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Last 50 tweets from @LakersReporter
Pelinka鈥檚 Pre-Preseason Presser:

Including full quotes from LAL鈥檚 VP of B-Ball ops on LeBron being 鈥渟limmed up鈥 and ready to roll, AD鈥檚 offseason, and LAL being fully vaccinated by the season opener.
Pelinka's Pre-Preseason Presser | Los Angeles Lakers
Pelinka said that Vogel鈥檚 鈥渟ystem, dicipline, teaching and focus on (defense) translated to success." 鈥淥f course鈥 some of that was personnel. There will be a 鈥渕assive commitment鈥 to defense + rebounding 鈥 "I don鈥檛 have any concerns about us being a very strong team defensively."
Pelinka on the 2021-22 Lakers: "This is a serious group of guys that are very locked in on what they want to accomplish."
Pelinka noted that the Lakers have two open roster spots, and that the 15th will likely remain open due in part to tax implications, plus the flexibility to add someone there later in the season.

For 14th spot, they鈥檙e making final evaluations to fill it.
Pelinka noted that he was in Montana this summer and had a chance to go visit Phil Jackson.
Rob Pelinka said Carmelo Anthony鈥檚 spot-up shooting is one major skill that immediately fits into the Lakers needs, while his strength will also allow him to keep getting the shots he wants from the mid post.
Rob Pelinka said there were three things they tried to accomplish going into the draft and freeg agency: primary playmaker; shooting; and shifting back to a model of two rebounding, defensive centers.
Rob Pelinka on LeBron James, whom he says has slimmed up:

鈥淗e鈥檚 been very, very locked in with his training, and you get a sense he has a confidence in his teammates when he looks around the locker room."
Rob Pelinka said there will be tremendous energy in the building on opening night with the crowd expected back at Staples Center. He noted that Russell Westbrook鈥檚 debut in his home town will add lots of juice, and quipped they may need to take an early time out to calm it down.
Rob Pelinka: "On opening night, all of the players that are currently signed on our roster will be deemed fully vaccinated. We鈥檙e grateful for that.鈥

Pelinka said he appreciated the assistance of @UCLAHealth and the team doctors and staff towards that end.
Pelinka added that he鈥檚 鈥淕rateful (the Lakers) won't have interruptions by unvaccinated status of a player or a staff member."
Rob Pelinka: "On opening night, all of the players that are currently signed on our roster will be deemed fully vaccinated. We鈥檙e grateful for that.鈥

Pelinka said he appreciated the assistance of @UCLAHealth and the team doctors and staff towards that end.
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How engaged is Frank Vogel in offseason moves? How many starting lineup combos are at his disposal? Expectations for THT next season? The #LakeShow head coach answers these questions and more. @geeter3 @RealAClifton

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New pod!

With LeBron entering his 19th season, @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter
discuss LeBron's challenges this season, their expectations for him & how they expect questions about his pairing with Russell Westbrook will be answered.

With 9,696 assists, LeBron ranks 8th all time. Next are Oscar Robertson (9,887) and @MagicJohnson (10,141).

If LeBron averages 7.0 apg., he鈥檇 catch Magic in about 64 games.

Meanwhile, he鈥檒l catch Karl Malone for 2nd in scoring in 63 games if he averages 25 ppg.
Across @KingJames' regular season career, he鈥檚 averaged 7.4 rebounds AND assists per season.

9,751 rebounds
9,696 assists

Separated by just 55 boards.
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One year ago today, @antdavis23 won Game 2 of the Conference Finals with his iconic Mamba Shot 銆梆煇
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New pod!

AD looks to have a bounce back season on a team where he鈥檒l be more important than ever. @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter discuss his role on the reimagined Lakers roster, and what he must do to get back to championship form.

In addition to these two additions to Frank Vogel鈥檚 coaching staff, the Lakers also hired Roger Sancho as Head Athletic Trainer, and named Ed Streit as Head Strength & Conditioning Coach.
OFFICIAL: Welcome to the Lakers, Coach Fiz and Coach Lucas!
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New pod!

Guest @abovethebreak3 joins @LakerFilmRoom & @LakersReporter to discuss THT's offensive & defensive development

鈽戯笍his jump shot
鈽戯笍spatial awareness & advantage creation skills
鈽戯笍developing him as a player who can help now AND down the road

In reply to @LakersReporter
@LakersReporter @LakerFilmRoom @forumbluegold definitely selling on candy corn. Second worst candy after black licorice.
Replying to @crownroyalpapi_ @LakerFilmRoom and 1 otherfalse
I feel you, it鈥檚 not close to my favorite 鈥 but I still enjoy it! It鈥檚 basically pure sugar. 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @LakersReporter
@LakersReporter and @forumbluegold talking about candy corn on the @LFRPod and then asking Pete's opinion 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槶馃槶
Replying to @JustTrynaLaugh @forumbluegold and 1 otherfalse
Lol exactly!
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New pod!

@LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter go around the NBA to evaluate certain players (former Lakers too!) & debate whether they can be as good as they were last season and what that means for their respective teams.

Official: the Lakers acquired the draft rights to Wang Zhelin from Memphis for Marc Gasol, a future second round pick and cash considerations.

Gasol, originally a Lakers second round pick, was traded to Memphis for his older brother, Pau, in 2008.
DeAndre on Westbrook: "Russ coming downhill angrily aggressive every time 鈥 was tough. Now I can see what it鈥檚 like to be a teammate with this guy. Now I don鈥檛 have to contest him at the rim (every play)."
DeAndre Jordan noted Westbrook and LeBron鈥檚 combo of speed and strength that gets them downhill so easily makes the game easy for a lob threat/roller like him.

Jordan shot 76.3% from the field last year, mostly at the rim.
Jordan said his role stays the same in this new situation: rebound; protect the rim, get teammates open (set screens); and be a great locker room guy.

He acknowledged that LAL will sometimes play big, and sometimes small: 鈥淲hatever the game is needing at that time."
We鈥檒l hear from DeAndre Jordan soon in his post-signing presser.
The first Lakers preseason game is only 25 days away.
Trading stories and thoughts on the great @MagicJohnson: 猬囷笍
New pod!

In the second episode of our series on the Basketball Gods, @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter discuss Magic Johnson, the God of Vision, and how he transformed the game for its next generation.

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New pod!

With the 2022 roster being more offensively geared than Vogel's previous teams, @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter explore the adjustments Vogel can make to get the most out of this team on defense & offense.

Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
New mailbag pod! @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter discuss

鈽戯笍Marc Gasol
鈽戯笍low number of AD lobs last season
鈽戯笍whether THT should get PT at the 3
鈽戯笍most important player to this team's success (outside of LeBron, AD & Russ) & MORE

ICYMI, here鈥檚 my full breakdown of the 2021-22 Lakers schedule:

Also went deep on the schedule with @LakerFilmRoom and @forumbluegold:
2021-22 Lakers Schedule Breakdown | Los Angeles Lakers
New pod!

@LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter break down the Lakers 2021-22 schedule

鈽戯笍 Will the Lakers have a quick start?
鈽戯笍 What can we learn about this team before their first long road trip in January?
鈽戯笍 Most intriguing month?

Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
New pod!

Rondo's back! @LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter discuss

鈽戯笍 his first tenure with the team
鈽戯笍 his tangible & intangible qualities
鈽戯笍 his relationship with Vogel & the implications on his playing time & influence on the team

Asked about his role, Rondo said that will be determined by the coaching staff, but his 鈥渕ain focus is if we win, nothing else matters.鈥 He said it 鈥渉asn鈥檛 been 10 years鈥 since he won the title in L.A. (hasn鈥檛 even been 1 year!), and he doesn鈥檛 think his game has declined.
Replying to @LakersReporter
Rondo also said he does understand the stage of his career (age 35, year 16).
Asked about his role, Rondo said that will be determined by the coaching staff, but his 鈥渕ain focus is if we win, nothing else matters.鈥 He said it 鈥渉asn鈥檛 been 10 years鈥 since he won the title in L.A. (hasn鈥檛 even been 1 year!), and he doesn鈥檛 think his game has declined.
Rondo on the roster: 鈥淚t鈥檚 a great roster. Rob did a hell of a job again 鈥 I think we鈥檒l have a great team chemistry 鈥 training camp is going to be big for us."
Rajon Rondo said he鈥檚 back in L.A. to try and win another title, but to actually get a parade this time around. He鈥檚 excited about the Westbrook signing, and said he spoke to Frank Vogel this morning; Vogel relayed how much he missed Rondo in the locker room last season.
Less than one calendar year ago, @RajonRondo played a key role in L.A.鈥檚 push towards the 2020 NBA title, with his high value off the court, plus this playoff production:

24.7 mpg, 8.9 ppg, 45.5% FG鈥檚, 40.0% 3鈥檚, 6.6 apg, 4.3 rpg, 1.4 spg

He鈥檚 officially back for 2021-22.
Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
In this preview for the final pod of Westbrook Week, @royceyoung shares his insight on Russ's defense & competitiveness, while telling us how the Lakers can benefit from Westbrook's defense. 馃憖

To hear more on this & many more fun stories about Russ, 馃帶:
Great perspective and insight from @royceyoung on Russ. 猬囷笍
New pod!

@LakerFilmRoom & @LakersReporter talk to @royceyoung, who has covered Russ since he was drafted

鈽戯笍 Russ as a young player
鈽戯笍 how he has been misunderstood
鈽戯笍 how he has changed his game
鈽戯笍 how Russ will fit with the Lakers
鈽戯笍 much more!

In reply to @LakersReporter
Happy #KobeDay! Check out a few of my Kobe paintings
For Mamba Day, I recalled one of my favorite Kobe games - March 8, 2013, amidst a furious playoff push in what had been a broken season, Bryant drilled 3 3鈥檚 in the final 2 minutes to force OT, then beat TOR w/a dunk:
Kobe Daggers Toronto | Los Angeles Lakers
Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
Mamba Mentality: A Thread

Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
Five minutes of Kobe game-winners 馃悕
Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
Black Mamba. Hall of Famer. Girl Dad.

Happy Birthday, Kobe 馃枻
Mike Trudell Retweeted 路  
New pod!

@LakerFilmRoom, @forumbluegold & @LakersReporter discuss Westbrook's playmaking

鈽戯笍 Russ's strengths as a playmaker
鈽戯笍 how to view his gaudy stats, given his high usage rate
鈽戯笍 how much LeBron may need to adjust
鈽戯笍 how AD will benefit馃敟

In reply to @LakersReporter
Great breakdown @LakersReporter !!! One of the reasons why I call you the 馃悙of @Lakers reporting! You got that #mambamentality 馃挭馃徑 馃檶馃徑馃挏馃檶馃徑
In reply to @LakersReporter
Each team plays 10 opponents in their conference 4 times, and the other 4 teams 3 times in a typical 82-game season. This year, LAL go to New Orleans and Utah just once, while Dallas and Denver come to Los Angeles one time apiece.
Replying to @LakersReporter
Here鈥檚 a deep dive into the schedule quirks for this season:
In reply to @LakersReporter
Oh yeah? Well here鈥檚 my break down of your breakdown, sir.
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