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Last 50 tweets from @JusticeMyanmar
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Myanmar communities decry disempowerment as forest guardians since 2021 coup… via @Mongabay
.@POTUS should use G-20 to send a strong message to #Myanmar military junta:

✅ Sanction MOGE, Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise & biz like Shwe Byain Phyu
✅ Work closely w/ allies incl. EU, UK, Canada, & Australia to tighten the grip on junta's 💰🙅🏻‍♀️
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Justice For Myanmar: BIDV vẫn giao dịch với tập đoàn MEC bất chấp lệnh trừng phạt
Justice For Myanmar: BIDV vn giao dch vi tp on MEC bt chp lnh trng pht
.@POTUS should impose targeted network sanctions on #Myanmar junta & its biz, coordinated with allies. Sanction MOGE, junta's biggest source of foreign revenue, & target biz that financially benefit from junta, incl. Shwe Byain Phyu. Oped w/ @TheSentry_Org…
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
PTT is the largest buyer of gas from Myanmar & its subsidiary,PTTEP, is the operator of two of Myanmar’s gas fields.Each month, PTT group transfers millions of dollars to bank accounts controlled by a brutal criminal junta that is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Myanmar junta’s crimes against humanity & environment:

⚠️over 1 mil displaced
⚠️bombing environmentally sensitive zones
⚠️entire country more vulnerable to climate change

🔗Read our briefer:

#COP27 #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Burma #ClimateJustice
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
In this opinion piece, Paul Greening argues that a proposed World Bank project only serves to legitimize the junta as it excludes civil society groups and resistance forces.
Does a proposed World Bank Project support the junta?
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
The Myanmar military’s deadliest airstrikes

As ASEAN appoints the head of the junta’s air force as chair of next year’s Air Chiefs Conference, Myanmar Now looks back at five fatal air attacks carried out under his command

Read more -

#Myanmar #ASEAN
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
In Yangon ⚠️❌👇

Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
During today's Committee on Foreign Affairs session, a defense ministry official confirmed Japan accepted four Myanmar military personnel for training AFTER the junta announced on June 3rd it would carry out death sentences against four people including pro-democracy activists.
#Vietnam interested in maintaining status quo in #ASEAN while profitting from its biz w/ Myanmar military. Telco Mytel, owned by Viettel of Vietnam's defence ministry + US-sanctioned MEC, provides revenue & tech to junta, aiding & abetting its #WarCrimes
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Why have CSOs been collectviely calling for #ASEAN to cease inviting junta reps to its mtgs? b/c serious concerns like this 👉🏽 @JusticeMyanmar

Junta participation in ASEAN emboldens them to cont. committing atrocity crimes & deepens ASEAN's complicity
“It is unacceptable that ASEAN & its partners see it as appropriate to allow the junta to lead regional defence bodies, providing it with legitimacy, support & platforms for its disinformation and propaganda." 🎙️ Yadana Maung.

Cease invitation to junta!
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has proposed to leaders of #Asean that representatives of the Myanmar military be barred from the bloc’s functions beyond big ticket summits.
As #Russia uses its arms to commit atrocity crimes in #Ukraine, it also profits from the sale of arms to the criminal #Myanmar military that uses Russian weapons to commit #WarCrimes & #CrimesAgainstHumanity

We #StandWithUkraine & its people! ✊🏽 @twardzik3
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Read @JusticeMyanmar's post on #ASEAN support of the junta! ASEAN is posting disinformation in the junta's favor, despite its label as a terrorist organization in #Burma.The junta is also set to host the next ASEAN counter-terrorism meeting in December.…
#Myanmar military junta, which is responsible for atrocity crimes, may be using Danish patrol boats as part of its terror campaign. Junta is also using 2020 vessel handover ceremony as part of its propaganda - but Denmark remains silent 😡 @DKAmbMyanmar
"The single most effective thing the British government can do to address the human rights and humanitarian crisis in Burma is to take action to start cutting off the supply of aviation fuel to the Burmese military."

Sanction jet fuel! #DisruptTheSupply @ukinmyanmar @PeteVowles
Amnesty International Exposes Burma Military Fuel Suppliers – UK Must Sanction Them…
According to the NGO, SEM, partial/complete PTTEP withdrawal from #Myanmar wouldn't impact Thailand’s energy infrastructure in a major way b/c #Thailand is not as reliant on Myanmar natural gas to produce electricity as claimed by PTTEP. Sanction MOGE! ✊🏽…
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Internet-connected devices (in white), 2020 vs 2022 in upper #Myanmar. In this new internet desert live 7+ million people. Interestingly, mines in Homalin are still covered while Hpakant jade mines are offline.
Mandalay/Magway... 👉
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
🔴Myanmar Arms Brokers

Created by @BenDoBrown from @MyanmarWitness with data from @JusticeMyanmar.

See which companies have brokered arms & equipment for the Myanmar military 👇…

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Myanmar
#arms #ASEANSummit #OSINT
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
I have created a map that shows 116 companies that have reportedly brokered arms and equipment for the Myanmar military. The map focusses on Myanmar and Singapore and shows the locations of the companies, with data from @JusticeMyanmar.

View the map here:…
ထုတ်ပြန်ချက် 📣 မြန်မာစစ်အုပ်စုနဲ့ စစ်လက်နက်ပွဲစားတွေကို အီးယူနဲ့အမေရိကန်တို့က အရေးယူဒဏ်ခတ်ပိတ်ဆို့တာကို JFM ကြိုဆို။ အရေးယူဒဏ်ခတ်ပိတ်ဆို့တာတွေကို အရေးတကြီးအရှိန်မြှင့်တင်ပြီး၊ ညှိနှိုင်းတာတွေ ပိုအားကောင်းအောင်လုပ်ကာ ပိုတိုးချဲ့ဖို့ လိုအပ်

✅ အသေးစိတ်သို့
Australia is failing the ppl of #Myanmar.

@SenatorJordon: Why is Australia so reluctant to impose targeted sanctions on the Tatmadaw & its officers?
@SenatorWong: In relation to Myanmar, we've not only made many public statements, but we've raised this issue in ASEAN-led forums.
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Exclusive: Leaked @ASEAN document reveals proposal to appease #Myanmar junta, “maintain status quo.”

@FortifyRights calls for suspension of #Myanmar junta representatives from all meetings throughout #ASEAN system. Read more here 👇…
ASEAN: Suspend Myanmar Junta Participation, Enact Emergency Measures to Protect Civilians - Fortify Rights
Press Release 📣 JFM welcomes EU & US sanctions on the Myanmar military junta & arms brokers but the pace of sanctions needs to be urgently increased, better coordinated & expanded. Read our PR and see our investigations into sanctioned arms brokers 👉🏽
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
🚨 Immoral decision to appoint #Myanmar military junta as chair of @ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference next year.

Gen. Tun Aung and the junta are war criminals. ASEAN must not reward their actions: Ban junta reps from all summits, meetings, & seats.

Full read:
Focus is not just #ASEAN's failed 5 Point Consensus. What message is #Myanmar junta receiving when it displays outright contempt of 5PC w/o consequence & is also appointed Chair of the ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference after killing 80+ ppl in an aerial attack?
Justice for Myanmar Menuduh ASEAN dan Junta Militer Bersekongkol
#Myanmar junta has intensified airstrikes against people of #Myanmar & what is #ASEAN's response? It rewards the junta by appointing sanctioned Air Force Chief Tun Aung the Chair of #ASEAN Air Chief Conference.

Sanction Myanmar military & aviation fuel!
War-Crime Committing Myanmar Junta Air Chief Appointed to Lead ASEAN Body
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
ASEAN's continued legitimization of the junta makes it complicit in its crimes — full stop.

We join @SpecialCouncil and others demanding ASEAN end this disastrous policy of deference toward this violent and illegal regime.
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
“The EU has the right policy, to cut off sources of revenue and arms to the Burmese military, but they are not implementing it fast enough,”…
New EU Burma Sanctions Welcome But Implementation Too Slow
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Nya EU-sanktioner mot Burmas militärjunta. Bl.a. mot tre individer som enligt EU förmedlat vapen och annan utrustning till juntan och därmed bidragit till förmågan att begå allvarliga kränkningar av mänskliga rättigheter och förtrycka civilbefolkningen.…
EU infr ytterligare sanktioner mot Burmas militrjunta - Svenska Burmakommittn
JFM welcomes the latest round of EU sanctions on #Myanmar, which include crony arms brokers Aung Moe Myint, Naing Htut Aung & Tay Za, plus SAC. We urge the EU to increase its pace of designations & coordinate sanctions w/ its allies to cut off the junta's sources of funds & arms.
Replying to @JusticeMyanmar
Check out our investigations for background on the 3 #Myanmar crony arms brokers sanctioned by #EU today: Auge Moe Myint 👉🏽 Naing Htut Aung 👉🏽 Tay Za 👉🏽 #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MyanmarMilitaryTerrorists
JFM welcomes the latest round of EU sanctions on #Myanmar, which include crony arms brokers Aung Moe Myint, Naing Htut Aung & Tay Za, plus SAC. We urge the EU to increase its pace of designations & coordinate sanctions w/ its allies to cut off the junta's sources of funds & arms.
EU 🇪🇺 agrees fifth round of #sanctions in view of the situation in 🇲🇲 #Myanmar.
The new listings include 19 new persons and one entity responsible for escalating violence & serious human rights violations against political opponents
Read more 👇!vbdC96
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
“There has been ongoing engagement with the Myanmar police” since the coup, Australian Federal Police says. Activists say cut ties, police say they need to swap intelligence on drug trafficking as 70% meth in Aus comes from Myanmar.…
AFP sharing intelligence with Myanmar police over drug trafficking after coup
🤯 Australia continues to engage with #Myanmar junta police since attempted coup. By sharing intelligence with junta, Oz is failing to address the root causes of drug trafficking, which is the military's systemic corruption and total impunity! #auspol
We are concerned that changes to @Twitter will expose #Myanmar users to more dangers with ongoing real threats by military & "that Twitter under @elonmusk could provide greater space for the junta & its supporters to spread disinformation & #hatespeech".
From China to Thailand, dissidents fear Musks Twitter reign
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Self-proclaimed free speech advocate Matthew Prince @eastdakota has blocked Burma Campaign UK on Twitter after we tweeted about his company, @Cloudflare, working for the Burmese military.
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Letters to UNFCCC and CBD by ABIPA
For details information 👇
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SenatorWong
@SenatorWong @AusFedPolice @dfat @ReeceKershawAPM we've been advocating relentless for sanctions on #MyanmarMilitaryTerrorists but here, engaging & working with these corrupted ppl who basically r drug cartels - supposingly sharing intelligence for drug trafficking! What a joke!
Thank you @SenatorJordon for bringing to the fore the nefarious relationship between @AusFedPolice & the illegal military junta, & for standing w/ the ppl of #Myanmar ✊🏽

Australia gov. should be sanctioning #Myanmar military, not sharing intelligence!
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
By appointing the junta as chair of ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference & allowing it to host December anti-terrorism meeting, #ASEAN is actively aiding & abetting junta atrocity crimes. ASEAN ministries must end all engagement with the junta now! @JusticeMyanmar…
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Without concrete action from #ASEAN following Australia, New Zealand, US announcing boycott of ADMM WG on Counter Terrorism in July, junta’s now maintaining their website using it as platform for disinformation. Worse, junta’s been appointed Chair of ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference⬇️
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
The junta's violence on civilians including indigenous communities in forested & rural areas, intensifies climate vulnerability.

🔗Read "Illegal junta threatens people & planet"

#COP27 #COP27PollutersOut #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Burma #ClimateChange
Press Release 📣 #ASEAN actively & knowingly aiding & abetting #Myanmar junta’s atrocity crimes. Junta appointed chair of ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference & continuing as co-chair of ADMM counter terrorism group. Junta posting disinformation on ASEAN website 👉🏽
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Breaking: AFP confirms continuing relationship with #Myanmar police force, despite this force being implicated in crimes against humanity against the return of democracy. This arrangement has been supported by DFAT. #auspol @JusticeMyanmar
MPE, under illegitimate junta’s Ministry of Energy, controls the jet fuel supply chain in #Myanmar, while Asia Sun Group distributes aviation fuel to military air bases. We provided research to support @amnesty's report, Deadly Cargo. #DisruptTheSupply
Myanmar: Investigation reveals aviation fuel supply chain linked to war crimes
#Myanmar military's air strikes are increasing, particularly as the rainy season ends.

Governments must urgently sanction Asia Sun Group & Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise, 2 biz linked to the supply of jet fuel to the #Myanmar military! ✊🏽
1/2 On 4 November around 4:35 PM local time, the Burma Army deployed an air strike close to No Paw Htee village, Taw Thoo Kaar village, P'yar Gone village , Dweh Loe townsihip, Mutraw District near local farms.
Justice For Myanmar Retweeted ·  
Innwa Bank has facilitated payments involving financial institutions from Australia, Singapore and Vietnam, which continue to operate in Myanmar under the junta
Leaked records from Myanmar military conglomerate-owned bank reveal
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