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Last 50 tweets from @JennieDuke
Still as relevant as when I underlined it on first reading.
In reply to @JennieDuke
At work today, no one is taking chances. Stay safe sweetheart.
In reply to @JennieDuke
I'm in the same boat. Spent the last month roadtripping around Tassie feeling incredibly privileged to be in a state which such travel is possible and to still have a job which provides annual leave, and which I could return to.
Replying to @Sandy_Powell
It’s more valuable than I think we tend to give it credit for! I am glad you got to travel :). I spent it all inside cooking (and a few days unwell) but it was still brilliant.
Back at work tomorrow after annual leave... strange world where both these things are luxuries. Don’t take any of it for granted.
Beyond comprehension there’s still such high demand for mink fur that has landed these poor animals in a situation they should never have been in. Useful resource on fur farms generally and conditions:
Coronavirus outbreaks at mink farms in Spain and the Netherlands have scientists digging into how the animals got infected and if they can spread it to people.
Jennifer Duke Retweeted ·  
Saturn, Jupiter and Moon
This is an upsettingly vague question, but what’s the most famous film where there’s an example of two people either looking at the moon at the same time or telling someone else to look at the moon at the same time? It’s driving me crazy. 🌒
Replying to @PatrickLenton
It’s a Wonderful life?
Netflix got me sobbing my heart out. ❤️🌈
In reply to @JennieDuke
That was my first thought too - but Darcy would be the type of guy to get drunk, do it, and then when there was no positive response, send a snarky message, and then pretend it never happened when he saw you next
Had a dream Mr Darcy, Austen creation, sent me an unsolicitored dick pic.
I am now convinced this is canon.
Replying to @AmyRemeikis
Feels much more like a George Wickham thing!
Jennifer Duke Retweeted ·  
History they didn’t teach at school
I wrote this little thing during the bushfires and some personal upheaval at the end of last year. Feels more relevant than ever now. I hope it helps someone. Stay strong earthlings ❤️
Warm sun on a winter’s day, cats frolicking, a few hours without chores to do... The best things in life really are priceless.
In reply to @JennieDuke
Being born into a working-class family, raised by a mother from the silent generation (the one before boomers, who grew up during the 30s & WW2), I’ve been trained in conscious spending and emergency savings from early childhood. Thankful for that: definitely important now!
Replying to @andrewgm3
Sounds like your mum did a terrific job ❤️
In reply to @JennieDuke
I would guess we have spoken about it at some stage I just wish that the stigma of talking about money could go away
In reply to @JennieDuke
It really is so important especially in times like this
Replying to @KurtisMoltzen
Agreed! You’ve always been pretty aligned with my thinking on this!
One positive I have noticed from the current mess is how many of my friends are starting to think about emergency savings, conscious spending etc.
Replying to @JennieDuke
I feel like the Millennial Mother who is a broken record for banging on about financial security and saving for years.
One positive I have noticed from the current mess is how many of my friends are starting to think about emergency savings, conscious spending etc.
Why does everyone in Canberra have such clean and pristine cars
Replying to @MaxLoomes
Technically I’m over the border but my car is always grotty from doing the country drive in to Canberra each day... guess exception that proves the rule? 😂
In reply to @JennieDuke
Jen, they’re from RedBubble. I went to town. Iso/lockdown shopping! 🤣
Replying to @DuskaSulicich
I am going to do the same I think! Want something bright and fun as I generally find seeing people in masks irl disconcerting and a bit scary
I’m 38 today which is basically 40 which is basically death but I learned Harry Potter IS 40 today plus people seem really down on the author this year so that takes some of the edge off.
Morning Melbourne. (‘Quarantino’ chic. 🤦‍♀️ ......Stay safe, mask up, be well. )
Replying to @DuskaSulicich
Where do you get your masks from? They’re gorgeous!
In reply to @TheSpiritOfByBy
Does anybody know how I can get the stain out? (It's now a few shades darker than the rest of the dress) Or do I have to wait for it to fade out? (I don't have many wearable winter clothes)
Replying to @TheSpiritOfByBy
My past technique has been piling on a mound of baking soda, let sit for an hour, scrub with old toothbrush (depending on how delicate the fabric is). Add soap at this point to help lather and scrub again. Wash. I don’t know if it works if you’ve already washed it once though!
In reply to @paulwallbank
And, let's face it, domination was always the game plan of Australian media -- look at regional television which was destroyed by 1990s Labor aggregation policies or News Corp taking over Cumberland in the 1980s. This long pre-dates the digital platforms.
Replying to @paulwallbank
Interesting... do you think if digital platforms weren’t as dominant the accc would’ve blocked the mergers? Genuinely curious!
Is there any great trick to making yourself into a morning person other that just...sucking it up and doing it?
In reply to @paulwallbank
Do you think without the mergers the power imbalance wouldn’t exist?
More to the point, do you think if every media company was merged together (heaven forbid) they’d collectively have enough power against global companies?
So the ACCC has discovered a 'power imbalance' between Australian media companies and the digital platforms. Remind me again the rationale for approving the last decade of media mergers?
Replying to @paulwallbank
Do you think without the mergers the power imbalance wouldn’t exist?
In reply to @demonsaway
I hope it’s as good as the book though that’s rarely the case 😂
Jennifer Duke Retweeted ·  
Extraordinary research from the PC today - young people can't afford smashed avo, as their incomes have fallen for a decade (while going up for over 35s) ...…
In reply to @JennieDuke
Do I have to agree with this opinion?
Replying to @KurtisMoltzen
Is a question an opinion? Also yes.
In reply to @EmmettStinson
I find the category of “real” annoying—for or against. There’s the ‘look up from your screen & see the real world’ idea on one side, and the ‘this is unmediated raw truth’ notion on the other. Realness is the wrong metric in either case!
I’d love to read a study about how heavy social media users vs non-users discuss/debate opinions in real-life.
In reply to @JennieDuke
I know, that's called reasoning 😊
In reply to @JennieDuke
..competition? ..there is virtue in being right & sin when being wrong? 🤷
Replying to @Caroleina2
Sometimes I think there isn’t a right/wrong paradigm where others seem to see one!
In reply to @JennieDuke
Perhaps it's a decentralization of traditional media towards social media. Like the old saying 'everyone's a critic'.
Replying to @karisinkko
Optimistically, I’d always previously assumed social media might share more viewpoints and allow us to be more tolerant as a result.
Why are people increasingly hell-bent on ensuring everyone agrees with their opinion?
I’ve got a problem. Onto my fifth box of books.
Replying to @benitakolovos
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is one of my absolute favourite books. 😍
In reply to @JennieDuke
I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! 😊
Replying to @Healey_Jane
It’s excellent! Please do a sequel 🙌🙌
In reply to @JennieDuke
I hadn’t seen that, although I knew there was some controversy about both books. Thank you
Replying to @glenpen60
I will likely read the sequel too but beating this in mind... adds another layer to the story I think
This is such a gorgeous read by @Healey_Jane - highly recommend. Atmosphere reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret and Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith (with easy-to-read style similar to Pip Williams). Cover art is beautiful too!
In reply to @JennieDuke
It's not that they're too demanding. It's because they use their white woman privilege to get others into trouble. All these Karen videos expose the perpetrators' selfish, often racist motives, and without video evidence many would have got away with it.…
Videoing a situation so you aren’t falsely accused, standing up for yourself etc can happen without needing to brand a group of people with a slur that is now also flung at (often middle aged) women for ridiculous gripes such as cutting their hair a certain way, complaining etc.
In reply to @JennieDuke
Well, yes, I guess I have to work out the line. Like your fine self, I rarely say anything particularly contentious. I just hope it was someone being over-sensitive rather than me being genuinely offensive
Honestly, I hope if I said something truly ignorant and egregious someone would be willing to have an adult conversation about it with me... unfortunately not convinced this is the platform for careful discussion though 😂.
In reply to @sleepingdingo
I just hope I didn’t offend them. I try not to be offensive.
Offence is taken more often than it is given. My twitter feed is mainly cats, food and poems but I have the same experience of being randomly blocked 🤷‍♀️. Way easier to stop caring :)
I’m sure there are nice Karens who shouldn’t be maligned through the “Karen” stereotype. OTOH I had a friend called Karen for 20 years and she dumped me when my sister died because it took the focus off the end of her 12 mth r’ship with an older man we called Catweazel.
Replying to @RachaelHasIdeas
Ugh I’m sorry that’s awful. There are unfortunately shit people of every name, gender etc. If only it were as simple as them all being labelled by their parents ahead of time 😂
Aside from unfairly denigrating women, the "Karen" moniker is also just the purview of unimaginative dullards on Twitter desperately copying eachother in an attempt to fit in
Replying to @MichaelRoddan
Very much dislike the dual narrative of women not getting ahead/pay rises/promoted because they’re not forward enough... but then those who are deemed “too demanding” are Karens. It’s the slut/prude debate repackaged, telling women to shut up and police themselves.
Jennifer Duke Retweeted ·  
Aside from unfairly denigrating women, the "Karen" moniker is also just the purview of unimaginative dullards on Twitter desperately copying eachother in an attempt to fit in
In reply to @glenpen60
This is a bit alarming if it’s the case…
I suppose there’s difficulty whenever using someone’s real life as a part of a fictional interpretation
In reply to @JennieDuke
So far it’s great, only a couple of chapters in. My sister lent it to me & she thought it was better than the 1st.
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