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Last 50 tweets from @Mantia
Are pop sockets a fad or are they here to stay?
Feminism opened my eyes and a part of me feels grateful that I see inequality I didn’t notice before. However I am also feeling depressed because equality for all is still far away and there is so little that I can do. In many situations I just have to give up and let it go.
Replying to @ykmsd
I hate the idea that you ever feel like you have to give up or let something go.
Please welcome my new and extremely seasonal Twitter avatar.
I find that most websites for information about movies suck.
That rainbow snow cone is ME 🌈
Replying to @hayleythehatter
“actually, that’s shave ice"
Trump’s gonna win in 2020, isn’t he?
I’ve started designing a plot plan for my ideal Disney resort, lol.
In reply to @CassidyJames
(I didn’t initially see it as disrespectful of—or even specifically commenting on—the individual designer herself but can totally see how it could land that way. I agree, that could be problematic and potentially insulting.)
Oh, since you’re the subject of the tweet, I guess as long as *you* don’t see it as disrespectful, it’s OK! Thanks Cassidy! 👍👍
In reply to @Mantia
I think it's just a dumb joke about the massive, industry-wide reduction of detail and effort in app icons. Not a personal attack on those designers who do still put in the effort and have demonstrable skill like yourself.
It’s a bad joke at Alexa’s expense. Why? “Former” app icon designer is insulting, and the idea of her otherwise being “out of a job” is also insulting. There’s no redeeming quality about this tweet. It’s just repugnant.
What if the only reason there are so many emojis now is so that former app icon designers wouldn’t be out of a job
Replying to @_Jordan
This is insanely disrespectful. Bad form.

On Dec. 20, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue will be adding new destinations inspired by the latest episode of the Star Wars saga!
Hallouieen Retweeted ·  
🥭 Mango – U+1F96D
for @Facebook, 2018
It’s in the Trump handbook to simultaneously deny a thing and declare that the thing isn’t actually wrong to do anyway.
Hallouieen Retweeted ·  
Public transit should be zero-fare. Everyone should be able to use it. It would cut costs to make and maintain fare infrastructure (kiosks, cards, tickets, turnstiles) and remove the need for enforcement, while also encouraging more people to use public transit.
No one on here seems authorized to proclaim that anyone has “won the internet” and yet an awful amount of people are doing it anyway. No one takes this award seriously.
It’s winter rn :(

I thought I had another couple days with a jacket. But now I gotta break out the winter coat and a scarf and a hat and
In reply to @Mantia
Does she at least say Gesundheit?
Coughing and sneezing seems to trigger Siri on homepods way too much.
tweet about something you love
Replying to @tvaziri
Cards! I love them! I keep buying them! There are so many different ones out there! Big fan!
Interesting idea, I wonder how this would work out financially.
In reply to @robotspacer
H: You know we’re not actually at Trader Sam’s M: Yeah I couldn’t remember the name and it says Trader Sam’s on the receipt H: I feel like the Disney stans are gonna know from the lighting M: Yeah I already thought about that and I don’t care
Replying to @robotspacer
Making a fool of yourself, Mike.
In reply to @Mantia
You’ve got to have a successful working product to market and publicize, you don’t throw a party to release your latest problems.. Cart pulling the horse.
My eyes rolled right out of my sockets there, professor. Woof.
thinking about how there are people named gerald
In reply to @Mantia
Hawaii could maybe challenge that.
Replying to @badeen
sure, as a sovereign nation?
In reply to @daringfireball
I don’t care if there is another keynote, bu I am damn tired of the notion (apparently true) that Apple does not have teams guaranteeing smooth continuity and stability of products, but pulls everyone away from those tasks to constantly put out fires elsewhere. Which creates fire
I think John means with regards to marketing and publicity, not product development.
In reply to @Mantia
Agree, but only because a "forbidden fruit" angle is the only possible way the world's most delicious burger could be made better. #TeamBleuBurgers
It should be a federal offense to put blue cheese on a burger.
In reply to @Mantia
TAKE COMING IN HOT: The McRib is good because barbecue sauce is good.
Aw man, now I’m the person calling the local @McDonalds to find out if the McRib is back.
Replying to @Mantia
TAKE COMING IN HOT: The McRib is good because barbecue sauce is good.
In reply to @Mantia
I mean in a budgetary sense, you can only spend a dollar once. And for the next marginal dollars transit gets, best use is improving service. And that's true for quite a large number of extra dollars. TriMet is pretty far from having fair, let alone good or great, service.
Replying to @dmtrubman @Aldowyn and 3 others
Ok thanks for your opinion
In reply to @dmtrubman
Like, just from a progressive perspective, I bet you can think of a lot of things you'd rather see get funding before even higher subsidies for the largely white collar workers that use WES?
Replying to @dmtrubman @Aldowyn and 3 others
We can have more than one thing. We don’t have to pit every issue against each other.
In reply to @Mantia
If you can convince region, or even less likely state, to raise hundreds of millions more annually for transit, w/o any promises about coverage expansion, ok. But don't you find it curious none of cities abroad that do transit better than us prioritize universal fareless transit?
In reply to @Mantia
You're mixing up the total and operating budgets. Passenger Revenue from Fixed Rates is over $100m. But if you were to raise TriMet's subsidy by that amount, it would be better to spend pretty much all of it instead on improving service. Maybe some targeted subsidies.
Replying to @dmtrubman @Aldowyn and 3 others
I’m sorry. Ok, tax the rich people a little more then. 🙄
In reply to @Mantia
Some of them are a little less arbitrary. Note that river a couple miles north of you.
Replying to @chasegallagher
Ah yes, rivers! Nature intended for that geopolitical boundary.
In reply to @Mantia
Sure, I'm even open to the idea that some fare loses are acceptable vs costs (not just financial) of enforcement. But We're talking about more than $100m here. There's no way that doesn't impact service directly.
Replying to @dmtrubman @Aldowyn and 3 others
Only 10% of TriMet’s budget is from fares. We’re pretty close to zero-fare. Tax some really rich people a little more and we’re totally fare-free. (Btw 10% of $525 million is only $52.5m, not “more than $100m”
State boundaries are arbitrary.
In reply to @Mantia
I downloaded their app specifically for the McRib locator. No shame.
Replying to @DevinRubink
It didn’t work for me 😅
Aw man, now I’m the person calling the local @McDonalds to find out if the McRib is back.
In reply to @Mantia
This is too forward-looking. You found a DeLorean and came back from the future. We are on planet Earth, 2019. A cesspool ruled by bureaucrats and kleptomaniacs. Maybe in 100 years... 😉
Replying to @alessiogianni
Here’s to hoping we figured it all out before it’s too late.
In reply to @Mantia
Isn’t it just! It’s amazing what you can learn online. I’m glad you’re so passionate about bus fares so you can share your knowledge with us, oh exalted one.
A few weirdos who love TriMet fare enforcement have logged onto Twitter today.
In reply to @Mantia
Just out of curiosity, what is the current cap on subsidized fare participants?
Replying to @NikolasByDesign @shanselman and 1 otherfalse
You’re not entitled to my time. 👋
In reply to @Mantia
Wow! Thanks for explaining that for me!
Replying to @_100Dollar_Bill
It’s amazing that you didn’t already know!
Replying to @NikolasByDesign @shanselman and 1 otherfalse
no they’re saying free up $800,000. subsidized passes exists, but $800,000 would be better spent on people riding than people policing.
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