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Last 50 tweets from @jnaftulin
John, a philanthropist, said he'd buy nudes in the name of the virus, while others created dating profiles *for* the virus itself:…
The year is 2500. Spiders have learned how to use a voice and the voice sounds so fun.
The year is 2500. Spiders have learned how to use a credit card.

Oh no
a discussion of twizzlers vs. red vines broke my brain so severely this morning that i temporarily left this plane of reality. thankfully @WScottDavis was there to pick up the pieces of my shattered being and blog.…
Dino-shaped chicken nuggets
What frozen food would you most like to be the heiress to? For me, it's Pizza Rolls.
I can't tell you how badly I needed just this one (1) feral hog right now.
Julia Naftulin Retweeted ·  
Always be wary of diets that promise fast, easy results. This trendy keto hack is being sold for quick weight loss but is likely to be "a miserable crash diet" according to keto experts…
'Speed keto' combines intermittent fasting and the keto diet. It boosts weight loss, but experts say it's a bad idea.
A woman went on the trip of a lifetime when she accidentally mistook LSD for cocaine, snorted 550 times an average dose of the drug, and experienced a 34-hour period of being high.…
A woman who tripped for 34 hours on LSD after taking 550 times the normal dose said it cured her Lyme disease
For @lolajeandotcom, being a domme is "about being able to harness the power of my sexuality instead of hiding behind it or hiding from it. I'm able to utilize it in the ways that I want and the way that I'm comfortable with." My latest for @thisisinsider:…
What it's like to be a dominatrix who gets paid to wrestle and trash-talk men
When people use 'macaron' and 'macaroon' synonymously. They are two very different cookie varietals!!
What is a totally trivial thing that annoys you every time you see/hear it? Mine is the phrase "boneless wings." If it's boneless, it's not a wing! It's a tender, a nugget, a strip. NOT a wing.
If you wear fun printed pants to work and no one comments on how fun and printed they are, did you *really* wear them?
Oprah's brand is built around helping others live their best lives, but in some cases she hasn't given or supported the most sound medical advice:…
Oprah's best and worst health advice from almost 5 decades as a talk show host and trend-setter
"The meaning of the work is not always at work," @EstherPerel told me. "It's about what the work affords you to do."…
Many viewers took issue with a love letter Peter wrote contestant Hannah Ann, calling it cringey because of its simple and generic-seeming prose, like how he called her "intentional."…
The Bachelor fans hated Peter's 'trainwreck' letter to Hannah Ann, but a therapist said it was the best part of the episode
"Although hookups are explicitly meant to be devoid of feeling, guys in college use them in part to experience emotional closeness, in however attenuated or fleeting a fashion."…
Why are there so many capybaras on my IG explore page
In reply to @thisisinsider
@thisisinsider employees modeling for my beautiful #doingitright column imagery 😭😭😭
personal news: I've made my modeling debut as Man Who Cannot Please His Partner
personal news: I've made my modeling debut as Man Who Cannot Please His Partner
Replying to @mannyfidel
thanks for the traffic boost!!
I don't write product roundups
Stop emailing me like I do
Because transparency matters on Valentine's Day ...

Please complete the redacted rhyme, but make it about journalism. ❤️❤️
Please buy my new candle that smells like Nothing! (It's just an unscented wax candle from the grocery store, but for $34.)
I tried the Emi app with my partner for a week, which involved responding to app-generated prompts that kick start ways to compliment your partner:…
Julia Naftulin Retweeted ·  
Have questions about
👭 dating
👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 intimacy
💝 or relationships?
Relationship guru @jnaftulin is hosting a V-Day #RedditAMA now! Submit your questions here:
Happening in 30 minutes! Submit your questions here:…?
Ask me anything about love, dating, sex, and relationships starting at 1 PM ET tomorrow on the r/IAma subreddit 💖💋🤳🏻👅🍆🍑 @thisisinsider
add "enclave" to the list of words i've never said out loud but am absolutely going to write into my copy right now
Replying to @ungarino
You used to call me in your used to, you used to
Influencers: tampons have CHEMICALS so buy these organic tampons I’m being paid to tell you to buy!!!
In reply to @jnaftulin
That's that frisbee one, right?
Replying to @JBKnotJFK
yes, frisbees + trash can-looking things that have slot cut-outs
Ask me anything about love, dating, sex, and relationships starting at 1 PM ET tomorrow on the r/IAma subreddit 💖💋🤳🏻👅🍆🍑 @thisisinsider
Hello, followers - what's your favorite backyard game?
"In addition to being hot and sexy, could it be narrative? Could it be experimental? Could it touch on all of these things we don't think of porn as usually being able to do?" - Mahx Capacity of @AORTA_films…
What it's like to be an indie porn director who balances a 9-to-5 job with weekends filming queer erotica inspired by 'The Matrix'
Replying to @aniacopian
hi @aniacopian , i'm a reporter with @thisisinsider and would like to chat with you about this. please DM me!
An increasing number of women are using marijuana during pregnancy to cope with nausea, but the substance's long-term effects on pregnant people and their fetuses is largely unknown…
Doctors reveal the most surprising questions about marijuana use and pregnancy they've gotten, like 'Will it keep me skinny?'
I'm in a constant state of death-happy
This week, we’re exploring a scientific theory that suggests we have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them — and so we did. What words have *you* made up for your own feelings?
And that concludes the Super Bowl
I’m not Shakira so like what’s the point
Julia Naftulin Retweeted ·  
Ten years ago today, The Lancet retracted Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent 1998 article claiming the MMR vaccine caused autism. He performed procedures on children unethically, paid kids at a birthday party to give him blood samples, and doctored data.

He still claims he was right.
Julia Naftulin Retweeted ·  
A CENTURY before Stonewall there was a man, formerly enslaved, named Swann. He was the first known "queen of drag." He was also the first known queer person to physically resist state violence in the form of police raids on his gatherings for queens!…
Pre-writing obituaries while menstruating is an extreme sport
my boyfriend just told me he eats 10 pieces of bacon during “bagel Thursday” at work, and honestly? we’re broken up now
"We have to address the neuroscience and what's triggering us to overeat and I don't think any TV show could really do it justice." A look into what's wrong with Biggest Loser from @shirafeder…
How do people genuinely cope with main lights? Does strip lighting not repel them? Do they really go through life not bothered by their lighting not being mood? Do they just flick the main switch and watch TV in their living rooms? Do they even *own* lamps? Am I insane?
Replying to @linzasaur
i avoid turning on my main lights at all costs because they're so god awful
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