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Last 50 tweets from @Kehlani
you can be anything, everything.
be back with music. 🤞🏼✌🏼
im all outta features folks i truly enjoyed working with all my friends, people i admire... etc...

album mode. be back soon. love y’all’ 🧡🔥🧡
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Kehlani just hits different.
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
I’ve been blasting nothing but kehlani for the past week and I swear my energy is different 🥰
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Kehlani actually has songs for every single mood and that’s the shit I’m here for
Me on the cover? Love to see it
Replying to @Jasminearmanii
and u ate that shit right up BOMB MOM CLUB
In reply to @Kehlani
Damn.. I’m tryna be a mom soon
Replying to @RexxLifeRaj
we’d be glad to have you in the club bro
A while ago I wrote a poem using the Tracklist from @Kehlani album ‘While We Wait’. I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone more. I HATE being on camera while practicing. Welp I recorded myself & uhh 😂😂 just watch til the end.

Tag @Kehlani for me
what’s wrong wit me i love this lmao
In reply to @Kehlani
Haven’t looked this fine in months. No filter on you punk bitches.
motherhood is the best thing to ever happen to me
Yes. We are shooting the video for it on the 18th
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
old kehlani on soundcloud will always slap
hugest shoutout to @lilnativeboy for doing the WORK! here online and outside! in every space and every way they can be! love you! thank you!

indigenous peoples day.
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Atatiana Jefferson. We speak your name. Say her name. Atatiana Jefferson. We speak your name. Say her name. Atatiana Jefferson. We speak your name. Say her name.
You okay, sis? The silence in reply is too heavy for words. #atatianajefferson #blacklivesmatter
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
I’m proud to finally present to you in partnership with @digdeepwater our 2nd annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day fundraiser!✨…
youtube channel just passed a billion views! whoaaaaaa thanks!!!!!
In reply to @Kehlani
U only 24😭😩
Replying to @KeyisQueen
how old u thought i was damn
i forget i’m 24 every day. 😂
Men are so blinded by looks. I be so confused when men tell me my boyfriend is so lucky. Like is he? What if I was a raging bitch? What if this pussy isn’t pap ready? Do you know?
Replying to @peromirania
pap readyyyyyyyy niaaaaaa
few things truly matter
whats the hardest truth you've ever learned in life?
tired of going out scared i’ll run into you.
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
On some nights like this I just wanna text you, but for what? 💗👽🖖🏽 @Kehlani 40”x 60” Oil paint on canvas. By me 😘. ##Kehlani #painting #art #blackart #oilpaint
brown wanna see
ya’ll think kehlani nipples pink or brown
hella proud of you @Wale album is incredible!! if they could see the journey to this moment. i love your heart!!!!
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Kehlani’s album bout to be fye asf
In reply to @Kehlani
Aww man. we can see it.😔 praying for you & your Fam 🙏
had to evacuate my house for the fires, i hope everyone near me is okay and safe... shit looks nuts.. 🥴🥺
In reply to @Kehlani
why are you singing this.. 😞
Replying to @theblackcholo
memories slim memories!
In reply to @Kehlani
Yoooo lmaoooo
iiiiif youuuuu waaaaant youuuur....

laptop back
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Kehlani slid on Nights Like This. Bit it, chewed it & ate it
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
kehlani: you act like you need reminding—

me: man start that shit OVER
countdown to vegas starts now
Kehlani’s album bout to be fye asf
So @Kehlani got two heaters right now. One with @Zedd and one with @ykOsiris. I’m ready for more @DavidAli! 👀👀👀
Replying to @carlchery @Zedd and 2 others
lemme press play
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So @Kehlani got two heaters right now. One with @Zedd and one with @ykOsiris. I’m ready for more @DavidAli! 👀👀👀
moments that matter
averaging 2-3 hours of sleep since having my baby and working on these albums and as much as i dread mornings, opening my eyes to this lil squeaky dimpled baked potato laughing is unmatched. grateful. exhausted, but grateful.
y’all banging the snippets like they’re out! I LOVE IT!
this is gonna be the song of 2019 @kehlani
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Top 5 Most-Streamed NEW Songs on Audiomack, This Week:

1. @TravisScott — “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”
2. @Wizkidayo — “JORO”
3. @gucci1017 — “Big Booty” ft. @theestallion
4. @ykOsiris — “Ride” ft. @Kehlani
5. @heisrema — “Bad Commando”
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
My name is Akua and I like to sing.
In reply to @Kehlani
This behavior only not toxic when you famous I guess. 🤷🏾‍♂️
can’t even have fun on here huh
lmfaoooooo i was IN THE BOOTH 😭😂 sry papa
Somebody tell Kehlani kall me. Right now
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