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Last 50 tweets from @KonstantinKlug
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Official: "SDF announced that they liberated the town of Bahra east of Deir al-Zour after 20 days of fighting and strong clashes, during which 1776 ISIS mercenaries were killed and dozens of their cars and weapons were destroyed and some seized"
83 100
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Convoy of international coalition support for SDF is arriving Qamishli in this moments.
109 169
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
"Turkey has no right to talk about Manbij. When it was controlled by Nusra, Ahrar and Islamic State, Turkey was not upset. But after it was liberated by the SDF from ISIS, Turkey said it needed to enter Manbij.” By @vvanwilgenburg…
  · TweetDeck · en
82 97
Die @BILD ist wieder mal beim Lügen erwischt worden.

„Ein Sprecher der SPD sagte ZEIT ONLINE, die Strafanzeige sei erst nach Erscheinen des ersten Bild-Artikels am vergangenen Freitag gestellt worden.“ Soviel dazu.
76 222
1 5
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Solidarity with #Afrin @DefenseUnits from the Scottish Parliament today. #DefendAfrin
168 370
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Second batch of NDF begin entering Afrin region via Ziyarah crossing while Turkish reconnaissance drones fly overhead
105 113
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Afrin - The deliberate bombing of the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries on the Rajo area during the month resulted in the deprivation of 4,200 students in the primary, preparatory and secondary stages of study in the whole of Raju and its villages.
  · Twitter for iPad · ar
36 30
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
The foreign policy spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) parliamentary group, Jurgen Hardt, called Turkey to withdraw from northern Syria's Afrin.
41 41
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
"We came to help our Kurdish brothers against ottoman turkish invasion" NDF fighter
42 60
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
NDF from Nubl in Cindirese on the frontlines against jihadis and turks. #Afrin
43 58
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Literal translation. "One one Syrian people are one, we came here to support against the invaders Ottoman Turkish forces, will stay until we defeat them " #afrin
36 35
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
This is not Afrin or people from Afrin, but this is how it will look if Turkey occupy Afrin. They will settle Turkey loyal Arabs in Afrin, claim that they are the real owners and then impose foreign law on the local people.
42 47
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Turks are posting the photos of YPG bodies all the time, none of them get suspended. @Zagros__Cudi posted the photo of a war criminal, suspended within 10 minutes. Twitter once again sucking up to criminal jihadis.
46 55
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Kurds I spoke to who are connected to Afrin said that they had expected the US to protect them; the US refused. Now Iran will play a role; US policy makers will complain now about Iran influence; but Washington had ample time to work for ceasefire as it does w Israel etc #think
148 212
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Don’t blame the Kurds in #Afrin: The International Community failed to protect Afrin against the ongoing attacks of the Turkish army!
145 287
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Raqqa Internal Sec. Force members participate in @CJTFOIR basic counter improvised explosive device course in eastern Syria; training addresses the scores of booby traps implanted by ISIS w/ goal to cont. to kill & harm innocent civilians. #defeatDaesh
34 67
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
UPDATE - Units of Syrian army have been targeted by Turkish air-strikes on their way to #Afrin. It has been reported that 2 Syrian soldiers were killed and 3 injured. @hawarnews & @ICafrinresist #DefendAfrin #StopAfrinGenocide #speakupforafrin
59 30
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: YPG spokesperson Nuri Mahmoud confirms arrival Syrian forces in Afrin: "Syrian govt responded to invitation & responded to call of duty and sent military units on Tues 20 February 2018, to focus on the border and participation in defense of unity of Syrian territory"
192 157
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Syrian TV reports Turks shelling area where pro-government forces have entered Afrin enclave, journalists flee.
  · SocialFlow · en
225 125
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
The canton of #Afrin and the Kurds/YPG have always been neutral between the Syrian government and the rebels. They chose the third line. Thanks to Turkish and jihadi invasion, the Syrian army returns to Afrin first time after 6 years.
  · Twitter Lite · en
15 10
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
More military convoys of Popular Units belong to Syrian army are entering #Afrin area to support YPG & YPJ resistance against Turkish Army.
20 13
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Turkish shelling on Maryamin area as NDF enters Afrin
29 18
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
1:06 "We are coming to you Erdogan the dog" 😂
19 34
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Pro-government Syrian fighters begin entering Kurdish enclave of Afrin despite Turkish threats.
  · SocialFlow · en
227 156
In a TV interview in #Turkey, this misogynist barbarian boasted about killing two unarmed women during peace negotiations.

Rebel fighter Jameel al-Saeed (famous for the assassination of 2 YPG/J members) was killed by a mine in #Afrin today
76 196
21 27
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
YPG Spokesman: "There is no agreement with the Regime. Only the volunteers who wanted to join the Efrin resistance from Aleppo went to Afrin".
95 79
The same "analysts" pointed the finger at #YPG (Look, YPG is not fighting Assad, but "Syrian rebels" aka "freedom fighters" -> "Bad YPG") when a joint coalition of #FSA, #ISIS and #Nusra (al-Qaeda) was attacking and slaughtering #Kurds in 2013.
39 61
Replying to @KonstantinKlug :
PT: Regarding #FSA cooperation with #ISIS, @Charles_Lister said in 2013:

"Both need to cooperate [including slaughtering minorities, oppressing women etc.] for gains to continue. Simple."

Because of this ignorance, ISIS grew strong and perpetrated a #genocide in 2014. #Shingal
6 12
The same "analysts" pointed the finger at #YPG (Look, YPG is not fighting Assad, but "Syrian rebels" aka "freedom fighters" -> "Bad YPG") when a joint coalition of #FSA, #ISIS and #Nusra (al-Qaeda) was attacking and slaughtering #Kurds in 2013.
I'm waiting for first analysts to point finger at YPG in Afrin saying: "Kurds working with Assad, we told you so." No mention of course that Kurds, who fought Assad, are left with binary choice of slaughter by Turkey, a country those analysts support, or a deal with the devil.
227 453
39 61
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
YPG contact: "The forces entering Afrin are local government militias, many from Nubl and Zahraa. We will fight together for the people of Afrin and the unity of Syria against the Turkish invasion."
225 297
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
A deal has been made between YPG and the Regime.

Regime Forces (unclear which ones right now) are heading towards border regions in Afrin where clashes between YPG and the invaders are taking place.
43 70
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
According to Ronahi TV Syrian government forces just entered #Afrin despite Russian disagremeent
83 91
These are not just kids wearing military uniforms, but according to Turkish standards child soldiers and only #terrorists do this.

(Turkish trolls have finally educated me on this, I guess...)
Kids in Turkey now wearing military uniforms at AKP party meetings.

Erdogan preparing the next generation for his jihad.
146 83
5 8
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Symbolbild für die #Afrin-Offensive: Türkischer Soldat mit "Wolfsgruß" (Handzeichen der türk. "Grauen Wölfe") und "Rabia" (wird als islamistisches Handzeichen benutzt). Eine Symbiose aus türk. Nationalismus und Islamismus. // Bild via @sendika_org
311 174
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Afrin's schoolchildren and their teachers marched arm in arm to call for an end to the Turkish bombing campaign in Syria's northwest Afrin region on Monday. The students say that repeated attacks on schools have meant they are unable to attend school.
  · Media Studio · en
379 346
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Pls watch this vid from CNN. Showing how terrified minorities in Efrîn are for Turk & AQ offensive. Fearing 2 be enslaved like the people from Sinjar. NO govt speaks abt this. How they lived in safety in Efrîn. And how Turkey changed all that @nighttides
281 183
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
SUCH is the Nazism gripping Turkish minds through a campaign of ultra nationalist psychological warfare and brainwashing with racist propaganda, misinformation and lies. Dangerous racist mind manipulation is leading to widespread war crimes against Kurds in Turkey and Syria.
  · TweetDeck · en
99 70
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
I'm waiting for first analysts to point finger at YPG in Afrin saying: "Kurds working with Assad, we told you so." No mention of course that Kurds, who fought Assad, are left with binary choice of slaughter by Turkey, a country those analysts support, or a deal with the devil.
227 453
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Victims of #Nato Turk bombing of Efrîn today
Dilber Kelho (13)
Mihemed Ziyad Nebi (9)
Henan Mihemed Kelho (11)
Şivan Xelil Kelho (7)
Xelil Nebil Kelho (42)
Jinav Ziyad Kelho (8)
Ava Xelil Kelho (11)
Dijwar Nezmi (8)
Basil Cuma Omer (27)
Rami Cuma Ebdulah (28)
350 166
Zur Stärkung der Kurdenmiliz YPG schickt die syrische Regierung neue Kämpfer in den Norden – gegen den Vorstoß der Türkei.
  · Media Studio · de
55 71
Replying to @ZDFheute :
@ZDFheute Das sind zivile Demonstranten.

Sie verbreiten Fake News.
3 22
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
This effectively would mean demographic change in an area that has always been Kurdish-populated #Syria
102 76
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
One of Turkey's jihadist's voice recording trying to recruit someone leaked:
"Whenever you enter a village, anything in the village is permitted for you to take. [...] If you don't have a house, I swear they will give you a house..."
Prt 1/2 #Afrin #Jihad
137 65
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
A sermon sent to Turkey’s 90,000 mosques for Friday prayers by Turkish state religious authorities took as its theme the importance of jihad.
85 38
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Turkish army killed this 13 years old girl a few minutes ago. 8 from her family were injured due to the shelling on Basûtê village.
475 270
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Already did many interviews including with @sihanokdibo @Nurimahmud1 @shahoz9 and @abdulkarimomar1 on situation in Afrin, ISIS, Deir, Russia, negotiations Syr-Kurds & other topics.
33 121
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Add this to the list “the Kurdish language is not banned in Turkey”: Two singers have been detained in Istanbul for singing songs in the Kurdish language at a wedding. The wedding owner has been also detained #TwitterKurds #Turkey
201 166
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Reporting from Northern Syria, @vvanwilgenburg updates you on statements made by US Defense Secretary, saying Turkish attack on Afrin is not justified. He also talks to PYD officials.…
US Defense Secretary says Turkish attack on Afrin not justified QAMISHLI -US Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis on Saturday ...
128 116
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
More people need to say it. Erdogan has become a huge threat at this point.
100 142
Konstantin Krammer Retweeted ·  
Turkish Delegation allegedly complained that a "terrorist" is staying in the same hotel - unacceptable & unprofessional behavior
4 10
The level of @BILD "#journalism":

Julian Röpcke shares a #Turkish propaganda video with obviously fake subtitles and condemns #YPG. He then asks whether someone can Kurdish to verify it.

The only problem: You don't need to know #Kurdish; There are no mute spoken languages.
75 113
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