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Last 50 tweets from @margokingston1
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Stop what you're doing and watch this @jonathanvswan interview of @realDonaldTrump right now. It is utterly brilliant.鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
These are the aspects of life under COVID-19 restrictions that Australians reported they would most like to see continue. For more, see
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Kristina Keneally has written to NSW Premier asking her to:
(1) Extend the Ruby Princess inquiry; and
(2) Personally appeal to PM to allow federal public servants to appear.
This after Morrison (appeared to) guarantee full cooperation in April.
#auspol #RubyPrincess
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
.@jonathanvswan: 鈥淥h, you鈥檙e doing death as a proportion of cases. I鈥檓 talking about death as a proportion of population. That鈥檚 where the U.S. is really bad. Much worse than South Korea, Germany, etc.鈥

@realdonaldtrump: 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 do that.鈥

Swan: 鈥淲hy can鈥檛 I do that?鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Excellent @ABCmediawatch on #defamation law reform in Australia. Good points by Matt Collins QC. And also @JustinQuill - you will get more in defamation damages than if you are injured terribly at work or sexually abused. This is wrong. #PressFreedom
This is the MP Morrison saved from losing his pre-selection before #ausvotes.
Continuing his track record of "having a normal one": Australian MP Craig Kelly has posted 16 times since Saturday about hydroxycloroquine, the unproven & not-very-promising drug promoted by Donald Trump, including asking whether Dan Andrews should be jailed for not promoting it
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
While 40 million Americans filed for unemployment during the #coronavirus pandemic, billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Read with alcohol.

The results clearly show that thousands of tons of #methane are leaking from old #oilandgas drill holes on the North Sea floor every year.

...drilling process causes the gas to rise along the borehole鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Very good piece here by Kishor Napier-Raman: "Rather than ask why so many Victorians ignored the tickle in their throats and went to work, we need to take a long look at how we鈥檝e built a society where so many people had no other choice."
Crikey - On politics, media, business, the environment and life
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Australia鈥檚 trilemma of providing good, fast and cheap energy finally has a clear solution. And it isn鈥檛 more gas. #auspol鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
ACF INVESTIGATION finds a web of connections between politics and the big fossil fuel money behind Santos鈥檚 controversial #Narrabri gas project. #Auspol 1/6
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
This is a big deal, and a potential global model.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
BREAKING: The Prime Minister has rebranded Nev Power's gas-led recovery squad. It's been renamed the National COVID-19 Commission (NCC) Advisory Board.鈥 #Covid19Aus #ScottyFromMarketing
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
A thread of Qaren (QAnon + Karen) videos from Australia.

My favorite is when she says 鈥渋t is my right as a living woman.鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
#CoronavirusAUS :While our unis are abandoned, exclusive private schools get #JobKeeper .It says a lot about priorities of #LNP #Morrison government #auspol鈥
In reply to @margokingston1
38. She stood strong on our eradication strategy, as Feds and Gladys bashed her border closure. Now, vindicated, she seeks territory expansion backed by NSW residents on the coast border. Luv @AnnastaciaMP in #coronavirusworld :)鈥
Replying to @margokingston1
39. SA very protective of its COVID free status. I guess Tassie left Qld out of the list of States it鈥檚 opening it鈥檚 borders to because we鈥檙e open to NSW. Anastasia must be sweating on that decision, esp as masks on NSW flights here aren鈥檛 compulsory.鈥
From July 29 #SouthAustralians in #Victoria will no longer be able to return to their residence to quarantine. South Australians who do not have essential traveller status and want to re-enter the State after being in Victoria will be turned away. @abcnews @abcmelbourne
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
In a time when people can be snarky, dismissive and even cruel to people of the baby boomer generation, this is a shout of love and appreciation to all the Knitting Nannas Against Gas from around NSW who have spoken up for future generations against #NarrabriGas
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
This is sheer madness. The deliberate mass spread of a damaging conspiracy theory, designed to create distrust in public health officials, is what happens in a crazy theocracy or an unhinged dictatorship.
In reply to @margokingston1
24. Bonus short @simonahac #transitzone track on why he loves Twitter. And a word from @timdunlop on our podcast break and a #coronavirusworld special coming up by @MediaActive.
Replying to @margokingston1
25. ICYMI here鈥檚 our #transitzone interview with @simonahac on climate change politics & why he鈥檚 into it. Fascinating. We鈥檙e on a break & I鈥檓 moving home next week; hoping we return with a special guest on the same topic. @MediaActive @timdunlop鈥
if you're interested in energy & politics in corona-era australia 鈥 but don't need the jargon 鈥 check out my interview on @transitzonepod next time you're out for a dog walk.

i love the format @MediaActive, @margokingston1 & @timdunlop. looking forward to season 2! #transitzone
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Thousands of people across regional Australia helped shape a bold vision for community-owned renewable energy.

Following 8 weeks of workshops, I鈥檝e received 99 submissions that will take us from a co-design process to action.

Explore the submissions:
Energy | Helen Haines MP - Independent Federal Member for Indi
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
South Australia, don't follow us in Qld into the Joh state. SA Premier must stand aside these ministers until allegations are resolved.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
In reply to @CaseyBriggs
Look at how quickly infections have exploded among residents of aged care
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Our research shows why a 鈥榞as-led recovery鈥 won鈥檛 work. #auspol

Spending recovery funds on virtually any other industry would be likely to create more jobs.

We need a renewables-powered recovery, not a gas-fired one. Add your name >鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Some good news for your Saturday morning :) Europe steams towards coal exit - research鈥
Europe steams towards coal exit - research
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
鈥淭here is no legal basis for #China to draw straight baselines connecting the outermost points of maritime features or 鈥榠sland groups鈥 in the South China Sea, including around the 鈥楩our Sha鈥 or 鈥榗ontinental鈥 or 鈥榦utlying鈥 archipelagos鈥 #auspol @SBSNews
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Australia has declared 鈥渢here is no legal basis鈥 to China鈥檚 territorial and maritime claims in the South China Sea, marking an escalation of recent tensions with Beijing and bringing Canberra further in line with Washington @guardian #auspol鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
In the light of @AOC鈥檚 speech - women, tell me what鈥檚 the most mundane thing you have done which caused a man to call you a fucking bitch? Mine - I stopped in a food court to work out which way to go, causing a man behind me to have to change direction.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
I am not religious but this still resonates with me in terms of an ethical code. If your moral compass doesn鈥檛 point you towards kindness for all living beings it isn鈥檛 moral at all.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
In reply to @Aluminiumilism
there are too many - I'd embarrass myself by leaving out friends and geniuses, but like me, you cd begin w the Scots William McIlvanney @Beathhigh @valmcdermid @LiamMcIlvanney @DameDeniseMina @radiomukhers @GMacraeBurnet @cbrookmyre @malcolm_mackay @FitzHelen etc.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
to reiterate

British & Irish crime fiction is undergoing a renaissance - it's diverse, intelligent, bursting w ideas & a vector for examining imp social issues as well as providing a venue for pure escapism.

if you're not a crime fiction reader this is a great time to begin

馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
0/20 The next few months will determine the future of our republic. Here are some principles for the preservation of freedom I wrote nearly four years ago, when all of this was beginning. I share them again now in admiration of Americans who protest for justice and work for truth
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
McConnell and Trump are ending the moratorium on evictions and allowing unemployment insurance to expire at the same time.

This will begin a hellish week for many Americans.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
How to person woman man camera tv
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
What does Ghislaine Maxwell have on @realDonaldTrump?
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
We have hit many First Amendment lows in the Trump years but the President imprisoning a citizen to stop the citizen from writing a book criticizing him is an especially frightening moment. We should all be grateful to the lawyers, @ACLU & @edanyaperry, and judge who killed it.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Update on @MaricopaDems arson. Officials tell them device used "was researched". It was thrown through a window and exploded about a minute later. Police say they have a "good image" of the perpetrator from surveillance in the area.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
New鈥>Phoenix Fire tells NBC News that the overnight fire that destroyed most of the AZ Democratic Party鈥檚 HQ is being investigated as arson.

鈥淎t this time we have collected enough evidence at the scene where we will now transition this investigation into an arson investigation.鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
Sinclair's local TV stations across the country are set to air the discredited "Plandemic" researcher's conspiracy theory about Dr. Fauci this weekend. The segment that is set to air suggests Fauci is responsible for the creation of the coronavirus.鈥
Local TV stations across the country set to air discredited 'Plandemic' researcher's conspiracy theory about Fauci
We brought my latest newsletter out from behind the paywall. Yes, repudiate Trump. Send him packing. But don't vote against the rest of the party simply because they have an (R) by their name. Make individual choices on individual merits:鈥
Replying to @DavidAFrench
all of them voted against impeachment for a shocking act. All deserve to be replaced.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
The pandemic and Trump's nativism are combing to make America much less attractive to the best and brightest foreign students, who are choosing to study instead in more inclusive English-speaking countries like Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.鈥
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
While the nation is rightly focused on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to say something about the bushfire recovery.

Because before this awful winter, we had a black summer.

I don鈥檛 want to buy anything from China if there鈥檚 an alternative. China reckons it鈥檚 already the world鈥檚 superpower and is showing how awful its rule would be. Is there a list of Chinese owned companies to check?

So depressing the free world has no leader in the new Cold War.
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
So so much admiration for the extraordinary young woman. 鈦@CrystalNomes鈦 her commitment to this struggle against #NarrabriGas has been beyond measure. Proud to know her, proud to stand with her for the #Pilliga #PeopleVNarrabriGas
馃敟Margo Kingston馃挧 Retweeted 路  
'Virtually entire' fashion industry complicit in Uighur forced labour, say rights groups鈥
What???? We should build our own damned trains. My home town, Maryborough, built trains.
I spoke to @abcnews about KTK group, a Chinese rail manufacturer sanctioned by the US govt this week for complicity in Uyghur forced labor. The company is building trains in Victoria, Queensland. Are state govts breaching Australia鈥檚 Modern Slavery Act?鈥
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