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Last 50 tweets from @JohnMu
In reply to @JohnMu
For cutting them, yes, not for eating them.
Well, yes. Good catch. Do you use scissors to cut pizza? I've seen them mentioned quite often recently, I suspect that's just because I've started paying attention to them :)
In reply to @IrishWonder
Kind of misleading wording in GSC, even if it's a non-issue
Replying to @IrishWonder
I mean if they're blocked, we don't know that they redirect :). If there's nothing there that you want indexed, I'd just leave it like that.
In reply to @JohnMu
Hacked Forbes profiles aren't expensive, you sure it was real?
"I have an unrivaled number of good quality sites at an affordable price for guest posting."

I'm sure you do linkbuilding person. I am sure you do.
Replying to @myriamjessier
I ran into a Forbes author on Reddit recently, it was weird
Just listening to an older episode of Search Off the Record: are featured snippets displayed in position 1 or 0? I need to know! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Would anyone be willing to shed some light on it? Maybe @g33konaut? @JohnMu? SEOs have been confusing each other for ages now! Help!๐Ÿ™

hi @JohnMu - if a site has pages which are not supposed to be indexed, but GSC shows them as "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt", what's the best course of action? remove them or leave them be? I mean, I'd rather have some useful pages indexed instead
Replying to @IrishWonder
Can you elaborate? Blocked by robots.txt means the content's not indexed (though the URL may be, but even then it doesn't mean it's visible in normal search results). There's no "budget" for indexed page count, so usually this is a non-issue... What am I missing? :)
If I embed others youtube channel videos on my article, and that videos have others affiliate links.

Does it break any rules and google penalty my site?
@mattdiggityseo @RahulMarthak @JohnMu @darth_na
nothing says America like this meal right here
In reply to @JohnMu
@JohnMu Hi, thank you for answering my question on the latest Office Hours. I provided more information on the brand ranking problem as suggested. It does not seem people understand something else behind this brand.โ€ฆ
Replying to @_sebastiansimon
Thanks for posting there, now I'm curious too :). I'll check with some folks here in the meantime.
In reply to @ohgm
Replying to @ohgm
Interesting reading about some of those details. Have you checked with the web-vitals folks in their forum (โ€ฆ ) about some of the quirks you ran into, and given them feedback there?

๐Ÿคsmall and irritating
โ›ณ๏ธavoid some of my mistakes
๐Ÿ˜‘I'd rather not think about this any more.

๐Ÿ–คLike for more of this sort of thing.
๐Ÿ”ƒQuote Retweet 'STOP' to stop this sort of thing.

Zero Cumulative Layout Shift, Please Improve Cumulative Layout Shift | ohgm
With every new iteration and invention comes a new exciting area to evolve.
Build into your model agility and evolve with it!
In reply to @JohnMu
๐Ÿ‘๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ โ•š โ• โ• โ• โ•
Received an impression spike in Google Search Console with barely any clicks? ๐Ÿค”

There's a good chance that a URL from your site has been included in a SERP feature that you're unaware of.

Here's 5 SERP features that can cause a big uptick in impression (with low clicks) ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡
In reply to @Suganthanmn
Your alternative option is asking me to spend hours downloading and sending invoices. We are in 2022, not 1990.
Hello John! What is the future of SEOs? Will everything be automated with AI in near future? Is it a good idea anymore for people who want to build careers in SEO? @JohnMu
Replying to @MdFuadBinShams
As long as you're creating websites & content for people, you're going to need people. Did cooks go away with the microwave? Did accounts go away with the spreadsheet? Did teachers go away with YouTube? Go make awesome sites that give real users treats of high value.
If thereโ€™s one thing that clear from responses I get when I talk about removing tracking parameters, itโ€™s that marketers still think they are/should be able to track everything.

I think thatโ€™s simply an absurd notion that needs to go the way of the dodo.
Itโ€™s time you learned the truth. We are all out here pretending hand dryers work.

They donโ€™t, itโ€™s an โ€˜inโ€™ joke that youโ€™re not in on, and we all secretly laugh behind your back when we see you use one.
Hi @JohnMu, Iโ€™ve just added 1 internal link to a single page on a 3 million URL websiteโ€ฆ

Do I really have to wait a full 24 hours before I rank 1st for 9000 new keywords orโ€ฆ

Am I being impatient?
Iโ€™ve audited thousands of websites over 20 years as a professional SEO. Here is what you need to know about SEO in 2022 and a free tool to help you manage your projects or learn about SEO:โ€ฆ A thread (1/10)
In reply to @JohnMu
@JohnMu can I help find spam for Google? Iโ€™ll show you the queries and detect the easy Web 2.0 spam which is worse than guest posting because Guest posting even paid can provide some value for users. Web 2.0 spam is pure anti internet friendly rubbish
Did you ever have a lightbulb ๐Ÿ’ก moment where you finally understood how something crucial in #SEO works?
In reply to @JohnMu
If i disavowing main domain all subdomains are disallowed as well? ?
Replying to @JamshedA01
Sure. But also, it's unnecessary for crufty junk links like what that looks like.
Batten down the hatches, yโ€™all. Tropical storm @BurgerKing is coming. Itโ€™s going to be a whopper.
I swam in Lake Windermere today and I am so proud of myself.

Triathlon will kick your ass with the weather, the transitions between disciplines, and people literally kicking you on the swim.

But it also teaches you to not be too proud to try something and not be the best at it!
Replying to @hanfbutcher
Congratulations! Awesome job, Hannah! Super impressive.
In reply to @JohnMu
For example, if I write an article about mitochondria, can I use images like these if they're an accurate representation of mitochondria?
Replying to @MohammedRujel
Do you expect the image to be entertaining? There's no search bonus for having an image.
Is google okay with using Dall-E or other AI generated images in blog posts? @JohnMu
In reply to @JohnMu
That joke is out of line ๐Ÿ˜Š
Replying to @Mofling
This is also why you should keep the desktop version of your website.
The power of a good journalist: their news can bring rulers to their breaking point.
cannot stress enough how much you need to watch this with the sound on.
Hey @timsoulo and @ahrefs the rank tracking seems to have gone a bit funky today. Showing multiple sites in 1st when none of the sites are in 1st. Just one example of many. Thanks.
Replying to @bendrush @timsoulo and 1 otherfalse
I'm sure it's just your magical SEO touch - congratulations!
Delighted to share that I've joined the @Kurz_Gesagt team as Senior eCommerce Manager. As a huge fan of their videos and education missions, I can't wait to help them deliver more knowledge, awesomeness, and ducks to the world โค๐ŸŒ๐Ÿฅ
That sounds amazing -- congratulations on the new job! Are you giving away any ducks?
Universal Analytics will be deprecated exactly 1 year from today.

This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

Don't wait! Get started with GA4 today! Lots of resources below to help you make the switch ๐Ÿ‘‡
In reply to @googlesearchc
Very insightful episode once more, thank you! Particularly interested to delve further into @JohnMu 's comment abt adding a "no-show schema" so that numerical answers aren't divulged in snipped, and to encourage CTR. Would this have a negative impact on overall snippet results?
It's the "data-nosnippet" onโ€ฆ -- it only affects what's shown in the snippet. How you use it is up to you, try it out and see if it makes sense on your pages :)
Robots Meta Tags Specifications | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers
In reply to @hannah_bo_banna
Listen, when Hannah wants to do something, you best get out of the way.
In reply to @JohnMu
Depends on the type of rock. Pumice rock has a density of 640Kg per M^3 (lighter than water). By my calculations, ~ 771,662Kg in all.
"Don't worry, nobody will notice if we turn the compose button and search bar pale blue."
Replying to @laurenweinstein
Sometimes I'm surprised we haven't stuck with amber 80x24 text displays - every change is jarring :)
FREE CHOCOLATE AT #SearchY Oh yes people - LAST SESSION is the BEST SESSION for getting FREE CHOCOLATE in! Yes it is all about Migration Madness but it's also about CHOCOLATE FOR QUESTIONS so get in the New York room at 17:30 #searchy2022 #SearchYParis
โ€œNo one can make you feel inferior without your consent.โ€, thanks for sharing @SEOJoBlogs, means a lot๐Ÿ’ซ- โ€œHow to build relationships when remote workingโ€ #SearchYParis
I used regex in a promotion I added to my my Programmable Search Engine and now I'm feeling...๐Ÿค“
Replying to @clairecarlile
Well, you are, so you might as well feel that way too.
If @JohnMu likes one of your tweets, you can put "Google Approved" on your website, right?
In reply to @JohnMu
@JohnMu Morning! Quick q: where do Merchant Centre traffic/sales data get attributed to? I haven't integrated GMC with GA yet. I have the GMC dashboard which gives clicks/impressions. But where do these get attributed to b4 I set GA up to show custom source/medium for GMC data?
Replying to @bighouseburning
No idea how GA handles this. My guess is these are tracked as normal results from the origin, like other organic search results.
Look, I KNOW our retirement plan is to someday buy a farm and raise alpacas and goats in the woods.

BUT, I think a good backup plan would be for us to move to FL and be characters at Disney World. Josh could be a First Order officer on Rise of the Resistance. I'd be a Jawa.
Replying to @KellyStanze
If you send me a postcard, would it be Jawa-script?
I just learned about the existence of the unit "acre-foot"..... what the shit ๐Ÿ˜
Replying to @timonsku
How many stones does an acre-foot of rock weigh?
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