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Last 50 tweets from @MittRomney
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Families deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities. Proud to join my colleagues on this commonsense, bipartisan proposal that will save lives while also protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. It deserves broad support.…
Bipartisan Group of Senators Announce Agreement
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Thank you @MittRomney for the inspiring tour of @washdctemple this PM. The UAE is proud to welcome the future @Ch_JesusChrist Temple in Dubai – the first Temple in the Middle East. The Dubai Temple joins a diverse gathering of other religions in the UAE:
Grief overwhelms the soul. Children slaughtered. Lives extinguished. Parents’ hearts wrenched. Incomprehensible. I offer prayer and condolence but know that it is grossly inadequate. We must find answers.
Good and evil in stark relief: the demonic Buffalo shooter and the heroic officer Aaron Salter, Jr. who returned fire, making himself a vulnerable target. Voices of hate inspire acts of horror; honor streams from the better angels of our nature.
Sweden has long-been a security partner to NATO and their decision to seek membership is welcome news. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has underscored the importance of alliances between freedom loving countries to bolster cooperation and security.
This is one reason why every Republican opposed the Democrat $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”—it borrowed to send billions to states like California that were already awash in cash. Wasteful, inflationary, profligate.
California is entering the next budget year with a record-smashing surplus of nearly $100 billion, Gov. Newsom says.
Good news that Finland will apply to join NATO—a freedom loving, vigorous people will strengthen the alliance just as the alliance will strengthen Finland.
A million. Tragic. Maybe it’s over, maybe not. But Dems intentionally refusing to allow a vote to buy therapeutics that can save lives—inexcusable.
Desperate polls call for desperate measures: Dems consider forgiving trillions in student loans. Other bribe suggestions: Forgive auto loans? Forgive credit card debt? Forgive mortgages? And put a wealth tax on the super-rich to pay for it all. What could possibly go wrong?
Christ died and rose from death for all—we are His family, all of us. Of course, profound gratitude, but also profound implications for the way we are to express it: kindness, forgiving, caring, honesty, virtue and love. We are to rise from malice as He rose from death.
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Russia is terrorizing Ukrainian civilians by committing abominable war crimes and has no place serving on an international body that’s supposed to protect and advance human rights. Stripping Russia from the @UN Human Rights Council was the right decision.
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
There is broad support in the GOP conference for the COVID relief bill, but we can’t move forward until leadership on both sides agree on a sufficient amendment process.
Russia’s atrocities: shocking, disorienting, heart-rending. At the roots of such villainy: dehumanizing, distorting, hate infused characterization of others. We must never forget despite our often deep divisions, we are children of the same God & in the single family of humanity.
Worst domestic news today: the Biden Administration will admit double or more the number of “undocumented” immigrants at the border, starting May 28.

Best GOP political news today: the same as above. (Arizona, Nevada, and more Dem senators will lose their elections)
It’s said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Enjoyed meeting @RittMomney and his band today. I wish them all the best!
On day 28 of the brutal Russian invasion, we are in awe of Ukrainian resolve and courage. They can and must win. We and NATO can and must finally send every needful weapon including advanced anti-air missiles and MiGs. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.…
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Stepping out of @ZelenskyyUa's address to Congress, I’m again moved by his monumental leadership and heroic courage. Being a world leader does indeed mean we have a responsibility to be a leader of freedom and peace. We must fulfill his request immediately. Get Ukraine the MiGs.
Journalists take enormous risk when reporting from war zones. Their courageous and heroic work provides the world with the truth essential to freedom and eventual peace. My prayers go to the loved ones of Pierre Zakrzewski & Brent Renaud, and to Benjamin Hall for a full recovery.
Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.
Accounts of battlefield bravery have long inspired us. But the bravery of leaders of nations is often only witnessed in history or cinema—until now. I watch daily in awe at the monumental courage and leadership of @ZelenskyyUa. God bless him and instill within us such character.
I join the world in awe of true heroes: the courageous President Zelensky, the brave Ukrainian soldiers, the citizen armies, the mothers cradling frightened children, and the journalists risking their lives to bring us truth. God bless them and God bless us to never forget.
Vladimir Putin’s KGB mentality drives his malevolent obsession for repression and regression: he shamelessly abuses the sovereignty of a democratic nation to foster his foolhardy dream of rebuilding a soviet empire. The response from NATO must be unified and withering.
We unexpectedly had all 5 of our sons and their families come to dinner. What began as a meal for 10 became a meal for 30 of us. Only 7 of our family missing. Peeled more potatoes, boiled more carrots and broccoli, stretched the pot roasts, and set up folding tables and chairs.
It's nonsensical for the Biden Administration to ask for more money when billions of COVID relief dollars remain unspent. More spending could exacerbate high inflation rates. We must push for full accountability of the money that has already been appropriated to expose waste.
As schools battle Omicron, billions of federal relief dollars remain unspent
Shame falls on a party that would censure persons of conscience, who seek truth in the face of vitriol. Honor attaches to Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for seeking truth even when doing so comes at great personal cost.
I’m surrounded by my people… people who vote for Mitt Romney ❤️
Replying to @sarahmquinlan
Have a great time on the slopes!
My appreciation for Justice Breyer’s service and scholarship spans decades, from his class on antitrust, which I attended in law school, to his thoroughly reasoned opinions on the bench. SCOTUS will miss such a good and brilliant man.
Heartache—but with warm memories—with news of Meat Loaf’s passing. A man of gentle kindness, generous spirit and exceptional talent. The unique quality of his music will stand the test of time. Like many who knew him, I will miss his friendship.
One of my weirdest/most memorable experiences from covering the 2012 presidential election was watching Meat Loaf join Mitt Romney in an impromptu performance of "America the Beautiful" at a campaign event. RIP.…
The Senate voted tonight to preserve the 60 vote, bipartisan approval for legislation, saving the institution itself. Senators Manchin and Sinema demonstrated the courage of their convictions. It was a good and historic night.
Arrogant dismissal of China’s genocide of the Uyghurs and other minorities by the billionaire venture capitalist who founded the ironically named “Social Capital” fund is repulsive, immoral, and disgusting.
Putin invaded Ukraine to take Crimea. Inadequate consequences—including Biden lifting Nord Stream 2 sanctions—beget further aggression. Now is the time for us and our allies to tell Putin precisely what severe consequences will follow further aggression or another invasion.
U.S. says Russia has positioned sabotage operatives in eastern Ukraine who could create a false pretext for war…
Inflation hits a 40-year high—hurting the middle class and most vulnerable. Just as predicted given Biden and Schumer’s $1.9 trillion spending extravaganza last March—passed without a single GOP vote.
Mike Rounds speaks truth knowing that our Republic depends upon it. Republicans like Govs Hutchinson, Baker & Hogan; Sens McConnell, Thune & Johnson; Bush & Cheney; plus 60+ courts and even the right-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial page agree: Joe Biden won the election.
They are in fact related—a functioning Senate helps the country function. The Senate actually functions (in 2021, a bipartisan infrastructure bill; bipartisan armed services bill; and bipartisan China bill). Getting 100% of what 1 party wants isn’t “functioning;” it’s destroying.
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” 

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Now that it’s clear “Build Back Better” isn’t moving forward & with bipartisan opposition to extending the President’s ill-crafted Child Tax Credit, the Administration has an opportunity to actually work with Republicans & Democrats on lasting, fiscally-responsible family policy.
Heavy heart learning that Johnny Isakson has died. No one welcomed me to the Senate like he did; no one better demonstrated integrity, honesty & kindness. The loss will be felt by the people he served, the veterans he championed & the nation he loved. Rest well, my good friend.
Thank you, Chris Wallace, for the years of truth & honesty. I trust that what’s in store for you will be rewarding & impactful but even if not, you’ve already served with uncommon grace & generosity of spirit. You kindled the passion of your dad & took it to even greater heights.
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
Applaud PM Trudeau’s decision that Canada would join a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games. The CCP’s genocide of the Uyghurs is reprehensible & never again should a nation which so blatantly violates the human rights of its own citizens get the honor of hosting the Olympics.
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
We must link arms with our allies to try to divert the CCP from its current course. Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, and now our greatest friend—the United Kingdom—have announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. I hope other free nations join us in this effort.
I join his colleagues at the Washington Post in sadness and sympathy in hearing the news of Fred Hiatt’s sudden and premature passing. His commitment to truth and willingness to post opposing opinions should be recognized as it will be missed.
We are heartbroken to report our very own Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor of The Washington Post, died this morning. He was 66.
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
A diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games sends the right message to the CCP without punishing U.S. athletes. Never again must the @Olympics be awarded to a nation which commits genocide and so blatantly violates the human rights of its own…
Mitt Romney Retweeted ·  
America must not lend its credibility to the Chinese Communist Party, which represses ethnic & religious minorities—committing genocide against its Uyghur citizens. @TimKaine and I applaud the President’s decision to withhold a diplomatic presence from the Beijing Olympic games.
The Administration is right to refuse diplomatic presence at the Beijing Olympics: America will not turn a blind eye to China’s predation, persecution, and genocide.
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