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Last 50 tweets from @jacindaardern
What has happened in Christchurch is an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand. Many of those affected will be members of our migrant communities – New Zealand is their home – they are us.
37,684 122,481
Replying to @jacindaardern :
The person who has committed this violent act has no place here. To those in Christchurch; I encourage you to stay inside and follow the instructions of @nzpolice. The Police Commissioner will be making a public statement at 5pm. I will update everyone again later this evening.
5,068 21,138
What has happened in Christchurch is an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand. Many of those affected will be members of our migrant communities – New Zealand is their home – they are us.
37,700 122,550
To those who felt the quake - GNS have confirmed their assessment that it was M6.2 and 25km SW of Taumarunui. Widely felt across central NZ. Grabbing updates from officials but in the meantime, do check on those around you!
415 2,523
Welcome to the world, little one.

Finn Paul Davidson, born today, 10lb 1.5oz.

Know that you are loved. X
2,068 46,036
Replying to @RuthDavidsonMSP :
@RuthDavidsonMSP Congratulations! It’s a journey like no other.
33 952
Kia ora @jacindaardern! It's been a big year for you & 🇳🇿 - congrats! How could it get even better? Join @GCMandela100 & pledge new funds to @GPforEducation. I hope you & @MFATgovtNZ agree that educating every child can change the world! @claralionelfdn
1,602 10,063
Replying to @rihanna :
@rihanna @GCMandela100 @GPforEducation @MFATgovtNZ @ClaraLionelFdn Absolutely agree – education investment is the key! Keen to see an increased focus on the Pacific (we just announced $9 million to support access to education in the Pacific last week). Would love to work with GPE to increase engagement in this wonderful region.
135 1,273
This is huge! Congratulations Rose… e
233 2,945
So saddened to hear of the passing of Greg Boyed. I’ll be one of many who will have sat opposite him over the years - such a thoughtful interviewer who was quick to share a laugh. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.
200 2,602
Congratulations @JulieAnneGenter ! So pleased to hear of the safe arrival of the newest addition to the parliamentry play group. Hope you enjoy those very special first few days.
100 1,618
The world has lost a great humanitarian, leader, and self proclaimed “stubborn optimist”. Rest in peace, Kofi Annan.
931 4,936
Huge congratulations to the @crusadersrugby ! You’ve done it again!
100 1,360
@SamSachdevaNZ ok I didn't know about this and I'm blushing, if you speak again please pass my congratulations along to the new parents!
2 64
Replying to @mountain_goats :
@mountain_goats @SamSachdevaNZ Thank you so much @mountain_goats ! PS Seeing you perform live is on my very short bucket list, so please do visit...
7 122
There are some accomplishments that are difficult to fathom - like crossing the Tasman solo in a kayak. I’m pretty sure Scott Donaldson has stunned us all. Truly amazing.
129 1,901
@whaeapower @nzdodo @LittleSproutsNZ My friend and I knitted this little jacket for @jacindaardern and @NZClarke 's baby but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we went it to you. Address, please? It took of us to make it because I soon realized I'd forgotten how to knit.
0 14
Replying to @ArchieDaRival :
@ArchieDaRival @whaeapower @nzdodo @LittleSproutsNZ @NZClarke Thank you so much- I’m so glad I saw your beautiful handy work, and I’m so glad it’s going to have such a great home via the aunties xxx
2 28
I’ve been in NZ for three months now and these are some of the things I want to share. 1) NZ is not Australia.2) NZ really is not Australia. There’s nothing poisonous here except a few members of New Zealand First & @jacindaardern has them fairly under control.3) NZ 🥛 is delish
168 859
Replying to @Damian_Barr :
@Damian_Barr I’m deeply concerned about the inadequate cheese experience you’ve had here. Perhaps a kiwi cheese obsessive can turn you around? @CurdNerd
29 504
My message for International Women's Day.
  · TweetDeck · en
1,065 4,670
I brought my daughter a toy Kiwi from #PATA17 meeting in #NZ. She loved it so much that she wrote a postcard to @jacindaardern, asking her to take good care of the Kiwis, pls. Hard to describe how happy she was when she received a personal answer today. Thank you!
107 715
Replying to @ch_gruetze :
@ch_gruetze I am so glad it made it to her! Thanks again for caring so much about Kiwi. She’ll have to come and see one sometime!
29 594
@RebelWilson Thank you! And please have the best time here. If you need any tips for your trip, kiwis are always at the ready!
32 526
But no time for NZ current affairs shows this weekend
11 64
Replying to @nkean :
@nkean Struggled to make the logistics work this week, but pretty sure we’ve already found an alternative spot!
6 145
And another one! Well done @nicoporteous Our youngest ever medal winner too! #PeyongChang2018
79 1,079
Huge congratulations to Snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott for your bronze medal win!! You’ve done us so proud. #PyeongChang2018
162 1,942
My huge and warm congratulations to @JulieAnneGenter and Peter on the announcement of their little one. Very exciting news!
66 1,296
Just heard the news that Bill English has decided to stand down. Bill has made a huge contribution through his time in office and to politics generally. I admire those who serve NZ in this place, and Bill did for a long time, and he did it well. My best wishes @RtHonBEnglish
285 2,807
@wadegr @jacindaardern @RocketLab sometimes my fingers work faster than my brain... and I hit send before I realise there's a typo...WORSE when I make a meme and there's a typo on one of them
0 2
Replying to @JustJen64 :
Huge congratulations to Peter & all the team at @RocketLab Making history and shoeing what’s possible right here in New Zealand, and doing it in such a kiwi way (who else would call the first test rocket ‘It’s a Test’ and the second one ‘Still Testing’)
288 2,663
Aww. Thanks for the toast @colincitizen and @TheProject_NZ ! That’s really kind.
42 1,218
We thought 2017 was a big year! This year we’ll join the many parents who wear two hats. I’ll be PM & a mum while Clarke will be “first man of fishing” & stay at home dad. There will be lots of questions (I can assure you we have a plan all ready to go!) but for now bring on 2018
4,220 25,757
So sad to hear of the passing of Jim Anderton today. He was a man of huge integrity, strong values and had a genuine passion for people. He dedicated so much of his life to public service and leaves a huge legacy. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP, Jim.
383 2,698
Wishing everyone a peaceful and merry Christmas! #5under6
261 3,348
My thoughts are with Australia and the people of Melbourne- such a shocking incident this afternoon. Thinking of all the victims and their families.
319 2,171
Secret Santa round two!?! #nzsecretsanta
293 2,019
It's here!!! Thank you so much #nzsecretsanta I love it all, I've wanted this book for my girls for ages especially! Oh and to those interested, the pin will give away who my santa was......
141 1,875
Replying to @BecksT84 :
@BecksT84 I am so glad it made it! A very Merry Christmas to you and your girls, from your not very secret Secret Santa.
39 1,098
A Paddles memorial Coffee mug - what an outstanding #nzsecretsanta gift! Thank you mystery giver
Ping @FirstCatofNZ @NZClarke @jacindaardern
29 473
Replying to @jmodoh :
@jmodoh @FirstCatofNZ @NZClarke This really is brilliant. I must come and see it for myself!
0 46
So although my #nzsecretsanta didn't quite get there this year, a #SuperSecretSanta stepped up amazingly for me. Thank you so much, whoever you are!! @nzsecretsanta
259 2,083
I understand I jumped off our interview too early this morning @GuyonEspiner ! Huge apologies. And merry Christmas to you and all the @radionz listeners too
30 644
Jacinda Ardern Retweeted ·  
Can you help out? I’m helping to do a present drive for kids in Murupara. Gifts can be dropped to Parliament until Wednesday, or I can pick up Eastern Bay of Plenty from Thursday! The PM @jacindaardern donated an amazing box full - it’s going to be awesome!🎄
61 188
@jacindaardern @nzsecretsanta Merry Christmas Jacinda. Thank you for all the great work you have been doing. I hope you get a break over Xmas. P.s I've never wished a politician merry Xmas before. I think you are awesome.
1 54
Replying to @Veronic67082698 :
@Veronic67082698 @nzsecretsanta That is so kind! Thank you! And Merry Christmas to you too
1 33
Here we go, @nzsecretsanta is on the way!
99 1,739
Jacinda Ardern Retweeted ·  
#LIVE: Watch former US Vice President & climate campaigner @algore interview Prime Minister @jacindaardern as part of @ClimateReality's #24HoursofReality here:…
44 134
A quick reminder! Tonight between 6-7pm Civil Defence is running a nationwide test of its new Emergency Mobile Alert system. You don’t need to sign up, but to check if your phone is capable of receiving alerts go to
79 578
So you may have noticed I don't tweet especially often (I just lurk) but as a ridiculous lover of Christmas, I couldn't miss the chance to join the @nzsecretsanta movement. Registration ends tomorrow so feel free to join in my over the top Christmas cheer
290 3,210
Thanks so much for all your questions! Now go out and vote! #LetsDoThis #AskJacinda
  · Twitter QandA · en
146 1,223
Thanks! #AskJacinda
#AskJacinda Don't actually have a question, just wanted to say good job.
0 12
  · Twitter QandA · en
34 316
I'm not sure compulsion is the way to go - agree we need to do everything we can to lift engagement! #AskJacinda
Is there any chance Labour would look at making voting in a General Election compulsory, like other countries?
2 6
  · Twitter QandA · en
26 151
I wish we could have done more for them. Pleased at least Labour got rid of interest on loans in 2005! #AskJacinda
#AskJacinda you're planning on making tertiary education free, but what about students with already exisiting loans?
1 14
  · Twitter QandA · en
30 202
I have a whole list! Our 100 day plan includes the top ones. Plenty of stuff in there on child poverty. Big focus for me #AskJacinda
#AskJacinda what will be your first act if you become prime minister?
0 2
  · Twitter QandA · en
36 199
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