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Last 50 tweets from @Kehlani
this BOOK @theslumflower !!!! THIS BOOK? this BOOK.

i’m getting dragged, checked, and loving myself up x10 all in one sitting.

bravo. amen. needed. EVERYONE GO GET “What A Time To Be Alone” by Chidera Eggerue. perfectly written for us millennials. absolutely yes MA’AM.
252 2,133
“no pain ever goes to waste if you let it teach you” - @theslumflower
2,053 5,415
I want to start a mix girl thread since we don’t fit in anywhere eles ❤️ comment your photo and your nationality your mix with 💕 I’m black and Puerto Rican hbu🇵🇷🇺🇸 ?
662 2,515
Replying to @shialacunt :
i just wanna hug him and throw him 81818228 more birthday parties with the best cakes ever 🥺
750 11,714
this just made me cry 😰😖
Lil dude realized life ain’t shit LMFAOOOOOOOOO
9,582 20,347
4,917 28,937
here to indulge in all things organic... love, light, joy, community, peace & prosperity.

calling in more of that. all of that. without resistance. i deserve, you deserve. we deserve forreal.
3,847 13,639
would just like to say... i’ve gotten plenty of astro work done.. and never had an experience like @iJaadee

thank you so much! black women in metaphysical/cosmic/education/healing spaces>>>>>>

mattafackkkkk’.... black women in every field ever>>> it’s a different kind of love
291 2,735
we thought we were having a cute basic friendly meal tonight and @antwtf is actually an entire chef.

me and @serpentwithfeet rn:
89 1,815
Chill this was my first article writing for them...
3 13
Replying to @PopWansel :
@PopWansel they better be paying u the big bucks
3 32
lmaooooo inner erotic superhero

WHOMST is responsible
In the video for "Nights Like This," @Kehlani and @tydollasign channel their inner erotic superhero
  · SocialFlow · en
9 133
243 3,766
@Kehlani sis, you have to order some sanaia applesauce. black owned, she was on shark tank and got an investment from mark cuban ! order , please... the guava in bomb
8 74
Replying to @plantbasedvibes :
@plantbasedvibes they just dm’ed me to get me some! i’m exciteddddd!
2 38
The most streamed female artists on Apple Music US currently 🇺🇸:

1 • @iamcardib
2 • @ArianaGrande
3 • @halsey
4 • @Kehlani
5 • @queennaija
548 3,069
1,494 18,100
Here we go. Episode 2 of #SundayGems is on @Beats1 NOW! Open @AppleMusic, tap ‘Radio’ and press ‘Play Now.’
261 1,619
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
.@Kehlani and @DearYouFromWe recap 2018 and discuss everything they have going on in the new year.

Listen now:
  · Sprinklr · en
82 559
Thought everyone might like to know me and Dua Lipa met last night since all yall do is say we look alike.
116 1,422
Replying to @iamKITTENS :
39 730
Replying to @bbnoodz :
breathtaking 😍
Amaal - Not What I Thought - Directed by @byseanbrown
785 2,736
418 3,399
🧡😭🙌🏽 thank u so muuuuch!!
‘’Nights Like This’’ video has surpassed 1 MILLION views on Youtube with over 80,000 likes and the video is still on the Top 20 of Youtube USA trendings.
92 859
555 6,980
tomorrow we’re back! Join me and @DearYouFromWe this Sunday for Ep 2 of #SundayGems on @Beats1 @AppleMusic. Listen at 3PM PT / 6PM ET / 11PM GMT.
152 1,120
Tbh, my mind 🤪
35 565
Replying to @antwtf :
Ok y’all, I’m finally about start season 4 of Jane the virgin. 3 had my emotions completely upside down and now I don’t even know what I want from this show going into 4. LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
14 359
Replying to @RAVIEB :
@RAVIEB you gon wanna throw the whole tv away at the end of it all.
6 101
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
This New @Kehlani fuckin BAP!
654 3,875
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
On some nights like this I just wanna text you
but for what?!
2,483 7,925
598 6,601
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Damn @Kehlani you murked this video. Black Mirror x Ex-Machina x black anime x Afro-futurism vibes.
137 1,646
Listening to this new @Kehlani bop and it’s like, if she’s writing songs about hoes just up and leaving her I gotta send some love to everyone bc most of us are just regular lookin’ hoes and she extra fine and getting left. Stay strong regular hoes. Stay strong.
100 614
Replying to @tira_son :
@tira_son LMAOOOO no one is exempt from getting played 😣😭😂
5 67
636 6,992
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
NIGHTS LIKE THIS OUT NOW KEHLANI.COM song on all streaming platforms 🤖
8,436 22,955
aye y’all go cop that new Lauren & that new Lizzo. #Juice #MoreThanThat 🙀🙀🙀
S/O @Kehlani & @LaurenJauregui on the new music! Pussy Powaaaaah! ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏼
605 3,392
815 5,244
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
The Balenciaga Bad Bitch who can’t die & @Kehlani
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1,241 13,848
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
@Kehlani new video is extremely hard. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
159 1,387
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Backstage Headliner @floralivingapp’s co-founder @Kehlani is trending worldwide for her new video! A CEO, new momma, and entertainer — what can’t she do?
128 965
trending worldwide aw shiiiiiiituhhhh

thank you so much everyone!
1,108 14,033
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
𝕂𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕟 ♡
Kehlani’s heart shows the vision of life with her daughter omg 🤧
3,462 17,435
we shot the artwork in my car in my garage w spray bottles raining on the window. @_718s gang period
195 2,766
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
2,592 19,241
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Watch @Kehlani’s video for "Nights Like This" featuring @TyDollaSign
1,158 4,464
found her on my porch..
she needed help.. i’m 2 nice.
brought her 2 da lab..
after fixing her, i introduce her to being human.
she realizes i have a soul and she doesn’t.
she BIG MAD. decides to steal my humanity. doesn’t want Ty to snitch.. kills him too.

fuck these bot-ches
2,683 17,789
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
kehlani really did that
2,253 8,284
I’m upset that you just compromised your inner Bay Arean and referred to music as “bops” but.. fluidity of language lmao
13 140
Replying to @lilbeigebaby :
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Baelani is back! 🌊
Listen to @Kehlani's new song Nights Like This with @tydollasign now 🌙
874 3,025
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
new kehlani? oh, its lit.
9,066 37,926
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