing this potential UK terrorist: @82Shaikh (AbdulHamid):…
672 698
🛑 I need an Indian official to get in touch with me as I wish to report this terrorist in Mumbai who has called for my killing. I will not let this one get away. His FB:…

@rammadhavbjp @sheikhkhalid @TarekFatah @
405 523
Replying to @Imamofpeace :
@CPMumbaiPolice @MumbaiPolice

Greetings to you. Kindly advise me of the process to report and request action against the above individual.

Thank you

I can be reached at:
132 269
🛑 I need an Indian official to get in touch with me as I wish to report this terrorist in Mumbai who has called for my killing. I will not let this one get away. His FB:…

@rammadhavbjp @sheikhkhalid @TarekFatah @
405 521
@taslimanasreen You should also have undressed yourself. Possibly you didn't do that because all the other persons were slim and smart!! But don't worry , you are also fit!!
0 4
Replying to @HarshJourno :
@HarshJourno @taslimanasreen Taslima doesn’t need your approval of her looks as you’re not the George Clooney of India, and neither does she need your comments on her intellect as I doubt your IQ would exceed one digit. I’m sick and tired of low lives bullying this woman. Leave her alone.
4 35
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
I’m Tibetan, I’m Buddhist and I’m the Dalai Lama, but if I emphasize these differences it sets me apart and raises barriers with other people. What we need to do is to pay more attention to the ways in which we are the same as other people.
31,004 105,395
I’m surprised at a religion with so many people suffering from mental illness, all wanting to express themselves during the month of Ramadhan. Who is this genius doctor that’s diagnosing them all?

It’s not mental illness.
It’s their normal business.
791 2,010
A Mufti in Mecca will issue a Fatwa to kill Non-Muslims, but won’t issue a Fatwa to stop killing cows, even though it could save the lives of many Muslims in certain parts of the world. Because terrorists pay good money and cows don’t.…
Muslim killed over suspicion of cow slaughter inMadhya Pradesh
290 590
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
@nat0768 @Imamofpeace I confirm same thing happened to his tweet on my feed when i was liking and RTing it
9 27
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
@Imamofpeace Your tweets are disappearing right in front of my eyes. I just saw one you sent regarding our Justine Trudeau, and while I was reading it .....poof it was gone :-( They keep censoring the wrong people
39 134
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
It is disturbing that this #KentState Professor has such an affinity for some of the worst terrorists of this century…
  · Hootsuite · en
131 176
1. Mayor asks me for advice on counter-Islamic Extremism.

2. I provide the advice.

3. Mayor doesn’t take the advice.

4. One year later I get attacked by an Islamic extremist within the mayor’s same city.

5. Mayor says he’s embarrassed.

6. I don’t believe him.
1,887 5,719
@Imamofpeace This one has disappeared
29 59
Replying to @yellowredsparks :
@yellowredsparks Yes. Thank you for taking a screenshot.
3 46
9:00 am and 3 of my tweets just disappeared within 20 minutes of tweeting them. I’m starting to think that there’s an employee who’s job is to hit that delete button without my permission.
966 2,834
The Iraqi army has foiled an ISIS terrorist attack intended to blow up innocent young girls by placing dynamite into toy dolls. This isn’t a mental illness, this is a strategic way to make the nation lose trust in the police, army & government; and eventually turn against them.
1,254 1,506
As an exmuslim I want all my friends who have seen my activism to follow and support @Imamofpeace. He is a reformer & the orthodox Islamic world hate him. Twitter now silencing even his credentials.This is why the Mid East is a political mess. The Left extremists are enabling it.
402 811
Replying to @Hazem_F :
@Hazem_F Thank you my dear brother.
9 91
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
As an exmuslim I want all my friends who have seen my activism to follow and support @Imamofpeace. He is a reformer & the orthodox Islamic world hate him. Twitter now silencing even his credentials.This is why the Mid East is a political mess. The Left extremists are enabling it.
402 811
I must admit: I just caught a glimpse of Meghan and Harry on screen and I got the goosebumps and a huge smile on my face 😍 #Congrats #RoyalWedding
0 19
Replying to @AdelleNaz :
@AdelleNaz Hajagha C must be thinking the same. 😅
0 7
The Left: Imam Tawhidi’s audience are mainly ‘Right-wing’.

Me: If the Left won’t listen to Imam Tawhidi, the Right will. Not because he is ‘Right-wing’, but because he’s ‘Human-wing’ and the Left don’t seem to put humanity first.
1,919 5,923
@kareem3091959 تره حركة اراده عدها ثلاثة مقاعد بالبرلمان وهي رئيسة الكتله يعني راح تبقى شوكة بعيونكم انتم المضغوطين فأكلوا تبن ولتضلون تمسلتون
0 1
Replying to @Sara06354544 :
@Sara06354544 @kareem3091959 شعبنا فاشل ومن فشله لا يحترم المرأة.
0 1
VERY ALARMING! My pinned tweet containing a statement issued by a Royal Institute investigating and verifying my credentials as an Imam and scholar has been quietly deleted for the second time after receiving thousands of RT’s. The elite Left is trying everything to silence me.
1,031 1,579
Welcome to Lakemba in Sydney, Australia. Our movement of peace and reform has made extremists furious to the extent they’ve taped my images on the ground for the public to walk over. This tells you that our message is weakening theirs.
491 1,226
@82Shaikh @zaram_bukhari1 Balls in your court. You’re the last person I’d worry about.
0 0
@Imamofpeace @zaram_bukhari1 You managed to screen shot 4 Muslim names.out of the 6 k plus far right islamophobes well done "imam" you really refuted us now mate 😏
3 4
Replying to @82Shaikh :
@82Shaikh @zaram_bukhari1 Look what my private investigator has found. Did you really think that was going to be my only article? Wait for it. Keep working your way up to the spotlight and FoxNews. I’ll help you get there. You and your Jihadi mates are way behind. Wait till your portfolio is out soon.
1 4
Not just the word 'infidel', but also accusing a Muslim of being 'Islamophobic' should be considered a death threat, because that is what it is; making it obligatory for any Muslim to kill apostates. Would you agree @ImamOfPeace?
97 302
Replying to @TarekFatah :
@Imamofpeace You stand with them? By Living in Australia?
0 2
Replying to @LaeeqAwan02 :
@LaeeqAwan02 That picture is of me in Indonesia. I have a history of work with the local Jakarta government.
1 13
Indonesians have been victims of homegrown Islamic terrorists for over 3 decades. I stand with them against the Jihadists.
314 983
@82Shaikh @Imamofpeace There are still alot Shia who still support Many who dont have the guts to agree with him in public, but deep inside they know he is right.
0 1
Replying to @zaram_bukhari1 :
@zaram_bukhari1 @82Shaikh Thousands upon thousands of Muslims support me. Abdul Hamid is delusional.
3 10
Imam Tawhidi Retweeted ·  
Writing exclusively for AltNewsMedia, Imam Tawhidi – better known as the Imam of Peace – shines a light on the violent hatred of British Sunni Muslim Abdul Hamid and asks: how far will we allow him to go?…
I will rip your head off exposing the violent hatred of Abdul Hamid - AltNewsMedia
  · Facebook · en
188 293
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