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Last 50 tweets from @MauraJudkis
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
gonna watch this once a day for the rest of my life as a little pick-me-up.
In reply to @MauraJudkis
The Pattern, and @thejessicadore’s daily card!
just downloaded the pattern! The first thing it showed me wasn't me at all, but then the second thing was SPOOKILY ACCURATE
Friends who are into astrology: Who/what are your favorite astrologers, podcasts, instagram accounts, sites, etc? I already have costar and sanctuary. this is for a story.
read @ElaheIzadi's perfect list
Alright y’all. I made a list of the defining comedy sketches from the last 20 years. Time to argue and for you to tell me I am very wrong or very right.
In reply to @MauraJudkis
could we schedule a Milou meet-up?
Eeee I wish, yours is so cute! Unfortunately my Milou is blind and terrified of other dogs. He loves people tho
In reply to @MauraJudkis
Is he named for Tintin's dog??
who has a pup to share
calling all pups and cats and rabbits and ferrets and birbs and hedge hogs and lizards
how wants to share with me
make this day better
Replying to @darth
I present to you the best photo of Milou & me ever taken
Hi! In my first article for @washingtonpost, I took a look at Cameo, an app where you can pay celebrities to record shout-out videos — and how there's a political section including the Mooch, Omarosa, and Tomi Lahren, among others.…
Whenever Peatos sent us samples, @kari_sonde's and my first thoughts were: omg these are so good and also this company is so gonna get sued.…
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Today’s second @washingtonpost TikTok brought to you by @AndrewYang and his #yanggang dance moves
dreams really do come true
Butter Chicken Company opens downtown today, serving $11 platters of the namesake dish until the kitchen runs out.…
Details of this dispute aside, this is bad art
“Not to sound too dramatic, but it was a kick in the balls.”…
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Over two weeks, I read a semester's worth of #MeToo books, went to book talks and spoke to some of the authors. What stand out are all the obstacles and intimidation that survivors and reporters faced while telling these stories -- and the lack of closure.…
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
gooooob morning. i am already very tired. so i really think. we should all try again tomorrow
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
an impostor shall come to you
he shall speak pleasing words and promise you the world
but in his name you shall know him a fraud
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Was this written by Tulsi Gabbard or a dead pharaoh trying to bait Tom Cruise in a Mummy remake
ok but i really did love wearing colored tights back then
do you ever just stare off into space and think about how the fashion on Gossip Girl was once considered deeply aspirational
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
They did it...they did the meme in real life.
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
In reply to @kojoshow
In 2017, Washington Post reporter @MauraJudkis conducted a weeklong "all pumpkin spice everything" experiment. "I looked completely deranged," she says.…
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
We'll be on the @kojoshow at 12:15 to chat about the ~fall food industrial complex~

Excited to hear from @MauraJudkis, @ButlersOrchard, @chaiatacos, @MomsPies!

Pictured below: @ruthetam & @PatrickBFort experiencing fall.…
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Is there a French word for the feeling of pleasure you get from reading a scathing @hankstuever review of a show you know you wanted to hate?…
pups in blankets day!
cats in blankets also welcome!
In reply to @MauraJudkis
I try to not send pitches like this. But I fail. A lot.
Replying to @CCFlantzer
nah yours are way better than this
Maura Judkis Retweeted ·  
Signs your boyfriend is Peter Pan:
-lack of shadow
-has a fairy
-good at sword fighting
-is an actual child
Signs your boyfriend is Peter Pan:
-lack of shadow
-has a fairy
-good at sword fighting
-is an actual child
Brain: ok today’s agenda is a vague sense of melancholy and the Nickelodeon theme song on repeat for a few hours. Why? Oh, no reason.
In reply to @MauraJudkis
Actual question: what mouth guard did you get?
wholesome halloween content here
Rico the porcupine explores (and eats!) his pumpkin enrichment this morning! 🎃
The split ends nighttime mouth guard for teeth grinding

I guess it’s a scary movie
Your 1970s Disney movie name is

[Adjective that describes your hair]
[Last thing you ordered on amazon]

I’m The Sloppy Dustpan
I’m bad at remembering to share things like this but I was on ⁦@Eater⁩’s Digest 2 weeks ago! Give it a listen here (and then you can tell me if I did ok, because I always cringe at the sound of my own voice). Thanks ⁦@danielgeneen⁩!…
Eater's Digest on Apple Podcasts
This photo contains what appears to be some sort of sour candy corn abomination. I cannot bear to click through to find out if it truly exists.
Replying to @houston_dining
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😫
In reply to @Jacob_Brogan
Her parents died and she’s being raised by her great aunt and uncle, who let her go out and solve mysteries
They’re wealthy art collectors and one of their most valuable paintings goes missing. She recovers the goods. Still not sure where the candles come into play unless that’s a different way of saying gumshoe.
Without looking it up — and based on the picture below alone — describe what you imagine the plot of Candleshoe (1977) to be.
Replying to @Jacob_Brogan
Her parents died and she’s being raised by her great aunt and uncle, who let her go out and solve mysteries
In reply to @MauraJudkis
I can watch them on repeat?!?!?!
Replying to @DJRedRocket
They’re all here on this playlist! and on Amazon too!…
In reply to @MauraJudkis
I’ve been submitting slightly wrong Wiki fun facts about you for years, no idea why they keep deleting my work
Replying to @KAlexander03
“Maura Judkis is a skilled accordionist”
In reply to @MauraJudkis
he’s some kind of hairless mutt 💕
Replying to @oliviaxxiv
I love him! if you'd like a month of free WaPo DM me your email address!
Replying to @MauraJudkis
Once I get a wikipedia page, my life will be complete.
In reply to @MauraJudkis
My kids love it when your videos pop up on our Echo/Alexa device.
In reply to @MauraJudkis
Who am I wearing? Oh, it's vintage! Vintage J. Crew, the shoes are Nordstrom Rack.
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