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Last 50 tweets from @Kehlani
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
Adeya is home. Kehlani gave birth at home standing up, unmedicated, into my arms as we spoke her 1st words to her. The most beautiful moment of my life
These two are my reason & resolve. We are enjoying each other & our health, resting & surrendering to love. My heart is full. 💚
she smells like frosted flakes 🥺😍
this weekend our angel arrived earthside perfectly healthy & full of wonder. unmedicated homebirth was indescribable. taking time to be family and heal. thank you everyone who sent us love and support on her journey earthside! 🧡
Replying to @j2trippy
bitch okkkkkkkk✨✨✨✨✨✨
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
I wanna be fluuuuuuuuent in your love language 🗣 — @Kehlani
Replying to @BrandonPerea
new season of my favorite show is out now thank you netflix gods thank you pass-the-time gods
happy one month anniversary bb go stream dat shit 🌕✨
While We Wait, my 4th project, out everywhere now. thank you so much for everything.
I acknowledge the efforts to make it relatable. For that I stan.. but i can only imagine you watching the video like
Replying to @lilbeigebaby
actually it was more like this
Please please PLEASE don’t tell me it’s with the melody of teach me how to double, I’ll just go ahead and pass away right here.
Replying to @lilbeigebaby
it absolutely is and she’s a black lactation consultant from the bay ITS THE BEST. your body literally can make whatever the baby needs and more, most people just get their confidence killed & stop trying. we are technology!!
You think there’s something put in certain pregnant women’s food that disables them from being able to produce breast milk and/or don’t provide the proper time or practice to stimulate milk production?
Replying to @lilbeigebaby
no, i think many don’t understand how lactation works and how many days it takes to kick in. the different stages of milk, and child-led feeding. everyone should watch “teach me how to breastfeed” music video on youtube 😂✨
Lmao y’all hurry up. And @lilbeigebaby & @Muchobanksy y’all come on too
Replying to @RayanaJay @_HennessyJay and 4 others
*cries in fomo*
no lie one of my favorite songs ever
Mine by Beyoncé and Drake didn’t get the credit it deserved
this baby turns 1 month tomorrow :’)
While We Wait, my 4th project, out everywhere now. thank you so much for everything.
moved to la and i’m enjoying every bit of it
Replying to @SEVNTHOMAS
AHHHH this means tacos and studio when i’m back #BIGLOONEYREKKIDZ4LIFE
I hope karma bites your skin for this piece of shit video.
Replying to @ThatDudeMCFLY
this just hurt my feelings whewwww
happy full moon 🌕
happy aries szn 🌚
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
big reflection energy okiiiii✨
Love and light to my Pisces moon sister @Kehlani 💖
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
this is what listening to kehlani feels like
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
‘’These lyrics couldn’t be more accurate with how I’m feeling with everything in life right now. When things get too serious and too intense just takes the fun, the excitement and the happiness out of it.
Too Deep - @Kehlani 🎧 sis this song is TOO good.‘’ - Nicole Kirkland. 🧡
hi, the emancipation of mimi is one of my fav albums of all time! okay bye 😊
Replying to @ellamai
quit playin let’s go to karaoke
Ain’t a canteen a whole ass store.
Replying to @myajasminee
you really canadian as hell
i don’t know who needs to hear this but finish your damn water bottle before you open a new one and leave 81819119191 half drank bottles around the studio.

matter fact, get a canteen 🙃
‘Hold Me By The Heart’ symbolises me holding myself together when i thought i couldn’t. all the times i thought i’d give up, but i didnt. Kehlani has helped me through more than anyone could ever imagine. i’m so grateful
w Mac & Telegraph. 😍
kehlani taurus ass will dead ass bring a duffel bag of skin/hair care/ three bags of snacks, cards, 10 different pairs of sneakers then be like “have you seen my wallet 🤔🤔🤔”
Sending you love ❤️ You got this ✨
Replying to @nakedgoldonline
thank u lovely ☺️
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
hi Kehlani! ✨ happy due date! I’m part of a queer feminist artist collective in south florida (@fempowermia) and we’re fundraising to #FreeBlackMamas this year. could you share this? Our goal is $25k 🖤 (
aayyeeeeee! ✨✨✨
🇺🇸 Apple Music US R&B/Soul:

1. While We Wait (=)

*15th day at #1*
two of my great friends are having babies this week, one is due today and one is due tomorrow, they are both black women. please extend @BloodyxKnuckls and @Kehlani well wishes and love in their deliveries.
thank you! loving you! and so much love and strength to you too mommy @bloodyxknuckls it’s finally time 🧡☺️ so happy to finally have gotten this far woooooooop!!
The minute I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it . Playing around
that’s up the street from powell???? FYE
um @Kehlani you sure you wanna follow me im loud n hate other light skins
Replying to @sheisresting
all good, most of us are obnoxiously annoying and i enjoy your takes. i’ll take my chances 💨
Lost my dad 10 years ago today.... he sees all of this. But I feel u
angel dad group hug! love y’all!!!!! they all up there hitting secret handshakes proud as hell!
Victor McElhaney,
Rest easy my love
Replying to @HoodProfett
sending you all the love there is to offer forreal
Earth did its thang on this one🔥💚
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
🚨🚨🚨 URGENT 🚨🚨🚨

a family of seven house burned down the other night and they lost a lot of their stuff and are currently being forced to stay in a hotel until further notice. any retweet and/or donation counts! (p.s. pls share this link, too!)…
Family Home Of Seven Burned Down
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
if white people don’t step in to stop white supremacy nothing substantial will be accomplished.
Kehlani Retweeted ·  
White supremacy = TERRORISM
especially heartbroken for how each terrorist islamophobic attack puts the entire muslim community worldwide in not only extreme heartbreak and distress, but at risk. extremely at risk. my heart is with y’all.
how do entire manifesto’s, death threats, mass attack plans slip by on social media while these platforms can catch a nip slip in under 30 mins? when is the protocol going to change? why don’t you CEO’s take this serious?
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