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Last 50 tweets from @JAdomian
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Damn I can’t believe Ghislaine Maxwell died in her jail cell tomorrow.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
It's hard to make the 'harm reduction' case for Biden when all of his ads and tweets explicitly say 'Donald Trump isn't doing enough harm to other countries, vote for me to do more harm. I fucking love harm so goddamn much."
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
We have confirmation the FBI made contact w/ some arrestees today while being held in the West prct this AM. You have no legal obligation to speak to the FBI. Doing so endangers yourself and others. If you have been contacted or interviewed please contact us or the @NLG_Seattle
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
RIP Carl Reiner. Gunned down in his prime.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The videos in this thread are just pure Good versus Evil shit.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
I will jump in front of a bus for Kentucky.

Mitch McConnell will gladly throw Kentucky under that bus.

Saying we need new leadership is a complete understatement.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
someone just print the punisher logo on a face mask so fucking idiots wear them
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
In reply to @leashless
Our position is this: Superman exists, and Superman is a serial killer. He occasionally listens to strange radio frequencies from Krypton, then scorches entire nations off the face of the earth. He's also taken to enslaving people and killing black children. This is America.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The fact that not a single cop was moved enough by Elijah’s words TO NOT FUCKING KILL HIM proves that this system can’t be reformed. #AbolishThePolice
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Defund the Pentagon budget.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The movement continues.

We are standing with @Booker4KY to demand #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor at the Kentucky Capitol.

We will win it — in the streets, and at the ballot box.

Let’s keep building:
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The numbers are coming in.

What’s going on in Kentucky, you ask???

Something big.
I heard Freddie Pepitone shows up at the end
My new special FOR THE MASSES is now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play and more! Go watch it before I die!!! Album out too! Directed by @stevenfeinartz Get it here:
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
If unseating Eliot Engel was cathartic, imagine the feeling when we unseat Wasserman Schultz!

#DownBallotProgressives #WIN
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to all the change makers last night! I still can’t believe my election is just 6 WEEKS away. Our movement continues—can I count on your support?

Invest in me during this last month, & I promise to fight for you EVERY day in DC. ✊🏾…
I just gave to Cori!
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Congressman Mondaire Jones. Congressman Jamaal Bowman. Senator Charles Booker. Get fucking ready!
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
We are seeing reports of voting lines as long as 3 hours in LeFrak City as well. Other poll sites are much faster.

If you can, STAY IN LINE!

If you are *in line* at your polling location by 9pm, you CAN vote.
*Open, undisguised voter suppression in Democratic primaries*

Democrats: Hm wow this could actually be scary if the badguys did it in a general election
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The line to vote right now at Yonkers High School. #NY16
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
I refuse to accept even a penny from the Fraternal Order of Police (and other police-only unions) — unlike labor unions that fight for more humane and dignified workplaces, police unions fight to function with impunity and harm communities:
No Cash From Cops
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
In the United States of America people should not need to beg to be able to exercise their right to vote.

We're glad the doors are open now, but damn, this is not democracy. #AllEyesOnKentucky
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Wow. Voters have been locked out of a polling station in Louisville, & are now banging on the doors demanding to get to vote.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
I’m with you every step of the way.

We’re almost there. Stay in line. Make your voice heard. We will win this.
It’s exciting when Democrats suppress votes of the left in primaries and then scream about voter suppression during a general.
Replying to @daveanthony
In reply to @JAdomian
"Haha MORON you should've registered months before the primary" followed by "You MUST now get out and vote" is a difficult circus maneuver.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
oh my fucking god 269GB of files from every department sortable by BADGE NUMBER Anonymous really did not come to playyyyyyyyyy with #BlueLeaks.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
This summer is going to be unrecognizably hot.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
dads when their kids don’t want a relationship after being traumatized for two decades
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Is it really possible that the ports of LA and LB stopped work yesterday along with every west coast port in solidarity with BLM and it got basically no local news coverage? The biggest port complex in the country?
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
You have to see the WHOLE video here and not just the clip.

This is @GaryChambersJr confronting Baton Rouge school board member Connie Bernard SHOPPING ONLINE during an emotional meeting about changing the name of a local high school from Robert E. Lee.

This moment is 🔥🔥🔥
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Secret Service has moved crowd back from the overflow stage so it can be broken down.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Only a movement can beat Mitch McConnell.

We are the people he has ignored for decades. Black, Brown, and White Kentuckians, from the hood to the holler, we are rising up.

We were so invisible to him, he never saw us coming.

VOTE this Tues., June 23rd.…
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
We're only 3 days away from the election and we need to make sure our dedicated volunteers have all the supplies they need to Get-Out-The-Vote.

Will you rush a contribution to help keep our volunteers fully supplied in the final stretch?…
Support Jamaal Bowman for Congress!
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ACLU
.@kyoag Attorney General Cameron, I demand justice for Breonna Taylor and I am tagging 5 friends who will do the same. @jackiekashian knows. I know. YOU know. MURDERED. @JAdomian @lukajones @DaveHolmes @robbelushi @megangailey
Replying to @hypeman @kyoag and 5 others
Yeah Dan, you know these killers need to be charged for killing Breonna Taylor. Take it to a jury. Cops are not above the law.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: The Department of Homeland Security has been dispatching drones and airplanes to surveil Black Lives Matter protestors in at least 15 cities. This is a horrendous abuse of power and an absolute outrage.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
But they can’t figure out who hung those 6 ppl across the country
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
A couple work in progress but almost done still life paintings. Still Life #1 is the Remedy for Pepper Spray: 50/50 Water and Milk of Magnesia. Still Life #2 is the Remedy for Tear Gas: 8oz Water per Tablespoon of Baking Soda. #art #painting #stilllife #pepperspray #teargas
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Turkey's membership in NATO and U.S. basing of nuclear weapons in Turkey continues to be the geopolitical equivalent of a very loud fart in church.…
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
This energy but for the entire ruling elite

James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The LAPD budget of $3B sounds like a lot out of context but when you break it down we only have $8.2M per day.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Yesterday, our movement won a historic victory, making Seattle the nation's FIRST city with a ban against police use or purchase of

Chemical weapons
Kinetic impact projectiles
acoustic weapons
directed energy weapons
water cannons
disorientation devices
ultrasonic cannons.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
This is MAJOR. This is much more than a surge.

Kentuckians are fired up to win this primary, and we just have two words for Mitch...

Move On.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
The cops who got diarrhea from eating fast food will be honored by punisher skulls featuring the thin “brown” line
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
THIS is the kind of courageous stance we are looking for. No police dispatched for non-violent calls also makes a lot of common sense as it clears the way for those better equipped to handle such situations to do so.
Let's do it!
#CareNotCops #ReImaginePublicSafety
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Breonna Taylor’s murderers should have been arrested 95 days ago.
James Adomian Retweeted ·  
Breaking News: Seattle City Council unanimously passed our movement's & my socialist Council office's legislation banning Seattle police from using or purchasing teargas, blast balls, rubber bullets, other weapons!

HUGE congrats to our movement for this!

Ted Cruz enters ring with limp pyrotechnics

Tries to Ultimate Warrior the ropes

Replying to @JAdomian
Ted Cruz vs. Ron Perlman is a Tex Avery cartoon where Droopy definitely loses
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