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Last 50 tweets from @JeremyVineOn5
Is it OK for new fathers to take a year off from work?

NatWest has told its male bankers that they can take a full year off when they become a father.

They say they want their business to be family friendly.

But is a whole year too much?
Should Prince Harry scrap his tell-all memoir?

It's been reported that the Duke of Sussex has made last-minute alterations to his autobiography following the Queen's death.

Should he just scrap it altogether?
Should the UK build new grammar schools?

The PM is said to be a big fan of selective schools, having sent her daughters to one.

The Education Secretary has said he could lift the 24-year ban on establishing new grammar schools.

Do you think that's a good idea?
Is the government鈥檚 tax cuts for top earners 'immoral'?

That's what former footballer Gary Neville claims. He thinks rich people like him don't need help.

Someone on 拢150,000 or more will now pay the same rate of tax as someone on 拢50,000.

What do you think?
Is it okay to go shopping in your pyjamas?

A picture has been shared of two women going to the supermarket in their PJs and dressing gowns at 5pm.

Is that okay - would you do it - or is it just lazy?
Do we need a new royal yacht to honour the Queen?

Former Labour politician Lord Mandelson has backed plans for a new vessel to replace the Royal Yacht Britannia - he says it could be called the 'Elizabeth'.

Do you think it鈥檚 a good idea?
Are you worried about paying off your debts?

The Bank of England has increased the base rate to 2.25% - impacting mortgage repayments, credit card bills and even overdrafts.

On Monday, @Jasmine will explain how to manage your debts.

Post your questions for her below.
Things got a little heated as @jemmaforte and @narindertweets gave their instant reaction to the Chancellor鈥檚 #MiniBudget

@MichAckerley | @thejeremyvine | #JeremyVine
鈥淵ou never know how good people are going to be. You went from really just bad!鈥

@TheAntonDuBeke joined us for a trip down memory lane, with two ex-Strictly contestants in the studio.

Not a glowing review for @thejeremyvine though...

@martinoffiah | #JeremyVine
鈥淲hen people think of an earthquake, they think of houses crashing down. This is ridiculous鈥

馃摓Caller David is from Lancashire, which has seen its fair share of fracking.

He thinks the mass hysteria around it is unfounded.

@LanceForman | @jasminedotiwala | @martinoffiah
馃攲鈥43% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, so why isn鈥檛 it 43% cheaper!鈥

Caller William questions the logic behind electricity price hikes, and whether the BoE's interest rate rise is the right call.

@thejeremyvine | @jasminedotiwala | @martinoffiah | #JeremyVine
Is this the end of the Sunday roast?

A quarter of cooks now say they鈥檙e less likely to prepare a Sunday roast because of the rising costs of ingredients, and keeping the oven on for so long.

But surely nothing beats a traditional roast? Will you keep having them?
Should the UK build new grammar schools?

The Prime Minister is said to be a big fan of selective schools, having sent her daughters to one.

The Education Secretary has said he could lift the 24-year ban on establishing new grammar schools.

Do you think that's a good idea?
Are the Government's tax cuts bold or reckless?

The Chancellor has announced Britain's biggest tax cuts in decades in the hope of boosting growth at a time of economic peril.

But the books will have to be balanced with billions being borrowed.

Is it the right thing to do?
Should rent be frozen across the UK?

A new survey for the charity Shelter has found a third of renters spend at least half of their household income on rent.

Nicola Surgeon has frozen rents in Scotland.

Should the rest of the UK do the same?
Is the government right to lift the ban on fracking?

Business Secretary Jacob Rees Mogg has said fracking can now go ahead in England.

It's as a result of the energy crisis brought on by the war in Ukraine.

Is fracking the answer?
Can the government get us out this economic mess?

The Bank of England has warned we're probably already in a recession, and the Chancellor will announce his plans to boost the economy this morning.

Will it be enough?
Jeremy Vine On 5 Retweeted 路  
What does the interest rate rise mean for you?

Has your mortgage become unaffordable?

Or are you lucky enough to have savings to invest?

@TheEmanEffectUK says now's the time for action.

He'll answer your questions on how to do that on tomorrow's #JeremyVine - post them below.
What does the interest rate rise mean for you?

Has your mortgage become unaffordable?

Or are you lucky enough to have savings to invest?

@TheEmanEffectUK says now's the time for action.

He'll answer your questions on how to do that on tomorrow's #JeremyVine - post them below.
馃摓Caller Mark runs a domiciliary care agency.

He says some of his employees are refusing to take on extra hours because they鈥檇 lose their benefits if they did.

It comes amid rumoured changes to the benefit system.

@mikeparry8 | @MichAckerley | @fleetstreetfox | #JeremyVine
馃挰鈥淲hat we really need is more funding鈥

The Health Secretary is set to draft in volunteers to help the NHS this winter.

But while GP Jess Harvey is thankful for their hard work, she thinks the government needs to do more.

@thejeremyvine | @benjaminbutter | #JeremyVine
"We keep sticking plasters over cracks"

Former MEP Ann Widdecombe thinks successive governments have failed to answer the most fundamental question regarding the NHS...

鈿"If we were designing a heath service today, from scratch, what would it look like?"

馃挰鈥淲hen he鈥檚 pushed into a corner, that鈥檚 when he鈥檚 at his most dangerous鈥

Chair of the HoC Defence Select Committee, @Tobias_Ellwood, thinks Putin's threats of nuclear war need to be taken very seriously.

@thejeremyvine | @benjaminbutter | #JeremyVine
Is the King right to slim down his coronation?

A date is yet to be set for the crowning of the new monarch, though it's reported that Charles III wishes to avoid extravagance during cost-of-living crisis.

But would you rather a royal ceremony fit for a King?
Should dogs be banned from children's play areas?

A council in Staffordshire is bringing in stricter rules - so no dogs will be allowed in playgrounds, or tennis courts.

But is it unfair on responsible owners?
Do you think No.10 is right to introduce tougher rules on part time workers claiming benefits?

The Chancellor is expected to announce a shake-up of the benefits system.

But it could affect over 120,000 people on Universal Credit.

Is that fair?
Would you move to a narrowboat to save money?

House prices and rents are on the rise, and experts say boats are both cheaper to buy and cheaper to heat too.

Would you consider jumping ship and living life on the water?
What do you make of the government's new winter NHS plan?

The Health Secretary is expected to announce GPs will have to see patients within two weeks, and the government will also call on volunteers to come forward and help out - like during the pandemic.

Will it work?
Should we take Putin鈥檚 nuclear threats seriously?

In a national address, the Russian leader vowed to use 'all means' necessary to defend its new territories in Ukraine.

He also said he isn't bluffing.

What do you think?
How do you find your lost pension?

Perhaps you've moved from job to job or you've forgotten about a small pension pot. Maybe you've just got too many to keep tabs on.

Comment your questions below for financial expert Louise Cooper
馃泹"It's classic 'green washing' by Labour"

@christopherhope isn't a fan of the Welsh government's moves to ban single-use plastic bags.

But @Kevin_Maguire thinks it's a step in the right direction.

@thejeremyvine | @MichAckerley | #JeremyVine
鉀篢he Welsh government is considering a 'tourist tax' on all visitors.

But Geoff, who's a Director of the Anglesey Tourism Association, thinks it'll drive business away.

@thejeremyvine | @thecarolemalone | @JJAnisiobi | #JeremyVine
"The black community in London already distrusts the police. He's now adding fuel to that"

@JJAnisiobi thinks the new Met commissioner hasn't done the force any favours by calling for officers to stop taking the knee.

@thejeremyvine | @thecarolemalone | #JeremyVine
"When a man says 'I'm not bluffing'...of course he's bluffing"

Following Putin's 'partial mobilization' of further armed forces into Ukraine, Professor @AnthonyGlees didn't mince his words.

But @JJAnisiobi favors diplomacy.

@thejeremyvine | @thecarolemalone | #JeremyVine
Should the UK join a new European political group?

The UK voted to leave the European Union, but the government has been invited to join a new club of nations set up by French president Macron to promote co-operation.

Should we stay on our own?
Should we ban single-use plastic bags?

It would mean taking a sustainable bag with you every time you went shopping, but a ban would reduce the tons of litter found in our streets, parks and rivers.

Is it a step too far?
Does the government's energy support go far enough to help businesses?

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg has just announced plans to cap energy bills for all firms for the next six months.

Hospitals, schools and churches will also receive the support.

Is it enough?
Should we tax tourists who go camping?

The Welsh government has said that people staying in hotels, holiday lets and even campsites could face a new levy.

Should people pay the government to pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors?
Should the police be banned from taking the knee?

The new Met Police Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, has suggested that officers shouldn't do it.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Sir Mark claimed the police are 'not aligned with any protest group'.

Do you think he's right?
Is it fair that new tax cuts will benefit the rich?

No.10 is set to unveil tax cuts this week, as Liz Truss says it's fair that the rich will save the most.

The PM claims her plan will grow the economy but others - including Joe Biden - disagree.

What do you think?
Have you ever suffered from gout?

It's the most common form of inflammatory arthritis and NHS figures show that hospital admissions surged by 20% in recent years.

But do you know how to prevent it?

@Doctor_Emeka will answer your questions about gout on tomorrow's #JeremyVine.
馃洅Should we scrap self service tills?

Pat McCarthy is a trustee of Disability Network Hounslow.

She's calling on Tesco to halt the roll-out of even more SSCOTs (self-service card-only tills) at her local branch.

@MichAckerley | @bobbyfriction | @adepstein1 | #JeremyVine
鈥淚t鈥檚 like the Tories have suddenly realised that higher tax doesn鈥檛 bring in higher revenue.鈥

@thejamesmax broadly agrees with Liz Truss鈥檚 rumoured tax cut plan, but @byEmilyAndrews thinks it鈥檒l only benefit the richest.

@thejeremyvine | #JeremyVine
馃挰鈥淭he Queen held everything together.鈥

@byEmilyAndrews considers the future of the commonwealth under the new King...and the future of the monarchy itself.

馃摓Caller Liz thinks Charles III needs to recognize the issues facing everyday people.

@thejamesmax | @thejeremyvine
馃摵鈥淚t鈥檚 thought roughly four billion people around the world were watching it on TV.鈥

@thejeremyvine and the panel discuss yesterday鈥檚 historic funeral for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

@thejamesmax | @byEmilyAndrews | #JeremyVine
Would you share showers to save energy?

That's what a government official in Switzerland has suggested as a top energy-saving tip.

Maybe you already do it.

Or does the idea horrify you?
Should we scrap all self-service tills?

Tesco is facing a backlash from some customers as it introduces more of them across its shops.

And now an online petition against self-service machines has reached nearly a quarter of a million signatures.

What do you think?
Should we ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars?

The government is pressing ahead with its plans to do so by 2030 to reduce emissions. That's only 8 years away.

Is it a realistic target?
Got any questions on the autumn Covid boosters?

We鈥檒l be joined by @Doctor_Emeka later, who鈥檚 here to answer your questions.

Comment below.
You've heard the saying - 'breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.'

Do you follow that advice?

A new study's found eating a big breakfast could be the way to go when it comes to controlling your appetite.

Should we all be eating at 7am?
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