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Last 50 tweets from @LiamPayne
24 hrs in San Jose 🇺🇸 Great to see everyone at Mission San Jose High School
12,908 62,153
Mission San Jose High School! It was an absolute pleasure to see you all. I hope you enjoyed it! Congrats on winning #CheggMusic101 & the David B. Goldberg Music Grant for your school, thanks to @Chegg and @truthorange
8,277 40,546
You heard her 👇🏼 #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
@onlywantlt1 I can’t even blame you honestly they gave us such a hard tag!! Make sure you get it right! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA ❤️
1,003 2,693
7,186 29,354
Liam Retweeted ·  
And here we are, the last 30 minutes of #BRITs voting.

There is nothing we want more than to see @LiamPayne and @RitaOra get that British Artist Video of the Year on the @BRITs stage this coming Wednesday.

Please if you haven’t in the last 24 hours tweet #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
2,010 8,519
Liam Retweeted ·  
Last tweet for this award!
We tried our best @LiamPayne @RitaOra
Can’t wait to see the results!
I vote “For You”!
1,546 6,365
Liam Retweeted ·  
OMG keep this up everyone!!!! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
2,864 9,719
Liam Retweeted ·  
everyday I make a new edit for your #BRITs nomination!! What's your favorite?

vote for @LiamPayne and @RitaOra using the hashtag #BRITVIDLIAMRITA once every 24 hours

also remember, retweets don't count!! let's do this for them!!

to vote use the link:
1,740 7,355
Liam Retweeted ·  
4,821 17,417
Liam Retweeted ·  
@LiamPayne I vote for 'For You' by @LiamPayne & @RitaOra for British Video at The #BRITs 2019! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
1,959 6,428
Wow. 7 years since we won our first BRIT! Lots has changed but like family you guys have come with us all on our individual journeys. It’s a dream to have you in our lives and an honour to be part of yours.
Can we win another ?!! #1D #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
69,514 200,252
Liam Retweeted ·  
Liam Stans all around the world are supporting and voting for "For You" to win the Brit Awards 🎼🎬🎭🏆
We love you, @LiamPayne 💙
Vote every single day using #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
Part 1/3
you can watch the entire video here:
2,017 8,666
@LiamPayne Yesss I have, they are amazing! We have til Friday to get the final votes! 😊
1,565 7,936
Replying to @RitaOra :
@RitaOra Right! We need a final push to make sure everyone is tweeting #BRITVIDLIAMRITA to vote for us 🙌🏻
4,117 12,119
Hey @RitaOra have you seen our fans have been voting everyday for us?
10,729 66,187
Liam Retweeted ·  
im really proud for your nomination for the #BRITs⁠ 🙌🏻❤️
so i made this for you, i hope you like this👀
I always support and love u LIAM✨
@LiamPayne @RitaOra
2,036 8,038
Liam Retweeted ·  
If you want @LiamPayne and @RitaOra to win #BRITs British Video, get voting! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA 🎤🎉
3,987 11,086
Because you all have been so supportive, @ritaora and I are going to do an Instagram Live tomorrow at 7pm GMT. Use the hashtag #BRITVIDLIAMRITA to ask a question and we’ll try and answer as many as possible ❤️
10,134 44,288
Which part of the 'For You' video is your favourite? ...and remember #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
5,937 22,990
Liam Retweeted ·  
We have til FRIDAY to win this and I know we can! Were stronger together! Tell all your friends and lets GET IT! #britvidliamrita @BRITs @LiamPayne ❤️❤️❤️
4,316 18,202
Liam Retweeted ·  
It’s the last week of voting for the #BRITs. Are you guys ready for 5 more days?

If you have friends who don’t usually vote, please ask them to do so.

Make sure the votes are 24 hours apart and the account is not private.

5 more days 🙏🏼


@LiamPayne @RitaOra
2,300 8,717
Thank you all so much for voting everyday so far 🙌🏼❤️ #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
Hi @LiamPayne and @RitaOra, i just wanted you to know that we have your back and we’re gonna make you win that #BRITs award 💪🏻

Don’t forget your daily vote with the only valid hashtag BRITVIDLIAMRITA ❤️
310 898
7,051 30,642
hi @LiamPayne, i enjoyed doing this so much. how was it? 🥺♥️
177 1,172
4,525 32,119
Love it ❤️👏🏼
@LiamPayne @RitaOra

i’ve made this piano cover of “for you” a year ago, but i’m reposting it now. i truly hope you like it ! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
903 3,932
6,218 38,005
Liam Retweeted ·  
Think @LiamPayne and @RitaOra deserve to win #BRITs British Video for 'For You'? Vote for them now! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA 🎤🎉
3,324 10,035
Liam Retweeted ·  
This #ForYou lyrics video is old, twitter had deleted it a while ago but since we are voting for the Brits this is a good apportunity to repost it. Everyone has to vote with the correct hashtag once every 24 hours from all you accounts💛
@LiamPayne @RitaOra

1,976 8,034
Liam Retweeted ·  
Keep voting me and @LiamPayne #BRITVIDLIAMRITA every day were so close and I know we got this!! 🙌🏼 one more week to vote ❤️ @BRITs
4,053 16,479
I do like it! Thank you for your support 💛🙌🏼
i'm so happy for your nomination for the #BRITs
you deserve all of this, so i made this drawing in honour of it!!
hope you like it ✍️
always supporting YOU 💛

@LiamPayne 💥
581 1,836
6,135 37,479
This is cool 🙌🏼
"wasn't looking for love till I found you "

Hope you like it @LiamPayne & @RitaOra

420 1,162
4,506 25,854
Liam Retweeted ·  
I vote for 'For You' by @LiamPayne & @RitaOra for British Video at The #BRITs 2019! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA

1,364 5,914
Loving the new gifs 🙌🏼
Check the new gifs added by @GIPHY to @LiamPayne and @RitaOra nomination for the #BRITs.

Don't forget to tweet #BRITVIDLIAMRITA once every 24 hours to get your vote counted
365 1,114
3,836 19,527
I vote for 'For You' by @LiamPayne & @RitaOra for British Video at The #BRITs⁠ ⁠ 2019!! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
611 1,554
4,498 24,872
Liam Retweeted ·  
chop suey can't even wait for #Lt1iscoming🎉
Uploaded by @LiamPayne on Spotify
Vote for them @LiamPayne & @RitaOra
1,468 6,341
Liam Retweeted ·  
You guys are the best! Don’t forget to keep voting me and @LiamPayne for the @BRITs ! Tell all your friends lets WIN this together! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA ❤️🙌🏼
3,776 14,541
Thank you for all your support so far ❤ Remember you can vote once every 24hrs! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
12,665 50,113
Want to see BTS from the 'For You' video? 👇🏻
9,735 43,312
See what songs I’ve added to my 11:55 playlist this week and let me know you’re listening to?
6,124 31,848
Liam Retweeted ·  
Thank you so much for all your support already! We got this! Lets do this together and don’t forget to vote every day we’ll be watching! 🤗❤️@BRITS @LiamPayne #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
5,991 30,287
Make sure you are using the right hashtag #BRITVIDLIAMRITA to vote. Thank you all for your support so far 🙏🏼❤️
#BRITVIDLIAMRITA i hope you get it!!! i love you❤️
375 1,337
10,044 35,782
Thank you 🎨🤘🏼
Congratulations @LiamPayne on getting nominated for this year’s @BRITs 🤘🏼❤️ #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
479 2,142
4,951 30,085
Liam Retweeted ·  
I vote for 'For You' by @LiamPayne & @RitaOra for British Video at The #BRITs⁠ ⁠ 2019! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
2,034 7,723
Thank you 🙌🏼
I vote for 'For You' by @LiamPayne & @RitaOra for British Video at The #BRITs 2019! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
1,064 2,022
6,369 34,705
We raised an incredible amount of money at our charity poker event for @uclh. The Just Giving page is still live if you want to donate money to help support young cancer patients. #WorldCancerDay…
9,135 36,302
Liam Retweeted ·  
🗳#BRITs voting rules🗳

Voting is now open. It ends Feb15.

Tweet the hashtag #BRITVIDLIAMRITA once every 24 hours from all you accounts (no private accounts)

RTs or likes do NOT count, you have to tweet.

Let’s do this for @LiamPayne and @RitaOra

2,987 9,851
Liam Retweeted ·  
Want @LiamPayne and @RitaOra to win #BRITs British Video? Vote for them now! #BRITVIDLIAMRITA 🎤🎉
6,164 16,812
So proud to hear ‘For You’ has been nominated for the @BRITs ‘British Artist Video of the Year’. But @RitaOra and I need your help! Vote using #BRITVIDLIAMRITA 🙌🏼
16,597 51,512
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