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Last 50 tweets from @JoelOsteen
Have a new perspective. We’re alive, we have air to breathe, we had strength to get out of bed. We have family to love, we have a place to live, we have peace in our mind, we’re surrounded by God’s favor. When you realize this day is a gift, then you will live it to the full.
Quit thinking about what’s not going to work out and how the obstacles are too big. You may be tired from fighting, but God is about to send an abundance of rain to refresh the weary.
Life is not about the destination; it’s about the journey. If we’re not careful, we’ll rush through the day trying to get to the destination. Slow down and enjoy the journey.

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You may have made mistakes in the past, that’s okay. We all have. My challenge is to start making things right. Let today be a new beginning. Don’t go the next thirty years letting the same things hold you back.
The reason you feel that stirring in your spirit, the reason something is coming alive on the inside, is because God is calling you. He’s been waiting for you. This is a destiny moment. The question is, will you leave your comfort and step into your calling?
The Scripture says, “Make the most of this day.” It doesn’t say make the most of yesterday, make the most of tomorrow. What are you doing with today?

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Hope is powerful. Hope is dynamic. Hope is active. Hope is transformative. This is our time to hold on to hope! Join us this Friday on TBN!
Anytime God is going to do something new in your life, give you more influence, more favor, more anointing, more resources, there’s going to be a test of being uncomfortable. Are you willing to stretch, to do something you’ve never done?
God sees everything. He’s keeping the records. The Scripture says, “What you do in secret, God will reward in the open.” Don’t worry if you’re not getting credit. Don’t get discouraged if people don’t thank you. God sees your sacrifice.
Stay in the present. Take it one day at a time. You don’t have grace for tomorrow. You have grace for this day. When you get to tomorrow, there will be grace for that day.

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When you need mercy, don’t go to God weak, intimidated, telling Him how you don’t measure up. Go boldly. Go with confidence, knowing that you’re forgiven, knowing that He’s for you.
Don’t let the accuser deceive you into going through life with no passion, thinking you’ve blown it too many times. Your record has been cleared. Those files have been deleted. Come boldly to the throne.
We all have challenges. There are things we could be worried about. But do your best to stay in the now, to enjoy each day, to not just be present, but to be connected.

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You have to trust that God is in control, that He’s planned out all of your days, that He knows what’s best for you. Instead of fighting where you are, learn to embrace where you are.
Are you in yesterday, upset over the disappointment, bitter over who hurt you, thinking about what they said? You’re missing the beauty of this moment. Once we live this day, we can’t get it back. Don’t take for granted all the good things in your life right now.
The people in your life can bring you great joy and great fulfillment. When you’re present and connected, life is rewarding.

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See the good in each day; be grateful for what you have. God is going to work all things for your good. While you’re waiting, when you don’t see anything happening, trust Him enough to enjoy your life.
There will always be plenty of work, plenty of challenges, plenty of problems to solve. But the people in your life are not always going to be there. Don’t take them for granted.
If you’re going to be fulfilled, you have to show up for life. Not show up and be in the future, worried about how it’s going to work out. Not show up and be in the past, living in regrets. You can’t be so focused on what’s next that you miss what you have right now.
David said, “This is the day the Lord has made.” Today is a gift from God. Are you fully engaged, making the most of each moment, loving your family, appreciating the simple things of life?

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You’re not fighting those battles on your own. The Most High God is going before you. You’re going to come out of that challenge quicker than you think.
It’s okay to have times where you feel discouraged and you don’t see how it can work out. It’s okay to start there, but don’t finish there. Don’t stay in the ashes; don’t stay defeated. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.
From the time God puts the promise in your heart until it comes to pass, that’s called the trial of your faith. That’s when it’s easy to get discouraged. Keep praying; keep believing. It may not have happened yet, but what God promised you, He’s going to bring to pass.
Recognize who your Heavenly Father is. He spoke worlds into existence. He flung stars into space. He fearfully and wonderfully made you.

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You may have seen His blessings in the past, but you haven’t touched the surface of what He has in store. The scripture says, “We haven’t seen, heard, or imagined the amazing things God has for those that love Him.”
If we put our trust in our job, our career, it can suddenly change. That’s why it’s so important to put your trust in God. He’s the One that doesn’t change. He’s our source. That’s where we get strength, ideas, creativity, resources, wisdom.
Because of who your Heavenly Father is, you can defeat giants, you can accomplish great dreams, you can break addictions, you can set new standards.

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When you ask for what looks impossible, that’s when angels go to work, that’s when new doors open, that’s when chains break, that’s when you come into overflow and more than enough.
God never removes something unless He has something better coming. If He didn’t stop certain things, we would never get out of our comfort zone; we would stay with the familiar.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God has equipped you, empowered you, and anointed you. Be inspired by this message from Joel, "Discover Your Greatness"

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You’re not limited by your background. You’re not at the mercy of who raised you, what looks impossible. Your Heavenly Father is about to breathe on your life in a new way. New doors are about to open.
If you’ll stay in faith, keep being your best, you’re going to come into your “after this.” You’ll say, “After the layoff, I got a better position. After they walked away, I met someone better. After the storm, I came out stronger.”
God never promised that we wouldn’t have difficulties, but He did promise He would give us strength for every battle. He would take what was meant for harm and use to our advantage.

If you’re going to see the greatness in you, the favor, the influence, the talent, you have to look to your Heavenly Father.

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Look up and have a bigger vision. You’re not doing life on your own. Your Heavenly Father controls the universe. He makes ways when you don’t see a way.

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Greatness doesn’t come from people; it comes from God. Yes, our natural fathers influence us, they teach us what they know, but your gifts, talents, favor come from your Father in heaven. What He’s spoken over your life will come to pass.
Here’s the key, you come through your father, but you come from Almighty God. He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. He knows how to cause the gifts He put in you to come out, how to make you shine.
The scripture says, “Every good gift comes from your Father in heaven above.” What He’s destined for your life is not limited by what kind of natural father you had. Your greatness comes from your Father in heaven. What He’s spoken over your life will come to pass.
Your gifts, your talents, your potential come from your Heavenly Father. Your time is coming. You’re going to go further; you’re going to accomplish dreams bigger than you imagined.

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God said in Psalms, “Touch not My anointed.” You are His anointed. When people come against you, they’re not just messing with you; they’re messing with the God who put His blessing on you. What God has blessed no person can curse.
The people that stay happy, that don’t fall into discouragement, that don’t go downhill, are the people that rule over their thoughts, the people that keep their hopes up, the people that know God is still on the throne.
Get your hopes up. Start expecting rain. Get ready for abundance. Get ready for overflow. God is about to exceed your expectations. You’re coming out of the dry place and into more than enough.
If it seems too far out, like it could never happen, that’s God speaking to you. His dream for your life is so much bigger than your own.

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Are you taking time to declare God’s goodness over your life? Are you speaking victory over your future? It’s not enough to do it every once in a while. It needs to become a habit where, all through the day, we’re declaring that we’re blessed, we’re strong, we’re healthy.
If you’re not hungering after anything, you’re not going to be filled. Are you hungry to get well, hungry to accomplish a dream, hungry to meet the right person, hungry to go higher?
It may not have been fair, but God is fair. He’s a God of justice. He wouldn’t have allowed it if it was going to stop your purpose.

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You have to recognize God is doing a new thing. You’re growing; you’re coming up higher. That discomfort is a sign you’re going to a new level.
When you make a mistake, go to God and ask for forgiveness, then move on. Don’t keep asking Him again and again, bringing up the same failures, the same times you blew it. The first time you asked, God not only forgave you, but He doesn’t remember it anymore.
You have to be willing to leave some things if you’re going to become all you were created to be. Maybe you need to leave bitterness, leave the hurts, leave the negative things of the past.

Check out this message from Joel, "Your Faith".
The circumstances may not change, but you can change. Have a new perspective. God’s plans for you are for good. He’s already lined up what you need to fulfill your destiny. There are opportunities in your future bigger than you can imagine.
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