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Last 50 tweets from @khloekardashian
I love you guys ❤️
i love the way you treat people especially your fans ❤️❤️❤️ @khloekardashian #KUWTK
1 4
32 482
Khloé Retweeted ·  
#KUWTK is a show that makes you cry, laugh out loud — sometimes in the same episode — and that’s why I love it
17 246
Text right now! #KUWTK
@khloekardashian curious...are you tweeting via voice or text? since you tweeted you used your voice to tweet, I’ve had that stuck in my head 🥴 #KUWTK
0 6
13 206
@khloekardashian #KUWTK I want to say thank you for sharing one of your hardest times. I found myself relating on so many levels, as I kind of went through something similar. You are definitely one in a million ❤️❤️
2 23
21 288
Khloé Retweeted ·  
@khloekardashian Yes bring on 2019 for season 16!!!
9 105
We’ll be back soon!!
I think I cried for one reason or another, happy and sad tears, in almost every episode this season on #KUWTK @KimKardashian @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian and now im crying cause it’s over 😥😔
1 7
15 172
We sure did! #KUWTK
@khloekardashian I hope you already started with season 16 cause we just can't stay too long without KUWTK
0 4
22 306
God bless you. Thank YOU so much! #KUWTK
@khloekardashian I wanted to say that I love you so much, I'm so lucky to have you and your sisters in my life, you've changed my life for much better. thank u so much @khloekardashian 💘
0 2
20 172
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Khloé Retweeted ·  
.@KhloeKardashian spending her first night away from True ❤️😭 #KUWTK
30 363
Thank you! Plenty more to come 😘 #KUWTK
@khloekardashian So sad that it’s finale for the season we have loved watching glow becoming the beautiful mom that you are thank you for sharing with us your journey ❤️
0 5
13 213
Happy birthday beautiful! ❤️
@khloekardashian it was my 26th bday last thursday
0 5
15 283
So fast!! I feel like this season really flew by! #KUWTK
@khloekardashian This season went by very fast😩
0 3
17 231
West coast, #KUWTK season finale time!
24 315
Khloé Retweeted ·  
😎 there’s no one cooler than them
3,033 35,735
No fool, I was basically forcing you to tel me you love me lol ok never mind. The joke has passed 🤪
Oh wow are we still fighting? You hold onto it.
40 779
38 892
@khloekardashian It’s SO hard isn’t it! I still get it! I can’t stand being away from Mia! 😩
0 8
Replying to @missemilyskye :
@missemilyskye It’s so hard but how dope are women for truly being able to do it all! Proud of you!!! You got this mommy thing down ❣️
0 13
Shanice Alsina Brewster 🇯🇲
As a Stan since Season 1 Follow me Koko @khloekardashian and make my night 😭❤️
1 19
Replying to @NieceyXMinaj :
@khloekardashian Its always hard with your first child. You feel like you have to have them 24/7 365 but as time goes on it will get easier. Gotta go out & get the bags. You are securing your daughter's future & when she gets older she will understand & appreciate your hard work/sacrifices.
0 25
Replying to @iheart_jkw :
@iheart_jkw Thank you for this! I agree with you and I had to remind myself of that. Women are so strong! They can have full-time jobs, run a household, raise children and still know how to keep it cute! Multitasking mommies 💕✨
2 55
@khloekardashian Ugh I know how u feel when my son was 6 months old my mom wanted to take him on a 4 day trip and it was so hard I swear I called her every 20 mins she told me to stop call or she going to block me 😂😂
0 8
Replying to @Sashamakeuplife :
@Sashamakeuplife Hahahaha oh I totally know that feeling. I feel like everyone hates me when they have her because I ask 100 questions and I make them FaceTime me to show me that they’re doing things “the right way” lol
0 23
True just don't know she have the fun mom @khloekardashian
2 96
Replying to @Courtney25marie :
@Courtney25marie She will one day lol I think right now she just thinks im crazy
4 173
@khloekardashian @kourtneykardash No one ever knows....🤷🏻‍♀️....but she is totally the Queen 👑 of the one liners this season!
0 5
Replying to @lizlendscville :
@khloekardashian I have always suffered from very low self esteem and i have always felt like I was never good enough..Each day is a struggle.. #KUWTK💕
0 0
Replying to @perfectkhloek :
@perfectkhloek You are stunning!!! Wow your eyes are gorgeous ✨
0 8
Khloé Retweeted ·  
I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Season 16 of KUWTK. 👀
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1,148 10,679
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Shout out to the Kardashian crew for completing another season. 💕 Can't wait for the next season! @KrisJenner @KimKardashian @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian @KendallJenner @KylieJenner 👏👏👏👏👏👏
42 459
Awww I’m not crying YOU are! Lol
96 2,151
Replying to @KimKardashian :
@KimKardashian If you’re a bird! I’m a bird!
67 1,070
Please don’t go 😩😩😩 #KUWTK until we meet again ✨
CONGRATULATIONS KARDASHIANS on an incredible season—and especially to @khloekardashian for being my Partner in Mime (banana daiquiris in your hot tub later?)....and thanks to my darling @KrisJenner for setting me free. Who’s NEXT?? @KUWTK #pierretemime #petitionforpierre #kuwtk
8 132
51 906
Listen @BusyPhilipps I looooove Pierre!! Lol don’t push me or I’ll bring him to your show #BusyTonight
36 524
Kimberly believes in her self more than anybody else ever could and that is the power that she has. When everybody else laughed in her face she politely smiled and proved them wrong by her actions! #KUWTK
316 3,821
I’ve been a @KimKardashian fan for over a decade and freeing Alice is the proudest I’ve been of her!! So special to watch this moment from her point of view! #KUWTK
20 99
25 318
Babe.... come on 😛I’m sure you can figure this one out lol #KUWTK
@khloekardashian what was your best and worst moment of this season ?? #KUWTK
0 7
66 993
Khloé Retweeted ·  
@khloekardashian closing statements on the finale are beyond facts!!! You have to learn to be completely open and comfortable with yourself above anything✨
18 224
She does that lol she steals my tweets hourly #KUWTK
Did kourtney just steal my tweet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
4 10
35 386
I can’t believe this is already the finale. This season of 14 was such an emotional, happiness, and life changing. But I am ready to see what comes with season 15 I love you guys!!!! #KUWTK @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash @KimKardashian @KrisJenner
6 89
Replying to @njkardashian :
@njkardashian @kourtneykardash @KimKardashian @KrisJenner Wait I think that was 15 lol wasn’t it? I think we are taping 16 🤪 honestly I don’t even know anymore. I just film #KUWTK
11 168
Bet!!! Keeping up with the old Kardashian’s in their nursing home #KUWTK
#KUWTK better film til 50 seasons or i’m throwing hands
4 17
77 937
Same babe! Same!!! And I don’t cry so there’s that #KUWTK
@khloekardashian I ugly cried so bad, I’m so proud of Kim and all she is doing #KUWTK
1 7
22 296
I think I appreciate them even more!!! #KUWTK
@khloekardashian @khloekardashian @khloekardashian has life w the sisters changed ever since u gave birth to true?? @KUWTK #KUWTK💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💕💕
0 3
27 293
Khloé Retweeted ·  
The moment Alice first met @KimKardashian 🤗❤️ #KUWTK
76 901
Oh my gosh i am so so proud of you Kimberly!!! I love you Miss Alice!!! I am so so happy for you and your family! I could not imagine having my sisters or my daughter separated from me for 22 years 😩 #KUWTK
72 905
We had a phone conversation instead ✨
21 506
Replying to @kourtneykardash :
@kourtneykardash We love each other right 🔪🔪🔪
27 397
Khloé Retweeted ·  
@khloekardashian this is what Life is all about #TrueLove
31 1,111
Okkkkuuuurrrr!!!! #kuwtk
@khloekardashian I love being at your side. I’m here for you. Call me anytime, okrr??
12 120
80 2,814
Omg I love him #KUWTK
And the reaction of the season goes to @khloekardashian when she saw Pierre that reaction was everything #KUWTK
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 8
19 269
@khloekardashian always giving positive vibes. She just so kind and lovable what an amazing strong woman and wonderful mother. True has one of the best role models 💖
0 0
Replying to @Krazy_Kritter91 :
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Fuck what anyone has to say about @KimKardashian ! I’m so proud of her strength & courage to fight for such an important issue that affects millions of people. She went to meet with the PRESIDENT in hopes to change lives. #ProudKKWStan
35 497
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Don’t know what I’m going to do after this finale & nothing to look forward to on Sunday’s😱 @khloekardashian @KimKardashian #KUWTK
33 452
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