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Last 50 tweets from @jbenton
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
"The Legacy of Mambacita": She wasn't worried about what people thought of her. She knew who she was, who she wanted to be. I profiled the late Gigi Bryant for @BleacherReport #BRmag:…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Watchmen gets results!

If you’re looking to *change* public attitudes, mass culture is a much better place than hoping politicians will do it.…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Note well, this is what Murdoch -- destroyer of democracy in the English-speaking world -- is willing to spend on his bully pulpits, his propaganda.
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
tragic—plus there’s nothing simple about this...

“The plan was simple: fire into the sky on a steam-powered rocket and trigger a balloon to carry him to the Karman line, the 62-mile-high barrier that separates the atmosphere and the cold vacuum of space, filming the entire way.”
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jbenton
There was no Court majority for this in 1954 (seen as a bridge too far). Indeed, note that abolition of poll taxes was thought to require a constitutional amendment (the 24th), which was enacted in 1962-64.
History folks: Brown v. Board was unanimous, 9-0, in 1954. The Voting Rights Act wasn't passed until 1965.

Why didn't the Supreme Court rule racial discrimination in voting unconstitutional in the 11 yrs between?

(I'm sure there's some smart strategic reason, but I don't know.)
Replying to @jbenton
Like, is there a reason a court that ruled 9-0 on Brown wouldn't vote for voting rights? Did Thurgood Marshall et al. choose not to pursue litigation for some strategic reason? The post-Civil War amendments would sure seem to provide clear justification for a ruling on it.
History folks: Brown v. Board was unanimous, 9-0, in 1954. The Voting Rights Act wasn't passed until 1965.

Why didn't the Supreme Court rule racial discrimination in voting unconstitutional in the 11 yrs between?

(I'm sure there's some smart strategic reason, but I don't know.)
"I claim that we would only need the compute power of 4 Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 USB-C chargers to get to the moon with the following caveats"…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Without prejudiced elite speech, prejudiced citizens constrain the expression of their prejudice. But the Trump campaign & tacit elite approval emboldened them to both express and act upon their prejudices
The Trump Effect: An Experimental Investigation of the Emboldening Effect of Racially Inflammatory Elite Communication | British Journal of Political Science | Cambridge Core
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Trump's acting DNI didn't tell the government about his foreign lobbying work, potentially violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act. As a result, @NatlSecCnslrs opined, "he should not have a clearance." Great scoop by @iarnsdorf…
Saints fans, you should subscribe, if only because that may be what it takes to ensure Nick never uses "effort" as a verb again
In reply to @nick_underhill
Please consider supporting my work. I'll always effort to make sure it is worth your support.
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Muslim men should be profiled at airports because “that is where the threat is coming from,” Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said in an interview with the Times in London
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Almost all patients at a psychiatric ward of a South Korean hospital tested positive for the coronavirus, with local reports saying a religious sect with followers who were infected had attended a funeral in the same complex
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Blue Brexit passports, made in Poland, unveiled by UK government - CNN…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
In reply to @petersterne
So I figured out why the NYPost has published 10 separate articles about AOC today. It's because reporter Jon Levine (…) watched some of her old FB Live videos from 2016 and 2017. Almost all the articles are about things she said in those videos.
This is a huge blow to the furniture lobby, which had been privately saying Empty Chair was well positioned for the nod…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
NEW: Through its money and its willingness to experiment, the Bloomberg campaign has pushed against the boundaries of what social media companies will and won’t allow—and the companies haven't been quick to push back.
Story w/ @sheeraf:…
Seriously, celeb musicians should busk around various precincts in target cities all day Election Day
Setting up fun parties near polling stations looks like it's considerably more cost-effective at boosting voter turnout than traditional field programs…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Setting up fun parties near polling stations looks like it's considerably more cost-effective at boosting voter turnout than traditional field programs…
It appears the Bernie rally is being broadcast via the world's last Flip camera
I dig the @newrepublic's crazy new display sans-serif (Stadt) more than its crazy new logo serif (haven't figured out the typeface)…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave'…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  

A Pennsylvania jury acquitted a man charged with resisting arrest.

Then the judge absolutely lit into the police, slamming their violent arrest, their ugliness to his neighbors, and their demeanor at the trial, and straight accused them of perjury.…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
In reply to @tburages
Every show has wanted @JoeBiden from the start but he refuses every show on a daily basis. The guests you see are the ones who accept invitations to appear on the show. All candidates are always invited.
In reply to @dylanmatt
One troubling dynamic is that exposure of corruption seems to lead to cynicism and the election of even more corrupt leaders (Berlusconi in Italy, Trump in the USA) rather than to higher standards.
Replying to @mattyglesias @dylanmatt and 1 otherfalse
Similar to how media literacy efforts inspired by “fake news” can lead people to simply distrust ALL media and see no real difference between mainstream, ideological, and nonsense media
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Why is it we have a president who has an appearance created by an industry of plastic surgeons, cosmetic professionals, shape & size altering tailors, hair implant specialists and various theatrical lifts and trusses and there’s a story about a woman wearing a dress?
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
The good news is that we keep winning. The bad news is that because the folks on the other side lack sense or judgment, an appeal is pending, and this case still remains far from over. Any help you can throw Ms. Beavers would be deeply appreciated. 🙏…
Being Sued over my Honest Yelp Review organized by Kelly Beavers
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
NASA Images Show Dramatic Melting During Antarctica Heat Wave…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
In reply to @cmMcConnaughy
And, oh, look at that—like a third of the respondents DON’T KNOW WHO KLOBUCHAR AND BUTTIGIEG ARE. But just 2% say the same of Biden or Sanders. So which match-up responses are more “real” do we think....?
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
This is a fascinating overarching story that I think has been woefully undercovered.
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Trump retweeted a prominent QAnon account late last night
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
The only garbage here is @DevinNunes and his ethically challenged, repeatedly sanctioned attorney Steven Biss, who couldn't allege a viable course of action if it punched him in the face and typed out the complaint for him.…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
New: POLITICO has heard from multiple Democrats, campaigns on the ground that there is a shortage of volunteers at caucus sites

Story is developing...

Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Typical Saturday: Texting w @jmartNYT about UVA basketball on the hoops thread, then looking up 10 seconds later and he’s interviewing Pete on live teevee
In reply to @brianbeutler
have we eliminated the possibility that he is misusing office resources for all this
Seems unlikely, they’re outside lawyers
In reply to @jbenton
Wonder how different the first 75k would be if they didn’t vote before the debate.
Replying to @sdkstl
You can early vote a caucus?
In reply to @dlboardman
Nor is "a $50 million lawsuit" remotely likely to result in a $50 million payment.
Of course, but Nunes does have real lawsuits filed against McClatchy, Hearst, CNN, Twitter, random Twitter users, and others. None of them will succeed, just as most of the lawsuits Thiel backed against Gawker were nonsense on their face. But it’s functionally legal harassment.
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
This is a good take on the trollish reactions to @julia_azari's piece from earlier this week on the nomination process -->…
In reply to @NoahShachtman
I can’t believe I chose LeBron/Shaq but: at peak Shaq was unguardable. And on offense, you need a better three pt shooter than Jordan or Magic to open up the paint.
Neither Magic nor MJ could do much against endless lobs to Shaq
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
The appointment of Richard Grenell to the top intelligence position underlined that Trump’s government is filled top to bottom with the detritus of public service.
It has to be Thiel or Thiel-like money behind this, right? Someone is funding a lot of worthless SLAPP-worthy Nunes suits against media companies and his enemies and the m.o. is just too Gawkeresque to not be linked somehow
Devin Nunes vows to sue Washington Post for 'garbage' report on classified Russia briefing -- -- from @MikeBrestDC at @dcexaminer
In reply to @jbenton
Well, here's Adm. (Ret.) McRaven: "In this administration, good men and women don’t last long. When good men and women can’t speak the truth ... then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil."
Replying to @dabeard
Those good men and women can also speak up once they’ve left office, though they seem to be unaware
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Watching old C-SPAN Bloomberg clips this morning. From a July 2003 event: "We are going to bring George W. Bush back for four more years, you have my word on that."
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
In reply to @andersoncooper
@andersoncooper deserves all the praise he’s gotten for calling BS here. But more remarkable and equally praiseworthy: his familiarity with *the facts*.
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
Really big, important story: Richard Grenell was hired by Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and didn't disclose it:…
Joshua Benton Retweeted ·  
I know the congressional ethics process is fucked, but it's still weird that there's zero interest in who's financing farmer Devin's multiplying frivolous lawsuits against journalists and political enemies.
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