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Last 50 tweets from @JMPSimor
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Don't worry @BorisJohnson...

Nobody could follow anyway.
When Johnson claimed to make & paint buses out of shoeboxes in his spare time, a comms friend told me he had done that to change the google search results - possibly to distract from Arcuri? I suppose 'peppa pig' could be about replacing 'sleaze' or 'corruption'?
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JMPSimor
Remember the interview where he said he makes model buses? We know the playbook
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Tory MPs rushed back from a Conservative Winter Ball fundraiser charging £35,000 for dinner with Sunak and £22,000 karaoke with Truss to vote for poorer homeowners to sell their homes for social care after paying tax rises.

Welcome to Boris Johnson’s undercutting Britain.
Cue mildly hysterical laughter.
Priti Patel’s brilliant scheme to attract the best minds in the world to global Britain is going, well, much as you’d expect.
#idiocracy #BrexitBritain #JohnsonOut #ToriesOut
If we had an equivalent to the US 25th Amendment, Raab would take over...
Now who might that 'senior source' be? Genuine question.
Senior Downing St source says “there is a lot of concern inside the building about the PM....It’s just not working. Cabinet needs to wake up and demand serious changes otherwise it’ll keep getting worse. If they don’t insist, he just won’t do anything about it."
He's not well.
Reporter - In your speech to the CBI you lost your notes, you lost your place & you went off on a tangent about Peppa Pig... is everything OK?

Boris Johnson - I thought the speech went over well. 🤔
And now I'm blocked for daring to call out the hypocrisy and deceit.

Representatives of the people paid for by the people to deceive the people?
He has now blocked me so I must be right. Disingenuous hypocrite - to put it mildly.
Because there’s an EU/Polish passport in his back pocket....
Because there’s an EU/Polish passport in his back pocket....
Back in my office in Commons. So proud to receive my new British Passport today without the superfluous EU tag on it! Finally we are free!
Every day Johnson insults us. #NotMyPM.
We have this amazing trick in court: it’s called page numbering.
Just one of the times the PM lost his place in his keynote speech to the @CBItweets going out live to the nation and the international business community. This time for a full 30 seconds, shuffling papers and going "blast it". ~AA
Why change a winning formula?
Boris Johnson is making a speech to the CBI:

so far he has impersonated an accelerating car, praised Peppa Pig World, compared his 10-point green plan to a "new Decalogue...from Mount Sinai", and lost his thread for what felt like a minute but was probably only 10 seconds
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Our #oceans are already under siege. But out of all the ways that we exploit and degrade our seas, bottom trawling is among the worst. Here's more from @steventrent of @ejfoundation:…
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
So many of my friends won money after the Chesham & Amersham results (queue happy photos) but I forgot 🤦🏻‍♂️

Something is happening again in North Shropshire but is it worth a tenner?

Seems the bookies have decided who they think is the main challenger to the Tories #libdemsurge
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Thread (1/10)
When things seem to be going wrong in so many different ways, it can get confusing.

This thread shows that it is simpler than it seems.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
It will not be a "big bang" but slowly, London will find it more and more difficult to do business inside the EU from London. It was always inevitable that the EU would seek greater and greater control over its own financial…
A very powerful letter. Could not agree more with everything that is said here.
Today's bomb: before me there was @rfhaviland who resigned from DFID in March 2019, and has now decided to release his (very powerful) resignation letter. Please read and retweet.…
What is this about?
Good day in the office - we took a massive step in getting child marriage banned in the U.K. 😊
In reply to @JMPSimor
This attempt to shift blame from the West won't work: - German architects of Holocaust - Austrian guards in camps - Western Waffen-SS volunteers - Italy Axis state - Vichy France collaborationist govt that sent tens of thousands of Jews to camps - USA rejected the St Louis ship
Replying to @Wojtek_44
What are you on about. This is not what the piece is about.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
In reply to @RevRichardColes
BBC impartiality = BBC balance = matching every truth with a lie. "... we also spoke to Mr Satan who refuted God's views. He told us the zero star reviews of Hell on TripAdvisor were down to 'a few spiteful Christians who wanted me to turn the heating down'."
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
I have to attend compulsory BBC Impartiality Training next week. I was thinking about this as I passed the George Orwell statue outside Broadcasting House this morning.
Osborne thinks not for a moment of the real victims of Dacre but first and only of himself. What these people share is profound egotism, enabling them to wield power without the strain of either empathy or responsibility. #egotism.
I admired Dacre’s forceful editorship of the Mail even if I was often on the wrong end of it. Can’t quite understand why he - like others of his ilk - wielded such power, got the government, the PM and the Brexit he wanted, and still thinks the system is stacked against him
In reply to @JMPSimor
Antisémite! 😂 he's Jew himself! Do some research before writting #fakenews.
Replying to @Manonmanu371
I know that very well indeed.
Important review here. Please read. No paywall.
Eastern Europe's forgotten rehearsal for the Holocaust. My @thetimes review of Jeffrey Veidlinger's In the Midst of Civlized Europe -
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Book now to ensure a seat at next Friday's in person event with @CliveSSmith on Life & Death in America's Court Rooms. Tickets are £10 and going fast!…
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
In reply to @miqdaad
He was invited onto BBC Radio 4 after the above... It shows how hatefulness against Muslims (without remorse) is no barrier to being amongst the elite within media circles…
In reply to @JMPSimor
If I am not very much mistaken, these people have been invited by Belarus and are on Belarusian territory. Hence, it is up to their host to offer the necessary hospitality, should they wish to stay there during the winter, or to ensure their safe return home.
Replying to @DavidEngels12
But that is not what is happening.
While the #EU sends money to the migrants, while the opposition plans pro-refugee demonstrations near the border, and while Merkel discusses deals with Belarus about humanitarian corridors without consulting Poland, the #UK sends troops to help fortifying the border. Thank you!
Replying to @DavidEngels12
Why thank you? Do you want these people to die in the forest?
In reply to @JMPSimor
Ok as soon as you bring nazis in you’ve lost the argument. Ridiculous assertion. Have you listened or just waited for your confirmation bias to kick in??
Replying to @waynelico @ChinnyReckon4 and 2 others
What! Do you not know about eugenics?
In reply to @JMPSimor
You're welcome, but I can see him being in fear of his life for both shootings, he shouldn't be there and definitely shouldn't have a gun (at 17 too ffs) and if black or Muslim I suspect would have been convicted but, I can see the reasonable doubt the jury would have had
In reply to @JMPSimor
Hey Jessica, you're a lawyer, here's a good article explaining the timeline… if you were his lawyer, given the American criminal system, I think you would agree that anyone could have reasonable doubt, on whether he was in fear of his life and that is...
Replying to @Pipey77 @montie
Thank you for sending this. I have a very different reaction to it though.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Our latest explainer - looking at the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. If you’re asking, is there going to be an invasion? You’re not the only one.…
Ros Atkins on Rising tensions with Russia
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
And lending $1.15bn to Total to open up vast new LNG reserves in Mozambique.
In reply to @fascinatorfun
COP26 green noise whilst permitting a new coal field in the north, more oil drilling in Scotland not to mention backtracking on HS2 that would have increased hugely the volume of rail travel Instead “the car is still king” Ditto the cut in domestic air travel tax.
This is why @montie there is no hallelujah.
In reply to @FBoversight
"I wish I could even put into words... the kind of pain that it's never going to leave me... How do I explain to my 3yo daughter that he's gone, that we can't go back home and he's gone and he's not coming back. Why? Why?" #FacebookHurts @Avaaz
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Not gonna be here for broadcast, as I value my sanity, so final reminder that first part of #EmpireStateofMind, inspired by my book #Empireland, is on @Channel4 at 9pm tonight. Previews from @thetimes attached and one in @ft here:… Hope it illuminates.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
Instead of picking fights with the rest of Europe and wasting time trying to ‘make Brexit work’, responsible politicians should probably start giving some thought to what happens if American democracy doesn’t make it beyond the end of this decade. Europeans will need each other.
In reply to @JMPSimor
Not a fan of a justice system working in the face of the mob and a defamatory media?
No one half decent celebrates this kind of thing even if you think the verdict is right. It is disgusting. People died. Respect.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JMPSimor
He's a big fan of Viktor Orban too. But don't worry, @montie will still keep appearing on Sky and BBC paper reviews as though he wasn't an extremist loon…
A Top Boris Johnson Aide Says The UK Will Have A Special Relationship With Viktor Orbns Hungary After Brexit
In reply to @JMPSimor
I hope you don't class this assh0le a friend of yours. Anyone who posts his kinda shyte must have a few screws missing. Hallelujah? Mentally deranged nutjob.
Replying to @Scatty_Rock @montie
Never. Have always had huge issues with him - he was an open Trump supporter and in favour of prohibiting abortion. Absolutely grim stuff. He’s considered acceptable by many and often gets the gig commenting on papers/issues etc on TV.
We’ve got a lot of problems. And here is another. Formerly Johnson’s social justice adviser and TV commentator @montie , celebrating and justifying killing.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
That man killed two people. But yeah, let’s celebrate. Some Tories really going down a dark road now, too.
Jessica Simor QC Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JMPSimor
He must be on something tonight. Unbelievable for an ex No10 guy and MSM pundit. Should not be on the media again
This is not a hallelujah moment @montie - a horribly inappropriate tweet. It is a shocking response to killings. I did not think you could shock me but you have.
Hallelujah. Rittenhouse cleared on all counts and shame on you Joe Biden, shame on you.
In reply to @JustinOnWeb
It's also disappointing that despite the many issues facing the country, you chose to repeatedly interrogate the LOTO about his predecessor, a man of no further relevance to our future.
Replying to @SarahJayneKeny1 @JustinOnWeb and 2 others
There is a real question of power without responsibility. I think sometimes presenters forget not just their power but also their responsibility.
In reply to @JMPSimor
OMG. Really? The Kochs are pernicious......
Replying to @DaphneRomneyQC
Yup. A hugely influential neocon outfit.
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