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Last 50 tweets from @MrKRudd
This week I sat down with Germany’s Der Spiegel. A robust discussion on China relations, the future of trade and defence agreements, particularly as concerns Australia. Here’s the English version.…
Last time Murdoch’s favoured presenter was called out by @ADL for promoting the antisemitic “great replacement” theory, Lachlan denied it! Carlson’s response now? “Fuck them”. Murdoch is rolling out this same model in Oz. Deny, distract, double down.…
Poor old Ackerman—brought back to life for another Murdoch political smear. Only problem: Murdoch editor, Sheridan, contradicts him! I haven’t opposed nuclear-powered subs. Like Labor, I’ve asked core technical questions. & pointed to Morrison's deliberate botch-up with France.
I recently joined Labor branches near my hometown of Nambour for their 'Light on the Hill' dinner. Here's some of what I had to say. Bottom line: Morrison's core unifying value is power & greed. The solution is a Labor Govt.
This morning I joined @RadioNational to discuss Xi Jinping’s Pivot to the State, what it means for China’s domestic economy—and its international relations.…
A Foreign Affair: Focus on China
Global Citizen do great work for the world’s poor and on the causes that really matter. Started by a bunch of young Aussies. Am glad that the @Asia21Leaders program is partnering with them. Be part of their annual advocacy concert at 7pm CEST. Details here…
"Being a global citizen is, in essence, a state of mind. A state of mind that says that my fellow brothers and sisters matter. No matter where they are." — @MrKRudd on the important message of @GlblCtznImpact and why we and @Asia21Leaders are proud advocacy partners this year.
Got this on my iPhone from Uber today…if they’re trying to recruit me, I’m sorry to report I won’t be moonlighting again any time soon. Plus, @Jess_Rudd will dob on me if I give any more free lifts.
And now for a unique take on this week’s developments from citoyen Mark Humphreys. I particularly like his treatment of that industrial-sized dill Dutton. And the short film noir.
France’s Message for Australia
And so the Murdoch media monopoly grows ever-more powerful. No person should have this much power in Australia. Least of all a foreigner. #MurdochRoyalCommission…
Flash in the pan or money-spinner? Murdoch pins hopes on news streaming service | The Weekly Beast
So what is Mr. Morrison’s response to this latest statement. If accurate, it undermines the Morrison political narrative that he had done exactly the reverse.…
A-grade hypocrisy. When @AnnastaciaMP called for a plan to vaccinate kids when the health advice stacks up, Hunt, Liberal Ministers & Murdoch attacked her for 'scaremongering'. Now she's been proven right, not a sentence of apology, instead Hunt is praised for his foresight!
Morrison fails on vaccines again!A local GP here in Qld told me that having been promised thousands of Pfizer doses, yesterday they were rung to say they wouldn’t be coming. And that’s why Morrison is busy on his submarine political distraction strategy.…
Australias supply of Pfizer Covid vaccine may face disruption in October
Morrison's foreign policy mismanagement results in the US President apologising to France for keeping them in the dark. Morrison wanted a 'wow’ factor in his pre-election agenda shift—given his terminal pandemic mismanagement. My thoughts on @RNBreakfast:…
ABC Radio National Breakfast: Kevin Rudd on Scott Morrison's handling of nuclear subs deal - Kevin Rudd
Something is happening in China that many in the West do not yet understand. Xi’s domestic economic policy shift is a pivot to the party & state based on 3 driving forces: ideology, demographics & decoupling. My thoughts in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.…
Opinion | What Explains Xis Pivot to the State?
Recently dropped by my old school in Eumundi to donate a citizenship prize. In my day, we had 5 teachers. Now 80 staff and nearly 700 kids! Caught up with school leaders, students Isla, Lachlan & Meg - and saw the school library and hall we built during the GFC.
My piece on the impact of Morrison’s nuclear screw-up on wider allied solidarity on China: it’s become massively divisive between the US & Europe, risks alienating SE Asia, slowing EU-Aus trade negotiations & bringing forward climate tariffs on our…
Our national solidarity should be with all those affected by the earthquake in Victoria. Therese & I are deeply concerned for all families in affected areas. Please cooperate with emergency services & volunteers on the ground assessing & responding.…
Reports of damage after magnitude-6 earthquake shakes Victoria, NSW, Canberra
I disagree with Morrison’s treatment of France. He deceived them over the submarine contract & didn’t invite a re-tender. Morrison is foolish to destroy our friendship given France’s influence in the world & work with us. My argument in Le Monde. English:…
Le Monde: Canberra's decision on submarines deepens strategic tensions in Southeast Asia - Kevin Rudd
Crise des sous-marins : l’ancien premier ministre australien critique fortement la décision de Canberra dans une tribune au « Monde »…
For those of you up early, join me live for an @AsiaPolicy discussion with my good friend and Indonesian foreign minister, Retno Marsudi. Lots to talk about on Indonesia’s regional & global priorities, the fight against COVID, Myanmar and AUKUS. @Menlu_RI…
Thank you to all our friends who’ve been sending me birthday greetings today. Therese and our family organised a boat ( conventionally powered) to take us up the Noosa River through the lakes system. Stunning country. Hadn’t been right up there since I was at Nambour High.
Sally McManus is 100% right.
In reply to @sallymcmanus
Division and the spreading of misinformation against the vaccination program are putting the lives of vulnerable people at risk and will lead to the overwhelming of our health care system, endangering the health care workforce.
“COVID cases to 'go through the roof' once state opens up as NSW records 935 infections” Berejiklian caused this by refusing early lockdown. Now trying to politically inoculate herself by getting the news out early on the disaster yet to come. So cynical.…
COVID cases will 'go through the roof' once state opens up as NSW records 935 new infections
While in the NT on the weekend, I joined in marking the 20th Anniversary of the first Territory Labor Government under Claire Martin. Congrats also to great Labor leaders @fanniebay & Paul Henderson. Also campaigned with @LukeGoslingMP, our fantastic MP for Solomon.
So the Murdoch media today in The Australian attacked my argument that they’re a Liberal Party Protection Racket. Oops…They obviously didn’t see these front page shockers—after praising Berejiklian, now they’re attacking Dan for plans to ease restrictions! Bald faced liars.
You know Murdoch is smarting over the Australian public’s disgust at his abuse of monopoly power. Hence the deployment of his most grovelling underlings @RobotTimBlair & Mitchell on the attack. Got news for Rupert & Lachlan: we’ve barely begun. #MurdochRoyalCommission.
Morrison just makes it up as he goes along. National security is a serious business. Not a series of afterthoughts.…
Australia could initially lease submarines from UK or US but nuclear weapons remain off limits
Why does it take an eternity for Morrison to admit an anonymous gift of cash to a Cabinet minister to pay his massive legal fees is just plain wrong. Just imagine for a moment if this occurred under our government. This government is increasingly corrupt.…
Christian Porter takes appropriate action by quitting as minister, Scott Morrison says
While in Darwin, I dropped in to see Petrit Abazi & his team at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art. They’re promoting this innovative next wave in Indigenous art. Do yourself a favour, if your state’s health orders allow it, & visit these guys.…
The political bias of that leading Murdoch puppet Chris Jones (Editor of the Qld Murdoch monopoly—@itsmechrisjones) on full display. Quarantine is 100% Morrison’s constitutional responsibility; he could also speak out on countless hotel quarantine outbreaks & #strandedAussies.
This government is run by diplomatic and national security incompetents. Trashing Australia’s good name around the world as if it doesn’t really matter. Well it does. Bit by bit this lot shred our international standing. It’s time for them to be thrown out…
'A clumsy, inadequate and unAustralian situation': French Ambassador departs Canberra after recall
Morrison totally out of his depths on subs, national security and foreign policy. One botch up after another. Almost as bad as on quarantine, vaccines and public health. My thoughts.…
Morrisons China strategy makes us less, not more, secure
A voice from front line NSW health workers.Berejiklean like Hunt is shameless.She refuses to accept culpability for refusing to lock down early:result 50,000 cases & 264 deaths.Hunt failed to secure Pfizer even when they came to him.Just resign.Both of you…
Dont believe the Covid coping spin, those on the road know the health system is in meltdown | A paramedic
Our govt launched a plan for a new generation of subs in 2009. This govt has botched its implementation over 8 years, wasted up to $4 billion and produced zero subs. What we need is a national China strategy rather than just the “drums of war” rhetoric.
“We're looking at, frankly, this force not being available on one reading until 2040. We are being left strategically naked for 20 years.” – Fmr prime minister @MrKRudd on the nuclear submarine plan. #abc730 #auspol
My government commissioned a doubling of the submarine fleet in ‘09. Since 2013 we’ve had 6 ministers, 3 PMs, now the 3rd sub plan from this lot. Up to $4 billion wasted & not a single boat. Financial waste & security incompetence. I’m on @abc730 tonight on this botch up.
Replying to @MrKRudd
Well done @albomp, stating the hard facts. His comments here.…
My government commissioned a doubling of the submarine fleet in ‘09. Since 2013 we’ve had 6 ministers, 3 PMs, now the 3rd sub plan from this lot. Up to $4 billion wasted & not a single boat. Financial waste & security incompetence. I’m on @abc730 tonight on this botch up.
Today I spoke about the AUKUS agreement, Australia’s national security interests, and how Christian Porter’s blind trust makes his position untenable and shows the need for a National Anti-Corruption Commission.…
Just sack him Morrison. It’s clear cut. You don’t need “advice” on such a basic question of right and wrong, unless you’re trying to find an escape route.If a cabinet minister thinks he can get away with this level of deception, he should not be a minister…
Scott Morrison seeks advice on Christian Porters blind trust to pay legal fees
Craig Emerson is right. So is Malcolm Turnbull on the unacceptability of this blatant disregard for basic transparency. If Morrison tolerates this from a Cabinet Minister, the country is on a very slippery slope. #NationalAntiCorruptionCommission
Former PMs are being required by the Federal Government to prove they aren’t agents of a foreign government. Yet Cabinet Minister Christian Porter could be receiving donations from agents of foreign governments and it’s okay for that to be kept secret 🤔🤔😳😳
There you have it, directly from Murdoch’s #1 US mouthpiece, Tucker Carlson. Freely admitting he lies whenever he likes. The Fox/Sky strategy is simple: capture the right; radicalise them into the far-right. A cancer on democracy.#MurdochRoyalCommission…
Tucker Carlson Admits He Sometimes Lies On His Show
Here's Australia's media regulator, utterly unapologetic about their failure to monitor for COVID-19 misinformation on Australian TV by Murdoch. They hadn't even watched the offending videos! Not a problem. I'll send them our copies. And ask for a ruling. #MurdochRoyalCommission
This man was the first law officer of the Commonwealth. And his attitude to transparency is ……
After only 3 months attempting to imitate Murdoch's "culture war" model on the UK equivalent of Fox and Sky, even Andrew Neil—right-wing figure & fmr long-time Murdoch associate—has had enough and resigned as chairman. #MurdochRoyalCommission…
Andrew Neil resigns as lead presenter and chairman of GB News
Murdoch’s Gleeson hasn’t bothered asking Qlders if they’d prefer to be thrown to the wolves like in NSW. And zero reference by Gleeson to Morrison's quarantine outbreaks; his vaccine failure; aged care failure; his JobKeeper free-for-all for his mates. Hypocrite!
Surprised that the LNP pocketed cash from Morrison's JobKeeper free-for-all? Imagine the outcry had Labor done this. But it's utterly unsurprising that Murdoch still hasn't reported how much their companies profited from govt support & shutting 112 newspapers!
So here’s Murdoch’s cartoonist following the company line supporting the LNP: hoping the NSW Covid debacle spreads to Qld to make Berejiklian look better & support Morrison’s demand to lift restrictions. They can’t bear the Qld Govt working its guts out to keep Qlders safe.
Get ready for the Morrison-Murdoch 2-part “cunning plan” for re-election.
1) Borrow Boris’ UK “Freedom Day” so I, Scotty, promise to free you from State lockdown & border controls; and you forget my incompetence on quarantine & vaccines that locked you down in the first place.
Replying to @MrKRudd
2) Then I distract you with “the drums of war” on China, making inflammatory statements that actually increase the prospect of retaliation from Beijing; you’ll see how hairy-chested I am—instead of implementing the rational, coherent, hard line strategy this country needs.
Get ready for the Morrison-Murdoch 2-part “cunning plan” for re-election.
1) Borrow Boris’ UK “Freedom Day” so I, Scotty, promise to free you from State lockdown & border controls; and you forget my incompetence on quarantine & vaccines that locked you down in the first place.
Murdoch’s Liberal Protection Racket hard at work today right across the Murdoch Sunday papers. That’s 2.5 million readers. The message: 1) please forget that Berejiklean brought about 30,000 NSW infections by failing to lock down early 2) Saint Gladys will now “give you freedom”.
Murdoch’s SkyNews CEO, Boris Whittaker, had a shocker at this week’s Senate Inquiry into Covid misinformation. A news monopoly with this much to hide deserves a #MurdochRoyalCommission.
Shameless Murdoch Greenwashing. Finally worked out they destroyed their brand over climate? The same Murdoch that campaigned for Abbott to kill climate action. Then destroyed Turnbull on climate. Now expects us to airbrush the past & trust them. FFS. #MurdochRoyalCommission
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