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Last 50 tweets from @Louis_Tomlinson
Hope everyone has a good day! Vocals finished now onto some interviews!
25,703 112,582
Just another massive thank you to anyone who’s bought or streamed the single! You’re all incredible!
27,691 114,898
me: screams frustrated

my boss:
2,369 10,297
Replying to @borntolou :
@borntolou A classic video this one
6,571 23,115
Thank you Hong Kong, you were beautiful ❤️
17,776 106,736
Replying to @LiamPayne :
@LiamPayne @RoseGold_Niall Looks sick mate! Cheers for the tweet the other day. Hopefully see you soon
19,942 97,958
Just had another proper good day shooting with my mate Richard for one of the videos we’re making! Can’t wait for you all to see!
20,272 85,152
@Louis_Tomlinson @LouisPromoSquad Hi Louis, glad you’re such a fan. However, we’ve never had anyone called Calvin in The Reytons. Loved your work with 1D, but you’ve been shit since you left. Take care x
269 1,623
Replying to @TheReytons :
@TheReytons @LouisPromoSquad Only winding Calvin up lads. Calm it. Good luck to you
2,643 12,237
Replying to @LouisPromoSquad :
@LouisPromoSquad @TheReytons Calvin used to be in the band. They’ve been shit since he left!
3,402 14,778
Late on this one but Sometimes - @GerryCinnamon is a banger! Too sick
10,370 56,314
Cheers @BBCR1 for playing #TwoOfUs in Best New Pop today. Listen back here…
12,812 48,439
@Louis_Tomlinson @iHeartRadio in a scale of 1-10 how much you are proud of the promo that louies are doing? 😎
274 2,173
Replying to @fizzyslouis :
I hope @Louis_Tomlinson is having a great week because it's truly what he deserves.
  · TweetDeck · en
5,558 18,561
Replying to @iHeartRadio :
@iHeartRadio Legends! Thanks a lot
6,627 25,159
Thank you so much for the support @Spotify ! #TwoOfUs
27,467 101,944
I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting the single! Mind blown at the support so far. It’s such a special song to me! Thank youuuuu!!!!
33,289 111,227
🔴 [LIVE]: This is going to be special. @Louis_Tomlinson is streaming his very first performance of #TwoOfUs Be there →
  · Sprinklr · en
1,964 6,025
Replying to @youtubemusic :
@youtubemusic Thanks for having me! Cheers for letting me share such a special moment
4,863 16,632
Emotional performance today but just wanna say another massive thanks to everyone for supporting the single! You’re all amazing!
41,758 149,563
Thank you all so much for your support today. You guys are amazing ! We are so close to being #1 everywhere on @iTunes, I can't thank you enough #TwoOfUs…
Two of Us - Single by Louis Tomlinson
30,683 87,579
We’re live now ! Tune in to hear the first ever performance of my new single #TwoOfUs…
20,922 70,300
1 hour until we go live ! Tune in:…. #TwoOfUs
18,760 59,763
the winner is currently #1 in brazil 🇧🇷🙏🏻 @Louis_Tomlinson congrats lad! we did that :)
1,100 4,367
21,040 78,045
Louis Tomlinson Retweeted ·  
Louis is #4 on the US iTunes chart! Let's get him to #1. #TwoOfUs #LouisTomlinson #RT…
8,567 30,254
Here’s a quick video on how to use them !!
687 2,452
Replying to @KingLWTPromo :
@KingLWTPromo I can’t believe how clever you lot are. This is amazing
6,587 20,499
Your support means the world and has made all of this possible. Never forget we’re a team! Massive love to you all
55,878 161,973
@PermanentLouiss I’m really emotional right now. I lost my best friend 5 years ago and #TwoOfUs⁠ ⁠ is really bringing back old memories. It’s making me feel pain but at the same time hope. Even after 5 years. Thank you so much @Louis_Tomlinson
333 2,340
Replying to @gay__vodka :
@8pizzenzuzweit @PermanentLouiss Focus on the hope. Let it empower you not sadden you. Your friend is proud of you!
5,971 18,296
Here we goooooo. Hope you guys love it as much as I do! #TwoOfUs
46,948 134,451
So excited to share this with you guys... #TwoOfUs is out NOW!
55,758 118,227
8pm GMT tonight. I'll be going live for my first ever performance of #TwoOfUs. See you then !
28,988 81,168
𝘁𝘄𝗼 𝗼𝗳 𝘂𝘀 𝘀𝗻𝗮𝗽𝗰𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗳𝗶𝗹𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀
i made two filters (one with text & one without)
i'll post a video of how to use them below this tweet
1,092 3,689
Replying to @indiekidlwt :
check this out!!!!!! @Louis_Tomlinson
579 3,232
Replying to @glazedovreye :
@glazedovreye Honestly what the fuck! You guys are amazing!!
5,512 18,671
🎉 We're SO EXCITED to be able to bring you the first radio play of @Louis_Tomlinson's brand new track: #TwoOfUs 💜

Listen Thursday at 1pm to hear it!
5,913 14,869
Replying to @BBCR1 :
@BBCR1 Excited! Thanks so much for the support!!
6,162 20,987
7th March ! 1pm GMT Worldwide Release. #TwoOfUs
34,759 92,080
Dominika is proud of Louis|#TwoOfUs | 🏳️‍🌈🌹
@Louis_Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson, have you thought about playing a concert in Poland? We have good alcohol and awesome fans! We are really beautiful country x
1,107 5,147
Replying to @ohxnoxniall :
@ohxnoxniall This is a good tweet haha! I’ll see you there one day :)
5,827 22,382
@Louis_Tomlinson @asheyangell dont care about this, whats more important is we'll be hearing two of us tomorrow !!!
211 1,829
Replying to @stylesmilin :
@Louis_Tomlinson @asheyangell LOUIS . ignore them
114 1,281
Replying to @backtoyoulouis :
@backtoyoulouis @asheyangell Proper trying to bite my tongue haha ....
3,113 13,654
Tomorrow !!!!!
46,158 153,207
@Louis_Tomlinson Please stay clear of The Edge Louis! They do this all the time, please be careful. If you need promo you should go to ZM, they’re much nicer.
188 1,168
Replying to @asheyangell :
@asheyangell Legend! Cheers for the heads up. People are funny
3,106 13,807
You’re all fucking amazing!!!
52,748 184,771
I've hidden some video clips in hotspots around the world. All I need you to do is find them & then you'll be the first to hear more about my new track. Share what you find using #TwoOfUs & try to piece it together! View the map to find your nearest one:…
31,855 93,947
@Louis_Tomlinson don’t know if you’re still online but look what @allalonglouis made!!!
230 1,583
Replying to @justalwayslwt :
@justalwayslwt @allalonglouis This is ridiculous. Amazing!
3,450 15,014
@Louis_Tomlinson remember australia on tour you haven’t been there in 4 years and my friends are waiting 😁
117 1,127
Replying to @backtoyoulouis :
@backtoyoulouis I was speaking to my management about this recently. Got to plan an Aussie trip soon!!
3,452 15,614
Replying to @lttour2019svp :
@lttour2019svp @kissyIouies @Hits93Toronto You know I love Amsterdam! Defo one of my favourite cities
3,237 14,834
@Louis_Tomlinson @Hits93Toronto Canadian are there to promote you 🇨🇦
Are you planning to actually come back to Montreal during tour ? X
136 1,494
Replying to @kissyIouies :
@Louis_Tomlinson People have been spreading flyers around central London already !!! We’ve been working hard 🤓 these were put by @payno_k and @ificouldkiwi
274 1,806
Replying to @farawaylex :
@farawaylex @payno_k @ificouldkiwi Haha this is amazing! You lot ALWAYS smash it!
3,104 12,639
On March 6th, the day before Louis releases his new track, “Two of Us,” Hits 93 Toronto will play every single track he’s written while in One Direction, alongside all of his solo-singles, all day long. And then, on March 7th, we’ll play “Two of Us” every hour until April 7th.
5,499 15,911
Replying to @Hits93Toronto :
@Hits93Toronto This is so amazing! Thank you so much! Legends
6,333 21,942
@Louis_Tomlinson when does this song come out. We need to hear it.
1,021 5,626
Replying to @Smallzy :
@Smallzy Let’s do a phone interview soon! Hope you’re good mate
5,447 21,577
Good day of rehearsals today with the band. Excited for Thursday!! Can’t wait for you all to hear
37,590 144,320
I've had another drive go down on me. This time it was my SSD working drive. Does anyone have any repair or data collection places they can recommend?
  · Twitter Web App · en
355 3,190
Replying to @jordangreen :
@jordangreen Try turning it on and off mate. You’re welcome
6,012 23,680
Louis Tomlinson Retweeted ·  
We're so excited to share cover star of House of Solo Fashion Issue, @Louis_Tomlinson 😍👏 #louistomlinson #houseofsolo
14,723 47,733
Now then ! #TwoOfUs is out on March 7th. Pre-save it with the link in my bio. It's coming !
61,123 144,331
@Variety Not my house mate
5,039 22,039
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