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Last 50 tweets from @mosseri
In reply to @mosseri
reminds me of this accidentally-released full page Story-like feed layout :D
Replying to @wongmjane
A bit, yeah, though vertical and eventually fully integrated though the composer flow, the profile, and the rest of Instagram.
📣 Testing Feed Changes 📣

We’re testing a new, immersive viewing experience in the main Home feed.

If you’re in the test, check it out and let me know what you think. 👇🏼
More from Na on how to build an amazing PM.
For any product managers out there, or really anyone working in tech, I highly recommend checking out @naomigleit's takes. I can't overstate how much I've learned from her over the years, and she recently launched a medium to share some of her wisdom:
for those of you with young children... any recommendations on your favorite purchases that were either essential or sparked delight with a newborn?
Replying to @kayvz
A "shusher," Velcro swaddles - if you're judging you don't have kids, and overnight diapers starting when there maybe two months old...
In reply to @mosseri
So if someone steals a TikTok video and uploads it to Reels before anyone else, how would the algorithm predict the originality of that video?
Replying to @siruihua @QWongSJ and 1 otherfalse
It would be hard. If the account is an aggregator, we’ll more likely be able to detect that it’s not original. If it’s someone pretending to be that original creator, which is less likely but could happen, it’ll be hard for us to know.
In reply to @mosseri
You might want to clarify what reposted content vs original content is. Meaning is content from my camera roll seen as reposted content and only stuff recorded and edited in the app is seen as original content?
Replying to @AnthonyQuintano
The idea is if you made it, it’s original. It’s okay if you edited it outside of Instagram and then bring it in via the gallery. Identifying “originality” is hard though, so we will iterate over time.
In reply to @mosseri
How does Instagram know who is the original creator of an image or video? A user can post content and claim it's their own, which is what we've seen on social media with Russia Ukraine content.
We can’t know for sure. We build classifiers to predict how *likely* something is to be original, but that’s not knowing. We look at things like who’s in the video, and if we’ve seen the video before.
In reply to @mosseri
out of interest… Why is instagram leaning into this more now. What’s changed?
Replying to @MattNavarra
As we lean more into recommendations it’s becoming increasingly important that don’t overvalue aggregators, as that would be bad for creators, and therefor bad for Instagram long term.
In reply to @mosseri
Is natively posting to two accounts and/or using the collaborator function considered “not original content” as well?
Replying to @tibor @MattNavarra
If you made it, it’s original.
Instagram is tweaking its ranking algorithm

Original content will be favoured vs. reposted content
Replying to @MattNavarra
To clarify, we already do this, but we’re leaning more in this direction and plan to do so more and more over time.
📣 New Features 📣

We’ve added new ways to tag and improved ranking:

- Product Tags
- Enhanced Tags
- Ranking for originality

Creators are so important to the future of Instagram, and we want to make sure that they are successful and get all the credit they deserve.
In reply to @scottbelsky
He did a great job
a cross-platform effort to support portability of digital assets and entitlements would be a win for creators.

…and the platforms would continue to thrive by doing what they’re best at: discovery (algos and via ads)

kudos to @mosseri for advancing the idea today #TED2022 🙌
📣 New Hashtag Experience 📣

We recently launched a new hashtag experience connected to social movements. You can now support, fundraise and spread the word about social causes directly through hashtags.

Check it out and let me know what you think 👇🏼
💎 Hidden Gems 💎 - New Messaging Features

A few new messaging features you should check out:
- Active Now
- @silent
- Quick Send
- New Music Sharing from @applemusic, @amazonmusic and soon… @spotify

What else should we add to messaging? Let me know 👇🏼
In reply to @talter
These the actual live reactions?
📣 Chrono Update 📣

Today, we’re launching two new chronological views for your Instagram Feed – Following and Favorites. These options give you more choice and control over what you see in the app.

Let me know what you think 👇🏼
First take: Instagram—what are you doing serving me ads for a corn stepping stool?!? Or maybe it’s a side table?

Second take: hmm, maybe I could go for some corn right now

Third take: *adds to cart*
Mom can you come pick me up? @mosseri is going to announce more Instagram features
This was true of some designers as well. I think @mosseri had his first commit the first day or two? Can't remember exactly but it was like... oh dang!
Replying to @benblumenrose
Yeah, @soleio insisted on a day one commit. It was a CSS bug fix if I remember correctly. It was about learning the tooling and valuing speed more than anything.
In reply to @mosseri
Smdh. Adam, you come off as too human. Get with the Meta programme.
Replying to @RobinWigg
New Supervision Tools 👪

Today, we’re introducing new supervision tools on Instagram and the launch of our Family Center – a new, central place for parents/guardians to be more involved in their teens’ online experience.…
In reply to @mosseri
I knew I was going out on a limb with this tweet, but I stand firm
Replying to @sal19
You do you, stay strong 💪🏼
I, for one, miss the MacBook Touch Bar
Adam Mosseri Retweeted ·  
Responding to reports that the Russian government is considering designating Meta as an extremist organization for its policies in support of speech:
On Monday, Instagram will be blocked in Russia. This decision will cut 80 million in Russia off from one another, and from the rest of the world as ~80% of people in Russia follow an Instagram account outside their country. This is wrong.
Anyone who's done a Live knows the managing the comments can become unwieldy while you do your thing. So today we're launching Live Moderator, which lets you assign someone as a moderator when you go Live so they can manage the comments on your behalf.
In reply to @nikl0w
That’s a good guess. I think you might be right. My initial thinking was an AP or Vacheron limited edition. Very hard to tell @mosseri tell us please! 😅
Replying to @rsg @nikl0w
Casio-Oak and bracelets on the left, Whoop on the right...
Creator Lab 🧑‍🔬

Today, we’re launching Creator Lab - a new, education portal for creators, by creators.
Anyone manage to get off the waitlist for the @opalcamera? I’m looking to try something new.
💎 Hidden Gems 💎 - Your Activity

We believe you should have control over how you show up across Instagram and Your Activity is the one place to do just that.

Check it out and let me know what you think 👇🏼
summoning the spirit of my twenties by ordering chipotle
Adam Mosseri Retweeted ·  
It’s a long time coming, but we’re excited to share a new tool that empowers those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Videos on Instagram will now have auto-generated captions, where you have the option to turn them off or on.
I can't tell you how many times I've watched this. Truly one of the most horrifying videos I've ever seen
Replying to @MKBHD
Holy s$%t
Adam Mosseri Retweeted ·  
We have received requests from a number of Governments and the EU to take further steps in relation to Russian state controlled media. Given the exceptional nature of the current situation, we will be restricting access to RT and Sputnik across the EU at this time.
Adam Mosseri Retweeted ·  
We’ve already noticed @Meta decisions on blocking Russian propagandists and media outlets. @nickclegg, thanks for your actions and this very first step in countering the bloody military attack against Ukraine. There is no place for war criminals in Metaverse.
In reply to @mosseri
I appreciate the transparency tbh
Replying to @matthewwmcb @MattNavarra and 1 otherfalse
In reply to @lanewood
What about “give the people what they want!”
Replying to @MKBHD @lanewood
Yeah, there's something there. I call these "finally features." Things like supporting dark mode, scheduled posts, an iPad app, deleting one photo from a carousel, etc.
In reply to @mosseri
Ok so I’m clearly not an executive for a reason, but hear me out - maybe that group gets way bigger when an excellent app actually does exist? 😅🤓
Replying to @MKBHD
Oh it does, for sure, but: 1/ each surface adds overhead; we support iOS, Android, www, and IG Lite, and Android is the largest 2/ TikTok and YouTube are behemoths, people share more in messages than they do to Stories or Feed, so we need to adapt 3/ we are leaner than you think
The year is 2022 and there's still no proper Instagram app for iPad
Replying to @MKBHD
Yup, we get this one a lot. It's still just not a big enough group of people to be a priority. Hoping to get to it at some point, but right now we're very heads down on other things.
Adam Mosseri Retweeted ·  
Ordinary Russians are using @Meta's apps to express themselves and organize for action. We want them to continue to make their voices heard, share what’s happening, and organize through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.
Reels on Facebook 🎉

Today, Reels is launching globally on Facebook. Creators can now share their Instagram Reels as recommended content on Facebook for more visibility and reach.

We are deeply invested in Reels across Meta. A lot more to come! ✌🏼
If some people decide not to tweet anything unless it’s smart or useful, we will never see them tweeting again.
Replying to @stan_chudnovsky
what inspired this gem?
hey @mosseri I tried to remix your reel but when it posted you are just frozen 😓
❤️ Private Story Likes ❤️

Starting to roll out today, you can now send some love by liking people’s stories without sending a DM.

Likes on stories are private and do not have counts. Rather, they appear as hearts next to people’s handles in your Stories view sheet. 🙏🏼
I want to formally apologize to Netflix for failing to return the Jack Reacher DVD I borrowed in 2012
Safer Internet Day 🙏

We celebrated #SaferInternetDay all over the world here at Instagram. This day helps amplify the need for online safety and wellbeing, particularly for young people and their families, which is very important to me.…
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