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Last 50 tweets from @kavita_krishnan
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
GST in itself was an attack on federalism, and now the Modi regime is even breaking the GST law to rob states of their due.…
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
I hope he knows WHO is a UN body. The same WHO that holds almost daily press conferences!
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @tishasaroyan
And continues after the 12th century too. The most famous example being that of Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagara kingdom uprooting an idol of Krishna from the temple of the Gajapati kingdom of Orissa. And then it's subsequent placement in a Vijayanagara temple.
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @tishasaroyan
Gives more credence to how temples were more than just places of worship. They were the fulcrum of political power and often clashed with other foci of power. Above is King Harsha of Kashmir and here's a 9th century king both of which significantly destroyed temples
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
The kind of destruction that never gets talked about in popular historical discourse in India is the temple destruction wrought by many rulers in the subcontinent much before Islam entered as a political force. Kalhana's Rajatarangini is full of it
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Poor Ambani. Modi Ji please help him. Had this case was in India he would have been free without having to lie.…
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
The senior Qadri said his son would receive threats in-front of his family.
“Even the last time,” his father said, “BJP Spokesman @sambitswaraj Patra told him in a live TV show, ‘Babar, tum abi zinda hou’ (Are you still alive, Babar?)” My report for @kashmirobserver #babarqadri
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Seven tribal Christians were allegedly beaten, partially tonsured and forced to chant “Jai Shri Ram” in a Jharkhand village on the unproven allegation that they had slaughtered a cow.…
Tribal Christians tonsured and forced to chant 'Jai Shri Ram' in Jharkhand village
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan – Named in Delhi Police's Riot Chargesheet – Have a History of Promoting Peace | @seemi_pasha reports… via @thewire_in
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Who killed the young men? Who planted the arms & ammunition?

This isn’t a case of “rules being broken” but a premeditated killing.

Will @narendramodi make sure the guilty are punished in a part of India he said he had “fully integrated” in Aug 2019?…
An image from 2018: Khalid Saifi, Meeran Haider & Asif Tanha, standing with farmers' struggles in a protest organised by United Against Hate, the organisation to which @UmarKhalidJNU & Nadeem Khan belong. Farmers' friends are in jail, for "chakka jam". Let's fight back unitedly
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
India is making history
Farm bills: farmer rights is history
Labour Codes: worker rights is history
Criminal Law amndmnt: civil liberties is history
Fishery policy: artisanal fisheries is history
EIA2020: Our future is history
Soon Constitution will be. . .
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
'We'll Be Back to Where We Started – On the Roads': Fear Prevails as Delhi Slum Eviction Looms

Amir Malik reports… via @thewire_in
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
12,000 years and counting!

Rajasaurus narmadensis and Other Mementoes of Ancient Indian Culture

How far back will the search go?

Shuddhabrata Sengupta nails it!… via @TheWireScience
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
DNA Tests Confirm 3 Killed by Army in Shopian 'Encounter' Were From Rajouri… via @thewire_in
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Countrywide protests, effigy burning and road blockade against Modi government's pro-corporate anti-farmer bills #KisanVirodhiNarendraModi
#NoToFarmBills #BharatBandh
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Whatsapp chats are for the public and the government to know.

Citizens don't have a right to know which companies the parties running government have taken money from. Nor where your money given directly to PM Cares went.

When did the Constitution get turned on its head?
CAA के खिलाफ लोगों ने चक्का जाम किया. उन्हें (ऊमर Sharjeel नताशा वगैरह को) भाजपा ने आतंकी दंगाई बता कर गिरफ़्तार कर लिया.
कृषि कानूनों के खिलाफ किसानों ने आज चक्का जाम किया. उन्हें भी कंगना जैसे भाजपा समर्थक आतंकी बताते हैं.
मुस्लिम करें या युवा या किसान - चक्का जाम जुर्म नहीं
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Being an employer it doesn't occur to this guy that there is no creche available here and the woman has no had no maternity leave.. Probably tells you a lot about his empathy for people who work under him.. Sick guy finding virtue in exploitation..
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
“You are lying about a meeting that was not a secret meeting," said @kavita_krishnan of the statement given by the police witness. "I would be willing to stand up anywhere and say that absolutely no one there said these things."

@betwasharma reports…
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
I really wish that journalists who today are enraged with the behavior of a fellow journalist and a media house would have been as angry when the same people left no stone unturned in maligning JNU, its teachers and students.. But better late than never.. #ChaiBiscuit
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Farmers against Anti-Farmar Modi Gov.
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार किया ।
किसानों द्वारा भारत बंद के समर्थन में इलाहाबाद विश्वविद्यालय से मार्च निकाल रहे हम आइसा व अन्य साथियो को आज योगी पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार कर लिया है ।

योगी सरकार का वक्त खत्म होने वाला है ।

किसान विरोधी
नरेंद्र मोदी ।
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @betwasharma
"You are lying about a meeting that was not a secret meeting," said @kavita_krishnan. “At 4 pm, I was very much there and I was speaking to all these people. I would be willing to stand up anywhere and say that absolutely no one there said these things."…
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
I wish I could write to every thriving democracy to say never take your freedoms and institutions for granted.

The bulldozing of Parliament; the FCRA amendments, the Farmer's Bill; political prisoners; a poisonous media. It is saddening beyond words to see everything crumble.
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @kavita_krishnan
Dear @HuffPostIndia and @betwasharma you have got the photo of Harsh Mander wrong in the article, the person in the photo captioned Harsh Mander is Prem Singh Gehlawat a leader of farmer organisation and CPI ML
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
#Aipwa #Varanasi
किसान बिल के विरोध में और किसानों की लड़ाई के समर्थन में
@ChaubeSaroj @ShashiY69 @ShivaRajwar @Inquilabimuhib2 @ranvijay_cpiml @ArtiRai09 @Sudhaka13906471 @Ompraka65431882
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Shame on UP police! Our Comrades from AISA Allahabad University were protesting against #FarmsBill2020 today on #BharatBandh were arrested by UP Police! We demand their immediate release!
Stop targeting youths and farmers!
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Dear @BSYBJP how many people will you arrest ? If your bills are so farmer friendly and workers friendly why are people protesting ? And why are you arresting them ?
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
Farmers from Punjab came to Shaheen Bagh to establish a langar in solidarity with their sisters protesting CAA/NRC. Now Muslim youth from Malerkotla serve food in solidarity with protesting farmers of Punjab. With these bonds of love that bind us, India is safe
The @DelhiPolice needs a better scriptwriter. Giving "Mogambo khush hua" type dialogue to civil society activists working to save lives during NE Delhi violence, is ridiculous. Plus, it was a room full of concerned people, not a secret gang of 5…
Senior journalist Ram Sujan Amar: Who deserves or has the copyright on this clumsy "detective fiction" submitted as the chargesheet, where some best known faces appear as instigators and some apparitions as witnesses? Of course, not the Delhi Police!
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
More than 200 eminent global personalities have shared their concern and anguish at the spate of arrests of democratic voices in India. @UmarKhalidJNU a vocal young scholar and activist speaking up for freedom without fear. The names are the following:
. @UmarKhalidJNU b4 being sent to judicial custody (Tihar), told judge: 1) I didnt sign any papers in police custody so any such claims would be false 2) I'm in the middle of a book, can I take it to jail 3) I want to meet my parents before going to jail…
Delhi riots case: Umar Khalid sent in judicial custody till Oct 22, parents allowed to meet
In reply to @deathbychocs_
On Che, Castro, Cuba, Eduardo Galeano's assessment can help one understand why they are admired, in spite of their many faults, across the world & far beyond the scope of the "Left". Attached is a short note I wrote as a foreword for a book with Che's writings.
Replying to @kavita_krishnan @deathbychocs_ and 2 others
Also read Galeano's full tribute to Castro here, one that acknowledges all his faults but places them in perspective beautifully…
Eduardo Galeano on Fidel Castro | Defend Democracy Press
In reply to @deathbychocs_
In case you're interested in reading the entire article…
Replying to @deathbychocs_ @TribeccaAngie and 1 otherfalse
On Che, Castro, Cuba, Eduardo Galeano's assessment can help one understand why they are admired, in spite of their many faults, across the world & far beyond the scope of the "Left". Attached is a short note I wrote as a foreword for a book with Che's writings.
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
दिल्ली पुलिस ने दंगों की साजिश की जांच के नाम पर कैसे जांच को ही एक साजिश बना लिया! दिल्ली पुलिस और दिल्ली बार काउंसिल के बीच में क्या सजा है? देखिए आर्टिकल १९ के नवीन कुमार की इस प्रस्तुति में।
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
4,000 people have been arrested on cow slaughter charges in UP this year alone.

The story of one village in Meerut offers a glimpse of how easy it has become to target Muslims.

@AarefaJohari reports…
In reply to @abhik_chimni
Stunning! But pretty sure it’s called something else.
It's हरसिंगार. Harsingar. Parijat, siuli, shefali, shefalika. Also night jasmine.
In reply to @kavita_krishnan
ahh that way, well we _are_ multi tendency on that note comrade, join and read with us
Replying to @Anupam_Guha
I was tempted, but making time is tough these days.
In reply to @kavita_krishnan
Though parties are also good to have. People get so scared of politics sigh
Replying to @Anupam_Guha
No, you can have parties, but not be partisan to one single party. I think that's what people mean when they ask if you're partisan. I think it's good to have a space where party folks can come but where it's not exclusive to one party.
A question was asked that "is your reading circle partisan?"

Erm, yes we are partisan. Its in the name. Its a socialist circle meant for socialist theory. We explain the theory, we do not debate the priors. The idea is you agree, with the priors and all discussions follow
Replying to @Anupam_Guha
By partisan most people mean party-san. Which you're not.
All these are big names (Deepika, Sara, Shradha etc) with a strong Bollywood background. How come no one from their family n friends uttering a single word? The date also seems to be fixed.
Politics with Bollywood or Bollywood with Politics 😳

Anyhow, I m farmers.
Replying to @rakhitripathi
Of course it's made up, but not BY these women actors. Their family & friends must've been advised not to speak by lawyers (as is usual). Let's keep focus on farmers, remembering it's not the women actors doing the distracting, it's the Govt & its pet agencies.
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
One of the most influential magazines in the world celebrates the spirit of democratic protest in India
It leads to a meltdown amongst fundamentalists; resulting in a #BoycottTIME trend: thereby proving the point of stifling dissent that @TIME was making🤦🏽‍♂️…
Bilkis: The 100 Most Influential People of 2020
Kavita Krishnan Retweeted ·  
India still struggles for womens’ reservation in Parliament & for equal status for women, yet for India’s Narcotics Control Bureau when it comes to smoking weed, only women actors are able to do it. Male actors only drink milk every morn like good boys. Do give us a break. #NCB
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