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Last 50 tweets from @Jacksepticeye
I’ve never tried any of this before 😳
Replying to @GeorgeNootFound
I cant believe you killed all those fish
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
hahahahaha dickhead 😂
Pain when the next Sidecast episode is pretty much everyone talking about my sex life
Replying to @KSI
Short episode then?
The 24th has ended, in my time-zone, soooo thank you all for the kind birthday wishes and stuuuuff! <3 (I'll let you know if being 32 is like way different, once I tried it for a while...)
Replying to @pixlpit
Beta test it for a while and let me know what I can expect in the patch notes
Hands up if you're still wearing a face mask.
and still getting unsettled by how many people don't wear masks in crowded spaces anymore.
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
I'd love to help too. I'm not a massive creators, but I'll give it my all! @Jacksepticeye
Replying to @TweckerTweets
I will definitely have a sign up link for anyone who wants to help. Once we have the website and stuff sorted :D
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
waiting for my DM ..
Replying to @LudwigAhgren
You will be called to the frontlines soon soldier! o7
Replying to @Corpse_Husband
Thank you smiling man! Your support is always a treasure
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
Replying to @SpediceyPie69
It’s a pretty big event so I want to have enough lead time to let people k ow it’s happening :)
Thankmas will be happening around December 10th! We are going to be raising money for homelessness and our goal is going to be a whopping $10 MILLION. I will have a bigger announcement on Oct. 10th.

CREATORS I will be DMing you about how you can help, so please keep an eye out
Replying to @Jacksepticeye
This is the biggest charity event that I have ever planned and the goal only gets hit if we all work together on it. As with previous years, I will be calling on all of you the closer we get to the event. You will all be able to help raise money too.
Thankmas will be happening around December 10th! We are going to be raising money for homelessness and our goal is going to be a whopping $10 MILLION. I will have a bigger announcement on Oct. 10th.

CREATORS I will be DMing you about how you can help, so please keep an eye out
8 weeks of eating bricks and mortar. Body positive for once. Body like a sock full of conkers and not a melted ice cream. I’m off to Marbella, see you in a bit Twitter
I'd like to welcome David Wolfram Morrison into the world. He was born Sep 23 and gave us a big scare but he's good and healthy and I couldn't be happier.
Replying to @cinnamontoastk
Congratulations guys!!
Jacksepticeye Retweeted ·  
Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Ashen One. You witnessed the birth of the First Flame, and you saw to its end.

We commemorate your Age of Fire. Thank you. #DarkSouls10thAnniversary
gonna upset stan Twitter real quick: taking a screenshot of someone’s video and adding a filter onto it doesn’t make it YOUR content.

it’s hilarious to me when people upload pics from my videos and then caption with “pls don’t repost without credit”
Thank you for making my streams look CLEAN AF ✨
Replying to @TheAn1meMan
Those are so sick!
top of the mornin
if i asked you to describe jacksepticeye without calling him
-a youtuber
-a gamer

what would you say?
Replying to @alltoolainey
Coffee salesman
Happy Birthday to me!
Replying to @cinnamontoastk
Eyy happy birthday buddy!
more like JACKEDsepticeye amirite?
Replying to @pokimanelol
What are ya some kind of Immortal or something? That was SICK!
Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour at the @RoyalAlbertHall this evening was breathtaking, the @ffdistantworlds shows always are! Kind of nuts to be back at a concert, but what a concert to be back for.
Replying to @UrsineVulpine @RoyalAlbertHall and 1 otherfalse
Duuuuude! We went to the 2pm showing. It was crazy good, shame we missed each other
why is every youtuber in europe rn
Replying to @hasanthehun
I live there….
I like music

Yup that's the tweet

Good night 🎹
hate is such a waste of the limited time we have.
Replying to @corybarlog
Not if I post about it on Twitter and get likes
It’s been 1 year since I started working out!💪

Bench press pb: 35kg (77lbs)
Squat pb: 70kg (154lbs)
Replying to @GabSmolders
Fuck me UP!! 😍
Hey bestie!! Made this for you! 😍❤️🌟✅
* (The knowledge that Jacksepticeye will upload Deltarune today fills you with determination. )
Wanna send some love to @TroyBakerVA. On a few occasions now, Troy has been there for me with invaluable help and advice with regards to performance and character. Such a wonderful human, and so generous with his time. Thank you, mate ❤️
One of the greatest people I know!
Finished portrait of @Jacksepticeye, @GabSmolders, and certified cutie-pie BB! #Procreate
This is remarkable!!
Got commissioned by @Jacksepticeye to work on this really cool portrait of him, @GabSmolders and BB. Thanks for trusting me with this one and also for being the coolest dude! Excited for when you'll have it framed and hanged😁
In reply to @Sykkuno
@Sykkuno welcome to the club buddy ✅
Took long enough!
Replying to @Jacksepticeye
In reply to @Sykkuno
@Sykkuno welcome to the club buddy ✅
Took long enough!
A year ago I married the love of my life, Rosie and she walked down the aisle to ‘Many Are The Stars I See…’ which I wrote for her. For our 1st anniversary I designed a book with the words and sheet music for string quartet, all handmade by the amazing @MAZZOTTIBOOKS ❤️
Jacksepticeye Retweeted ·  
BTS of a photoshoot were doing today on our Instagram stories. Go check em out? NOW! 📸🍫💥
Deltarune? 👀
Replying to @Jacksepticeye
I need to do some homework. I can’t remember anything from Chapter 1 lol
Deltarune? 👀
Replying to @TinaKitten
Big POG Tina! Massive W for the lads. Congrats
Welcome @TinaKitten to 100 Thieves!

A longtime friend of the family, Tina's ability to light up a room with smiles is unmatched. Her growth as a creator over this past year has been incredible and we are so excited to support her on this journey! #100T
Hell yeah!! Congrats Tina! 🥳
When you know, you know—making a game is full of crazy-hard decisions, but casting the amazingly talented @TonyTodd54 as Venom will definitely be one of the easiest we had to make. Thanks for going on this journey with us, Tony!
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
We can't wait to ship it! It's becoming very real..oh god i have to write a book now
Replying to @VaatiVidya
If you need coffee to help you through it, let me know
It's been 1 month since we announced Soul Arts, and now the Kickstarter campaign has safely concluded!
3657% funded. 18,227 backers. THANK YOU.❤️
We'll do our best to ship earlier than our April 2022 date. At that time, the book should be available for sale on the publisher site.
Replying to @VaatiVidya
NUTS! Can’t wait to get it
In reply to @Jacksepticeye
The marketing doesn’t do it justice. Such a great game
Replying to @thaRadBrad
Didnt help that they kept showing off the same type of gameplay from it all the time. It’s a much more diverse game than it looks
I’ve been playing Deathloop for the past week. It’s really damn good. The marketing makes the game look a lot worse than it actually is but it might be my favourite game this year so far.
Legit one of my favorite performances in a videogame, @Jasonkelley_JK is next level in Deathloop.
Colt is awesome. Really blew me away
I'm hoping jacksepticeye is gonna play the new LiS game at some point, I really liked his playthrough of the whole series. but he did said that he might not play any of the new games after LiS 2 :\
Replying to @croudjay
I won’t be playing the newest one. Hopefully you can find someone else’s playthrough that resonates with you though :)
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