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Last 50 tweets from @jancienski
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Few moments after the Noble speech #OlgaTokarczuk #NobelPrize (foto. Iryna Vikyrchak)
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Olga Tokarczuk's Nobel speech will not be broadcast on Polish state television because she might say something that will irritate the nationalist-populist government鈥
Tokarczuk uses Nobel money to launch foundation supporting writers and translators
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Our first white paper is published today!

If you want to see how buildings can be a climate change solution, head over to our new website to view or download the white paper.
#climatepositive #GreenBuildings #ClimateChange...
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Say what you will about Europe but covering #EU, I do not get random anti-Semitic hate mail from ranting readers. Two days covering @realDonaldTrump at NATO summit - et voila! - it鈥檚 back, along w/ helpful links about rising hate crimes in NYC & Paris. 1/
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
With Europe鈥檚 green push comes new business opportunities 鈥 but Brussels wants to ensure they鈥檙e the right ones
Europe defines what financiers can call green
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Mission possible? @LafargeHolcim says the construction industry can become #climateneutral by 2050. Here's how馃憞. #sustainability #SponsoredContent
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Hard truths from @antonioguterres as COP25 opens in Madrid, warning political leaders that voters are enraged at their failure so far to act on climate change, @MaKaOro reports for @POLITICOEurope鈥
Gloom hangs over COP25 climate summit
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Now, von der Leyen will need to prove she's serious about pursuing her goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
The state of affairs in Hungary has reached a point where a vice president of Orb谩n鈥檚 ruling Fidesz party blamed 鈥渢he Jews鈥 for election results in a county where there is no Jewish community because they were murdered 75 years ago.

He was inventing non-existent Jews to blame.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
And it鈥檚 a wrap. It鈥檚 been the privilege of my life to be part of #TeamJunckerEU and contribute to a more united and better Europe, for all Europeans and future generations. Thank you for your unwavering support. Hasta siempre. MAC.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
The London Bridge terror attack shows why really strict gun control is a very, very good idea鈥 via @businessinsider
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
艁ukasz, coming here, stealing a tusk, helping fight terror 馃嚞馃嚙馃嚨馃嚤馃嚜馃嚭
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Poland's traditional defense of coal is shifting
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
From what I'm hearing, President @VonDerLeyen is absolutely intent on adopting the landmark #EuropeanGreenDeal on 11 December, one day before #UKelection2019.

Why? Two reasons:
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Whilst #Poland #BalticStates #Romania are staunchly Atlanticist, the rest of Central Europe is becoming like #Austria, my take on security policies in former communist Europe鈥 @JamesShotter @jancienski @Judy_Dempsey @SylvieKauffmann @NathalieTocci
POLITICO Europe is on the hunt for an experienced reporter to join our sustainability team. If you fit the bill and want to join Europe's most exciting media outfit, drop us a line:鈥
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Come work with us! POLITICO Europe is looking for an experienced policy reporter to be based in Brussels to steer our coverage of one of the most important topics in Europe: sustainability.鈥
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
My article for @POLITICOEurope on Finland's climate ambitions and carbon neutrality by 2035.鈥
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
The back-and-forth judicial issue between the top courts in Poland and the EU is headed back to Warsaw
EU court passes judicial independence decision back to Poland
I was thinking of this 鈥 and quite a few other examples 鈥 when it comes to billionaire elites opting out of taxes. De-state building.
Replying to @b_judah
I think it's a systemic problem 鈥 same thing happened with the late Roman republic, and it's now happening in the US, might part of the natural life-and-death cycle of democracies
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
The inquiry into why Europe's GPS-replacing satellite system #Galileo went haywire this summer points fingers鈥
The effective opt out of the ruling class from taxation reminds me more and more of the tangled mess of feudal exemptions swept away by the modern state...
Replying to @b_judah
It's that sort of nonsense by ruling elites that brought down the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as nobles dodged taxes, took foreign bribes and favored personal wealth over the good of the state.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
NEWS: We're looking for an assistant tech editor to help lead the most interesting story around. Privacy, 5G security, digital tax, artificial intelligence... All these stories are getting more, not less, exciting.

Apply here:鈥
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
.@EU_Commission will need to decide if it has the stomach for a continued brawl with Poland's PiS over allegations that the country is breaking the rule of law. PiS wants a new opening, while the opposition in Warsaw counts that the EU won't abandon them:
What's a synonym for "tree"?

Asking because I'm writing a bazillion word story about a tree.
Replying to @umairfan
All depends 鈥 obviously a Grevillea robusta is very different from a Lithocarpus
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
A mass grave has been exhumed in Slovyansk. Russian forces buried at least 20 Ukrainian fighters killed while RU ruthlessly held the city in 2014.

The grave is in the centre of Slovyansk near the monument to the victims of #Moscow's #Holodomor #genocide.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
We're heading to the hottest Arctic fall season in 3M years.

Entire basin & Greenland 16掳C to 28掳C warmer than normal.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
For those who think EU politics dull, MEPs are savagely trolling the Hungarian nominee for Accession Commissioner. This question translates as: if a candidate country behaved as Hungary does, would you recommend the EU cut off aid to it?
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
It鈥檚 a full room at the opening interview of POLITICO鈥檚 first Sustainable Future Summit. Watch live on #POLITICOSustainability
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
The @IEA has a stark warning in its World Energy Outlook out this morning: The world faces a 鈥渞elentless鈥 increase in energy sector emissions if governments don鈥檛 change course. @MaKaOro has more for Pros:鈥 Or here:鈥
In reply to @jancienski
Look at what we do - the increase in US presence in Europe. #Defender2020 next year will be the largest mil exercise to-date bringing 20K US troops to Europe. I could go on. And yet pundits keep saying US is unreliable? As opposed to whom in Europe exactly? Seriously Jan...
Replying to @andrewmichta @NATO
If I had to stake my country's future on the instincts of Donald Trump (see Ukraine) I'd also be slightly cautious. Unclear if EU allies can ignore the White House and count on the US "deep state" to act in their interest.
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Must read on failings of Art 7 procedures on Poland and Hungary from the Rule of Law guru himself @ProfPech 馃憞
In reply to @Ola_Ptak
Niech Redaktorka s艂ucha przem贸wie艅 w Bundestagu, a nie wyz艂o艣liwia si臋 ;)
In reply to @jancienski
Jan: Notwithstanding all the stress points in the US that our European allies & friends never seem to fail to point out, I would also encourage all those in Europe who care about the future of the West to engage in a bit of self-reflection & self-criticism. Just saying...
Replying to @andrewmichta @NATO
But the question is if Europeans can count on the US standing by their side in the event of a truly existential crisis. Many think that it won't. That means (despite its manifest unreadiness) Europe has to figure out a strategy where the US plays a smaller role.
In reply to @mmpiatkowski
Pi臋kny komplement, ale gdzie nasz Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG? ;) innowacje?
CD Projekt, Solaris, Nowy Styl, Kruk, Irena Eris, Inglot, Newag, Kross - Polska to pot臋ga SMEs
I grow increasingly irritated by incessant opining about how Europe 鈥渘eeds to do more for its defense鈥 because of @NATO鈥檚 鈥渂rain injury鈥 (and other equally clever turns of phrase). I鈥檓 sorry but the idea that in an extreme crisis #EU can be a unitary military actor is a fantasy.
Replying to @andrewmichta @NATO
It might be a fantasy, but there remains the question of how NATO allies are supposed to treat a Trump-led US and whether it remains a reliable ally in the event of a crisis (I'd argue that's increasingly doubtful)
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
#Poland is the South Korea of #Europe, which tripled its GDP per capita PPP over the last 30 years from $10,000 to $30,000 now, more than any other economy in Europe.
Chalk up another win for Brexit
Elon Musk chose Germany ahead of the UK for his first European Tesla factory
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Tesla & Elon Musk wont put new factory or research site in #UK. (Because British politics can't drive itself amid Brexit) Tesla swerves to #Germany instead.鈥
Elon Musk: Brexit uncertainty made it too risky to put Tesla plant in UK
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Confused by Polish politics? Look no further than NfP deputy editor Monika Pro艅czuk's brief overview of the post-election situation, balance of power and prospects鈥
A short guide to the Polish political scene
Jan Cienski Retweeted 路  
Robert Allbritton wants to replicate Politico鈥檚 playbook, as it were, with Protocol, which will lift off early next year with several dozen journos/biz people and $10m under the hood:鈥
Politicos Founder Is Launching a Tech SiteInto a Very Crowded Market
Great thread on the twists and turns of Polish independence day
Today is Poland鈥檚 Independence Day. Not many persons who are not professional historians of Poland know what actually happened on 11 November 1918, that is being commemorated.
To put it in a nutshell: on this day Poland did not declare independence but very narrowly avoided a
In reply to @jancienski
Excuse me, who are you referring to as 'authoritarians'? I can only see Polish police and some guy making tasteless and provocative jokes about the Smolensk plane crash.
Replying to @radekfogiel
The tasteless joke about Smolensk was insinuating for years that there was a conspiracy, using the outrage to win elections and then dropping the subject when (as was long obvious) there was no proof it was anything more than a tragic accident.
Now here鈥檚 something to be proud of on Polish Independence Day. Only after the end of communism in 1989 and subsequent liberal market reforms did the country鈥檚 economy finally take off. The last 30 years have been the best in Polish history.
馃嚨馃嚤 Z okazji #艢wietoNiepodleg艂o艣ci przypominamy nasz wykres przedstawiaj膮cy zmian臋 poziomu 偶ycia Polak贸w od 1918 roku!

Wi臋cej 馃憠

#30latWolno艣ci #11listopada
Polish police remove an opposition banner with the slogan 鈥淐onstitution鈥 from the path of an Independence Day march which has a strong contingent of extreme nationalists
Policja si艂膮 usun臋艂a kontrmarszow膮 manifestacj臋 @ObywateleRP i baner KonsTYtucJA.
In reply to @jancienski
I see absurd in calling Polish police "authoritarians".
Replying to @IgorJanke
Issue is why they鈥檙e bothering to intervene to hassle a dude in a cardboard tank.
In reply to @jancienski
"Authoritarians" - OMG. Janek, are you still journalist?
Replying to @IgorJanke
Really Igor, you see nothing absurd in the police writing up three clowns in order to preserve the ruling party from embarrassment during their Smolensk observance?
In reply to @jancienski
I don鈥檛 get it鈥攖he opposition says 鈥淲here鈥檚 the wreck鈥?
Replying to @mattsteinglass
They're poking fun at the government's inability to get the 2010 plane wreck back from Russia 鈥 broader point is that the conspiracy theories about the crash have (unsurprisingly) turned out to be lies
Polish authoritarians have trouble dealing with satire
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