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Last 50 tweets from @LorneDach
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Jason Nixon says the UCP won’t be re-indexing AISH to inflation because Alberta “has the most generous social services programs anywhere in the country”.

That’s a lie.

Even if true, they struggle to buy food & live in poverty. It isn’t enough!

Absolutely shameful.
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Family of residents at the St. Paul Extendicare LTC Centre reached out to @LoriSigurdson & I to express concerns about a COVID-19 outbreak at the facility.

So today, we wrote to Health Minister Copping to ask what steps are being taken to protect & support these seniors. #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Today, on Overdose Awareness Day, we mourn the loss of friends, family, and loved ones who have died in one of the worst public health crises of our time.

The past 2 years have been the deadliest on record. Last year on average 5 people were lost every single day.

🧵 1/ #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
“Hundreds of millions of dollars about to be wasted on this. Something I can’t stand for and will stand against. Mayors and councils need to actively push against this and not be afraid to speak up publicly,” ⁦@kevinzahara⁩ said.
#ableg #abpoli…
'No thank you': Rural mayors ramp up opposition to UCPs proposed provincial police force
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The UCP is about to announce a budget surplus while 1 in 5 Albertans are struggling to feed themselves. They’ve increased taxes, fees, and tuition. Every dollar of this surplus came out of the pockets of Albertans.… via @NatObserver
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The UCP has failed to address the overcrowding in our schools, they are forcing their flawed, backwards curriculum on K-6 students, they are making education more expensive with rising school fees and teachers are leaving this province because they don’t want to work here.
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Danielle Smith suggesting we put patients who need long term care in hotels is just another reason she cannot be trusted to manage a health care system.

The solution is more long term care, people deserve more dignity than being left in hotels without the care they need. #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Hotel rooms are NOT a substitute for long term care beds. Improving our health care system is going to take hard work, not hotel medicine. RT if you agree. #abhealth
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
It’s National Dog Day today! 🐕
I think it’s a doggone good day to post these pictures that I recently took while on doors in my riding of Calgary-Bhullar-McCall.
#nationaldogday2022 #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The lack of new schools in growing neighbourhoods is the direct result of the #ucp government's underfunding of education. In the past 2 funding cycles, #epsb received 0 new school announcements. #abpoli #ableg #abed 1/4…
Parents in new Edmonton neighbourhood say their kids desperately need a school | CBC News
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
More data came out today showing that wages are failing to keep pace with inflation, and Albertans are falling further behind.

These challenges are real, but our government is completely focused on its own drama.

An NDP government would be focused on Albertans. #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Edmonton has an incredibly fascinating queer history. We were honoured today to be guided on a Queer History Walking Tour by the legendary Michael Phair! Follow @EdmQueerHistory to join a tour and learn more about our city’s queer history! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

#yeg #ableg

📸: @thatblondereed
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
I'm so excited to announce that I am running again to be your NDP candidate in Edmonton-Manning!
We look forward to seeing you at the nomination meeting on September 8th at 7pm. RSVP Here:…
Get your tickets for convention now folks and take advantage of the early bird discount.

If you can't go consider purchasing a ticket for someone who might not otherwise be able to attend.
#AbPoli #AbLeg
Happy birthday Heather!
Today I turn 41. I don’t feel tired, I don’t feel old, and I don’t feel deflated. What I do feel is ready. Ready for a new government that treats my neighbours with dignity. One that provides Albertans with quality healthcare. One that’s focused on you.
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
I have first hand knowledge that post secondary has been decimated by @UCPCaucus. It is my workplace. The high quality instruction and research that persists in AB universities and colleges is a testament to the people who work there, in spite of a govt that disrespects them
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DShepYEG
An @albertaNDP govt will negotiate a new agreement with doctors, as we did in the past. And we'll repeal the elements of Bill 21 that allow a health minister to tear that agreement up. Because w/ an NDP government, a deal is a deal. #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
There were multiple shootings in Calgary over the weekend. The crime situation across the province is getting worse, yet the UCP and ⁦@shandro⁩ are busy dismantling the RCMP and doing nothing to address the rising crimes and its root causes.
Seniors deserve better.

"Phillips says in 2020, the UCP made the decision to no longer pay Alberta Health to do the seniors drivers exam, it meant seniors had to pay out of pocket for the exam."

#AbPoli #AbLeg…
Lethbridge-West MLA Shannon Phillips and local senior express concern over driver medical exam - Bridge City News
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Alberta Municipalities association doesn’t seem thrilled with govt’s plan for an Alberta Provincial Police force. Says creation of an APP should be driven by “real public safety needs,” not “political motivations.”
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Alberta is leading the country in renewable power.

When we launched the Renewable Energy Program PC and Wildrose said the prices would be sky high, that it wouldn’t work. Prices were record low, and people saw the potential.

Leadership matters. Ideas matter. #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
🧵 Yes, affordability is something that draws people to Alberta.

But Albertans are feeling that affordability slip away and telling them “well, it’s not as bad as other places” is cold comfort to families, businesses & those on fixed incomes. #ableg
Governments firing the investigator is not done in a healthy democracy. #democracy #ableg #abpoli
Jason Kenney and the UCP should not be able to dismantle the RCMP while the UCP 2017 leadership campaign is being investigated for fraud and irregularities by the RCMP.
if that's accurate then I am one of two losers, and this was my entry.
Replying to @barfelope
I was so heartened to read your inspiring vision for an Alberta most of us know is attainable. Our priorities need to be adjusted. I spoke to a 22 year old woman begging for help outside a Dollar Store today while on a waiting list for housing. She is who I serve first. #housing
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
To my good friend and colleague @DeronBilous:

It has been an honour to serve Albertans with you for more than a decade. #ableg #abpoli #yeg…
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Alberta NDP's Rakhi Pancholi calls for Status of Women Minister Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk and Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry for Status of Women Jackie Lovely to resign their posts.

This after a controversial essay was picked as a winner in a women's empowerment contest
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Red Deer! 😍

Come on by the @albertaNDP tent here at @CentralABPride! Meet your amazing candidate for Red Deer-South @michelleBaer2 and your two nomination candidates for Red Deer-North @cragcurt and @JaeTweedle! They’re here ‘til 7!

Happy Pride, Central Alberta! 🥰🌈
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
It’s troubling to me that while the UCP was tearing up contracts and demanding pay cuts from frontline healthcare workers, they were signing off on massive bonuses for senior officials who handed over their authority to the UCP cabinet. 1/3 #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
When there are no ambulances available, Calgary Firefighters are filling the gap. This situation can’t continue.
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The NDP government cut child poverty in half. Let’s do that again - then let’s go further.

We can do it together. #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Me, @RachelNotley, and our @albertaNDP team are proud to announce that we’ve been approved to march in this year’s Calgary Pride Parade on September 4th.

We celebrate, but we also acknowledge the work ahead to make Alberta truly a province for all.

See you at Pride, #yyc! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The Alberta NDP will march in the Calgary Pride Parade on Sept. 4! Every Albertan should be able to live openly in safety, respect, and joy. It's an honour to celebrate with the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and to recommit ourselves to the work ahead.

I will see you there! #yyc #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
“Our institutions such as police forces must come out with race-based data to be used to identify and investigate “specific instances of potential inequitable policing” as well as broader, systemic issues.”
#ableg #abpoli…
Nagar: The fight against racism must be relentless
“Danielle, I did not ask for cancer, and as someone who wants to be premier, I believe you owe us cancer patients a heartfelt apology,” - Dave Nitsche, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2019

#abhealth #abpoli #ableg…
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Step 1: Fund Alberta classrooms.
Step 2: Prepare Alberta's future leaders.
Step 3: Look to those leaders to steer our economic future for decades to come.

I don't understand why the current government doesn't get this...

#ableg #yyc #abpse #abfuture #yeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The UCP admitted that their dishonest use of “bracket creep” will cost Albertans a billion dollars in additional income taxes over the term of their fiscal plan.

#ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
No one chooses to get cancer.

People who do deserve compassion, support and public healthcare that is there for them, when and where they need it. #ableg #abhealth
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
The UCP government jammed through legislation to hijack public-sector pensions, and now they’re talking about interfering in the Canada Pension Plan.

Tell the UCP to keep their hands off your CPP.

#ableg #abpoli #alberta
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Alberta electricity rates are near-triple what the NDP Government capped them at and still climbing.

This is wrong. No family should have to choose between putting food on the kitchen table and keeping the lights on in that same kitchen. #ableg #yyc #yeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
There it is.

On a Friday afternoon before a long weekend, the UCP has quietly announced vaccines for kids under 5.

Never forget the unnecessary delay.

Never forget that it took countless Albertans speaking out for this government to act and finally do the right thing.

Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Reports indicate there will finally be a plan released to provide kids under the age of 5 with COVID-19 vaccines.

This should have never taken this long. Alberta parents and their kids have waited long enough.

The UCP incompetence never ends. #ableg #abhealth
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Cutting hundreds of millions from post-secondary — as the UCP has done — will be devastating to Alberta’s future.

The Alberta NDP will actually support these schools and support our province's future leaders learning inside them.

#ableg #yyc #yeg #abpse
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
In government comms, there's a thing called "taking out the trash" which is releasing unfavourable news late on a Friday afternoon without taking questions in hopes it won't make news.

This is when the UCP chooses to announce vaccines for children under 5.

Says a lot. #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
In just two years, the Alberta NDP government helped to cut child poverty in HALF. That's real change.…

If you think that politics can be a force for good, consider donating to my 65th birthday fundraiser here:

#Ceci65 #ableg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Yesterday, @MarieFrRenaud and I visited the Leduc and District Food Bank to talk about the extraordinary pressure families are facing from the rising cost of living. Food Banks are run on Alberta generosity and volunteerism but demand keeps going up.

We must do more. #ableg
Happy Birthday @joececiyyc
I'm celebrating my 65th (!) birthday! I'll be sharing some memories of my life and my time in #abpoli throughout the day. Watch this space!

Want to show your support? Donate $65 (or $6.50 or $650!) to my campaign here:

#Ceci65 #65for65 #ableg #yyc #yeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
Tyler Shandro has been caught in a lie. After promising a provincial police force won’t increase your property taxes, former Finance Minister Travis Toews recently admitted “it will cost Albertans a little bit more.”
#ableg #abpoli…
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
One way or the other, Albertans deserve to know the fuel tax rebate is being passed on to them. This should have been part of the policy from the beginning.

Asking the competition bureau to look into it now is no solution. #AbLeg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
There’s some Good Pickin @horsehillberry Farm! So glad to have a little help from owner Jackie Clark to fill up my bucket. If you’re looking for a fun and tasty way to fill the afternoon, have a date night, or run out the kids then plan to stop by. They’ve got honey too 🐝 #AbAg
Lorne Dach Retweeted ·  
We had a major public health crisis. The UCP took the opportunity to attack healthcare worker and cut pay.

We have a cost of living crisis. The UCP refuse to act, and took the opportunity to raise taxes on working families.

UCP: the opposite of good governance. #AbLeg
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