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Last 50 tweets from @katekillet
#SpookyVibez was 4 days ago & I’m still finding red glitter on me. ✨❤️ So much love to everyone who came out to @Handlebar_TO on Saturday! + Special shout outs to all the freaky performers & @POSIVIB3Z fam who helped make it all happen! 🎃
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Be still my beating heart..@aoc asks Zuckerberg the question. I & others (notably @jason_kint) have been asking for a loooong time. When exactly did he first learn about Cambridge Analytica? Tell me, does this sound like a convincing answer to you?

spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
on october 31st at 9:57pm est. lets all stop what we’re doing and just vibe. it could be the key to reversing climate change.
Edie and I are both very excited for Halloween 🎃🕸🕷
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We've been listening to @youngguv's "She's A Fantasy" all day and can't get enough - take a listen here!✨…
general question for something I am working on...(if you're canadian) are you currently getting a lot of spam calls, more so than you have in a very long time?
In reply to @katekillet
Our November tradition 🦋
Replying to @ShamirBailey
honestly <3 i think i'm gonna b there around the 13th cus @lizaannemusic is playing johnny brenda's and I wanna go do u know her? my fellow aquarius bb?
Fyi, I had to drop out of the Sleater-Kinney tour cuz I had a damn near 2 week long manic episode, literally first half of this month is a absolute blur! I was hospitalized twice and I been out for a week, I am stabilized and fine and doing a whole lot of nothing 🦋
Replying to @ShamirBailey
can't wait 2 do nothing with u babe <3
I saw hadestown and my take on it is that hades is hot
Replying to @tatianatenreyro
Im soooo jealous I wanna go. Also I wanna see the perfume genius dance thing you read about it?
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Remember when Fred VanVleet sacrificed a tooth for us? #WeTheNorth #WeTheChamps
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Apparently not enough trans people have been put in their place today. Toronto City Councillor likes to spend his post-TPL board meeting time coming for trans constituents' grief?
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
The TPL board and staff showed us their true colours and allegiances tonight. Gwen was the ONLY person to be called at time and that’s because she was asking them to treat her like a human. Tonight was disgusting and dehumanizing.
Hey friends: thank you so much for the words and support and everything. I have so many messages to respond to, but I’m overwhelmed and stressed and I just can’t handle any more tonight. If you’ve sent me a message tonight and haven’t heard back I’ll get back to you, I promise
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ItsLeilaBB
"Please, please cancel MM's booking. Please stop forcing trans people to do the emotional labour of appearing before boards like this and justifying their existence over and over again."
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ItsLeilaBB
"You can and have said that you're an LGBT library. You can say it as much as you like, but at the end of the day you will be charged by your actions. You cannot be an ally while providing a platform for hate speech."
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ItsLeilaBB
to the @torontolibrary board: "I hope that all of you at some point in your lives have to appear in a room and debate your humanity for three minutes."
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Going to post a few threads about what went down @torontolibrary tonight. People making deputations about their own humanity — is this the public society we want? #transrightsarehumanrights
everyone in their @raptors gear today celebrating their return is super cute, myself included.
Don't forget!

Deathbomb LA Showcase @ Fat Beats DTLA
FREE, All Ages

rsvp at:…
(show us the rsvp at the show & get a free secret album)
Replying to @deathbombarc @clppng and 6 others
did i already tell y’all to go to this cus I wish i could but can’t teleport yet?
In reply to @geekylonglegs
you should watch waydowntown (2000) if you haven't, it takes place almost exclusively in the PATH-- the film's about three coworkers vying to see who can stay inside the longest
I like walking it at night time when everything is closed and creepy and it’s just me and and skateboarders
happy nu Jenny aka Susan day
I made a comedy special for ⁦@NetflixIsAJoke⁩! It’s called STAGE FRIGHT, out 10/22. Here’s the trailer! Tell your friends! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
me learning Dennis Quaid is marrying a 26 year-old blonde IRL
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
I wish it was more affordable to travel across Canada. For such a large country with so few people it is a shame to be so far from eachother both politically and geographically. It would be great to have more in common with people we have to vote on the future of the country with
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
toronto album release ~ ask a weirdo (me) 4 address
nu @perfumegenius goes well with the rain
harvest the pain and spit out the rest…
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Just thought about Netflix canceling TUCA AND BERTIE after only one season and began to cry.
Remember all the bands who played on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'?
Replying to @ladykunterpunt
goals for today/tomorrow: put on makeup and selfie photoshoot
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
got asked to do a DJ an afterparty after a show in Québec, just gonna loop “Bill 21 is racist” in both official languages over 22 minute ambient electro cuts and stand on the riser with my arms crossed
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
reminder: the worst danger with liberal governments is complacency. the libs are anti-progressive, racist, and anti-climate, and we can't ignore that because Justin can throw around some feminist buzzwords. be just as critical of this government as you would of scheer's.
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
From six gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer MPs in the 42nd Parliament, we’re now down to four. Here are the newly elected queer MPs. #elxn43 #cdnpoli…
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
74 LGBTQ2 candidates. 4 LGBTQ2 MPs. 2 less than we elected in 2015. We might have “equal rights” but we have nowhere near equal representation. #elxn43
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Great. Now count the people of colour @CBCNews

#CDNPOLI #elxn43
lots of love to the laudable @ladykunterpunt for the best optometry experience ever. i've been wearing glasses for over a decade now but never really liked them. now i do and omg my new frames are sooooo cute. stay tuned for so many selfies...
Happy birthday to the best bandmate & someone I’m blessed to call a bestie, @lastnightat3am. Making noise with you is the most healing and helpful thing. So thankful for ur understanding and kindness. The 666ix is lucky to have you.
In reply to @katekillet
Yes girl! Facebook and YouTube.
In reply to @katekillet
The Ceeb for life
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
Just wanna give @clppng an SO for inventing the genre of horror / this new album bangz #blood
Where are you watching #Elxn43 coverage? What’s your preferred news outlet?
spooky vampire babe Retweeted ·  
I don’t pretend to know the politics and nuance of the situations in Chile and Lebanon. But I see the power of the people. Protesting. Making it impossible to ignore their dissent. Rising up en masse. I wish we would too.
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