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Last 50 tweets from @maevemarsden
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Heterosexuality must be so fragile if kids are ‘indoctrinated’ into ‘gay lifestyles’ by just seeing gay people kiss in public. I’m very glad homosexuality is far more resilient. As a kid, I endured years of seeing straight people kiss (on TV, in public, etc) and still stayed gay!
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Replying to @ahcayley :
@ahcayley Did they really not know or are they banking on this being shared a lot
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@maevemarsden Oh damn. But yay! Let me know if you’re up for dinner and a show or dinner or a show. Or a gin.
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Replying to @myronmy9 :
@myronmy9 I’m there so briefly, just to host Queerstories then I’m off to albury wodonga to do the same. So unless you wanna come to Queerstories on Wednesday it’ll have to be next time.
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@Thinkspo1 @verbaliza you work for a trash website that fatshames and humiliates woman of colour and steals news stories without credit or payment. Don't you fuckin speak to me about bullying. Go back to watching TV and pretending its journalism. Bye! 👍
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Replying to @ninaoyama :
@ninaoyama @Thinkspo1 @verbaliza Nina. This response is magic, I want to kiss you and give you money.
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Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
in my high school there was a Horse Girl called Zoe who had a boyfriend called Dom and also a horse named Dom & literally everyday she would joke "So i was riding Dom the other day...not THAT Dom LOL!" anyway she writes for mamamia now and honestly everything makes so much sense
10 319
@maevemarsden And just saw they’re coming to Sydney fringe too!
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Replying to @myronmy9 :
@myronmy9 Yes but alas just as I am arriving in Melbourne
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No more I love you’s.
This #bingebreakup is getting way too raw.
About to enter the final hour.
Wonder how it’ll end..
0 1
Replying to @myronmy9 :
Same, except #2 is my own damn fault because when I see #1 looming I go into producing overdrive
An actors life.
1. OMG i have no work for the foreseeable future.
2. OMG i have no days off for the foreseeable future.
7 104
0 5
Then you realise you've spent 5 years of your life at medical school, at a time when everyone else you know has been getting on with their lives and it's quite demoralising
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Replying to @coopesdetat :
@coopesdetat I mean you also had a’ve been living 😘
0 2
Failed attempt at a luggage selfie. Home from @mothersruincab in Brisbane today, off to Melbourne tomorrow for the rest of the #Queerstories book tour. #tourlife
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have you ever dropped out of a degree? how did you deal w not feeling like a failure who just wasted a whole lot of time
0 122
Replying to @AlliGtweets2u :
@AlliGtweets2u I dropped out of law after 8 wks, 2 wks too late to not have to pay fees. I beat myself up about it a bit but in the end I realised sometimes quitting is much smarter than sticking at it. I might have been a good lawyer but I am a very happy artist/producer.
0 6
@coopesdetat @maevemarsden Yeah check out Albury lifeline & beanstation wodonga or proprietor Albury 😊
0 0
Replying to @nanni_newman :
@nanni_newman @coopesdetat I’ll be in albury next weekend and will do!
0 2
@maevemarsden You are always welcome Chez Nous!
0 0
Replying to @coopesdetat :
@coopesdetat Well that is good to know! I shall now message the sister wives chat about such matters.
0 0
@maevemarsden Hey there's a really cute town called Albury, you should check it out
1 9
Replying to @coopesdetat :
@coopesdetat Ha. We didn’t think you guys would want us rocking up late Monday night then buggering off early the next morning.
0 0
@maevemarsden The George Kerferd Hotel in Beechworth, set in the grounds of the old “Lunatic Asylum”. We stayed in the Art Deco nurses’ quarters. Fab - esp in springtime
0 2
0 2
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Salary of PM: $527,852
Average earnings: $62,800
Just saying
551 1,054
We’re driving Sydney to Melbourne Monday/Tuesday this week. Tips for cute places to stop eg nice cafes, distilleries or cheese shops, weird op shops, short walks? Also, advice for best place to stay overnight? Weird creepy motels, somewhere a bit luxe, adorable B&Bs, whatevs.
0 10
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
I might be able to squeeze another #MelbFringe show in today. Recommendations?
1 2
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
I’m hearing a lot of “so men are just supposed to be scared of women now?” I mean, if that’s what needs to happen for you to be cool to us, maybe. We’ve been scared of you for like six thousand years. You’ll get used to it after a while.
41,158 184,656
Read this. Read all of it.
Every doctor, medical student -- anyone working in health -- should read this piece. Medicine's systematic cruelty towards and revulsion about obese patients is one of the most grim things I have witnessed…
46 107
2 11
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Gotta say, the crew at #theatrerepublic @LaBoiteTheatre for @BrisFestival were some of the friendliest, most helpful, most capable & most supportive we’ve encountered - and we’ve done a stack of festivals! Damien, Steph & the rest of the team, thanks for having us. #brisfest
1 5
I’m excited to have Tina sharing a story at #Queerstories in #Canberra on Oct 4. Bookings here:…

#lgbt #queer #lgbtqi #LGBTIQ
"Often the discussion [around asylum seekers] is gender blind, or, when queer people are mentioned, the focus is on gay men."

I spoke with same-sex couple Tina and Renee about why queer refugee women are an invisible minority in Australia.…
12 15
2 4
Also I think @neutze and I have based an entire friendship on a mutual love of Debelah Morgan’s DANCE WITH ME
0 1
Replying to @cassietongue :
@cassietongue @neutze When can I book Ben to sing this somewhere?
0 1
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
nyakim gatwech wore THIS to the emmys? and i didnt see ANYBODY talking about it?????
57,572 190,729
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Isn't it amazing how men are simultaneously lauded as being the experts at rationality and keeping their emotions in check yet also persistently excused for 'going off the rails' after women dump them?
101 311
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
@maevemarsden This is even worse when you click on the original facebook link and realize it was publicized by the shop themselves.
1 18
@maevemarsden This is even worse when you click on the original facebook link and realize it was publicized by the shop themselves.
1 18
Replying to @DrRJKavanagh :
The fuck? How is this ‘kind hearted’? Get a ramp for your shop, dude.
1,877 10,685
Replying to @maevemarsden :
To people responding, please watch this. All of it. The late great Stella Young says it better than I ever could.…
I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much
15 118
@maevemarsden (Idk if you ID as abled Maeve but if you do,, not you. And if you do, thank you for saying this. It's usually just us wheelchair users who say it, and then ppl act like we're bitter because of our disability instead of bc of ableism & inaccessibility.)
1 27
Replying to @coffeespoonie :
@coffeespoonie I’m an able bod but I’ve done enough reading and have enough disables friends to get it. I sometimes fuck obvs but I’m trying. X
0 22
Update: IT’S A POTATO.

Folks, I have not laughed so much in a long time.
5 197
Replying to @JennaGuillaume :
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
It’s often the details in the campaign of torture on asylum seekers offshore & here I find most affecting - handcuffs for doctors appointments, withholding pads from menstrauting women, mould all over the tents, being called by numbers not names. The list is long and devastating.
124 271
Hehe. This person is being snarky but, like, discrimination IS everywhere and I do live on Gadigal land so they are also...accurate?
And on today's episode of 'I See Discrimination Everywhere' we have Maeve from Gadigal Land.
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6 28
0 12
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Remember in the 90s when folks would say ‘NOT!’ at the end of a phrase to surprisingly invert its meaning. I really loved that.

3 122
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
Now that you've gotten the costume based on a fictional dystopia removed, can y'all muster up enough backlash to do something about the site's entire "Indian Costumes" section?
23,378 56,451
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
@maevemarsden It makes it feel like they really think accommodating us or following the ADA is really *that* unreasonable. Look at all the people defending inaccessibility in he replies. The fucking colosseum in Rome is wheelchair accessible, a 120 yr old building in NY can add a fucking ramp.
20 123
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
@maevemarsden And then the amount of people who get mad when you suggest that, hey, maybe it's a shitty, systemic, widespread problem that most of society is inaccessible to us, and maybe instead of these masturbatory "aren't ableds great?" videos, could we please have some accessibility....?
17 93
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
@maevemarsden Every time one of these bullshit inspo porn stories comes out & reduces us to having to constantly be at the mercy of others, it enforces the idea that 1) it's a burden to accommodate us + 2) it's an okay (or even good thing) to make things only accessible *with an abled's help*.
36 163
Maeve Marsden Retweeted ·  
This is an absolute disgrace.
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3 16
Spent the afternoon as a seating bank for my niece’s stuffed toys which were painstakingly introduced and placed individually upon my person. This is Sylvie...Daisy...Thomas... there were two animals called Barry. She then tucked us in under a mountain of blankets and scarves.
0 19
It’s #Queerstories in Spectrum! More of a recap than a review but I’ll take it! 😊
3 33
Replying to @tudorgrrrl :
@tudorgrrrl But my version uses the letters from the word ‘vegetable’
0 1
Love it!
I have nowhere to be this weekend 👌👌👌👌👌👌It’s just me and Queerstories and a large cup of tea
0 5
0 1
@maevemarsden Ty for saying this Maeve. Enraging article and headline.
0 6
Replying to @JessHealyWalton :
@JessHealyWalton Like, I once had a gig at an inaccessible venue so I carried a friend up the stairs. That doesn’t make me a good person, it makes me someone who should’ve booked an accessible venue. It doesn’t make me the devil, either, but it sure as shit wasn’t ‘kind hearted’.
8 69
@maevemarsden Yes but man she got a lot of mileage out of her postal survey campaign last year. Incredibly cynical, even for a career politician like her
0 1
Replying to @coopesdetat :
@coopesdetat Was it you who tweeted ‘it seems class trumps everything else’ or someone else? I can’t remember.
0 1
Postal survey? Already forgotten
8 24
Replying to @coopesdetat :
@coopesdetat She doesn’t even need to remember the postal survey. ScoMo was being homophobic/transphobic just the other day.
0 4
The fuck? How is this ‘kind hearted’? Get a ramp for your shop, dude.
1,877 10,685
Replying to @maevemarsden :
Let me be clear. I’m not saying the barber is a bad guy. And yes, the building can’t have a ramp & I’ve been informed temporary ramps aren’t safe for everyone. But this article is patronizing & someone has taken photos of a man just trying to get a haircut, without his consent.
22 362
@Ben_f0x @JB_AU I’m not trolling him, I didn’t message him directly. I’ve conceded elsewhere that I should’ve focused my tweet more on the ‘kind hearted’ but which pissed me off and less on the ‘dude’. I’m sick of inspiration porn like this and I just shot off a tweet about it.
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