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Last 50 tweets from @JuliaStuart_SA
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
But @legend3 is a real LEGEND!!!

This Man stayed on the field to applaud the passionate @lidodaduvha supporters while everyone ran for dear life. 👐⚽

90 246
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
It's bad in Thohoyandou..
141 334
I have never experienced so much rain period.
3 25
Replying to @FaroukKhan9 :
@FaroukKhan9 Kudos to you and Mark for calling it ages before we had the official word. That's why they pay you the big bucks 😉
0 2
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
The match has officially been abandonded!

A rescheduling will take place at a date and time agreed upon by the two teams and the league.
24 31
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
On this day, 11 February 1990 #NelsonMandela was released from Victor Verster Prison in Paarl at 16h22… #Freedom #27Years
420 710
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
What a winning goal from Teboho Mokoena!

  · · en
118 401
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
FT: South Africa 1-0 Burundi.

Amajita qualify for the FIFA u20 World Cup in Poland.

Well done coach Thabo Senong and the Boys!
548 1,632
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Fake news.
  · TweetDeck · en
6,953 30,292
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
The camera men at the Derby are very dangerous people🙆🏽‍♀️
108 904
The way @KwestaDaKAR is rocking the @AbsaSouthAfrica suite after the #SowetoDerby 🔥🔥🔥
11 49
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Our blockbuster #SowetoDerby team has you covered from all angles

@SimplyCarol8 👉 Studio
@robertmarawa 👉 Touch Screen
@JuliaStuart_SA 👉 Stadium
@PhumlaniMsibi 👉 Pitch-side

Follow the action LIVE on SS4, SS10 and @DStv Now >> 📺 📱
36 171
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
The police have confirmed that the body of Emiliano Sala has been found among the wreckage of a crashed plane.
  · · en
110 252
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
The last goal, Emiliano Sala 😢#RIPSala
108 392
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
"Your soul in my soul, it will shine forever thus illuminating the time of my existence. I love you, tito."

Emiliano Sala's family say they are now able to mourn their loss, while also keeping their thoughts with David Ibbotson's family.
👉 #RIPEmiliano
  · TweetDeck · en
100 584
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Police have confirmed the body recovered from the wreckage of a plane in the English Channel is that of Emiliano Sala.
  · TweetDeck · en
762 3,076
Nantes retiring Sala's number 9 jersey is just pure class 👏
7 14
Replying to @Rouel777 :
@Rouel777 OK but they also asked for money before his body was found 🙈🙈
1 8
Southgate Mall today 3-5 pm #SowetoDerby ticket giveaway in the #WOZANAZO road show
7 38

New goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi, should he start for @KaizerChiefs in the #SowetoDerby? The wise-men led by the "chairman of goalkeepers union", @williamshongwe delve into that possible decision. Call us on +2711 686 7226 #SoccerAfrica
0 3
Replying to @MySoccerAfrica :
Don’t know what I was looking at, but I looked pretty amazed!

@YesWeCrann looks pretty happy too. 😮😁
0 28
Replying to @ABBasson17 :
@ABBasson17 @YesWeCrann @LaLigaEN @Soccer_Laduma I must be honest, that's close to where I was standing. Just saying 😂
0 2
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Big, banging acquisition announcement on SuperSport tonight. Fight fans will approve. Watch this space.
  · TweetDeck · en
3 18
@JuliaStuart_SA Had to rush back to studio..Top stuff as usual Julz. You hit that out the park !
0 2
Replying to @ThabisoMosia :
@ThabisoMosia OK this compliment I will take and run Bru thanks so much it means the world 🙏🏽
0 1
@JuliaStuart_SA @David_Minchella @Rouel777 You’re not out of time if you’re still crossing over to the studio, for those analysts, but I understand.
0 0
Replying to @prophilani :
@prophilani @David_Minchella @Rouel777 Julia Stuart has a boss like everyone else. A few bosses actually.
0 3
@JuliaStuart_SA @Shaistah_K @Rouel777 Yeah, I apologise...the interview was really good. The question regarding Pitso & the crowd took me by surprise. Was trying to work out what was going on there.
0 0
Replying to @David_Minchella :
@David_Minchella @Shaistah_K @Rouel777 He seemed to show the crowd shut up because they were asking for Maboe to be subbed before he scored. But he kind or turned it into the team needs to talk more. Think we showed the visuals over the question but I didn't have a monitor so not sure
2 2
And now the talking is done... @KaizerChiefs & @orlandopirates coaches Ernst Middendorp and Milutin Sredojovic at the @AbsaSouthAfrica and @OfficialPSL #SowetoDerby press conference earlier #SSDiski #AbsaPrem #WozaNazo
3 55
@Shaistah_K @David_Minchella @Rouel777 I’m not sure why our DNA makes us critical of people doing sterling work @David_Minchella could you not find credit in @JuliaStuart_SA as IMO she is exceptional #justsaying
1 4
Replying to @jetfooty :
@jetfooty @Shaistah_K @David_Minchella @Rouel777 It's unfortunate but part of the game. I appreciate your kind words and have come to learn that people can and will say what they want on this platform. And I will still have a job to do.
1 2
@David_Minchella @Rouel777 Hi David, you’re clearly not aware that SS presenters have a limited amount of time to be on air for a post-match interview. Why don’t you talk to one of the directors and ask them to perhaps change that, if you think Julia should have spent more time talking to Coach Pitso?
0 0
Replying to @Shaistah_K :
@Shaistah_K @David_Minchella @Rouel777 But the silva thing came out last week. How has no one picked up the phone and got a comment? Post match interviews are not talk shows everyone knows this I mean really 🙄
1 5
@David_Minchella "I think we all know who you are talking about".. is what she said and I'm pretty sure Pitso said all he wanted thereafter.
0 2
Replying to @Rouel777 :
@Rouel777 @David_Minchella Guaranteed to get a better response out of the coach because you are giving him the platform. I was already way out of time. Everyone shouting wrap up.
2 4
Replying to @Zuks_Franco :
@Zuks_Franco Thank you that's nice man 😊
0 1
@JuliaStuart_SA 😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
0 1
Replying to @ThabisoMosia :
@ThabisoMosia Well I greeted back hahaha looked for you after seeing the tweet but you were gone
1 1
Hiiiiiiiiii Julia 😂
0 7
Replying to @ThabisoMosia :
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Loved this post match interview my friend @JuliaStuart_SA did with Coach Pitso. Another perfectly handled situation on her end, allowing us to hear the head coach’s side of things.…
2 9
@JuliaStuart_SA @BlackisGoldz @AbsaSouthAfrica @Absa You such a talented presenter , very professional and always asking relevant and pertinent questions . You are going places.💪🙌🙌
0 4
Replying to @PhotoColman :
@JuliaStuart_SA @AbsaSouthAfrica @Absa Your knowledge of the beautiful game is amazing and your professionalism is encouraging, keep it up
0 2
Replying to @LebonaMoleli :
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
People have so much to say about things they know NOTHING about.
1,510 5,882
Julia Stuart Retweeted ·  
Manchester City went to the top of the log on goal difference after a 2-0 win at Everton, thanks to goals by Aymeric Laporte & Gabriel Jesus #SSFootball
25 54
Time for bed... I've got a press conference to host tomorrow #sowetoderby I'll share some ways you can win tickets with @AbsaSouthAfrica in the morning @Absa #WozaNazo #AbsaPrem
4 47
#AbsaPrem @JuliaStuart_SA if Dylan Kerr had 5 more mins with you, he could have probably also told you about his problems at home. Lol.😂 he was venting. Clearly upset the coach.
0 1
Replying to @Dikarabelo_M :
@Dikarabelo_M Look the man was just telling it like it is. I felt that one 😥
0 3
Told y'all that whenever @JuliaStuart_SA is working the game of sundowns we always win, our lady luck 😉😉
0 3
Replying to @DannyDenzo3 :
@DannyDenzo3 Hahahaha every team says I'm lucky man
0 4
@JuliaStuart_SA I really enjoy the way you conduct your pre and post match interviews. You ask those questions that we at home wanna ask. Keep up the good work. Lately you are more involved in Downs matches... 🤔🤔 😁😁😁
0 1
Replying to @RambauSingo :
@RambauSingo Thanks I feel like that's the whole point we are your voice in a way so that's my job done!
0 1
@JuliaStuart_SA @EggsBenedictZA @MarawaRobert This is the Julia I know and follow. Ekse mnandilicious 😂
0 3
Replying to @manghumani :
@manghumani @EggsBenedictZA @MarawaRobert Eish but I can't do it each and every day there's so bra on here testing my patience looking for drama like I'm Brooke from bold and beautiful man
0 5
Aw kodwa 😪🤦
uyeka uPitso esephahlukile ngendaba kaSilva. Should have dug deeper there. #SSDiski

when you need him😥
  · Twitter Web App · en
0 2
Replying to @EggsBenedictZA :
@EggsBenedictZA @MarawaRobert Its a post match interview. Talk shows are for digging deeper. You wanna tell me how to do my job but you can't even get Rob's Twitter handle right 😅😅😅
0 23
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