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Last 50 tweets from @JamieBrysonCPNI
“As the union flag flies proudly, and looks down on her sons, this is the people’s army, Ulster’s chosen ones...” 🇬🇧
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Ulster Hall event, still no word on media access, but hearing new younger loyalists are speaking at the event rather then the better known faces
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Any unionist considering voting Alliance on Thursday remember one thing. The Alliance party are opposed to a border between NI and the ROI but not opposed to a border in the Irish Sea. They have no care for the union. Vote Unionist.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Arrivals at loyalist rally in Belfast city centre opposing Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. They claim the deal creates an ‘economic United Ireland’ - an anathema to those at this event
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Massive momentum in the Ulster Hall tonight. This hall, just like those throughout our land, encapsulates the feeling within unionism, unmoving, unwavering. Standing tall. All shades of unionism, in all corners, committed in opposition to this Betrayal. #ResistTheBetrayalAct
The message is the same since the very first Betrayal Act meeting. It is a united, collective & defiant one; we will not be tolerating an economic United Ireland. Video courtesy of @RBlackPA
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Around 1,000 loyalists attended a rally at the Ulster Hall tonight to protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnston’s EU withdrawal plans…
This drunken SF thug sought to impede my path into Ulster Hall in a stunt for the cameras. He evidently believed unionism was still in a mood to politely appease pontificating republicans; he was sobered up with the reality as he was swiftly pushed out of the way 🇬🇧
Well done to the organisers of tonight’s event. Great to see new passionate young unionist voices & the old stalwarts Dodds & Allister united once again behind the same old sacred cause for which our fathers bled! Unionism/loyalism will be resisting the Betrayal Act! 🇬🇧
Great ending at the Ulster Hall! Regardless of what happens on 12th December we will never tolerate an economic United Ireland! 🇬🇧
All doubts about what the Betrayal Act delivers should have long since vanished. It is an economic United Ireland, tearing us away from the United Kingdom & handing us over to Dublin. It is the very thing that the IRA couldn’t achieve with 30 years of terrorism.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
A year ago, Boris Johnson said Theresa May's deal would make Northern Ireland "an economic semi-colony of the Conservative Government could or should sign up to [that]". Today, his own Government's analysis says his deal means "NI symbolically separated from the Union".
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Anyone who has read and understood the NI Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement will not be surprised by content of document revealed by Corbyn. It exposes the abandonment of this part of U.K. into orbit of EU and Dublin.…
The full extent of the Betrayal Act & efforts to drive Northern Ireland out of the UK & into an economic United Ireland becomes clear. If Boris Johnson thinks there is a single unionist/loyalist that will ever tolerate this then he is dangerously deluded…
NEW - Leaked Treasury document, here in full, which suggests potential checks on goods going to/ from NI under Boris Johnson’s brexit deal include:

* GB to NI customs declarations (new)
* NI to GB customs declarations
* Rules of Origin for GB to NI
* Regulatory checks GB to NI
The SDLP claim to be pro Remain & against abstentionism; this facade is exposed in North Belfast. If that were the case then they would have endorsed the Alliance candidate who is anti-Brexit & will take her seat, instead @columeastwood joined a sectarian republican pact.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
How Unionist can get to be BBC political commentator.
1 Be beaten in an election any election.
2 Support SSM.
3 Support pro choice abortions.
4 Be ambivalent or support ILA.
5 Be a left wing liberal.
6 Be compliant.
7 Hate Arlene Foster and DUP.
Match these your in the money.
The unionist community robustly called out the media for permitting Andree Murphy is masquerade as a neutral commentator last night. In previous times our community would have passively permitted such absurd bias go unchallenged. No more!
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Gas to see Andree Murphy on as a "commentator", she actually signed nomination papers for SF candidate Maskey, makes me puke @bbctheview
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
We must highlight it at every turn until they are rightly bestowed the title of ‘republican commentators’. #Equality
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
In reply to @bbctheview
This Andree Murphy? Hardly a neutral political analyst/commentator.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Why do mainstream broadcasters continue to give the veil of neutrality to ‘commentators’ who sign Sinn Féin nomination papers, are failed Sinn Féin candidates, or are connected to a plethora of republican proxy groups. We must call them what they are; republican commentators.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Interesting to note how before 'commentators corner' segment of tonight's edition of The View, disclosure was made for the benefit of viewers of Andree Murphy being a signatory of a Sinn Fein candidate's nomination papers. No doubt due to unionists highlighting it on social media
Andree Murphy is a Sinn Fein activist who is being presented as a neutral commentator by BBC The View. She is no more neutral than I am. A unionist activist would never be permitted such a platform with the veil of neutrality, especially at election time.
Over 300 gathered in West Tyrone tonight. Great to see so many grassroots unionists/loyalists coming together. Whatever happens on 12th Dec is irrelevant; the #Betrayal Act will not be tolerated. That’s the collective commitment from all of unionism.
Outstanding event in Artigarvan. Palpable anger & the message is very clear; our community are fed up & we are not tolerating an economic, or any other kind, of United Ireland. Well done to the organisers & all other panelists! #BetrayalAct
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
In reply to @BorisJohnson
Folks, every vote is going to count at this election. You can use yours to put an end to Boris' #BetrayalAct Break the Nation Conservativism. #UnitedWeMustStand.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Joining us tonight in Commentator's Corner, someone who signed a SF candidate's papers. BBC impartiality at it's finest?
On way to Artigarvan to speak at Betrayal Act meeting. Cllr Billy Hutchinson & other elected politicians also speaking at the event.
Washington Post covering the unionist/loyalist anger in relation to the Betrayal Act…
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
The Alliance Party have covered Kilkeel in ‘All I want for Christmas is EU’ posters.

Kilkeel - A fishing town that has had its fishing fleet massively reduced as the result of EU rules, red tape and quotas!

#StandWithTheFishingCommunity #NotAgainstIt
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
South Belfast IS NOT a Corbyn Labour constituency- so don’t vote for it under stealth. Claire Hanna said on BBC Talkback that, if needed, she would vote Corbyn into 10 Downing Street. Devastating to home owners, business owners, entrepreneurs & our economy #NoToCorbyn-SDLP
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Known housebreaker moves into your area, community concerns are raised to community and elected reps who then raise concerns to the relevant housing authorities, get the picture? Well done @Dale_Pankhurst
Donnelly has exceeded himself with this one, rolling in behind the man who has the Shankill bomber, child killer Sean Kelly, amongst his campaign team.…
The contrast between Finucane’s campaign, message & vision and that of Dodds’ DUP in North Belfast could not be more striking. It’s hope against fear.
Looking forward to speaking at the #BetrayalAct meeting tomorrow night just outside of Strabane & at the event in Markethill on 18th Dec. Well done to the grassroots organisers. It’s also important to empower & encourage new unionist voices & activists.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
'When unionists discuss the conditions under which an all Ireland state would supposedly be acceptable they invite the conclusion that a 32-county republic is inevitable, whether or not that is their intention.'…
Owen Polley: Naive unionists are helping to boost the notion that Irish unity is inevitable
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Nothing says ‘hope’ like child killing Shankill bomber Sean Kelly.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Translation - we've hoovered up all the soft unionist votes from UUP that we think we can get, time to try and get some soft nationalist votes from the SDLP.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Nelson McCausland: Sinn Fein always valued power of armament more than the power of argument…
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
No surprise here folks. A vote for @allianceparty is a vote for Irish Nationalism...
When do Alliance ever stand with any shade of Unionism ?
"Aye dead on"....
Looking forward to attending this meeting in Markethill. Coming just a week after the election it will be an opportunity for the grassroots unionist/loyalist community to assess the outcome of the historic election to defend the union on 12th December. #BetrayalAct
Really good piece by @3000Versts in today’s Newsletter. The notion that unionism should ever consider or engage in any discussions about a United Ireland is simply preposterous.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
'The Strange Case of Freya McClements...& Paul O’Connor, closet IRA Volunteer & Director of Pat Finucane Centre.'… via @shaneodoherty
Alliance campaigning today for the key republican demand of an Irish Language Act.
The republican lobby in the US making yet more pronouncements about the Belfast Agreement. *Except Strand 1 (5) d; forget about that bit when it’s in nationalism’s interests to advance their all-Ireland agenda via majority nationalist rule.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
New banner erected close to Alliance office in east Belfast reminding voters that a vote for Alliance is a vote for the pan nationalist coalition. #BetrayalAct
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
At recent Unionist unity meeting recently held in Lisbellaw, the vast majority in attendance believed @duponline and @uuponline should NOT go in to talks with IRAsf in mid December. Unionism have been too soft in giving too much away in the past! Time to take moral high ground.
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Is Paul O'Connor untouchable because he wears the human-rights badge that so many dishonour? 'The Strange Case of Freya McClements...& Paul O’Connor, closet IRA Volunteer & Director of Pat Finucane Centre… via @shaneodoherty
Jamie Bryson Retweeted ·  
Naive unionists boost idea that an all Ireland state is inevitable.
If you ever wondered what it would be like under ‘Alliance rule’, the past number of weeks they have threatened anyone who has challenged them with the criminal law around provisions of the Representation of the People Act. They literally want to criminalise non-compliant views.
No, the choice in North Down is for a unionist Alex Easton or nationalist Stephen Farry. The Alliance candidate has the endorsement of SF & the SDLP. That tells you all you need to know.…
The choice is clear in North Down: the DUP for a hard Brexit or @StephenFarryMLA for Remain.

On 12 December, Demand Better, vote Alliance.
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