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Last 50 tweets from @khloekardashian
@khloekardashian For my baby girls first birthday I was obviously excited but felt a lot of those same feelings you describe love 💕 many people didn’t understand my feelings and thought I was over reacting, but it’s a love only a momma would understand ♥️
@LouLeeThaNinja I agree!! I’m sure I sound crazy to some but they are my crazy feelings LOL ❤️💕❤️💕
@khloekardashian The tissue, :), bring the boxes of tissues. It only gets better! From a single mom to another, my daughter will be 23 this June. I won't say it'll be easy, it will be worth it. As a single mom, I found it easier to not have another opinion on how to raise my bi-racial daughter.
@KellieOdom It’s already so incredibly worth it! Thank you for sharing with me. So much love to you and your gorgeous daughter
@khloekardashian Enjoy every minute!! Take unposed pics of everyday life! They will be your faves someday-They really are the Wonder Years ❤️
@mcneill_joann Amen to that!!! You’re very right 💕 thank you for the tip xxx
@khloekardashian One is a big age. It starts to get easier then but your baby is your baby so secretly your still 😩😩😩😭😭😭😢😢😢 it’s all bitter sweet tbh 🌺🌹🌸💞
@khloekardashian Totally normal! My baby will be 16 and I think I blinked because pre k was last week 😢 hugs to you
@kelliaha2 It’s so crazy how fast time goes. I guess that’s why we have to make every moment count while we can
@khloekardashian It's amazing and scary the way they grow up fast, isn't? enjoy every moment with your little girl
@khloekardashian aaaawwww Koko, times flies! That’s why we have to live and enjoy every moment with them. My brother is 4 years old and I still remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday, can we get a button for stop the time please?
@kardashspain You’re so incredibly right!!! Such a beautiful reminder
@khloekardashian True invented turbans, sunglasses and beach pics and she isn’t even one yet?? Ughhh her mind!
Khloé Retweeted ·  
get 20% off my @kyliecosmetics KKW and Koko Kollection lip sets for #NationalSiblingsDay!! sale ends at midnight! 💕
Please! I pray. Since when did I become such a mush?
@khloekardashian I promise it gets better!!
@khloekardashian I remember when my little one was one! He will be 12 soon 😔 the time flies so fast it’s unreal. Seems like u just had her @khloe
Don’t even say such a thing lol. Im moving where she’s moving
@khloekardashian time is going to fly by so fast that she’ll be 20 and moving in her own home before you realize it
Graduation?! I’ll be a mess day one of preschool lol I can’t think about this 🥴😢😥
@khloekardashian Omg if you need tissue now you will be an absolute mess at her kindergarten graduation 😂
Is it weird that I think I’m having anxiety thinking True will be one on Friday?!?! 😩😩 I’m sad Time is flying as fast as it is. I’ll be happy, of course, I simply can’t understand where the time goes. Thank you Lord for every moment 🙏🏽💕 bring me the tissue 😢
Good morning! Wishing everyone great vibes! Stay smiling ❤️
thank you @DiscoveryID 🙏🏽 Twisted Sisters and Twisted Love 😉☺️
Thank you ID network for picking up my SECOND series on your network. I’m producing “Twisted Love,” a six-part series that “explores what happens when love and affection spiral into a twisted web of extreme obsession and jealousy.” 🔪🤦🏼‍♀️😠🕵🏼‍♀️
EXCLUSIVE: @KhloeKardashian to produce ‘Twisted’ new TV series
@danmurace I’m so happy that you had a good time! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. But I wanted to make it special for you and treat you for your birthday I hope you have a hang over 😉
@khloekardashian you’re the fucking best, love you SO much ❤️❤️❤️ @danmurace @WeLive4Khloe
@tash_kardash @danmurace @WeLive4Khloe Awwww I’m so happy you guys had fun!!!!!! Happy birthday Dan!!!!
@khloekardashian Hi khloe, the show last night was good. I’m still praying for you cause you seem like a very sweet person and True is a beautiful baby girl💕God bless you and your family and also praying for MJ too the she get better🙏🙏🙏💕
@LisaPalencia1 Thank you so much for your sweet message! I really appreciate that! Sending you love and blessings
@khloekardashian Your strength as a woman, mother and human being is humbling. Thank you for being the example.
Ummmmm... first of all.... that’s @khloekardashian 🙄
@khloekardashian Khole a lot of people are watching negative people always find a place to spread negativity and half these people that are saying nobody are probably watched the show your haters always secretly love you❤️❤️
@AbbyRennae Thank you for the reminder love!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Lol good job “Kourt”. Must be a super trustworthy article. @khloekardashian @KylieJenner @kourtneykardash
@khloekardashian I can’t wait to see all the little ones interacting on the show! Keeping up with the Kousins!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 excited to see Mason do confessionals! 💜💜💜
@khloekardashian Yesss girl. Khloe K gives me life🖤 thanks for sharing it👌🏻😹
@khloekardashian both True and my little sister were born on the same day last year. So they’ll both be turning one on Friday. Happy Birthday sweet True 🎉🎊.
@trotman_ashley I am such a loser and I feel so emotional that she’s turning one. I’m sure most parents are really happy. Of course I’m happy but I just don’t understand how it’s already been a year. She’s growing too fast 😩 when did I become this person
@khloekardashian Hola😊, I just have to say that I truly admire you. You are such a beautiful,strong and independent woman. My husband and I are your #1 fans!!! And even though my husband has been very ill in the hospital for the last 2 years..He makes sure he doesn't miss #KUWTK
@Alibeth62899574 Hola!! I am sorry to hear about your husband. I can only imagine how difficult that is on you. I will pray for you tonight! Tell your husband I’m praying for the both of you. So much love being sent your way ✨🌈💜
@khloekardashian @khloekardashian I’ve been so sad because we haven’t gotten cable on at the house so I’m having to wait till it goes on Hulu 😢 but trust I will catch up!!
@khloekardashian I can’t tonight but I can’t wait to see this new season!!!! ahhhhslfnckfjcbgm!
@khloekardashian just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and lots of us see it and support you and those who dont need to fix themselves and stop hiding behind thier keyboard.😘
@CahoonSarah That’s so sweet of you to say!! Thank you love 💕 much love
aw she brought her the one I suggested yay! @khloekardashian
I love you!!!
I want to remind you @khloekardashian how much I love you ❤️ you may know it but you are my everything and I’m your biggest fan ❤️ I truly adore you #KUWTK
Khloé Retweeted ·  
@KUWTK all of them are such hot MAMAS. Literally. And get it frommm their mama. @KrisJenner @khloekardashian @KimKardashian @KylieJenner @kourtneykardash beauties you guys 🌹 #KUWTK
Khloé Retweeted ·  
I am so excited to see what will happen in Bali with True!!! First family vacation!! #KUWTK @khloekardashian
Omg so cute thank you!! 🤗
In honor of the cutest baby in the whole entire world turning one in just a few days on April the 12 !! We love you sweet baby True!!💕💕 @khloekardashian
Aww! Happy almost birthday to your little one 💕💕
I think it’s so cool that @khloekardashian and I both have daughters with the same birthday! 💖
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Double interview = EVERYTHING ❤️
@khloekardashian #KUWTK
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Um... did @KourtneyKardash just win for most stunning confessional outfit ever? #KUWTK
Lol I’m right here!! #KUWTK
When @khloekardashian asks us if we are watching #KUWTK with her tonight on Twitter but then she leaves when I think she’s going to tweet with us LOL 😆 She loves teasing me 😝
Hi!!! Who’s watching tonight’s episode with me? #KUWTK 🤗
Obsessed with the double interviews! #KUWTK
I'm already in love with this season, im loving the double interviews!! ITS JUST PERFECT #KUWTK @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian @KimKardashian
Khloé Retweeted ·  
Khloé Retweeted ·  
I'm already in love with this season. I'm so glad to see you again @khloekardashian , I miss you so much. I'm crying guys❤️ #KUWTK
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