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Last 50 tweets from @jimmy_wales
Ok now this is starting to look like a wiki! Yeah! Please sign up and make an edit, start a story! @WikiTribune
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Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
As a non-profit employer, I cannot see how we reconcile this with a future for our organization in San Francisco. Its nonsensical for our staff, our donors, our ability to recruit and retain.
169 412
What have you seen online that reminded you of how great the internet can be?
0 31
Replying to @anildash :
@anildash One of my favorite things is the personalfinance subreddit. People come every day with problems that seem hard to them, and a great community offers valuable and experienced advice.…
Personal Finance r/personalfinance Learn about personal finance: getting out debt, budgeting, saving, investing, and managing your wealth. Please join our community focused on...
1 13
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
‘Kopel emphasises the importance of creating an environment where women feel comfortable as contributors. “We have strong women leading @WikiTribune and are going to make sure we have equal numbers of women employees all over”’ @TheDrum @iburrell…
How WikiTribune plans to change the journalism business as we know it High up in The Shard, the UK's tallest building, an experiment is taking place that could transform the way that news is reported and how it is consumed.
9 14
@jimmy_wales @Wikipedia have you considered this model of using compute power?…
0 0
Replying to @paulapivat :
@paulapivat @Wikipedia Yes, I looked into it for @WikiTribune - just as a thought experiment. The projected revenue per page view was so low that it didn't seem justifiable.
0 0
@jimmy_wales @mikebutcher @davidgerard Jimmy, that’s not how bubbles work. Skeptics are for later when the cycle turns!
  · Twitter Lite · en
0 4
Replying to @om :
Looking for blockchain speakers:

1. Looking for a vibrant, good speaker on blockchain tech
2. Someone to discuss how corporates view the opportunities
3. An analyst who gets it
4. Data Protection on blockchain
5. Someone to cover regulatory issues
6. Someone in blockchain health
32 52
Replying to @mikebutcher :
@mikebutcher How about a block chain skeptic as well for balance? @davidgerard
0 7
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Looking for contributors to help report on Gmail's upcoming features and #AMP technology.…
  · Buffer · en
4 3
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Jaw dropping complacency from Barbara Stocking on @BBCNewsnight over Oxfam scandal. It's appalling and the lack of action is so shameful. Neocolonialism, racism, corruption and misogyny continue... @barbarstocking #oxfam #oxfamscandal @oxfamgb @oxfam
Ex-Oxfam boss 'knew of sexual misconduct' Oxfam's former head Dame Barbara Stocking told Newsnight she would handle things differently with hindsight.
25 26
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
In the wake of #OxfamScandal I hope we now look at the sexual abuse committed by UN peace keepers in Somalia and Kenya. Women and girls are being let down daily by those who are meant to be safeguarding their rights.
66 123
Is it really any surprise after Oxfam's antisemitic background that they also have this scandal? The entire board should resign in shame.
  · Twitter Lite · en
35 58
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
'I would definitely think twice about donating to Oxfam in the future.'
  · Media Studio · en
12 7
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
So Labour finally issue a statement on Oxfam. They attack the Charity Commission and the Government. But not the organisation that was actually responsible for the abuse and cover-up.
1,214 1,865
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
All I can tell you about this awful revelation about Oxfam is that I am devastated.Devastated for the women who were used by people sent there to help them, devastated by the response of an organization that I have been raising awareness for since I was 9 years old #oxfamscandal
463 1,516
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
I knew for quite some times that @Oxfam had no problem supporting #antisemitism, not so surprised they also support #rape and #sexualabuse ...#oxfamscandal #neverOxfam #shame
1 1
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Here is the full – scathing – judge's ruling on Assange's appeal against his arrest warrant…
206 297
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Hey twitter it IS possible to be horrified at what has happened at Haiti in Oxfam, passionate about value and purpose of international development and worried about the impact of the gagging laws on the vital capacity of charities to speak truth to power. All at the same time.
411 1,388
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Hey @DailyMail, a pedophile didn’t “have sex” with a four-year-old girl. He *raped* an infant
51 130
@jimmy_wales @Wikipedia You could speak *very* meaningfully about other topics that would hit home eg around collaboration...(Maybe refer to use of Kubernetes/ CN to set scene)
0 0
Replying to @lizrice :
@jimmy_wales hi! I heard that @wikipedia are moving to Kubernetes...could I interest you in speaking to 1000s of infra / sw engineers?
0 0
Replying to @lizrice :
@lizrice @Wikipedia Yes, but of course I'm not personally an expert in infrastructure software, so I couldn't speak meaningfully about that.
0 1
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
I think it's very instructive how the Corbynites immediately mobilise to oppose new legislation on intimidating politicians because they think it will inhibit them.
196 400
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Mercedes-Benz quoted the Dalai Lama on Instagram — a platform that China blocks – to 12.3 million followers, most of whom are outside China. The company then deleted its post under pressure. What can't be said in China is increasingly impacting what can be said outside China.
997 1,084
@WikiTribune @jimmy_wales you answered my to tolino epos cannot read rss-feeds or did i catch something wrong? btw i like the project, carry on linke this.
RSS feeds Evidence-based journalism
0 0
Replying to @globalpartei :
@globalpartei @WikiTribune I don't know much about Tolino Epos but could you email us a full description of the problem including any error messages?
  · Twitter Lite · en
0 0
I've had Sriracha in my cupboard for a while, but ever since I put a little on some truly mediocre food and it transformed it into something very tasty I've been afraid I'll become one of Those People
  · TweetDeck · en
0 7
Replying to @molly0x57 :
@molly0x57 I am one of Those People."We accept her, we accept her. One of us, one of us. Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble."
  · Twitter Lite · en
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Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
The real threat to free speech doesn’t come from daft no platforming efforts by students, but from genuinely draconian and idiotic laws like this. Getting this stopped is the real free speech fight.…
PM proposes new law to jail protesters like those who heckled Tory MP's speech On Tuesday the PM will unveil plans to create a new offence of intimidation in public life in a speech to mark 100 years of votes for women
179 208
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
am trying to correct the english @Wikipedia article on Judith Kerr. Judith did not correct @camanpour in her interview that she was born in Weimar, Germany. The article says she was born in Berlin. #Wikipedia talk @jimmy_wales @WikiTribune. am vwvangogh
1 1
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
The only person to emerge with any credit from that brawl is @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, which means the whole thing somewhat backfired on those hooded thugs.
502 1,668
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
These masked shouty people have achieved the unachievable; uniting the country in sympathy for Jacob Rees-Mogg. Complete plonkers.
597 2,685
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
John McDonnell: "I want to be in a situation where no Tory MP can show their face anywhere without being challenged by direct action."

Is last night's attempt to intimidate @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and prevent him from speaking what you were calling for, @JohnMcDonnellMP?
  · Twitter Ads · en
1,308 1,489
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
Great start @DavidHughesYDH this morning. Looking forward to starting Wikipedia sessions with sixth form pupils! 😀Writing articles, uploading photos and sharing information. Welcome to the WiciMôn project!👍@WikimediaIE @wikimediauk @Wikimedia @jimmy_wales @WM_Orleans
8 9
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
I just visited the new US Embassy in London. I was prepared to dislike it. But I didn't. It is a great building and not isolated in the way some reports had suggested to me.
  · Twitter Lite · en
8 17
Jimmy Wales Retweeted ·  
@vikaspota @jimmy_wales Strong evidence exists to say that children who experience the arts as part of their education develop critical thinking skills #ArtsMatterNI @Young_at_Art @ReplayTheatreCo
3 14
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