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Last 50 tweets from @JonathanLHoward
I've just had some very bad news and will be offline for some days. Be kind to one another, and love those close to you. Goodbye for now.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
thank you crowe! <3 p.s. giv beerb
Replying to @premeesaurus
You're very welcome. *Pours beerb* *Waits* Oh, dear. It's going flat. I have no choice. *Slurp*
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Here's the latest advice from the government about going back to school. #schoolreopeninguk #schoolsreopeninguk #June1st
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Shakespeare coined the word ENCAVE to mean ‘to hide in a basement’.
In reply to @Sonic_Screwup
Can you imagine a night shoot with a carton of squash and a prawn mayo sandwich 😭😭😭
the world is on fire; we're all in rough shape; my brain has been working at about 2% capacity for about the last five months.

however: 101,570 words got turned in by their deadline. and that's not *not* a thing.
Replying to @premeesaurus
You are a Greater Canadianian Mighty Wording Beekle! Many congratulations <3
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Currently on US customs forms: "Have you ever been a member of the Nazi party?"

Coming soon to US customs forms: "Have you ever been an opponent of fascism?"
I was today years old when I discovered Hitler opposed including "sozialistische" in the NSDAP's name in 1920 because, ewww, socialism, but was overruled by the executive who wanted to appeal to workers. Impressive that it's a shell game that still cons the right to this day.
This is all true. Sort of. Kind of. Well, the stuff about reviews being important is true. (Also, the unicorns are kind of boss.)
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
I am an antifascist. There was Antifa graffiti in the air raid shelter I played in as a kid. My Mum lived in fear of Nazi genocide during the war. My grandad was a devout, Christian, anti-communist miner...but he threw one of Mosley's Blackshirts thru a chip shop window #antifa
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Thanks you, @aliwilgus, @shiningcomic, @crashwong, and @suzusaur for a fun, informative Virtual Nebulas weekend panel on "Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels: Process and Collaboration." Loved hearing words of wisdom from a new generation of comics creators!
In reply to @BBolander
him and that old fuck with the bow should team up to get their asses righteously kicked every week in new and interesting locations
Replying to @BBolander
"You have my sword, Master Hood!" "And you my bow, Sir Lancelot!" *Seconds later...* "911. What is your emergency?"
Listening to the homily this Pentecostal Sunday as the wife watches

my cat is making me blaspheme by laying the most righteous poops for the Lord

I accidentally used the Lord's name in vain twice, and I try not to when her church is on

I flushed it & it didn't help 😭
Replying to @weredawgz
Your life is complicated in unexpected ways.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
"Waaaaal, I *do* declare..." *whoosh* I'm sorry, but I have as much sympathy for them as I would for an organisation calling itself "The Daughters of the Third Reich."
Replying to @JonathanLHoward
Yes, this seems very normal and unremarkable.
o no
all those generations of accumulated tinder-dry genteel bigotry up in smoke
what a loss

ah well
Replying to @JonathanLHoward
"Waaaaal, I *do* declare..." *whoosh* I'm sorry, but I have as much sympathy for them as I would for an organisation calling itself "The Daughters of the Third Reich."
o no
all those generations of accumulated tinder-dry genteel bigotry up in smoke
what a loss

ah well
They. Are. Burning. The. Daughters. Of. The. Confederacy. Building.
I, a middle-aged white man, was thinking about what's going on in the US, and had a revelation which I'm going to share with you. Feel free to spread this far and wide, as - being the thought of a middle-aged white man - it is as unto holy writ. And it is this:
Replying to @JonathanLHoward
You're very welcome. Noblesse oblige and all that.
I, a middle-aged white man, was thinking about what's going on in the US, and had a revelation which I'm going to share with you. Feel free to spread this far and wide, as - being the thought of a middle-aged white man - it is as unto holy writ. And it is this:
An inability to accept one has screwed up is a major character flaw; it means one will never learn from mistakes. Johnson has never moved on from middle school. He will be a selfish, lazy, vindictive brat in the body of an adult all the way to his death bed.
I know they’ve told us to move on but two quotes stand out in today’s Sunday Times piece “Boris has always been clear he doesn’t ever say sorry” and Cummings’ reaction to the Durham story going public - “They can go f*** themselves”. #StayElite
...and this morning an agent has emailed threatening to take a baseball bat to me and to my colleagues.

I have no words for any of what is happening today. Madness everywhere.
Replying to @GillianRedfearn
Ye gods. Solidarity with you in this year of lunacy.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
I've read my paperback copies several times now, so never bothered getting ebook versions. Yet somehow without any conscious effort on my part I now have the first 5 books in the series on my kindle. It is a mystery how that happened 🤷‍♂️
Replying to @MrDarcy1815
An absolute mystery... I have them all in physical form, too, but they're in storage, so this is ideal for me.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
I’ve read the whole series twice. They are all greatly written stories that immerse you into what’s taking place. I would also suggest the Sharpe series from Bernard Cromwell.
It's just brilliant, isn't it? Still sad the movie didn't turn into a series (although jumping in at the tenth book wasn't ideal. Also peeved they changed the antagonists from American to French. Was that really necessary? Is the US market *that* delicate?)
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
Yes. He makes it seem effortless.
Replying to @dedbutdrmng @aptshadow and 1 otherfalse
Y'know, I might go back and finish that. It'll never work quite the O'Brianish way I intended, but it was finding its own voice and that's no bad thing.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
Currently listening to book 19. I’m dreading the end of my journey with these two.
Replying to @chorsac82
Well, you just go back around to MASTER AND COMMANDER then. They really do reward rereading.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
I live in a failed country.
Replying to @SteveLi35018916
I suspect we live on a largely failed planet. It's just more obvious than usual at the moment.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
Some of my absolute favourite books. The Bone Ships is pretty much a love letter to them.
Replying to @dedbutdrmng @aptshadow and 1 otherfalse
I once wrote a space opera short trying for the same tone and gave up. It's a great deal harder to pull off than O'Brian made it look.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
got me onto these via Audible :)
Replying to @aptshadow @naomi_uk72 and 1 otherfalse
They are remarkably good, aren't they? And, as a writer, very educational as exemplars of how to structure large, rambling narratives with lots of characters and events yet still keep it all engaging.
What's the difference between a beat cop and a stormtrooper? Turns out it's some riot gear and a degree of anonymity.
"To Protect and Serve" my lily-white arse.
Share widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own front porch. Yelling “light em up” #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorge #BlackLivesMatter
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Just found this from a while ago. I don’t often “make headlines” here’s one of my pics in the newspaper from Beyond Flesh and Blood. Mech combat game.
The first five Aubrey & Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian are 99p each on Kindle today, from MASTER AND COMMANDER through to DESOLATION ISLAND. I cannot overemphasise how good this series is.
Replying to @benjanun_s
This is our son, "Möbius." By a curious coincidence, he became a stripper.
Holy shit, I won a Nebula.
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
1933 is definitely the coolest of the three. 72 just looks a bit silly imo and 78 is so over the top it circles back around to being kind of great.
Replying to @ML_Gremlin
The '78 is still the current design, although the Farrah flick has calmed down. The '33 looks like a D&D rogue, which is about right. I much prefer it.
Still can't get over the fact that the astronauts are wearing gumboots.
Have just watched the Crew Dragon launch. No longer an emotional wreck. OH GOD IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
Replying to @AlasdairStuart
I missed the launch, and I'm actually okay about that. I was fine hearing it had gone off without a hitch four minutes after it had happened. Too stressful otherwise.
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
💀Skulls for the Skull Throne 4!💀 Dark Future and Chainsaw Warrior are taking part in the festival of Warhammer gaming, with big discounts available. #skulls4

Head here for more great Warhammer stuff than you could possibly know what to do with 👉
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
‘At least 1m people in Britain are estimated to have lost their jobs since March. Dominic Cummings is not one of them. That’s all you need to know about this week in British politics.’

Brilliant from @henrymance…
6 months in and 2020 is already a whole Billy Joel song.
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
How to the black people
In reply to @JonathanLHoward
Oh, sorry, you might mean Elon. I just figure a negative "he" is Trump nowadays. ;)
It could be either and, either way, I call cruelty to astronauts.
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Stop saying British racism is “subtle.” Theresa May sent ‘go home’ vans to scare migrants, the government deported its own citizens to their deaths, black people are nine times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people... It’s not “hidden,” it’s been ignored.
I wish he’d get on that fucking rocket with them.
Replying to @ianmcque
I think those astronauts have enough to contend with already, don't you?
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
This is fascinating; Igor Levit attempting to play Erik Satie's "Vexations". Currently on hour 6 of 20...…
I bought this when I realised on Thursday how sunny it was going to be this weekend and it was the only lager I liked the look of that Amazon had on Prime delivery. But I really like it.
Replying to @EddieRobson
I'm not a great lager drinker, but if I'm going to have one, it's likely to be that.
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
I used to watch riots in African American communities and thought, oh that is not the right way to do this.

I’m wrong. There is no right way. And my opinion is irrelevant.

I watched when Colin Kaepenick protested quietly, with dignity, and Trump, @vp, Fox and the..../1
Jonathan L. Howard Retweeted ·  
Just want to express how inspiring and humbling it is to be named in the company of @luna_luminarium @sicarrol @SarahPinsker @Catrambo and @CarolineYoachim, all of whose stories I have enjoyed and learned from and recommended to friends. This evening is going to be amazing! 🪐
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